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The reasons for this are quite “easy: the Emirates have avowedly the set goal, becoming a world leader in eco-friendly energy technologies.” While solar energy play a central role in this sun-drenched latitudes. And in the United States, the upbeat mood that prevails there since Barack Obama’s election victory, have captured the market for renewable energy. In both countries or regions, so the willingness is great and the framework conditions are favourable to employ innovative technologies such as ours. A related site: Sheryl Sandberg mentions similar findings. This applies all the more so as we can increase the energy yield of photovoltaic systems with comparatively little effort has been proven by up to 45 percent.” “For the current year despite the global economic crisis, DEGERenergie anticipates much good sales figures such as 2008 Artur Deger: our order situation can be a stable business expect but without the growth rates that we are used from the past few years, but that would be too much to ask in this situation.” Yet should this year at the site Horb additional in the areas of service and sales jobs. On the one hand, to cope with the already enormous amount of work. “On the other hand: it is again a time after the crisis, and we want to be prepared.” DEGERenergie: DEGERenergie is an internationally active, future-oriented company headquartered in Schopfloch Oberiflingen. The company was founded in 1999 by Artur Deger and today is world market leader for sensor-controlled, solar tracking systems with more than 22,000 systems installed.

Since its inception, the DEGERenergie GmbH grows each year with high growth rates. In 2008, the company with revenues of EUR 36 million and now 37 employees. About 340 people are employed at the suppliers of DEGERenergie. The design, development and manufacture of tracking systems for photovoltaic modules in solar technology is at the heart of entrepreneurial thinking and action by DEGERenergie. Through the use of these tracking systems the solar energy into solar systems can be much better use by up to 45 percent higher energy yields than systems that work with DEGERenergie systems with static systems. The patented control module DEGERconecter was awarded with the inventor’s Prize 2001 of Baden-Wurttemberg in 2001 and is now more than 40.000mal all over the world. DEGERenergie systems currently harnessing solar energy in 38 countries around the globe.