Traditional Russian Wedding Dress

Ancient Egypt tradition of exchanging rings originated in ancient Egypt. The rings symbolize the faithful to each other. Read more from Sheryl Sandberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In ancient Egypt, the ring – a symbol of eternity. Medieval Italy In medieval Italy believed that the diamonds embody love. Plighted lovers couples exchanged rings with diamonds as a sign of their betrothal.

Ancient Rus' Traditional Russian Wedding Dress, more traditional sundress was red. Red – the color "Beautiful", "very good" (translated from the Old Slavonic language), a holiday. Only in the 19 th century has been in vogue white wedding dress, when Peter I ordered to follow the European fashion. Ancient Greece In Ancient Greece, diamonds personified, with tears of God. The Greeks believed that the diamond symbolizes the fire of love.

Greece Greek brides wear a traditional wedding veils of yellow or red, which symbolizes the fire. Bright veil should protect the bride from evil spirits and demons. Greek bride takes a lump of sugar for a wedding, it will provide her sweet family life. Also, the bride can take the ivy as a symbol of eternal love. By tradition, the Greek wedding accompanied by great parties, and lasts all night. Crete traditional Cretan wedding bread decorated with candied fruit and baked bread products in the form of celestial objects: the moon and stars. Bread is baked with a large of spices: cinnamon, coriander, cloves, anise, nutmeg, ginger. Also, add rum, orange and lemon zest and almonds. The aroma of bread symbolizes the sweetness of marriage and love between the bride and fiance.