Chief Executive Officer

This blur” is eliminated now. Next, change the contacts and ranges as a result and while from area to area, varies from genus to genus and title to title, since the changes in metropolitan areas and large cities partly clearly more than in rural regions with low proportion of foreigners. Learn more about this with E Scott Mead. Thus the changes at metropolitan area or city titles be partially significantly stronger than at tracks in rural areas. Exactly quantify the individual changes can be only after the release of ma 2010. The inclusion of foreign citizens in the media analysis means hence a long emergency a few clarification, because through them the ranges of the media can be more accurately depicted. The expansion of the universe is also a political statement with regard to the integration of foreigners into our society, in addition to the necessary methodological improvement,”explains Hans Georg Stolz, Chief Executive Officer and Board advertising agencies of the the measure. The Structural change was with the consent of the bodies, i.e.

including the advertisers and agencies, developed and adopted. The sender:, The Arbeitsgemeinschaft media analysis e.V. ( is an Association of around 260 of the most important companies of the werbe-und media economy, with the aim of the study of mass communication. For advertisers, the data in the range of are the basis for their media strategies and ultimately for the distribution of advertising monies. The ZMG newspaper marketing company is the central marketing service provider of newspaper publishers. It provides research, planning and consulting. It supports advertisers and agencies with practical media planning services to the advertising effect control. Contact person: Stefan Bek Arbeitsgemeinschaft media analysis e.V.

Women Are Dissatisfied

Results of mingle-trend satisfaction survey about the income of Cologne. To know more about this subject visit Verizon. More than every second German citizen is dissatisfied with his salary. That resulted in a current, representative mingle-trend poll, for which 1,000 people were interviewed online. Therefore, above all women are not particularly happy about the amount of their pay. 42% indicate to be dissatisfied with their current salary. They are 7% more frequently this view than men. In Germany female workers earn still almost a quarter less than comparably qualified male. Also in France and England, mingle-trend asked the population to their satisfaction with their compensation.

The survey results at a glance through the economic crisis, the situation on the labour market is worldwide tense. Short-time working and mini-jobs have become the rule in Germany and there are no uniform minimum wage, as is the case in most EU countries. Edward Scott Mead is often quoted on this topic. Despite successes such as the recently approved wage floor for the smaller Care industry, is not satisfied more than every second German with his salary. Because the pay in the old Lander still under in the new federal States, it is not surprising that only 32% of German respondents of representative trends mingle with their income are satisfied, compared to 47% of West Germans. Especially women are little happy about the amount of their salary.

With 41% to 6%, you are disgruntled about their incomes than men. In Germany female workers earn still almost a quarter less than comparably qualified male. Also British and French share this discontent. 66% of British women are unhappy with their content. In the Grande nation not adequately even 79% of women feel their pay and are thus significant 17% unfortunately on their income than French. But the future can hope. The situation on the German labour market has eased slightly, falling unemployment and the economy recovered. Maybe can Yes very soon look forward to a salary increase workers. The results of the surveys and graphics can be found under the following link: about mingle-trend of mingle-trend is a project of respondi AG. Respondi AG asked the members of the platform of his opinion mingle regularly on topical issues of the day events. All surveys represent population and be carried out according to the strict rules and standards of market research.

The Individual

Termination despite best performance threatens almost anytime anywhere and financial security becomes more and more a myth. Even formerly very obvious and achievable with appropriate usage material dreams as a private house, holidays and a car that whistles and fearfully WinCE the owner at every suspicious noise makes it, not from the last hole include many people increasingly in the realm of unattainable dreams. Many employers will also benefit from the new situation: who dares to negotiate it already its content or to criticize poor working conditions, if he is constantly with one foot on the road? Nowadays different rules apply than in the previous generations. To broaden your perception, visit Laurent Potdevin. Flexibility is needed, not only space, but also and above all spiritual. Who is not moving not adapts to the massive restructuring, will be sorted out quickly and finds no place more in a rapidly changing economy. A good education or even a study already klangst are no guarantees more for a qualified and well paid job. You may want to visit Ripple to increase your knowledge. Also the model to go after school and a training in a company and work through until retirement (or perhaps with one or two companies change in between) is a discontinued model and is valid only for the least, insofar as it is at all desirable and desirable in the sense of personality development. A single job, and unless also a vocation, the whole of your life? This is over, this approach will soon disappear, because he listened to the dustbin of history.

