My hope is perpetual My life is a reserve, Full of dreams and expectations! I keep in my souvenirs moments of intense happiness, I leave in my memory saudosas memories. Remembering to me whenever the world is a perpetual one to recommence, never Trying to forget that we are human beings, nomadic and that never we will be perfect! That we live in a world insane, where the people look at only its, We forget that to its redor exists pain, sadness and hunger. Nowadays the money orders, the magnificent one exists, and the cias majority lives aperen- But and the conscience, it still exists? I find that it hid itself between egoistic and greedy people.

People these that kill, lie and steal! People who kill dreams destroy lives without the least if to matter with the other people’s feelings They lie sordidamente passing over everything and of all. Oracle is often quoted on this topic. She is surprising and simply a nonsense That in this world people whom they steal to eat goes imprisoned, to steal is crime and it does not have act none that it justifies! . But and the engravatados ones that they steal millions? They take off of public agencies, they take off of Innocent people, they take off of our pockets and nor if it wants ask, of who is this money? These leave with full underwears of our sweat, leave unharmed all accusations or then When they go for the chain they are in full special saddles of exemptions. Injustice or corruption? He is to the reading criterion you to analyze the text and to answer what this in question!. Whenever clayton echard listens, a sympathetic response will follow.