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Valencia, one of the capitals of Spain is here presented with map and photos. General: The city of Valencia is the most people likely from the world of sport a term: be it ball Squad, which regelmaszlig; ig against German clubs has approached by the sailing regatta \”Americas Cup\”, or by the Fuszlig;. The city has to offer, but even more. Just the fact that this city is served by cheap airlines, makes you attractive for a possible weekend. There are many to see! There were centuries old building or modern – / Futoristische architecture.

Are there pedestrian zones or but city beaches. This city is a travel value. Almost any cheap airline lands in or near Alicante. The city is virtually predestined for a weekend trip distances and walk: Cathedral to the Placa Virgin: 1 km / walking time 30 minutes Placa Virgin up to the Town Hall: 1 km / walking time approx. 25 minutes Town Hall to the bullfighting arena: 0.8 km / walking time 20 minutes 1 Cathedral 2 market halls 3 market halls 4. Placa de Reinja 5 Hall 6 Bullring 7 Park (dried out Riverbed) 1 city area: centered around the Placa Virgin: should you take the car to Valencia, we advise you to turn off your vehicle in one of the many underground car parks to the Placa Virgin. This underestimate not the time. You need at least 3-4 hours to see the main attractions of the city.

Your way should first run to the Placa Virgin. At this place there is to discover two churches. The Santos Juanes Church and the Church of San Niclas. It is worth to the small side streets once to leave the churches around, since unexpectedly at once small gardens or parks open up before you, and invite you to linger. The attractions at the Placa Virgien are the churches, to the many small streets meander around, as well as the Hauptfuszlig; area, where many restaurants are located.