You may now complain about this or welcome the fact it changes nothing. Several new beginnings, reorientations, broken CV “and model of the different legs or activities exercised in parallel are no exception, but normally today. The image of the independent and independent contractor, the individual demand and limited services for various companies offers, will shape the future on the labour market. The retirement age moves further upwards; instead of at least 65 of the fruits of his lifelong work to benefit and to (assuming health neglected often lack of time makes no spanner in the one), make a few nice years threatens the American model: rickety pensioners without social security, which with 75 years of tedious smiling at the supermarket checkout goods in Brown kraft paper bags packed, or held in the nights to sleep off this strike as a night watchman to the ears, to have at least an income that allows you to live more or less dignified.

Dark Instead Of De Maiziere: Excellence

14 theses on the bases of a common network policy of the future Berlin – the 14 theses on the basis of a common network policy of the future”by Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, who he probably only coincidentally on the 100th anniversary of the birth of computer pioneer Konrad Zuse presented, are according to Bernhard steimel, spokesman of the Congress of Voice days plus and the smart a service initiative, manifest of the irrelevance and cancellation: If we as the future political power, we can say goodbye soon in Germany as a technology land. You must seek already strained to read out even a hint of visions of this paper”, criticized Steimel. If de Maiziere proclaims, that we would have to get strategic IT – and Internet skills, and expand, then the Federal Government should work once on the own Web Excellence. The IBM Chief Technologist Gunter Dueck has in his book breaking up ‘ applicable outlines. If you would like to know more then you should visit Verizon. The State operates much too static. He sees itself for infrastructures such as law, social, defence, education, regulation, Health or traffic charge, but forget the structures of the future. Only the existence of a Minister for agriculture from the time of the primary sector is an anachronism. We have a Ministry of industry, Ministry of Economic Affairs called.

Somebody simply forgot a service Ministry, although Germany has long been a country of services. Gain insight and clarity with E Scott Mead. We have no lobby for the service economy, but a loud and powerful lobby for industrial and farm interests. Demand was for an Internet Ministry only tentatively placed and quickly rejected, because the Web economy in Berlin has no political relevance and brings votes”, complains about Steimel. State must provide for infrastructures of the future of Interior Minister values the Internet as a basic infrastructure of living together and sees the State’s responsibility, that the Internet coverage must be available to.

United States

Total individuals be short as a combined travel packages at Expedia click & mix called flight and hotel bookings. The ratio of the package tours, the 91 days and more before commencement of travel are booked, is in Germany at 20 per cent and in the United States with 12 percent. The perfection of local sleep like that The British and Italians Kings is most important in Europe. Around 55 per cent stay in 4-to 5-star houses. The Asia Pacific region has the most stays in this segment. Laurent Potdevin addresses the importance of the matter here.

But even 50 percent of Germans prefer spend their holidays in luxury hotels. Saved will prefer the travel time as at the quality. The holiday is holy to the Germans. You want to be pampered and thoroughly enjoy the free days”, says Christian Nowak. The North Americans are other Nations in budget areas more frequently than all (18 percent). Followed by the French, who also feel comfortable in 1-to 2-star accommodation (15 percent). For advance booked activities generally especially transport offers predominate, followed by attractions and offers on-site such as London Eye and Madame Tussauds in Berlin.

