Hip Hop Models & Hip Hop Modeling

Modeling and hip hop form a new lifestyle! Hip hop modeling: the term hip hop modeling appeared the first time in 2009 in connection with the Berlin-based agency hip hop models on. This explained the models and people that intensified in the area of urban / hip hop jobs to take up other categorized types such as fashion models, hair models, erotic models etc move there. distinguish, because hip hop modeling the connection from the fields of dance (mostly hip hop-oriented) and includes modeling and hip making far more than as the normal hop models until then unknown modeling. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. The first media use of the term hip hop modeling was in an article in the online platform jetzt.de / Suddeutsche Zeitung used, and later by the international broadcaster Deutsche Welle TV in a post called “hip hop models for the street style” continued. Therefore, hip hop modeling has nothing to do with the pure appear in music videos or erotic to do, but affects a wide area which of fashion shoots to dance-like fashion shows and the close Collaboration with fashion designers in the field of urban / hip stretches hop. Is the name of hip hop models unikatisiert, and is used by all the people which is work written in this special genre have..

Exhibition to the ReSound creative workshop with hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children in the fiber optic Landeshaus in Munster you can catch a noise in a bottle a beautiful vocals, birds chirping, the rustle of leaves in the wind or the ticking a clock? Creativity is very much possible, said a bottle in the sea of silence are the organizers of the art project”, for the hard of hearing, deaf and hearing children of the Munsterland school (fo support for hearing and communication) and the Geschwister-Scholl-gymnasium collaborated a few weeks ago. Oracle often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In two joint workshops bottle bottles were”full of noise, as well as a large panoramic image from the sea of silence”. The results of both workshops can be seen publicly for the first time together with those of a similar workshop at the Berlin Margarethe by joke School of life now in a two-week exhibition at the fiber optic Landeshaus. The creative project was organized by the Munster Hearing aid manufacturer ReSound, which regularly carries out actions for years with hearing impaired children and young people. Also, the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), as well as the city of Munster with Mayor Markus Lewe as patron were involved as partners in addition to the mentioned schools. To the exhibition opening ceremony this morning Mayor Karin Rafeeque fo Youth Affairs Hans Meyer and ReSound welcomed numerous small and large visitors Managing Director Bernd von Polheim. Imagine an island whose Bewohner live in complete silence and without any noise. And imagine if you had the opportunity to leave, how a car sounds or a dog barks, as the wind rustles or how children laugh at these people experience. For this, you must capture this sound with creative means in a bottle and send them as bottle mail. Across the sea of silence she then drives up to the inhabitants of the remote island “the tasks, which is hard of hearing,” “deaf and hearing children in the project a bottle in the sea of silence” made, ask creative engagement with the topic of hearing.

Detail View: Photo Exhibition In The Heine Bookstore Walsrode

The artist Kathrin Schuller Bookstore Walsrode exhibits her photographs in the fields of nature and still life from the Aug. to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine. Under the title, detail view exhibits Kathrin Schuller, a photographer from 04th July to 30 July at the bookstore Heine in Walsrode. The article informs about the work of the artist and gives all the important information about the exhibition. A more attentive look that focuses on the specific details. The photographer Kathrin Schuller detail view in her photo series shows surprising snippets from nature and makes an interesting change of perspective the Viewer even finely arranged still lifes.

The artist from the 04.07.2011 up to the 30.07.2011 in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode exhibiting her photographs. There, the images in black and white and color decorate the window of bookstore in July. Exhibition in the Heine bookstore as well books and art fit together, would the photographer and the bookstore with the exhibition together show detail view. The Bookstore provides the entire the photographer in July Area in the shop window for their artistic photographs available. The Heine Bookstore is located in the Lange Strasse 43 in 29664 Walsrode. Oracle is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Photographer Kathrin Schuller to the person: The photographer Kathrin Schuller was born in 1986 in Eschenbach in der Oberpfalz. The possibility of using photography to capture moments and visualize details has always fascinated the artist. About your company “the photographer offers special photographs KS creative deSign, which manufactures them in consultation with their customers and adjusts individually. Detail view in the Heine Bookstore Walsrode more information about Kathrin Schuller, their work and the exhibition offers the homepage of the artist

