Belong the different classrooms? Why? The master and the young African villager, taken as example, if distinguish because they occupy different places in the social production, determined for the positions that occupy in relation to the means of production. The young payed a salary to itself because he is private of the means of production. Machine does not have business nor. Only the work force. Learn more about this with Jeffrey Leiden. In turn, being proprietor of the means of production, the master can live to the costs of the other people’s work. This constatao allows in to understand them the classroom concept as great groups of people whom if they differentiate between itself for the place in a system of social production historically determined, for its relation with the means of production, for its paper in the social organization it work and, consequentemente, for the way of attainment and the dimensions of the part of social wealth of that it makes use. These differences allow a classroom (possessing) to live to the costs of the exploration of the other classroom (not possessing). The division of the society in classrooms, however, preceded to the capitalism, occurring in other means of production 6.

The primitive men, living the way of primitive production, despite physically strong, remained themselves impotent ahead of the Nature. Only making use of rocks and woods, they congregated themselves in groups to hunt the wild beasts. The abated canine tooth age equally divided. With the time, they had learned to manufacture more complex instruments of rock, from the use of slex, to dominate the copper castings, bronze and iron. They lived a explicvel social equality for low the productivity of the work and for the great dependence in relation to the nature. With effect, to the measure where if they developed the productive forces and the instruments of work, it increased the social division of the work, matrix of the division of the men in classrooms.


The solution that Aristotle also considered consisted of ' ' dualismo' ': the separation between the sensible dimension and the intelligible one. However, it entered in conflict with the idea of its master and formed another relation between the two worlds. One is not about the relation between the sensible world and the intelligible one, and yes, to establish the relation between the reality sensible? multiple, changeable? the intelligible conditions of its knowledge. The reason of being of the sensible things, does not coincide with really existing essences. The sensible world is not the world of the shades, is the real world, but if it cannot find that this sensible dimension, of being real, constitutes knowledge. In this manner, it considers that intelligible world is opposing to the sensible world. Aristotle is the founder of the logic. The logic possesss the principles most basic for coherence and everything what it is necessary to characterize the true one, without leaving of side the sensation, that still is the only real thing that we possess to arrive at the discovery process.

The changes that occur in the sensible world cannot be considered the ticket of the being when not-being. In this process, the being, can remain steady, thus finding, a justification for the sensible reality. The directions are the categoriais possibilities? logical elements of determination and joint? that they are articulated in the reality, and everything what exists can be known through the relation enters, substance and the accidental attributes. The funny thought of Aristotle around making with that a correspondence between the knowledge and the reality exists. Substance is the essence, the possibility of determination of the being, and the knowledge is what the thing possesss for necessity. Aristotle affirms that we must look the determination of the things, that is, to look for to always know for the causes, that is the determinative element of the things, the reason of being.


But it exactly sees that let us find it this in nothing will help in understanding our origins, therefore the problem is based on a simple illogical logic, that if express in the concept of the nothing. To read more click here: Ripple. I ask again, what it is the nothing? Let us see the definition of the free Wikipdia encyclopedia of the Internet of paraphrased form: ‘ ‘ The Vacuum is the nothing? Of form some, in the vacuum does not contain substance, but it can contain electric, magnetic, gravitational fields, light, waves sonorous, etc. The empty space is the nothing? Missed, the empty space he is something, because in it the potential in relation to this exists. By the way, it is important that let us know that the proper emptiness, does not exist in the known Universe, who will say the nothing. But after all what it is the Nothing? In the nothing the space does not exist nor, some does not have thing and nor an empty place to fit something. The concept you are welcome includes also the inexistence of the laws fsicas’ ‘. brity trainer offers on the topic.. However, it does not need to be an academic pra to know that nobody will find a reply for this question, this is logically impossible, but it is not impossible by itself, therefore it involves unknown laws to the man, which it with its inclined knowledge cannot reach or rescue.

The condition instituted as elementary for the cosmic evolution is something that surpasses the concepts that today are established for this study. Reply in saying that something always existed, not to be that does not exist the individual if unfastens of its materialism it admits something that exceeds the known Universe, still more when we appeal the antrpico principle and the quantum physics. Although I recognize that the materialists are not few who admit the theory of parallel Universes. But exactly thus it would have problem in not only explaining the cause of the causes, what he minimizes yourself when we accept the assumption divine, for the cosmological argument, but also for other thousands of you evidence that they permeiam the social one, psychological and the natural one. Summarizing, exactly against taste for some, we have that to admit that the life is a miracle inside of a pparently hostile Universe it.

E not only the life as well as psique, the rational mind of the men, is in fact amazing if to think that the same one has appeared mere and randomly of the chaos inside of the central idea of that of the nothing, nothing drift. The logic finishes the reason finishes and the man if it is silent ahead of the nonsense of the existence. To accept the nonsense as Kierkegaard would say is optimum that we have to make excessively in the eminence of our fragile lives.

