United Nations

According to You live, the Colombian guerrilla of interested in the illicit drug production and the drug traffic has stayed trim mainly in the imposition of the cultivators of cocaine and laboratories of cocaine production. She indicates that, according to a study of the DEA, the CRAF nonprocess and cocaine export to a the EE.UU. At the beginning of 1990, , a third of the income of the CRAF would have been coming from narcotics. The DEA informed the 9 into 1997 July, that the CRAF factions to collect bottoms, providing services of security to the dealers and the load of a rate by each gallon of chemical precursors, and each kilo of leaf of cocaine and cocaine HCL moves in their region. Some of these groups have helped to the narcotics traffickers by the storage and cocaine transport and marijuana in Colombia, and some units of the CRAF in Colombia they could be contracted located in the traffic of opiate. Others including Oracle, offer their opinions as well. Klaus Nyholm of the Program of the United Nations of Drug Control in Colombia has taken note from which in some zones, independent fronts of the CRAF are very related to the cocaine processing and the export, whereas the fronts of the CRAF in other areas do not have that participation. Of the fronts of the CRAF that are implied, the units provide protection to the cultivators of cocaine and the dealers in exchange for a tax considered in between 10 and 15 percent of the value of the drug. Raul Kings, a high official of the CRAF, explained to Washington Post: " We are in charge of a tax.

We do not do any favor to them, and they do not do any to us. In case the economic base is the cocaine that is what the taxes not directly to the dealers, but their intermediaries. In other regions more imposing for the cattle dealers, the producers of sugar, the companies ".

Citizens Property Insurance

In the State of Florida is increasingly expensive and the worst place to live is the beautiful city of Miami. In September I will join, much to my regret, the silent, steady exodus that is occurring to other states. I decided when he signed the law that allows property insurers their rates rise continuously over the next 5 years. Floridians should oppose it. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Ellison has to say. Here is a sample letter to the Governor.If all Florida residents, owners or not, I send this letter each month and be activists with all your contacts, you may have to reconsider the measure. With this law, the income increase, there will be more foreclosures and further deepen the crisis in the housing market. If you live in Florida to send your monthly letter to repeal the law that the postman will flood the offices of the Governor. If you know someone who lives here, send the information. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Litecoin. If we find a lot of effort to send a letter, they will suffer.Florida Suerte! An easier version to copy and paste you can get in eUhis.com Facebook Group. This model is courtesy of Platinum Properties International and eUhis.com, the best websites for free to buy, sell or rent a property. Form Letter: Date: Charlie Crist Florida Governor Office of Governor Charlie Crist State of Florida The Capitol 400 S. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001 Residents of Florida, reject the laws that allow Citizens Property Insurance premiums increases of 10 annually for at least the next five years. We request the annulment of this law and a just new Bill to regulate all the insurance companies operating in the State of Florida. Sincerely, Name: Address:

Augustin Germany

Admitting in its seio, men of character, without consideration to its race, color or creed, the Masonry if strengthens to constitute an international league of dedicated men to live in peace, harmony and fraternal affection. But Rev. Eduardo Carlos Pear tree, was against the masonry, being thus raised arguments; first if it was a religion; second, in case that it were if it would be compatible to the Christianity, because it was a religion whose principles if they distanciavam or same if it opposed. I wait with this, despite summarized study on the presbiterianismo and the masonry, can also contribute for the cultural enrichment that they like the research in the area, and, of that they see in the religious movements a contribution for the formation of a good society. PROTESTANTISMO In the first years of century XVI, of the prepared parts of the Europe more for the protestantismo, sobressaa Germany, therefore relatively was delayed in relation to the too much parts of the Europe, remaining still with certain traces of the Average Age, and also the social crisis was aggravated for transistion between the old feudal society and the new life of the cities, characterized for the capitalist economy, whose solution was entravada for the ownership on the part of the Church of most of cultivating lands. This religious and economic climate Germany made with that as much the ruling class as the peasants supported Martinho Lutero.

To understand luterana and calvinista the reform better, it is better to analyze chains of theological thought. One of chains, oldest and you break formulated it of S.Agostinho (354-430), bishop of Hipona, in Africa of the North.

