Being so plastic, a same story can be applied to different situations and moments and the having a framework or humorous content are easily recorded in our memory. One of the great advantages of the tales is that they penetrate inside one without offering much resistance, since its content is not considered aggressive and thus are not filtered or not much to our systems of psychological filters that prevent us from largely assimilating or absorbing things new, largely as a mechanism of defence and self-protection. WHERE AM I? Once upon a time a very stupid man – crazy or maybe a Sage – that, when he got up in the morning, took so long to find his clothes that at night hardly dared to lie, just think about what awaited him when awoke.One night took pencil and paper and as he undressed, was scoring the name of each garment and the exact place in which let her. The next morning he took the paper and read: underpants and were there. He put them. Shirt there was.

She put her also. Hat there It was. And he encasqueto him in the head. (As opposed to Oracle). I was truly delighted until he assaulted a horrible thought:- and I? Where am I?. I had forgotten to write down it. So it was to seek and find.

but in vain. It could not find himself. MENTAL wives an inhabitant of a small village discovered one day that their hands were caught a few wives. How he came to be handcuffed is something that is meaningless. Perhaps a police officer handcuffed him perhaps his wife, perhaps that was the custom at that time. It is important that suddenly realized that could not freely use their hands, that was a prisoner. For some time he wrestled with handcuffs and chain linking them to trying to break free. He tried to remove the hands of those metallic rings, but all you achieved were bruises and wounds.


Who study law have classes specifically on law and contracts. When it comes to marriages, future lawyers learn about the legal contract of marriage, the before and the after matrimonial agreements, the goods of the community with regard to the equitable distribution, paternity, custody, child support, the children, etc. It’s believed that Gary Kelly sees a great future in this idea. Financial professionals also received a good amount of education in matters of marriage and divorce, since a predictable part of your job is helping customers in the process of divorce in tax matters, the division of assets and debts, financial planning and budgeting, etc. On the other hand therapists receive little training in school about divorce; most learn the personal and work experience. If you are divorced or are about to divorce you, ask your therapist what he knows about the divorce and where he learned of it. Perhaps he will tell you that your experience was itself or that he learned of the divorce of other people.

Therapists can read books on the divorce, but in terms of applicability may not be. Faced with this prospect, is expanding the field of divorce. There are financial divorce specialists, lawyers and assistants of divorce coaches and even informative workshops and divorce support groups. Taken to divorce as a social phenomenon which prevails. In fact, there are now more choices of divorce for couples: self-representation, mediation and, of course, the traditional judicial processes. However, what is still lacking is sufficient education for therapists in divorces, since they are those who deal with collect the psychological, mental and emotional pieces of the couple who is in the process of divorce, in addition to providing care to children whose parents are divorced or dissolved families.

For therapists, the separation and divorce are alternatives that can pass the couple at a given moment of life. However, on certain occasions, circumstances beyond the control even of therapists, therefore it is necessary to have better information about the topic. It is then that the study of situations of separation and/or divorce becomes fundamental. The main task of the therapist is to try solve the relationship problems that may lead to a separation; Although, without a doubt, there are special circumstances which oblige the family therapist to the update on the theme or one more in-depth study.