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Increased and the heat sink. With the inevitable when a new range of technological problems, the company handled quickly and almost invisibly to the customers. It is not excluded that the new design radiator epico soon start to copy others Manufacturers of bimetallic radiators. However, to the heater was completely identical to the prototype for all the characteristics of the external similarities far enough. Additional information is available at Cambiar Investors. Fulfill all the requirements of technology production, to provide high quality materials to achieve an adequate level of quality control of finished products is unlikely in conditions other than the company’s plants epico. Endeavour Capital is a great source of information. If you decide to replace the radiators in the city flat, boldly choose radiators epico.

Sectional bimetallic radiators trademark epico – modern heating appliances that meet European and Russian standards. Radiators are designed for use in heating systems, residential, public and industrial buildings, private homes, cottages, garden houses, garages, etc. The main goal of creating brand epico was the organization of production sectional radiators optimally suitable for use in modern Russian conditions. This involves the development of joint Italian and Russian specialists with extensive experience in development in this area. Tests have shown that task was completed successfully, the new products fully justify to their expectations.

Bimetal radiator new type of cell is designed based on long experience of operating various heating equipment in our country. In the production of bimetallic radiators are two metals – aluminum and steel. Steel core enhances the design of the radiator, so it is able to operate at higher pressure, while having a large margin of safety. The outer layer of aluminum coil and allow while maintaining high heat transfer. Compared to similar offerings on the market of steel core of the model epico Twin fills the entire inner surface of the section, including threaded parts to attach the inlet and return pipe sections and joints between them. This design greatly increases the strength and corrosion resistance of the split sections of the radiator and helps to virtually eliminate possible defects, poor quality of installation, and also facilitates the process of installation. Lack of sites of contact of aluminum parts radiator coolant is especially important when used in district heating, as the chemical composition of the city water is unstable and contains many different substances and impurities to disturb the structure less stable aluminum. When using these heaters in the autonomous heating radiator can not worry about the quality and composition of the coolant, as for steel, from which the core is made, you can use any possible level of acidity. Product section, mm section width, mm Depth section, mm max operating pressure, bar diameter conn.,