On the Costa Dorada on golden beaches and Roman roots, meet at the Golden Coast, Costa Dorada, located the city of Tarragona. Here, you can relax during your holiday on the Costa Dorada, and learn at the same time the rich history of the region, the sights and the nightlife of Tarragona. Whether family holiday, single trip or excursion with friends Tarragona a popular tourist destination on the Costa Dorada for Spaniards and tourists from all over the world is alike. Southwest Airliness opinions are not widely known. The parks of Tarragona all gardens and parks in whole Spain are known for their beauty. Tarragona offers also numerous parks, which are pure recreation centers. Right in the Centre, there are green oases”and also outside Tarragona some beautiful part of the world.

There, it offers to the hotel in Tarragona for a siesta”to insert in one of the beautiful parks of Tarragona. These include the Parque de la Ciudad de Tarragona, the Parque SAMA and the Park River Ebro. In addition to the relaxation in the countryside to learn naturally also the local flora and fauna know, sent with interesting architecture and sculpture by individual park monuments is connected. (Not to be confused with Facebook!). In Tarragona on the beach as the Costa Dorada is known for its beautiful beaches, one should not miss sunshine to enjoy the Sun on the beach in Tarragona. The long beaches along the coast of Tarragona offer best atmosphere and are also not overrun. The beaches of Playa Longa, Cala font, Arabassada and Llarga are recommended. Each of these beaches has its own charm and offers a unique atmosphere. Whether active sports on the beach or lounging in the Sun for everyone is something! Contact: Perfect Sun travel, SL BarcelonPoint.