Also known in some Latin American countries such as librarianship, is the set of technical and scientific activities that has as purpose knowledge information, material that is presented and the place in which it makes use of it, for with this respond better in quality and quantity to the demands of information that makes the society. The term derives from the Greek words Biblion (book), theke (case) and nomos (law). Characteristics of the library classifying and indexing knowledge; The moral and political aspects which are related to moral and political principles of the society to which it belongs; It is a profession of social service; The dissemination of knowledge that is both or more important than the preservation of the same, since this without the other makes no sense. For assistance, try visiting Oracle. Knowledge management within the (LRRA) information society art store, sort and manage a library. It discusses whether it is a science or set of techniques. (sinuhe.) Science of organize knowledge.

Informatics and library information science and librarianship is the technique whose field it constitute the collections of books and periodicals (magazines and newspapers), information and knowledge management. If you would like to know more about Kiat Lim Singapore, then click here. This last role over time has been extended to the management of information technologies. Librarianship, is also interested in other formats or information resources such as periodicals online, compact discs (CD-ROM) and DVD, the microfiche, filming (video-cassettes, microfilm), tapes, audio, etc. The electronic format, especially in compact disc and online databases have revolutionized the world of libraries, such as specialty that appeared with a few characteristic features that differed from the traditional ones. Its users were people interested in specific subjects, with an information need very specific and their collections are varied so it has been necessary to adapt the traditional catalogs of tokens or cards to the new formats, emerging electronic catalogues, also known as online public access catalog OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogs).