The Cross With The Virus: New Bird Flu H7N9 Spreads Further In

Since early April 2013, a new avian flu virus called H7N9 is rampant in China. After the new flu virus first of all in the region of Shanghai, it spreads through the train of the birds to their northern summer homes in the North and West of China. Researchers at the University of Hong Kong created a map that shows how the virus further spread in recent weeks to the Northwest, and now in China is seen as a potential pandemic. Europe has been so far spared by H7N9, but for how long? Experts already demanding an import ban of Chinese poultry to the EU, but clashed with their desire for the EU on deaf ears. To panic there is nevertheless no reason, insure physician.

The earlier bird flu H5N1 had a much higher death rate and had expired but relatively comfortably. Protection against the bird flu virus, the best remedy against different bird flus (and known as swine flu) is still Tamiflu by Roche. Also the new N7N9 virus can be effectively treated with the Tamiflu ingredient oseltamivir. Tamiflu was last disputed manufacturer Roche initially refused, the largest number of tests involving the drug in 2002 had received approval, to disclose. Roche was appointed to protect the data of the test participants, while the Cochrane Collaboration suspected that Tamiflu was not so effective as the giant wanted to make believe the humanity.

Managed Cochrane Collaboration not mildly agree also a “piecemeal” publication. This had the Tamilflu FDA-approved proven 2005 already during the bird flu outbreak and is one of the best selling funds from Roche at all. Tamiflu is prescribed usually only after the flu infection, can be removed but also preventively, in the immediate vicinity of the patients there already are several flu infections. No vaccination against bird flu possible while long a preventive vaccine was developed for conventional flu, there is currently no vaccine against new H7N9 avian flu. Not only in China Researchers currently feverishly working to produce an effective vaccine. Because even if Tamiflu seems to work yet with the active ingredient oseltamivir, this could change quickly to a mutation of the virus. Until then, oseltamivir and other neuraminidase inhibitors but remain the only effective weapon against the new bird flu.