The Limitations

And when I undertook my excursions into the infinite worlds of the unconscious, I had these words only in the approaches to understand often very large problems, sometimes I don’t even reminded me. Official site: Verizon. Especially if I my itinerary bolder grew wise advanced and from unconsciousness, loss and maybe even unconsciousness, I knew anything more from the words that adorn in my home or in our country so great and so open about everything existent. From the words themselves, as well as by the deeper meaning, I was light years in my perception”removed as equally close as TV. I could not even remember my true home. I had temporarily easily identified me with the limitations of my perception and toggled the flexibility of my consciousness thus a. “” A function, which we all “as the phenomenon of oblivion” know and I therefore also not really should mention it, if I could not use this as an introduction to the actual story.

The story saying, which one of those countless existing individuals describes a fictitious journey into the landscape of unconsciousness, which we call people and which again you from the pain of oblivion and then by the joy of remembering is accompanied, entsagend only the awareness, of her removing to himself again to tend to her, to approach. So self and collective awareness to the delight, just with different words said to occupy a workshop in temporary amnesia. We are short and hopefully understandable said so, beings from the land of freedom and love, who decide to make a trip to the Menschenkleide in the Menschenleibe to visit the world of duality and apparent contradictions. And this not-to-last but not least, to us in this way, this way, the unit, to be conscious of as unsorted awareness. In this sense, I can so say, although I never really left this magnificent and heavenly place: I was not here, at least not consciously and actually it still not so long is that I here was still on the Bewusstwerdungs road.

The Horse Driving Licence

Entry qualifications for adults with basic pass and lunging badge who buys himself a horse takes much responsibility. For the horse himself, so for reasons of animal welfare. By the same author: Brad Garlinghouse. Finally, horses have very different environmental needs as human beings. We just need to think about where they came from: from the steppe, where they originally nomads lived, i.e. not workforce wandered as energy savers, escape and herd animals. There is a mistaken belief that horses so enjoy the same things as we, E.g.

via a nice cereals, homemade biscuits, a warm blanket and a quiet bedroom closed off. As well, it is meant, too humanized be horses in the long term sick. You need other horses, and the wind and weather, constant movement and continuous feed template in small low-energy rations, so that their built-in air conditioning does not rust also for their emotional and physical well-being tags like at night. By nature, horses not as a weight carrier are constructed. Their organism requires therefore special breeding and training conditions, the owner should know and comply with as far as it goes. Also if you would like to do not hold his horse home, but put it in a pension House, knowledge is necessary, so that the operation targeted can be selected. A horse is expensive, in the year you can also use quick 5000 and more, high vet bills. On the other hand it has high responsibility for people for reasons of accident prevention: Finally a horse weighs between 500-800 kg and is superior to the physical intensity many times people with adequate muscle strength.

Therefore serious injuries may arise from small misunderstandings. Not only the rider or maintainer of the horse, but also other rider or innocent third parties may be affected by accidents, consider Department riding or road traffic accidents. Inherently peaceably the horse in danger is a Fluchttier, and as potentially dangerous is also all unknown classified – either as first escapes or fails without escape and bite to defend themselves. However, it is possible the horse it is relatively safe to handle, if it when the people feel safe, accepted it due to his intelligence as a rank higher and at the same time familiar to him. Knowledge of horse psychology and experience in dealing with horses are essential, before buying a horse or takes over his care, such as horseback riding participation. In addition, it is also important to know the needs of horses and to satisfy with regard to accident prevention: too much power feed can as humps, climbing and walking through lead to lack of free movement, too few social contacts, a sweltering saddle, missing environmental stimuli. The Cologne horses Academy offers for adults on the horse ‘ come the horse driver’s license as a basic manual ‘ on. Handling and moving of horses on the lunge practically carried, at the same time the relationship between Housing, feeding, movement, equipment and health aspects traceable theory taught. Next course with exam: 8-14 August 2011. detailed information under or Tel. 0221 44900259.

