Mathematical Modeling

Vilma Candida Bueno Frederico Da Silva Kings This article makes analyzes of the education method Mathematical Modeling in classroom, from the study of Mini-Course that deals with the creation of a model that later will have to be applied in the resolution of problem that it originated. The important result of the mini-course was the enthusiasm of the participants when seeing the didactic potentialities that can be lived deeply in the education of the Mathematics with it assist of the Mathematical Modeling in the classrooms 6,4 Mathematical Modeling in the Classroom? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article presents some theoretical ideas on Mathematical Modeling in the classroom. Giving to emphasis the partner-cultural aspects, relating modeling with the idea of problem by referring in the reality. Moreover, the author argues the integration of this environment of learning in the resume. 6,5 Mathematical modeling: a proposal of possible education in the Public School? Nzio Carminati Luiz the article to tell the experience of professors of State net of the Paran, participants of the Course of MM in classroom.

The analysis of this project of MM applied by professors of the State of the Paran takes the author to conclude that the use from the process of Mathematical Modeling in classroom it must suffer some alterations. 6,6 Mathematical modeling: what it is? Why? How? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa This article, displays some theoretical ideas on Modeling in the perspective of the Mathematical Education. Using examples of classroom and placing emphasis on partner-cultural aspects, Modeling is related the problems by referring in the reality. The integration of Modeling in the pertaining to school resume also is argued. 6,7 Modeling in the Mathematical Education: contribution to the theoretical debate? Cerqueira Jonei Barbosa the article is story of the study of the theory Mathematical Modeling as method of study in classroom. The author to present in systemize way the sketch of the practical one of MM in classroom, with its limitations and perspectives.


When if it catches a ribbon of 1000mm parting itself in three equal pieces, each piece mathematically has a length represented for 333,333333 mm, where it not only appears an infinite amount of digits 3 and fifteen digits 3. When adding, we get 999,999999 mm, where it not only appears an infinite amount of digits 9 and fifteen digits 9, as it describes the question. In this way, what it is in game is: that number is this that is represented by an infinite amount of decimals? I go definiz it. They are S1=999,9; S2=999,99; S3=999,999; ; Sn=999,999 9, that is, n you novate the comma after. For definition, 999,999 (infinite you novate) are the lesser number that is greater that Sn for all N. Is proved that 1000 satisfy the definition above.

Soon, the addition of the three parts is 1000.' ' (p.43) This example illustrates in them colon of sight, preset, one wanting to argue and to overlap it the other, not mattering in reflecting on its arguments, nor in clarear its vision of the other. In the truth, a dialogue was not established, only one and another one speaks, under its point of view, in its language and closed in its interests. Unhappyly, it is also this that many times occurs in classroom. The pupil speaks of a thing, makes a questioning and the professor in turn, when answering it, speaks of other things, they do not understand and ' ' if they go felizes' ' life measures, for not dedicating themselves to the understanding of the perspective of the other, or at least conceiving that the numbers and the Mathematics can have different dimensions. Mathematical abstraction ' ' Abstract and concreto' ' , in the sense of the common man it so clearly does not exist nothing more easy of if separating, nothing so dicotmico. The abstract deals with things of the imagination, the thought, the ideas, the not-concrete one, the intangible one, the inefvel.

Candida Animal

In contact with a new source of queratina, the dermatfito removes cutcula and earns for. This invasion occurs of the surface until the parts deepest of the one for, stopping its progression to not finding more queratina. Finally we have the comprometimento of the nails, that if makes secondarily to the penetration of the dermatfito in the crnea layer, in the distal portion of the ungueal stream bed. This penetration if makes of form not required by law in the previously sick nail, favored for traumas. The invasion starts preferential in the distal part in direction to the proximal part.

