Trading Reality

The markets are affected by a lot of things that are not measurable by any of the analysis fundamental and technical. In addition to seasonality, news, rumors, time, and common-sense observation, we must take into account the market conditions at the time that trade should be introduced. It is the market faster? Market is thin? Is the size of the tick normal? Market makers are moving the market? Is it due date of the options? Is it the day before a holiday? It is an important agent will make a speech? The market has entered a state of hysteria, or even euphoria? Are you going to buy or sell?

It is the sum, the organization and the perception of these, and even other criteria that constitute the reality of trading. We are convinced that the best way to trade should be called “Trading Reality?”. In fact, we are so convinced that we have marked the trade name for future use. Reality shopping visits on the market as a whole entity, living, throbbing reality, which includes the basics, technicalities and realities, such as news, rumors, trends of the season, common sense observations, and market conditions. Let’s look at a trade may be based on realities. Let’s say this is a business that has been good most years in the past 15 years. Let’s say that trade is to buy wheat in March between September and December this year. First look to see if the March wheat futures are looking positive.