Amazonian Europe

The concession of the construction of the market foientregue firm M.D. Lobato and Cia, to put after the difficulties financeirasenfrentados for the related company, the concession passed to the Santoro firm dCosta and Cia, that belonged to engineer Filinto Santoro, which foiresponsvel for the imponncia and all the traces architectural of the market. (Current Photo of the fachadado market if Is Brs, in 03/03/2010. Proper authorship) Inaugurated in 21 of May of 19911 suamagnificncia and its traces that enchanted its idealizers, principalmenteFilinto Santoro and the current intendant and controversial Antonio We read. Its estruturaconsiste in three pavilions that compose its joint architectural, and with suaslinhas predominantly, jnicas, Romans dricas, with its roof detijolos forming one abboda, cut in masonry and its decorations feitasem white marble. The workmanships and all its exuberncia had been financed by ' ' boom' ' of the rubber in the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX, into a sistemaarquitetnico that it desired it transforms Belm in an Amazonian Europe. Nosomente in its aesthetic aspect, but with its adequacy to the climate and asnecessidades of privacy domesticates the architecture of the house of ereveladora housing of the events and the culture of that they inhabit. Thus also osprdios religious officers and disclose aspects of the human conglomerate quegerou.

(COMPELOM and SEYNAEVE, 1992, p25) After its inauguration in 1911, mercadode is Brs was overthrown by the municipal and state historic site em02/07/1982, had its importance for the complex architectural of Belm. With its 3300 square meters omercado of are Brs had great difficulty in its maintenance, therefore with osesforos of the civil society the market was remodelled in 1988 and it had its espaosmodificados. With the end of the reform the building passed to acontar with a theater, commercialization spaces and workshops of produtosartesanais and store elem of areas used for the city hall of the city. .

Overall Structure

Put here in full all the article is not possible. Will be presented only abstracts. The potential energy of the universe is the energy of interaction between different forms of matter. Potential energy can not have none form of matter without interacting with other forms of matter. Time and space – the basic form of matter whose existence, which is only possible as a single conglomerate of matter – space-time. By themselves, the separately from each other neither space nor time have no energy and no longer exist. In reality there is only a conglomeration of space-time and the potential energy of internal interactions. Potential interaction energy of space-time determines the total potential energy of the universe.

Prno because all three spatial coordinates are expressed in the same units of length L and, therefore, from this point of view dimensional space of the universe! The space S is a one-dimensional continuous medium (continuum), in which all the physical characteristics depend on the 'rough' variable L, related to the length of any segment, rather than to specific points within it. The same can be said about any area of the plane L2, L3, and an arbitrary amount of space S. Time is a one-dimensional continuous medium (continuum), in which all physical characteristics depend on the 'rough' variable T, related to the duration of any period of time, rather than to individual points within it. Possible degree of magnitude or duration of time one If the process in another physical object. Based on the above, we argue that space-time continuum is a two-dimensional continuous infinite elastic medium. Spatiotemporal continuum as a mechanical system possessing an infinite number of degrees of freedom, described by a scalar field density (energy) and velocity vector field and completely relate to moving subjects or in objects, the main characteristic of which is speed. And, therefore, is not mathematical and physical continuum.

Limoncello City

Crowned by Mount Vesuvius, dedicated to Hercules, he sought fertility and prosperity to the region, until its eruption in 79 a.c, destroying Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the Bay of Naples in the 79 a.c.Hoy in day remains a recusos, fertile area and an important point for the tourism of the country. The wines of the area include: Falanghina, Salice salentino and Lacryma Christi. Their pastas are omnipresent in the gastronomy of the zone, abounds the consumption of fish and seafood is rare, the canned tomato, the use of the Buffalo mozzarella and ricotta in his dishes, pizza Marinara and Margherita. Let’s begin our tour of Naples: a city lively, noisy and full of surprises. The Plaza of the plebiscite constitutes one of the most typical of the city, with the Royal Palace and the imposing church of San Francisco of Pula, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome. Enjoy from the Cafe Gambrino, near the Royal Palace, from the perspective of the plaza. The Umberto Gallery of glazed roofs is the paradise of the purchases, accompanied by an ice cream.

