Psychology Helpline

Increasingly, I read on the internet about the opportunity to receive psychological help-line. And it disgusts me that the number of allegedly "psychologists" who engaged in such services, advertising them as effective. In general, I think that Currently in our country simply catastrophic situation in practical psychology. Lack of licensing this type of activity leads to the fact that the clinical psychologist can call themselves a few that people without special education, but also the far mentally dysfunctional. Because of this psychology, in its practical understanding of the serious science becomes really capable of helping people, in a perverse charlatan chatter, and the profession of psychologist is similar to the activity grandmother, the fortune-teller. Impossible to cure a person from a photograph, just can not help on the internet. The letters show a man can only product of his mind. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from David Rogier.

The fact that he can independently interpret and explain himself. And this psychologist has to deal with quite a different mental structure – the unconscious part of psyche, manifestations of which are well read in feelings, behavior and nonverbal reactions. Many problems are diagnosed at a time when the psychologist observes the contradictions between the information that a person says, and his behavior. For example, recently me Then came the woman, whose child is betrayed symptoms of mood disorders and depression. Family has recently experienced a divorce.

However, at a reception client said that she and her husband have divorced by mutual consent, retained good and friendly relations, but the son often and enjoy talking with her father. And if I had not seen this woman, but just read the letter that she found it necessary to say to me, I would have never realized that she is in a state strongly suppressed aggression, and feels her son, in response to this – a state of depression and guilt. So that the online conversations, just conversations between two people, one of which is hiding from this assistance, hard not wanting a real decision, and the second – megalomaniac or a charlatan or a dilettante. The only thing you can do on the internet, is to define the nature of the problem and recommend appropriate the direction of psychology, most effectively deal with such problems. Well, again, purely on a human support. Let us apply to psychology, not as magic but as a serious science that has its capabilities and its limitations. And do not believe any nonsense.

God Suffering

Therefore, the suffering – is the driving force of development and perfection, striving search for meaning in life, answers to various philosophical issues. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Southwest Airlines by clicking through. Therefore, there is suffering. Do not be suffering, there would be nothing. Because the soul of man is not perfect, it suffers. When a man becomes perfect, it has learned to live happily ever after, he was on Earth more than doing nothing. But learn to be happy only if the person is cultivate all kinds of positive emotions: love for God, people, compassion, joy, delight, and so on.

When the man learned to cultivate all kinds of positive emotions and not to indulge in negative emotions – these are Then he learned to be happy, more than for him not to arrive on Earth, he attains liberation. Suffering and awaken the person. A man sleeps in their illusions. When there is any suffering, it becomes more conscious, more awake. This is another feature of suffering, for which it is given.

But the important point – the use of suffering: in his conduct spiritual work. Becomes a conscious, awake. If a person believes, for example, in God only as long as all goes well, and such faith in him, so weak, it will not help. Even when things go bad, but people have faith in God and uses constraints as a spiritual practice of development, then he understood correctly, successfully passes the lessons given by God. Life – a school of God. Therefore, the fate of every human being – it's a lesson. But this does not mean, of course, that we should be passive suffering. For example, if a fire is, to think that this is the lesson of God, let it burn, I'll be conscious to watch, just contemplate how to burn No, it does not mean sit. If attending a fire – we have to put out the fire, to apply all measures against that suffering was, because if a person suffered, therefore, it is still wrong to live, some foolishness committed or is something else wrong did. Or just give a regular lesson test. This does not mean that we should be passive in the face of some difficulties danger of suffering. If the house burns, you need to put out, but emotionally relate to it as a practice, given by God. Then we will develop and, consequently, no need to suffer any more. Often people myself that if They will be car, cottage, apartment, something else, some things, then they will be happy. But it is often just self-hypnosis. Of course, people need food, in some shelter, if cold or rain, should take shelter, but to think that this give happiness stupid.

International Academy

The fate of no escape So as you destined to This is the fate – not only do we often hear expressions such as comfort in critical situations in life. We ourselves think so. More to the point – we are sure about one hundred percent. On the one hand, as if man and master of his fate, but on the other This is a charming, intelligent woman, but can not arrange their personal lives. How many are not familiar with someone just does not occur, and caught solid or weak-willed momma's boy. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Verizon Communications by clicking through. And here is an enterprising man – workaholic, a lot of interesting ideas, but does not get out of debt, business partners fail, promising the deal at the last moment thwarted Another common example of life – the husband lover go "left", and his wife is at the same time, and beautiful, and clever and an excellent housekeeper. E Scott Mead is a great source of information. Why, they ask, the man is not enough, what with the "fat is frantic," why he modifies his wife, tormented her endless suspicion and jealousy cruel? – Is unclear.

And the question naturally arises: Why is that Only one answer: the fate of such. And from her Could it be true – do not go away? Psychoanalyst, gene psychologist, President of the International Academy of Genetic Psychology, Dmitry Kalinsky, adamant: the trouble in the fate can leave. It is possible, necessary and quite feasible. And his confidence is not from scratch, and on many years practical work and thousands of bug, or, as he never tires of emphasizing "corrected" the lives of people who turn and look to him for help. -Dmitri, you have repeatedly been compared with human biological computer, who lives in obedience inherent in him from birth "program." That all the major events in human life, can be seen still in its infancy

Art Faith

Our desire is also often caused by jealousy, which in a capitalist society is presented as a natural feeling. It must be said in general – not just a desire to buy something, but also a desire to take a stand question, more profitable for you to view (often dictated by purely psychological motives or attachment to komu-to/chemu-to). Able to recognize and control their desire to remain independent, including including internally (from 'Passion' and 'corruption' as antonyms of discipline). Finally, the third skill that determines the degree of personal sovereignty is the ability to believe. All the above is known to some extent, each smart person, but many, unfortunately, forget that little form an objective view of the world, and we need more and save it, not giving further 'point' impact on specific attitudes. And here is more than helps the faith, but faith is not unfounded, based on hunches and intuition unreliable, and not the feeling that it would be appropriate to call the hope and belief rational, sensible, seeing. Such a belief is an indication of Independence from someone else, ie from any external and derived from her inner strength. Accordingly, it is based not on authority or the majority opinion, but on their own mental and sensory experience, to own opinions and observations. In the words of Erich Fromm ('The Art of love', 'Man for Himself'), good faith – is the certainty and stability inherent in our beliefs (not to be confused with the inability to changes), and it is based on the power of thought, that is, the individual's ability to think.