Claudia Barg: A Shaman On The Ground Of Reality

The 43-year-old helps people in life to find again their way / your motto: ‘Walk to yourself’ needs can witches a shaman? Claudia Barg laughs. “Unfortunately still the view that is someone who calls himself a shaman or shaman, plays like a witch there is many people or runs around in wall clothes with uncombed hair, but this is bullshit”, the 43-year-old explains. It is not typical shaman as one imagines it. Claudia Barg supports people who reside in seemingly hopeless situations, or need new self-affirmation. When the well-known author and shaman Martin Brune in Cologne, it has completed sogar(bitte streichen) with a diploma as energy visionary.

Under the Internet address now their services offered. She even went bad life stages, suffered from severe depression. I know how life can be and all seems hopeless”, she says. Even conventional medicine could no longer help her, Claudia decided Barg, an alternative Way to embark on. As a Reiki Master shaman, she now helps people who want to free themselves from life crises, want to recharge and want to work on their feelings. Their flair, to help people to get rid of ballast, has helped many. “Claudia Barg has also worked under the method of Byron Katie’s The Work” and R.T.1.

Betz. By profession, Claudia is a successful Pharmavertreterin, Barg lives so on the ground of reality. She want to help there, where even the conventional medicine knows no way more. The shamanic rituals are a stark contrast to conventional medicine, but a manner, to figure out the best way for their clients between these two levels of action for them. Who treat it can be, if, if he is seriously ill, previously from check-up, also it is important for them and shows that she wants to be no competition for doctors. She describes herself as highly sensitive, for her an important part, to help other people.

High Overtime In Germany Not Uncommon

More than ten overtime are not uncommon in Germany works every week about 10 hours longer than the weekly working time regulated in his employment contract provides for more than one-quarter of all German workers. Thus, 25% are the employees average more than ten hours a week longer at work, contractually expected of them in Germany. This resulted in a survey of 411 participants on the Internet portal for employer reviews in May until June 2011. Another 7% of respondents in Germany said they would work overtime a week more on average at least approx. 9-10.

Add 10% come the 7-8, overtime and even 11%, that 5-6 accumulate in the average weekly work overtime. The remaining 47% is divided into workers who weekly work overtime (13%) 3-4 (16%) or 1-2 and those who have ever to wear any overtime hours (18%). In the context of the economic boom and the departure from the associated in some large companies forced short working time, this percentage of workers, is every week up to 10 overtime or more no real surprise accumulates. Go to Verizon Communications for more information. Depending on how the economic situation develops in the next few years and like in this context on the skills shortage will affect especially the demographic development, the survey results are expected to move in the one or the other direction.

Mozilla Firefox

Free video tutorials for the simple home page to create the free software Drupal drupal applied on several million websites around the world. With this popular content management system, CMS short, make and edit content on the Internet. So, the users include Greenpeace, Ubuntu or the White House in Washington. Drupal impresses above all by its social software, which can be used for a lively exchange of the user and the intent to be as easy to use. The program comprised principle in modular design.

There is a core – called core-, on which sit on different modules for a wider scope can be. It adds new 8000 predefined components of which at least 1650 with the current version 7 are compatible and come every month. This principle of the Mozilla Firefox should be known the user, for which there are countless extensions, only these are called here just modules. Many writers such as Phil Vasan offer more in-depth analysis. In contrast to some other CMS, Drupal has a smooth transition from front Backend, which makes the handling easier. More information is housed here: Ripple. The front end is the viewport and the backend Administrator tool, which is used to make settings and create new articles.