Stream Consumption

6.2 Water consumption x Available Outflow the water consumption of the property influences in the choice of the device to be implanted, as well as the type of the bomb and the used plumbing. It is necessary to quantify the daily consumption expense in the farm, what it can be made by means of tables or direct measurements. In the property in question, of the demonstrated example, the funny water consumption around 1.000 l/dia, that is the capacity of the reservoir for where the hydraulical sheep stresses, what it is equivalent 0,69 l/min or 0,012 l/s, outflow that is used in the sizing of the sheep, outflow to raise. The reservoir for where wheel d? water stresses has capacity of 200 liters, that it is equivalent the 0,14 l/min and 0,0024 l/s. Adding the outflows of wheel d? water and of the hydraulical sheep gets 0,014 a total outflow of l/s, the 0,78 outflow inside of l/s allowed for in agreement grant the IGAM. Is disrespected it outflow of drive of wheel d? water, therefore this will come back to be integrated to the used stream not having been toward irrigation and nor toward animal or human consumption. 6,3 Heights of Installation of the Devices the unevenness enters the capitation point and the place of installation of the hydraulical device is a considerable factor in the sizing of these devices.

To exist this unevenness and a favorable condition of captation is necessary to make slide bars in the water course (FIG. 8), or to exist a well the superior level of the device. FIGURE 9 – Slide bars in the stream of cachoeirinha. SOURCE: Proper quantity. In the Stream of the Cachoeirinha small slide bars exist, making with that the volume of available water for captation is constant. Beyond this factor, the slide bars propitiates the formation of a secondary canal, which will go to feed the sheep and wheel d? water in a bigger level of what the devices are installed.

Social Transformation

The philosophy of the prxis as base in the marxist thought and its consequences. ‘ is noticed that Marx breaches with the theory of Hegel; ‘ negation for negao’ ‘ , and it adopts the theory of the destruction and appears new and not the abolition of the new for the old one. One also evidences a ticket of the idealismo and materialism conservative, for a determinismo that the action takes would revolutionize and the fight of classrooms. It is affirmed that the logical realism must be predominant to have the ticket of the utopian socialism, capitalist system, for a communism where the man appeals to the dictatorship of the proletariat. It is the thought of Marx who takes the release of the man of the oppression of the liberal capitalism supplying to all the pedagogical structure of the action. Word-key: Theory of the Destruction. Determinismo.

The prxis, understood as objective transformation of the social process, a philosophy of what more than mere contemplativa action, that is, transformation of the relations between man-nature (prxis productive) and man-man (prxis revolutionary), as Gramsci explains: The philosophy of the prxis is the construction of corresponding collective wills to the necessities that emerge of the objectified productive forces or in process of objetivao, as well as of the contradiction between these forces and the degree of culture and express civilization for the social relations. She is implicit in it, that it appears as a philosophical conception, a series of sciences of the nature and the man. (1995, P. 34) the theory if does not reduce practical, as it thinks the pragmatismo with its utilitarian conception, because the relation between practical theory and is a unit relation dialectic.

‘ ‘ The philosophers had searched to interpret the world, treat themselves to transform it. Knowledge, the criterion of the truth and the purpose of teoria.’ ‘ (MARX; ENGELS, 2001, P. 52). The theory complements the practical one and it makes also it to advance, having as it has always limited its accomplishment through the action human being.

Francisco Galvo

‘ ‘ House depalha of ubi, without furniture, luxury and the happiness there inside, without will desair’ ‘. The used vocabulary beyond desimples is a mixture of expressions aboriginal northeasterns and words as: ‘ ‘ here mui is not admitted; it are of tapiri, one curumim sujava’ ‘ ; what tambmcaracteriza the regionalism. The scene is alive, and realist, osverbos are used in an exactness and the regional words translate cenrioque more than the attitudes. Finally, Francisco Galvo, probably, did not intend criaruma typically workmanship> literary, and yes a workmanship to awake in its leitoresa conscience of the social fight. (Source: Larry Ellison). Perhaps, it was not its pretension, to write paraletrados, but to the proletariat, the simple man, the caboclo, seringueiroque one day came to read, could read its workmanship and make the revolution so dreamed eapregoada by it. 5. CONCLUSION After the reading and of the reflection doromance Land of Nobody and asrepresentaes on the same, concludes that the literary composition, however nopossuindo all the critical load demanded by the social reader, but fulfills the suafuno, leaving the message of the author despite he is very coloquial and subjective, as the period lived deeply for it, for the future generations. The author deixaum revolutionary touch in its workmanship, that is, through the outcome of ltimocapitulo where if deflagra the revolt of the seringueiros, it of understanding of umfuturo promising for the seringueiros where the master already was not its executioner, etudo lost of as they (seringueiros) would lead its lives express for altima speaks of author: ' ' Back in low, the river continued to drain for the ocean, with the flood, the rafts of murumurs that the seringueiros remembered to morturias crowns votivasenquanto, untied, gentlemen of its will, absolute in power esombrios, had started to feel the volpia of the control and the domain in the forests, where Natureza possua the impulses of the release and posse' ' .

