Social Transformation

The philosophy of the prxis as base in the marxist thought and its consequences. ‘ is noticed that Marx breaches with the theory of Hegel; ‘ negation for negao’ ‘ , and it adopts the theory of the destruction and appears new and not the abolition of the new for the old one. One also evidences a ticket of the idealismo and materialism conservative, for a determinismo that the action takes would revolutionize and the fight of classrooms. It is affirmed that the logical realism must be predominant to have the ticket of the utopian socialism, capitalist system, for a communism where the man appeals to the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the thought of Marx who takes the release of the man of the oppression of the liberal capitalism supplying to all the pedagogical structure of the action. Word-key: Theory of the Destruction. Determinismo.

The prxis, understood as objective transformation of the social process, a philosophy of what more than mere contemplativa action, that is, transformation of the relations between man-nature (prxis productive) and man-man (prxis revolutionary), as Gramsci explains: The philosophy of the prxis is the construction of corresponding collective wills to the necessities that emerge of the objectified productive forces or in process of objetivao, as well as of the contradiction between these forces and the degree of culture and express civilization for the social relations. She is implicit in it, that it appears as a philosophical conception, a series of sciences of the nature and the man. (1995, P. 34) the theory if does not reduce practical, as it thinks the pragmatismo with its utilitarian conception, because the relation between practical theory and is a unit relation dialectic.

‘ ‘ The philosophers had searched to interpret the world, treat themselves to transform it. Knowledge, the criterion of the truth and the purpose of teoria.’ ‘ (MARX; ENGELS, 2001, P. 52). The theory complements the practical one and it makes also it to advance, having as it has always limited its accomplishment through the action human being.