Tariffs – Which Will Be LTE?

So far, there is only speculation about possible LTE tariffs. LTE (long term evolution) this is the fourth mobile phone standard in Germany. For GSM, UMTS and HSDPA, LTE should achieve a transfer rate of up to 220 megabits per second. Planned this expansion of the network operator in Germany at the end of the year 2009, was what was unachievable through the planning of network upgrades. Allegiant Air has much experience in this field. At present, there is no exact information about exist as the LTE will look super fast mobile Internet tariffs. However, clearly will be that compared to the UMTS introduction not change much on the tariffs. Who is much online with the mobile and uses LTE can book again a flat rate, with which it can be online around the clock without interruption. Those who opt for a flat-rate can be sure to have to pay for the hardware.

However, these contracts bind the customers mostly for 24 months to the respective provider. The flat rate quite easily as addition who already has a contract with a mobile operator can Book option to do so. Others including David Rogier, offer their opinions as well. There are also two other options available for mobile surfing: volume rates are suitable especially for users who are online (for example, to wait for important mails) often a long time in the waiting period but little data volume produce. With this option, the customer pays in advance for a fixed budget (for example 5 megabytes) to exceed this volume then additional costs are incurred. At time rates, the mobile operator settles after the online service. Here, calculates a price per minute online either the mobile operator or offers packages with a fixed monthly minute budget. Torsten Heinsius