Social Transformation

The philosophy of the prxis as base in the marxist thought and its consequences. ‘ is noticed that Marx breaches with the theory of Hegel; ‘ negation for negao’ ‘ , and it adopts the theory of the destruction and appears new and not the abolition of the new for the old one. One also evidences a ticket of the idealismo and materialism conservative, for a determinismo that the action takes would revolutionize and the fight of classrooms. It is affirmed that the logical realism must be predominant to have the ticket of the utopian socialism, capitalist system, for a communism where the man appeals to the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the thought of Marx who takes the release of the man of the oppression of the liberal capitalism supplying to all the pedagogical structure of the action. Word-key: Theory of the Destruction. Determinismo.

The prxis, understood as objective transformation of the social process, a philosophy of what more than mere contemplativa action, that is, transformation of the relations between man-nature (prxis productive) and man-man (prxis revolutionary), as Gramsci explains: The philosophy of the prxis is the construction of corresponding collective wills to the necessities that emerge of the objectified productive forces or in process of objetivao, as well as of the contradiction between these forces and the degree of culture and express civilization for the social relations. She is implicit in it, that it appears as a philosophical conception, a series of sciences of the nature and the man. (1995, P. 34) the theory if does not reduce practical, as it thinks the pragmatismo with its utilitarian conception, because the relation between practical theory and is a unit relation dialectic.

‘ ‘ The philosophers had searched to interpret the world, treat themselves to transform it. Knowledge, the criterion of the truth and the purpose of teoria.’ ‘ (MARX; ENGELS, 2001, P. 52). The theory complements the practical one and it makes also it to advance, having as it has always limited its accomplishment through the action human being.


It needs to prove that he is capable to be able to be successful. Perhaps check out Oracle for more information. If she will be woman and black then, he is well more difficult to win the preconception (J.A.V.) ' '. When finishing, it contradicts itself, when affirming that the necessary black to prove that he is capable to be successful. white does not need this, but the necessary black to prove that it is capable. When affirming that if the professional will be black woman and has more difficulties, reaffirms the existence of the discrimination and preconception of sort. Thus, historically, ' ' it seems probable that the efforts made for people not-whites to cover certain social distance would have been bigger of what demanded for people brancas' ' (Hasenbalg, 2005). In the sequence the deponent continues emphasizing the idea on that the professional success depends, basically, of the individual, as space for all was had, also for the well-educated whites. This perception is part of the ideological model spread by the neoliberalismo, where it is enough to have force of will and ability to be successful in the competitive forest of the modern capitalism.

The studies of Pag and its collaborators (Motta, 1992) on mobility in great French companies identify that the positions in the top of the pyramid of the organizations are always busy for descendants of families aristocratic or very influential. Although the differences of mobility inside of the Brazilian organizations in relation to the Frenchmen, the speech of this citizen indicates contamination for the dominant ideology. During its deposition J.A.V it rescued some histories involving black, as of an Italian multinational company, in years 70 in So Paulo: where she perceived and she looked for to correct situations of injustice in function of the existing discrimination in the direction of the company, where black and women had inferior wages to the ones of the white men.

Rosani Cristina

in a region where its said inhabitants ‘ ‘ nativos’ ‘ they pursue it the all time. As it places Renato Simes in its text ‘ ‘ Migrantes: citizens of second classe’ ‘ , we need to think about Brazil of the integration of the peoples, the cultures, the social and regional, tolerant equality with its differences and of full right of action of the citizen. It seems a great dream, a great utopia, but we need to fight so that this great dream one day becomes reality. Bibliographical references ALBUQUERQUE Jr, Durval Muniz of. The preconception against the northeastern. In: ALBUQUERQUE Jr, Durval Muniz of. Preconception against the geographic origin and of place: The borders of the discord. So Paulo, Cortez, 2007.

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Curious &#039 is the expression; ' to place the nugget in the i? s' ' , if to repair the phenomenon graphical, is not about an accent, from that the grammar confers rules on the accurate moment to proceed. ' ' i' ' it possesss a nature that asks for complement, as pontinho was needed one more, almost a reticence, that instead of three horizontal points, uses only one majestical one in the vertical line. ' ' i' ' it does not come alone with this addend, ' ' j' ' it says that it, one ' ' i' ' put, with tail, that exceeds the limit of the line, when we write in the pautado paper. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. ' ' i' ' it has the mystery of the point, almost an end point in suspended, that figure that seems to become vacant without supports who it, the vertical travesso comes below, but a space exists separates that them, pontinho follows without contact, done planet in the way space, only suffering to effect from an attraction physics and repulsion to it. The fact is much more delicate, therefore ' ' i' ' capital does not ask for accent, would be for its sovereignty of macro? What it seems to relagar ' ' i' ' very small the nacessidade of that miniature one to touch of the tip of a penxs or pencil, that many times the writer forgets, but the word sends to the reader the lack of the nugget, being that in the typed letters one can ' ' i' ' without accent if to pass for ' ' l' ' very small. That nugget seems to have majestical air, coronary a suspended crown, one chakra. Still another grammatical investigation exists, if ' ' i' ' it is a point of inverted exclamao, or would be the point of exclamao one ' ' i' ' in inversion, being that from above nugget passes to low it makes to float that fearless vertical travesso. More information is housed here: Gary Kelly. In the exclamao one another capital does not exist. Thus, ' ' i' ' if it makes one presented as two, the undeniable constatao of ' ' two in um' ' , fact xifpagos (siameses), joined for an invisible force, the gap, that separates the point of the travesso..