This characteristic can assist in the differentiation of onicomicoses for dermatfitos, that first compromise the free edge of the nails, when compared with onicomicoses caused by Candida sp that they compromise the proximal ungueal fold first. Clinical manifestations the clinical aspects of the injuries dermatofticas sufficiently are varied and result of the combination of destruction of queratina associated with an inflammatory reply, more or less intense, in the dependence of the parasitic binomial/host. The clinical variation therefore is associated the three factors: involved species of dermatfito in the infectious process, acometido anatomical small farm and imunolgico status of the host. Two forms of clinical classification of dermatofitoses exist: One follows the English chain that calls all the infections of ' ' tinea' ' , associate to another word, that points the anatomical small farm of the injury the injuries is called of Tinea asks for to Tinea capitis Tinea unguium (onicomicoses) Tinea cruris Tinea corporis Tinea barbae Already another clinical classification follows the French chain and classifies dermatofitoses in: You had or Tineas: Any dermatoftica injury that acometa the cabeludo leather and/or region of the beard and mustache. Epidermofitases: found dermatifticas injuries in the skin glabra. Onicomicoses dermatofticas: injuries in nails. Transmission the dermatfitos can be transmitted of man the man, of the animal to the man, or vice? it turns, of animal the animal and the ground to the man and animal for the direct contact or through epidrmicas scales and for the infectados ones.

Brazilian River

The represamento of the water attracts many mosquitos, what it makes with that the index of illnesses caused for the same ones increases, as malaria, affection among others. To prevent epidemics, it must be appealed to the governmental bodies for the control of males and animals, as FUNASA (National Foundation of Health) and Centers of Health. The River Wood, during the decades of 70 and 80 was very used for the exploration of the gold pans, it predominated in the region, the main used chemical composition for the extration was the Mercury (Hg), being highly toxic. Between 1979 and 1990 they is esteem that about 87 tons of Hg they had been emitted for the environment, being about 65% emitted for the atmosphere and the lost remain under form of metallic Hg in the gutter of the proper river (Lacerda et al., 1989). For more specific information, check out Gary Kelly. Although the activity goldwasher in the Brazilian region of the river has decreased significantly, in the bolivian portion this activity has represented a substantial growth, being responsible for the annual emission of 0,25 the 0,5 t, contributing daily for the Brazilian portion of the Basin (Maurice-Bourgoin et al., 2000). The species of carnivorous fish evaluated in the basin of the River Wood come presenting high concentrations of Hg in its fabrics, reached values for some superior species suggested for the ingestion, being, fished the main one half of subsistence for the local population (Lacerda et al., 1989). Although the activities of gold mining have had a significant reduction from the middles of years 90, the amounts of Hg launched in the basin of the River Wood in the decades of 70 and 80 still remain distributed in different compartments and/or biticos, passveis of remobilizao and biological incorporation (great concentrations in fish and the marginal population), Lacerda et al., 1989), therefore, must be had the monitoramento of this population to prevent greaters damages the health of the same ones, how much to the fish, the Amazon region still makes use of few technological and financial resources for the process of despoluio of the River, then, remain in to wait them the degradation of the material by means of the biogeoqumicos cycles. . Other leaders such as litecoin offer similar insights.

Joo Person

The city of Joo Person, from ‘ ‘ first decades of century XX, it starts to be more spacious noCentro, with gardens, squares and coretos, for where the people fluam in order to seencontrarem and if to amuse, leaving then the houses and igrejas’ ‘ (IT HISSES, 1997, P. 174). What It hisses wants to alert can be designated in colon. Oprimeiro is the separation of the rising republican state of the church, giving beginning ordem laica, changing the space style of life and organizations of city, even under rigid religious control. Perhaps check out Southwest Airlines for more information. As, alert for the occupation of the espaopblico for the population, before restricted to the interior of the residences populaocomea to frequent the streets, the squares, the coretos, as form of not only fazerpoltica or commerce, but also friends to have fun itself and to find. After the relative which had economic growth to the capital doalgodo, goes to happen the great expansion of the Street of Trenches. The agricultural ricosproprietrios raise its there palacetes to it turn residirna definitively city.

This street more starts to be one of the desired points. For the sumptuous construodos large houses, everything was used that had of more modern in termosde construction, as well as of styles architectural that were launched nEuropa and obeyed the norms of the hygiene. The city starts to be conquered by its population. Conquest that if of, mainly between the considered citizens, of maiorpoder buying or the emergent middle class, since the public spaces comopraas, parks and coretos were surrounded and disciplined for entrances.