Claudia Barg: A Shaman On The Ground Of Reality

The 43-year-old helps people in life to find again their way / your motto: ‘Walk to yourself’ needs can witches a shaman? Claudia Barg laughs. “Unfortunately still the view that is someone who calls himself a shaman or shaman, plays like a witch there is many people or runs around in wall clothes with uncombed hair, but this is bullshit”, the 43-year-old explains. It is not typical shaman as one imagines it. Claudia Barg supports people who reside in seemingly hopeless situations, or need new self-affirmation. When the well-known author and shaman Martin Brune in Cologne, it has completed sogar(bitte streichen) with a diploma as energy visionary.

Under the Internet address now their services offered. She even went bad life stages, suffered from severe depression. I know how life can be and all seems hopeless”, she says. Even conventional medicine could no longer help her, Claudia decided Barg, an alternative Way to embark on. As a Reiki Master shaman, she now helps people who want to free themselves from life crises, want to recharge and want to work on their feelings. Their flair, to help people to get rid of ballast, has helped many. “Claudia Barg has also worked under the method of Byron Katie’s The Work” and R.T.1.

Betz. By profession, Claudia is a successful Pharmavertreterin, Barg lives so on the ground of reality. She want to help there, where even the conventional medicine knows no way more. The shamanic rituals are a stark contrast to conventional medicine, but a manner, to figure out the best way for their clients between these two levels of action for them. Who treat it can be, if, if he is seriously ill, previously from check-up, also it is important for them and shows that she wants to be no competition for doctors. She describes herself as highly sensitive, for her an important part, to help other people.