E-commerce Usability Web Design

World Wide Web has provided a new platform for business. In the past, just a series of companies can be traded around the world. But, with the introduction of the web has been a drastic revolution in the trends of the market. Today, companies are reaching web sites to the millions of people around the world. In fact, small businesses are also companies competing with large multinational companies to make their presence felt in the web world.

The increased competition in all the cyber market has accelerated growth again technological development. The result was obvious attempt to devise new ways to make the site easier to use. commerce web design became the ideal choice of companies for its flexibility and ease of use. A usability of the most important feature of an e-commerce web design is that it is very easy to use. Moreover, an e-commerce website is very feasible solution for website owners.

Some Basic usability commerce web site design are as follows: easy to load of products new products for sale can easily be put on the website. These new valuable objects stored in the database of the web site is loaded at any time depending on requirement. Quick modification of prices prices of goods displayed on the web page is easily editable. In accordance with the standards of the market, commodity prices are be higher or lower. Easy transaction of goods payment payment of commodities is via Internet. Customer payment deposit directly to the owners account. World market web sites make an indefinable presence on the world market. The success of e-commerce Web sites create a favorable image of the trading company in the eyes of global consumers. Cost effective an e-commerce website is very profitable for the web owner. Web business owners can with its global customers with great ease. These website are not harried owners of business location, labor, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning

If you don’t use your wisdom to generate positive changes, follow siendfo part of the problem rather than the solution. All good management should be always attentive with promote a process management that favors him in the operation of the company and achieve the goals set for its mission and vision. You must be very attentive in everything related to production processes, as well as all matters concerning good administrative integrated management that you pass to plan actions, strategies that favor him. It is very valid indicating Eduardo Navarro, organizations are as efficient as they are their processes. Most of the companies have become aware of this and are raised like improving them and avoid some common problems like: slow performance, customer, little focus departmental barriers, useless threads due to the lack of global vision of the process, etc.

Precisely in this reality Navarro reminds us, the incorporation of the new technologies of the information allows you to redefine processes reaching grades of effectiveness and efficiency unimaginable a few years ago. Organizations that are able to discover these possibilities and implement them correctly, get competitive advantages due to the reduction of costs and increased flexibility to the requirements of customers. Business processes must be correctly managed using the information systems for management (ERP Enterprise Resource Planning in English). An information system for the ERP management can be defined as an application of business management that integrates the information flow, achieving thus improving processes in different areas (financial, production, logistics, commercial and human resources). Adds us Wikipedia, that ERP systems are occasionally called back office (backroom) since they indicate that the customer and the general public are not directly involved. This system is in contrast with the opening system data (front office), which creates an administrative relationship of consumer or customer (CRM) service a system that deals directly with customers or systems of electronic business such as e-commerce, e-Government, electronic telecommunications and electronic finance; It is also a system that deals directly with the providers, not only establishing an administrative relationship with them (SRM).

Internet Process

But it is a mistake to observe the phenomenon in purely economic terms since it has political, social and cultural aspects.Globalization not duty being seen as a unilinear process but a set of processes, in turn engenders new zone economic and cultural, we can stay with these theories and not remove any possible conclusion. The volume of world trade today is much greater than the of 100 years ago, to this must be added the growing impact of electronic commerce and the new role of the financial markets that operate 24 hours a day and move about 2 billion dollars per day.You have to also know that physical assets are not more the center of the global exchange, instead intangibles, such as the exchange of information if they are not. These elements give a break with the past and refute the theory of skeptics, however these two currents agree as follows: 1) the irreversible character of the process of globalizacion2) & nbs p; Multiplication of actors internacionales3) information as a dominant factor. Consequences of globalisation: the power of large corporations explains the process of globalization facing up, this means the development of thousands of NGOs operating worldwide, Greenpeace is a good example of this phenomenon as many multinational incorporated into new markets. Finally in order to understand this social phenomenon quite complex must understand that globalization this guided by a single force conducting what the economic or commercial expansion, this is not a fact foreign to us but the contrary, globalization driven by the changes we ourselves produce. In our lives whenever we choose to access Internet collaborate in this process thus cannot be parsed as a fact isolated or foreign to us, globalization can not be reversed. Globalization has a rate of change and high uncertainty, therefore the idea of the nation-State is important to integrate effectively the dominant paradigm for this century. If you wish to contact the author to exchange ideas, opinions and comments on this work stated above can do so by writing to: e-mail: author: Cristian Ramirez GastonLicenciado in marketing (IAU)Master in international business (U.

Marketing Variable

Marketing in recent years to evolved and is to become an area of vital importance for the company since it performs studies of possible business projects. Marketing involves strategies market, sales, market research, positioning, market, etc. It is frequently confused with the term advertising, this being only a tool of marketing (marketing) MARKETING Marketing strategic processes: before producing a product or service, the address should analyze the opportunities offered by the market, the kind of consumer that will be directed product, the purchasing power of consumers and if the product meets your needs. He is also the possibility of competitors, marketing is responsible for studying its products and its policy of marketing, the entry of new competitors. Conduct an internal analysis of the company to determine if it really counts with the necessary resources.

Marketing Mix: The marketing becomes a philosophy of business in a way that in the Organization all areas (and not only that of marketing) are aware that should respond to the genuine needs of clients and consumers. This is how customers will receive the treatment expected, so trust that organization also in terms of their products or services. Execution of the program of Marketing: the implementation of the planned actions is assigned to the corresponding Department and media are set to carry them out, as well as the procedures and techniques to be used. They must create mechanisms that allow evaluating the results of the established plan and evaluate results Control: supposed to set those feedback and evaluation mechanisms that verify the degree of compliance with the objectives and establish the corrections. Some of the controls are: Control of Plan Annual Control of profitability Control of efficiency Control strategic this friends to been a small introduction to the fascinating world of marketing, here are guidelines for creating your business and be assured that this flourish and not fall on the road. I wish know how to use this guide with enough seriousness and dedication.