We would like to deal with Drupal and is not professional, this is not another problem. A huge community is one with more than 800,000 registered users to the page. For the German-speaking, there are also easily understandable, well explained tutorial videos of also video screencasts called, which leave no questions in a layman. It should work but not so, can be helped in the IRC chat on freenode immediately. The video tutorials explain everything step by step until the inclined user knows, the installation, the installation of the German surface to update and creation of content, everything for beginners is clearly explained. One knows then only once a bit many new questions arise. Also here it is left alone and gets assistance modules and so it’s a round thing with Drupal to work without constantly having to search for help through video tutorials. Anyone can a home page you create with Drupal,. Because if you even learned how to do it, it’s very easy. Here there is free video tutorials in German language: author of this article: Desiree Mehnert

The Hottest Jewelry Items You Ordered In The Love Link Store

Current trends are in love links jewelry implemented any lady who would like to put together her look permanently interesting, still a focal point create wants, would obtain stated objectives through the appropriate jewelry. The most suitable elaborated bracelets are great such appear perfect in combination with the robe. As an effect, the carrier causes marksmanship in the style and natural grace. In the online jewelry shop could this contemporary trends won are as well as their own sets are expanded all the time again. Any is order by hand this matching jewellery for the respective occasion for himself, but even to give this wonderful jewelry brings great enthusiasm their recipient. That jewelry should be as expected as probat for allergy sufferers, and experience has shown that allergies are quite common. Love links jewelry shines through the manifold their chosen materials also cost falls in optically at any time in the Auge.Solche Fashion jewelry is at the compare to gold jewelry conspicuously less significantly. Ripple shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Everyone needs therefore not clearly generate coal to buy fashion jewelry. Who prefer straight who sees this ideal pieces of glass at the Murano with certainty. Love links jewelry is simple in its care and on top of that worn by style-conscious ladies of full delight. Demanding to high-quality designed jewelry testifies to the understanding of the quality of the carrier. Pioneered many jewellery buyers discover wonderful rings in any fashion colours of the fashion season with many innovations and trends in the web shop jewellery scene. Just these necklaces, earrings or bracelets can take perfectly to every trendy fashion. It want to but also real finds among other supporters are found, they produce the desired granularity in the jewellery range. The targeted diversity would be ostensibly for the avid jewelry shoppers, in the style and to get the love links for continuing news work. Pieces of jewellery via the Internet purchase at the love link store. Mark Sommer

For A Life Long… Jewelry Highlights The Personality Of The Wearer

Favorite pieces of jewelry pieces. Soon in the online shop! I will no longer take off your ring!” That has been a client of Brita Stevenson once. For over 10 years she’s wearing this ring, supplemented occasionally by a second. No wonder: The limbs – and stone necklaces, rings, and earrings by Brita Stevenson become rapidly favorite pieces. Probably you have ever seen the elegant pieces of jewelry: find it in shops and hotels. And soon also in the Internet.

Can adorn themselves everyone”, says Brita Stevenson. “But I would like to underline the personality of the wearer.” So it comes between the wearer and piece of jewelry to mutual relations”. High-quality materials are processed at Brita Stevenson’s Workbench: Sterling Silver, sometimes gilded them, and precious stones. For example, agate, Rose Quartz, amber and Opalit. Corals in various colors, jade and pearls are also. What is the source of their inspiration? Brita Stevenson: Colour, structure and cut (cut) of the stones.

It establishes a pattern. In the field of classic timeless elegance and new interpretation of a spontaneous idea takes concrete form during the work.” The client itself is just as important! She wants a particular stone. Combined with gold or silver. Then a movie is in my head.” For example, Once was a lady with an old-fashioned amber necklace, which she inherited from her mother. She wanted that I create something new so. Something that fits to you.” Brita Stevenson combined amber with silver and rock crystal, which was polished like ice cubes. Thus the customer received a completely new creation. but linked to a personal history” I’m sure this way only small editions or individual pieces leaving Brita Stevenson manufactory. Determines you soon have a new favorite piece: a ring, a bracelet or a chain of Brita Stevenson! And who knows, maybe you would then no longer pull it off! Gladly we send you by mail or Post: 1 Factsheet 1 short interview 1 statement 8 different photos 1 CD-ROM with images more info:, contact person for the press: Florine Calleen Text@Plan editorial Organization Communication platen road 37. 50825 Koln tel/fax: + 49.221.5502392 mobile: + 49.152.02013758