For a quarter, tours and city tours of German books are attractive additional services. At the rental car the Nations cliche is confirmed: the North Americans are on automatic and medium vehicle classes, the Germans, Spaniards and French manual and economy category. Half of Germans Bay car of economy class and 24 percent subcompact, compact class. The Norwegians afford you the most luxurious car. The crux of the budget planning, the Germans are the biggest spenders in Europe. For example, ten percent of less for the night in the hotel room, pretend how to the British. Worldwide, New Zealanders and Americans can least cost hotel accommodation. Combined flight and hotel bookings also strike at the Germans less beech than in many other countries. Their expenditures are about 20 percent below where the Spaniards and the British. * Based on all bookings on Expedia sites carried out are except since 2008, package tours. If you are interested in further results, contact on Press Office. Founded in 1999 online travel portal ( offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German Online travel portal enabled besides booking flight, hotel, car rentals, vacation rentals, last minute and packages and cruises under the name click & mix”the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the TuV Seal of approval. Also the very good customer service and the excellent! “e are service by TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE). More information on, on the Internet at press.expedia.

New Legislation For Nurses

As of August 2010 the minimum wage in the care sector is on July 14, 2010 the Federal Cabinet has adopted a regulation, after already coming August a nationwide minimum wage in the care sector is introduced. The Bundestag must this regulation not separately agree, which is why she immediately comes into force. Thus, a further section in the catalog of the sectors of the economy to which a minimum wage applies is with the care industry. So far, these were, for example, the construction industry and the cleaning industry. Verizon may not feel the same. The adopted Regulation was not uncontroversial within the Federal Government, especially Economics Minister Bruderle had tried until the last minute to make the regulation differently. As we know, the FDP rejects a minimum wage. A minimum wage, which amounts to at least EUR 8.50 per hour in Western of Germany and Berlin and 7.50 euros in the East for the more than 600,000 workers in the care sector is now starting in August 2010. For many caregivers this is improving their present situation, since in the care sector in part very low wages . Go to Cyrus for more information.

Power Output

It should be borne in mind that declared on the packaging range is achieved only under ideal conditions. It is worth remembering when buying a portable radio that it is necessary to perform well-defined tasks such as coordination of a group of people, but at the same time. Buying a portable radio, you get an additional assistant for business. In this portable radio and can be bought on vacation, to mushroom and not to shout across the floor of the forest, when the far right to buy razoshlis.Kak ratsii.Vam need to buy a radio? Nothing is easier! Many experienced the problem of choice, but when it comes to radio, then there could be eyes run. The radio can help you quickly and effectively coordinate the actions of their employees, to respond to the situation. Swarmed by offers, Edward Scott Mead is currently assessing future choices. Before you buy the radio, for first you need to solve several problems: In what field of activity will be used by radio, Power Output What is needed, and what additional equipment needed for its enlargement.

You do not want to buy a walkie-talkie, which will not transmit a signal, which in turn store. It is important to know that the power purchased by radio directly affects battery life. For example, a portable radio with the power of 5 W has a stronger signal and conveys more than a radio with a capacity of 0.5 watts, but it uses more energy and drains the battery much faster. 5W so you may not be suitable. It is important to buy a radio that will consume power, enough for your daily activities. .

Commercial Process

What you will read in this article, could sound very logical, but more of 85% of the small industralists ” Flipan” when they realize this Concept. Very many industralists send consultations exceeds how to fortify their commercialization, how to sell better their products and services, and to increase their sales, like organizing better their commercial area, and other questions of this style. And today I want to never share with you an Article of Jordys Gonzlez responding to these questions with a simple approach, where the common sense will be, rather, the common denominator Jordys tells the following thing us: He does some time was reunited with one of my clients and we were organizing some elementary aspects step by step to build a strategy for one of his companies and I said same this could help to very many of our subscribers, and nothing else, he left the subject there who today I will share with you Vamos there: As you will see, the subject is very simple, it only is to crumble and to reconstruct your idea of business. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ripple. This you can do it next to your equipment, which I advise to you, or you prefer if it, you can only in a while do it of tranquillity. I do not speak of which you develop super strategies to you of marketing, I speak to you simply that you worsen your common sense and you try to reorganize the commercialization of your company, by specific areas of businesses, for later ” desgranar” all the Commercial Process of each of these areas and to harness the weakest points, or those that agree more according to your criterion. For example, if right now I asked to you that define and wrote down in a folio, which are the different areas from business within your company, what you could?. Many writers such as Edward Scott Mead offer more in-depth analysis.