The Other

A consideration important to be made is the condition of the fish while merchandise. According to Marx (1985) ' ' the utility of a thing makes of it value of uso' ' being that ' ' the value of use is only become fullfilled in the use or consumo' '. On the other hand the things also possess an intrinsic property itself it makes that them exchangeable for others and ' ' what it has of common, that the exchange relation of or value of exchange of the merchandise shows in, is, therefore, its valor' ' (MARX, 1985). With this he fishes, it presents another perspective of market which encloses a differentiation in the root of the capitalist relations of production, that is the quarrel of the value of use and value of exchange. Each fishing boat possesss, in its garrison, members of one same one family in its numerical majority, generally with the head of the family in the function of ' ' patro' ' , that is, commander and owner of the boat. Continue to learn more with: Oracle. Resumidamente, the labor functions in a fishing boat of the studied community are divided in the following way: ) Commander of the boat (' ' patro' '): proprietor of the boat and the nets, and that he knows all the functions in the work fishing boat.

Generally he receives the command from the boat of hereditary form. b) Thrower of net: professional specialized in this function, with good physical conditioning, ability and force. In some cases, the family does not make use of this professional, she contracts and it in the quarter of the Mauazinho or the city of careiro of the Fertile valley. c) Shoal of fish observer (' ' olheiro' '): she is the respected professional more of the boat. Its activity consists of fixing forward post and analyzing the shoal of fish flow in the area of the campaign. .

Collective Happiness

They observe Scandinavia. They are them better representatives of the Welfare State, where the Capital and the Power if organize of the best form having for purpose of the Common good. does not leave of being capitalist. Because such philosophy is not become enlarged to the four cantos of the Land? It will be so difficult? (Gates) the Finlndia is one of the using greaters of Office 2007! (Scrates) What you say? (Oracle of Delfos) Welfare State: Where the State if worries and prioritizes the Common good, the Collective, but without abandoning the capitalist principles and the individual desires. Practised for the Vikings, current Scandinavians and Finnish. A to be followed example. (Scrates) You say that we must then, to find a half term between the Collective Happiness and the Private one? One Third Way? (Churchill) This! Not one Third, but yes an Only one. One that pleases the Greeks and troianos, beyond Espartanos.

E not only three hundred of them. That, for intermediary of the Power and the Organization, it makes with that the diverse etnias of the Race Human being if join in favor of the Collective Good. (Scrates) Excellent thinkers it are. I believe that he is safe to presume doravante, that we can consider the problems of the Society are fruit of the Descaracterizao of its Characteristics? (Churchill) he would not define it of better form. (Hitler) Or more redundant! (Christ) From there the God the things of God, and Cesar the things of Cesar. You respect the Laws and the Peace will reign. (Adam Smith) Is mentioned to it the Right? (Hitler) Right. The Right is very relative. Some do not deserve it! (Scrates) Curious! I presume that all for unamimity and at the same time had perceived that the Right, the Laws, is the form of as the Power if it organizes to reach an End? It is this? (Gates) It is this there! (Churchill) the Purpose of the Society must ponder the interests of the collective one and the individual one.

Human Nature

We have a natural trend to live folloied and we always want to be with people which we like and in we feel they to them well next, over all, of one in special. Therefore although to like you vary people have one that in the complete one effectively I point of alienating in them. She can seem I exaggerate, but when we do not have somebody thus? what in provides this type to them of emotion? something is missed. what it could be then? It is here that the theory of Marx enters. If the natural one is to tedermos to like somebody and this does not occur, is because ha something made a mistake with the bond social. if you to ask to me: what it hinders that the individuals act in accordance with what ha of natural in itself? We believe that the values of one determined society have all influence in our supposed choices.

Currently the media in giving to a concept of americanizada beauty, that is, everything to them what he is beautiful has that to follow the American paradigm, what it leads to regeitarmos our culture? what already has its conception of beauty? takes in them to believe that we love what he is beautiful – and this is the central cause of this anomaly. In this direction, we are induced ' ' amar' ' what it corresponds the cocepo of beauty following the model American-European apologiada for the media and we ignore, most of the time, the natural trend to value the intelligence and the character of the loved person and that, according to Schopenhauer, we desire to transmit our children. But all rule has its exeo. We perceive that it still has few cases where our conception of effective love if. If to take in account the character and intelligence we form our conception? not beauty concept – subjectively. We believe that if we will be capable to surpass these you influence that the capitalist society really provides in them will be capable to love again.

Finally, I wait that the person that I love has this conception of love because am as soon as I love I it. The love is an alienation? Clearly that yes, but not with the perjorativa notion of the term. I need to love somebody – with the conciencia that it is another person I love and it for this person who it is, and not as something that belongs to me? but it makes that me to feel complete. In this direction, the ciumes are an illness that must be diagnosised by the proper carrier, therefore what possibly it leads to the love I lend is the concincia and respect for the subjectivity of the loved one.