Candida Animal

In contact with a new source of queratina, the dermatfito removes cutcula and earns for. This invasion occurs of the surface until the parts deepest of the one for, stopping its progression to not finding more queratina. Finally we have the comprometimento of the nails, that if makes secondarily to the penetration of the dermatfito in the crnea layer, in the distal portion of the ungueal stream bed. This penetration if makes of form not required by law in the previously sick nail, favored for traumas. The invasion starts preferential in the distal part in direction to the proximal part.

This characteristic can assist in the differentiation of onicomicoses for dermatfitos, that first compromise the free edge of the nails, when compared with onicomicoses caused by Candida sp that they compromise the proximal ungueal fold first. Clinical manifestations the clinical aspects of the injuries dermatofticas sufficiently are varied and result of the combination of destruction of queratina associated with an inflammatory reply, more or less intense, in the dependence of the parasitic binomial/host. The clinical variation therefore is associated the three factors: involved species of dermatfito in the infectious process, acometido anatomical small farm and imunolgico status of the host. Two forms of clinical classification of dermatofitoses exist: One follows the English chain that calls all the infections of ' ' tinea' ' , associate to another word, that points the anatomical small farm of the injury the injuries is called of Tinea asks for to Tinea capitis Tinea unguium (onicomicoses) Tinea cruris Tinea corporis Tinea barbae Already another clinical classification follows the French chain and classifies dermatofitoses in: You had or Tineas: Any dermatoftica injury that acometa the cabeludo leather and/or region of the beard and mustache. Epidermofitases: found dermatifticas injuries in the skin glabra. Onicomicoses dermatofticas: injuries in nails. Transmission the dermatfitos can be transmitted of man the man, of the animal to the man, or vice? it turns, of animal the animal and the ground to the man and animal for the direct contact or through epidrmicas scales and for the infectados ones.

Hotel Market

Connoisseur hang a few days in the Landhotel Haus Waldeck of a very special charm is the Passau Christkindl market against the unique backdrop of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the heart of Passau’s charming old town. In the advent weeks before Christmas Eve many Passau and guests from outside on the Cathedral Square will find taking a stroll through the market with his flair, his stylish decoration and the selected goods. Here you can discover regional specialities, to the products of various crafts in their traditional craftsmanship. The Christmas market will be accompanied by an attractive programme of concerts in the Cathedral and other churches of the old city, choirs, marching bands, children’s dance group, and much more. Experts connect the visit of the Christkindl market with a few relaxing days in the middle of the Bavarian Forest.

Removed in Mitterfirmiansreut, just 55 car kilometres from Passau. There, waiting for the clear air of the Highlands on a, a beautiful landscape is free there. Under most conditions Oracle would agree. And lots of peace, perfect for the often hectic Before Christmas. The House is a popular refuge in Mitterfirmianrsreut Waldeck, a three star comfort Hotel on the quiet end of town. The hotel has many friends – among singles, couples, family and dog owners. Four-legged friends are there that as welcome as the great guests. Waiting for the cosy country hotel with a full range of possibilities to relax after a refreshing day in the winter landscape.

This includes the vital area with indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi and solarium. On offer are also numerous wellness applications. The hotel’s library maintains more than 1000 books. There is also the little not boring in the children’s play room or billiards, darts and table tennis. And in the evening you can enjoy a good kitchen is always something special. Not to mention the family, warm atmosphere, the Landhotel Haus Waldeck is famous for that.