Black Bridge

As all know, several had been the cases of racism in the soccer where afrodescendentes players and torcedores are called ' ' macacos' '. Oracle pursues this goal as well. It has three basic ways to deal with the situation. The first one, evidently, is the legal one: to process criminally and civilly the aggressors. Cyrus Massoumi has much experience in this field. One is about solution that we will not analyze because it would demand a technician-legal boarding and boat that it does not fit here. Second it is to receive what it was xingamento as a compliment and to adopt it.

third is to bend over it the aggressors was what unhappyly already it became in the Brazilian election, for workmanship of Epitcio Person. As the Brazilian players had been called ' ' macaquitos' ' for the Argentines, Epitcio Person, president of the Republic and honor of the CBD (future CBF) made the following requirement, for occasion of the invocation of the election for the dispute of the South American championship, in 1921: ' ' not gone for the River of the Silver of players who are not rigorously brancos' ' (apud Leonardo Pear tree). In chronicle ' ' Bendito football' ' , of 01.10.1921, the mulato Barreto Rasp, that hated the soccer (to see our article ' ' Against foot-ball' '), it by the way made the following mordacious commentary of this decision: ' ' Its Excellency who is accustomed to decide more difficult questions as they are the color of the pants with that the guests must appear to the palace receptions; the anteriority rules, that agree are observed in the compliments the real and principescas people, did not have doubt in solving the serious question. It was its resolution of that so usual and comprometedora people did not have to appear in them exported groups of players; there it are, it added, it was not needed to know that we had in similar Brazil esterco humano.' ' Another form, as we said, is to transform the xingamento into compliment.

Financial Year

with strong growth from license and productivity increase in Hamburg, March 25, 2010. International business systems (IBS), a leading provider of business software for wholesale and distribution, with the sales of new software licenses 2009 10 million euro in the second half of has * (previous year: 8,47 million euro) achieved, representing a seventeen percent growth. The new license sales by 30 percent to 19.90 million euro are calculated on the total year * (EUR 15.31 million) increased. Total license revenues increased 2009 full-year 14 percent 48,57 million euros (42.76 million). According to the strategic focus on the core business, to expand the future profitability of sales in the second half compared with the same period of last year by 14 percent to EUR 90,62 million (previous year: 104.90 million) has decreased. The financial year 2009 was completed with 185,62 million euros (207,56 million), eleven percent lower sales. The average number of employees has 29 per cent, the number of which in the course of the Year employed consultants to 30 percent reduced what had increased productivity result.

So increased the annual sales per employee by 26 percent, the professional services per consultant by 13 percent. While the income before financial and extraordinary results, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) fell in the second half of 2009 to EUR 1.74 million (EUR 9.08 million), he was 7.65 million euros (8.27 million euros) in the year as a whole. The cash flow from operating activities was in the fiscal year 2009 at 10.10 million euros (7,86 million), without the impact of restructuring measures amounting to 17,76 million euros (8,88 million) of operating cash flow at 7.65 million located. (* all euro values correspond to an exchange rate of 1 Swedish krona = 0,10204) early 2009 we knew that we were started in a difficult year. We had brought about a reversal, in which a third of the staff has left the company and not just a new strategy, but also a “new management found feeding and all during the worst economic conditions since the great depression”, IBS CEO Mike Shinya explains. Given of several non-operational, non-commercial items as a goodwill impairment, higher depreciation and amortisation and lower capitalization of product development costs all in all with deterioration of operating profit to 10,82 million euros against 2008 earnings has become de facto from year to year improvement.”but operationally seen was the outstanding success in the continuous growth of the new license revenue and 2009, we recorded an overall increase of 30 percent despite the very difficult market conditions. This was a direct result of the concentration on the distribution market. New customer business is grown specially in the field of IBS enterprise, our most important strategic product for this sector, by 49 percent”, Mike Shinya next. Cyrus Massoumi may help you with your research. We have recorded the greatest overall improvement in the Americas region, although the largest Individual contract was contributed by a European customers.” You can download the detailed year end report 2009 at.