Money Is Like A Plan

Capital – what is it? Headlines, the myths, a reflection of the possible reality of your life? Imagine, this is possible. Only need to start taking care of their finances in by lfp (LFP) – a personal financial plan. Why do I need a personal financial plan What is a personal financial plan? Personal Financial Plan (LFP) – a document with concrete recommendations and proposals on the financial situation client. Personal financial plan demonstrates how you using your existing capabilities and your chosen investment strategy, will be able to get the desired financial results. Personal financial plan is formed on the basis of: – individual goals, desires and needs of the client – the financial possibilities of the client – previous financial events and decisions – the principles of personal financial planning personal financial plan is designed to solve financial issues of family planning. Why do I need a personal financial plan? Each person has certain goals in life. The simplest and most common of them: raise a family Ensuring you and your family shelter Raise children and give them a good education live happily now, and the field of retirement, but it often happens that all is not enough money, always having “current” expenses, sometimes by the desire to buy something unplanned, and sometimes unexpected due to the prevailing circumstances. And what to do and how to live, when a man loses his job or retires and their income drops? Personal financial plan will assess your financial situation, all financial targets in the complex, and it was thanks to an integrated approach to select suitable for you financial solutions. With the help of a personal financial plan, a person plans to how he intends to achieve important his goals in the future..