ODS Cooperates With ClimatePartner Germany

ODS cooperates with ClimatePartner Germany and the GoGreen program of the Deutsche Post of the ODS – Office data service GmbH from Berlin cooperates now with ClimatePartner Germany GmbH and the GoGreen program of Deutsche Post AG. As a result, now CO2 neutral mailings can be offered the customers. \”At least since Al Gore’s film an inconvenient truth\” has in the public manifested, that global warming is a serious problem with all its consequences. One of the main causes for this is the increasing CO2 emissions. At this point, the CO2 exemption of direct mailing campaigns sets the ODS GmbH.

The basic principle on which the CO2 release is based, is the climate neutrality. CO2 emissions can be avoided in the production not completely. Therefore, compensation is designed, which restores the climate neutrality. This is possible, because greenhouse gases, in particular CO2 is one to which, have a global effect of the injury. For climate protection, it is therefore no matter where emissions and where they are avoided. This means: greenhouse gas emissions in place A can be neutralized by additional climate protection measures in place B. With the help of the software developed specifically by ClimatePartner, the incurred this CO2 value is determined for each direct mailing, being in charge of ODS customer.

This is then evaluated with a cash amount, charged to the customer, and forwarded to ClimatePartner or GoGreen. Climate protection projects, such as forest protection or reforestation programs, are there worldwide with the money founded or supported. The customers of ODS can choose the exemption between the complete exemption (production and shipping) or the partial exemption. Ecology and sustainability are issues like to be neglected in these difficult economic times. The consideration of climate protection aspects of media production is but is increasing in importance and have to a must anytime\”. By the way climate-neutral to complete your mailing campaigns, afford our customers already today their contribution to environmental protection.