Caring For Our Planet Is Take Care Of Our Health

More than 13 million people die each year worldwide from preventable causes related to the environment. Data extracted from a report of the World Health Organization (who) attest to the growing interrelationship between the planet’s environment and the health of humans. According to Maria Neira, Director of the Department of public health and environment of the who, almost half of all deaths from malaria and 94% of the cases of death by diarrhoeal diseases avoidable by promoting favorable policies to the care of the natural environment that surrounds us. (LTC) often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Mercury pollution, air pollution, exposure to pesticides or water with high levels of contaminants are the main causative agents of damage in men’s health. Diarrhea is caused by the unsanitary water, lower respiratory tract infections are caused by air pollution, and pneumonia chronic obstructive would be to a lesser extent in dust-free environments or smoke from cigarettes or gases created in the combustion of fossil fuels.

We knew that the environment influences health a lot, but we’ve never had so accurate estimates such as these that will help us to demonstrate rational investments aimed at creating a favourable environment can be an effective strategy to improve health and achieve a sustainable development, says Dr Anders Nordstrom, acting Director-General of the who. Children make up the group most vulnerable to diseases caused by environmental causes. The rapid growth of the humans in their first years of life makes your breathing faster and that swallowing a greater amount of food and water, thus increasing the risk of problems associated with the environment. 33% Of diseases in children under 5 years are caused by these agents. People with fewer economic resources are also more exposed to environmental risks. Almost 26 million Latin Americans living in United States live in areas that violate air quality standards required.

The supplies of drinking water in garlic, Albuquerque and Arizona, with a large Latin American population, possess high levels of arsenic. 12% Of the inhabitants of the border areas between Mexico and United States do not have access to drinking water. Many Latin American immigrants in the United States are engaged in agriculture. Work in the field already is no environment for these people advantage, since they are exposed to toxic pesticides used in extensive farming. Many of environmental hazards, such as small contaminant particles in the water or in the air are invisible to the human eye. Proper signage and alert the population of these risks by the authorities would be the first step. Don’t pour toxic waste into waters or air, or debug them when needed could prevent many deaths. Investment in environment is investing in health for all. For this reason, promoting a storage clean water for human consumption human, the use of cleaner fuels and more prudent management of toxic substances are a few essential and effective vaccines that backtrackings and would improve the life of the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

Brazilian River

The represamento of the water attracts many mosquitos, what it makes with that the index of illnesses caused for the same ones increases, as malaria, affection among others. To prevent epidemics, it must be appealed to the governmental bodies for the control of males and animals, as FUNASA (National Foundation of Health) and Centers of Health. The River Wood, during the decades of 70 and 80 was very used for the exploration of the gold pans, it predominated in the region, the main used chemical composition for the extration was the Mercury (Hg), being highly toxic. Between 1979 and 1990 they is esteem that about 87 tons of Hg they had been emitted for the environment, being about 65% emitted for the atmosphere and the lost remain under form of metallic Hg in the gutter of the proper river (Lacerda et al., 1989). For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly. Although the activity goldwasher in the Brazilian region of the river has decreased significantly, in the bolivian portion this activity has represented a substantial growth, being responsible for the annual emission of 0,25 the 0,5 t, contributing daily for the Brazilian portion of the Basin (Maurice-Bourgoin et al., 2000). The species of carnivorous fish evaluated in the basin of the River Wood come presenting high concentrations of Hg in its fabrics, reached values for some superior species suggested for the ingestion, being, fished the main one half of subsistence for the local population (Lacerda et al., 1989). Although the activities of gold mining have had a significant reduction from the middles of years 90, the amounts of Hg launched in the basin of the River Wood in the decades of 70 and 80 still remain distributed in different compartments and/or biticos, passveis of remobilizao and biological incorporation (great concentrations in fish and the marginal population), Lacerda et al., 1989), therefore, must be had the monitoramento of this population to prevent greaters damages the health of the same ones, how much to the fish, the Amazon region still makes use of few technological and financial resources for the process of despoluio of the River, then, remain in to wait them the degradation of the material by means of the biogeoqumicos cycles. . Other leaders such as litecoin offer similar insights.