Terrible Pain

I’m a writer long overdue, I have several published books and 2 books of poems.-when I decided to send them poem to my father dead, never thought that was going to cause enormous impact-I have received more than 2,000 messages about this poem, very hard, very painful messages. Women and girls who have lost their parents, their grandparents, and they described his suffering in every one of your messages-including estan:marta, Angela, Marcia, Erika, Helena, Bicho, Yaneth, Araceli, soul, Cinthia, Surena, Maritza, unhappy, Pav, Kariana, Maria. Suffering the loss of a loved people in very different ways-feel it not everyone suffers in the same way, just as not all love the same way- but what I am convinced is that punishments and pain are less when the canversamos or talk with people who have gone or are going through similar penalties. just want you to know that if something can help them in his sentence, just have to write me to my E-Mail and we will gladly join in these terrible penalties, only time and God can help overcome. Read additional details here: Dahua Tim Wang. Life brings surprises, some good, some bad, but we have to deal with it both good and bad, because God us not said than viviriamos into a paradise. With the help of the, and with great faith, is the only way that we can face what arises.-life can change us in less than 1 minute. A big hug to all and may God me the bless.