At the Teatro San Carlos will recreate the opulence and glamor of a night at the opera in the 18th century Visit the new Castle and Castle of the egg, one of the oldest buildings in the city. Scroll through the Paseo Maritimo and accompanied by a soft drink enjoy the panoramic view of the Gulf from the hills of Posillipo. Don’t leave without going to the Pizzeria Trianon (Via Pietro Colletta), in the Center. The province of Salerno is contoured by Plains and hills, upholstered of olive trees and vineyards, and a long line of cliffs, that contain to the Tyrrhenian Sea. A good example of beauty and natural heritage of the region is the National Park of the Cilento and Diano Valley. The city stands the Cathedral of St. Matthew of arabe-normando style, over a Romanesque structure.

Lugomare Trieste promenade runs parallel to the coast and allows both visitors and locals, relax in the serenity of the sea. The old town is situated between Via dei Canali and the Via delle Botteghelle, dominated by the Lombard Castle. Some of the local dishes are: tiella with sardines, impepata di cozze, mussels casserole with pepper and anchovies ammollicate. Sorrento stands on cliffs steep, alternated by beautiful beaches, where you can admire the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. Noteworthy are the lemons of the area, which prepares a liqueur called Limoncello. The heart of the city centre is Via San Cesareo, a conglomeration of shops, cafes and restaurants for all tastes. If you are looking for quietness approaching the cloister of the Church of San Francisco. The historic core concentrates many secular buildings interesting as the Vebiero Palace, houses and villas. The area of the port, Marina Grande, yesteryear was the only access to the city, sealed by large gangway.

Design Ideas For Boulders In The Garden

‘Bear witness to the ice age’ as a well-devised and decorative decorative element for the garden are what boulders and which possibilities arise for your own garden? Many connect the boulders with rocks, so larger break – or river stones. Real boulders are heavy stone blocks, which were verdrifftet in the last ice age, by enormous glacier flows from Scandinavia to Central Europe up to several tons. The term foundling”is so that they are distributed over a wide area in Europe. You can find higher occurrence in lignite deposits, however as overburden rather in the way stand and damage the conveyor system. The very different rock types from which they are made and the various colors associated are the special feature of boulders. By natural erosion or, together have boulders, a usually round, gently curved form friction in the glacier stream.

Even prehistoric artists found a cultic and religious use for the impressively structured stones. Just due to this natural shape, they prove beautiful design element to pond plants, which insert in conjunction with water and plants, much more harmonious in the overall picture as stones. An additional combined with Stone lanterns and sculptures give a touch of Asian garden art. But also not own of a pond you can position as individual groups of foundling in the garden, which upgraded the entire garden and impressive accents created. Whether on a pond or as to minimize individual group in the garden–to the maintenance you should build a rot-resistant fleece under the stones in each case. Time-intensive weed control is thereby avoided.

Possible gaps within the group can be connected with decorative stones or decorative gravel. The range of matching decorative stones in Germany is plentiful. “” “Under names, such as Rainbow”, Rivera Sunshine, Conglomerato rosso “, Flambe” or Nyx “these are sold. Real glacial Erratics are of course relatively expensive. That comes for one, because they are very scattered and on the other by the high weight and the associated salvage and transport costs. But in return receives a decorative, stable natural product that creates quality of life in the garden and can be passed to future generations. Written by Veit number from

The Shadow

On heavy pounds for the rear wall of stacked vertical drainage layer and arrange the diversion of water outside the wall. An alternative construction of the drainage system will fill the top half of the space between the wall and the terrace is not heavy soil from the site, and light and moisture capacity nutrient mixture (river sand, garden soil, peat, compost). The same nutrient mixture and used for paving stones. In this soil-cover plants are planted between the stones directly during the construction of the wall. Stones picked individually and placed them on the system stack dressing so that held down by the construction of its own weight. Landscape composition in addition to the external landscape style perfection and harmony, the eastern landscape gardens are filled with deep philosophical meaning, which they know not all. For example, one of the most popular methods in Japan, forming the landscape of the triangle rule involves the use of three elements defining the eastern world, – "Blue", "Soe", "Hikae." Translated, it means "Heaven", "Man," "Earth". In this case, these three elements are represented by massive granite boulders that are placed in a special way in the soft lace and penumbras of trees surrounded by several soil blanket plants.

In the foreground is a large flat stone, symbolizing the Earth, in the back – tall, netolsty in vertical section, nonrecurrent boulder representing the sky, and between them – put forward in side convex, nearly circular stone denoting man. On the perimeter landscape composition are planted as ground cover plants. so they can grow to the area with a diameter at least three times to exceed the height of the rear boulder. Causeway with shade-tolerant plants, a shady path paved with slate perfectly decorate mossy granite boulder, which can be ordered in the landscape of the company or try to find themselves. These stones look best is in the shadow of mature trees and shade-tolerant plants loose. Moss in the sun dies out very quickly, and if you have damaged it in transit, we can stimulate growth of new mosses and lichens with yogurt. Simply apply it to the pores or grooves in the stone. Feature of this landscape composition – the use of large stones and large masses of shade-tolerant perennials. In the shadow of the bright colors leaves and flowers of different is bad, so better to look around the track three-dimensional green or white bush plants, the area which must be proportionate to the square of the composition. On small plots of each plant should grow to 1.5-2 m 3 area, and in large areas – up to 2-3 m2.


He did not ask permission to come to my house, he came in, bringing me changed my life for themselves redrew my plans, and the strange disease struck my soul. Faith in the future has left me and the ground beneath their feet became shaky. And how many now, I Again and again I say to myself: "Calm down everything will be like a dream. Fear not, there are bad times and good, it's not war, not an epidemic economy and nothing else. "But looking around, I see panic where it could not be on all rules, I heard the uncertainty in the speeches of people whose status in society is supposed to be confident and steadfast in all things. And I was terrified thinking-not only the economy, while the economy is Then I decided to look into his eyes, get the gist of his way to investigate. This is the first thing I saw – the fear, the fear of a ruthless and cynical society, of which we are all sacred and standards which comply.

When it comes to hand to someone a little weaker us. When the animals treated with disdain for the homeless, not wanting to admit the obvious – they are people! When closing the seal of his soul's indifference to the human disaster there. Faster and faster we overclock each other in e of the a giant machine. We are madly proud of her imaginary greatness, though they themselves are afraid to be at its bloody wheels. But alas, the crisis! The second is a lack of faith, yeah yeah disbelief. In a person has all he needs, all our emotions , Desires, feelings are very important, do not we come up with them and not for us to cancel. But there is something much more important, it is extremely necessary for life like water, like air.

This is the foundation of our position in life, support and guidance for motion, without faith we are not sick, we are already dead. But then we strongly bishop, replete and satisfied reject God, further choking bouts of selfishness are losing faith in each other, and then to themselves. Lack of faith in anything-cynicism in our time for fun. Nothing that place of faith is empty, the main thing that a lot of money and the terms of glamor. Well, suddenly becomes ill, take their money in hand and will not give or anyone, because without them, without denyushek not bring be. Only a thief behind them Now come, agile and everywhere in rubles and euros, and in gold, so that there is stocks or real estate – become cheaper. Crisis

Car Finances

Full load cold engine is not allowed. Limit the coolant temperature must be above 95 C, when using motor oils with high viscosity may only be short (10 minutes) raising the temperature to 100 C. When operating the engine, be sure to follow the pressure of the oil. To avoid breakage of a turbocharger before stopping the engine should run for 3-5 minutes on average idling speed, but it should be remembered that it is not recommended engine work at the minimum rotational speed of idling more than 10-15 minutes. Do not include a starter on a running or stopped engine.

Running the engine with glowing lights signaling debris oil or air filters are not allowed. And obey the rules of operation of the clutch and gearbox. Always keep in mind that manufacturer warranties (including Yaroslavl Motor Works) is responsible only if the maintenance was carried out in accordance with all technical regulations! Consider a small example – loss of the connecting rod on a tractor engine with an operating time of 1000 motors-hours. Warranty case? It would seem so, but when removing the cylinder head, we find that the piston in the cylinder of molten. As a result, it became clear that has not been routine maintenance of fuel equipment for 300 hours of operating time. Spray nozzles to spray fuel stop, and began to "shed", the fuel is not burned as well as piston rings would not let him down accumulated and heated. Temperature of 1500 degrees. All this has led to melting of the piston and jamming it into the top of the cylinder rod breakage. The guarantee was withdrawn due to incorrect operation! I repeat once again: before beginning of the operation looked very carefully at manual and observe all its requirements, keeping in mind that the guidelines were based on research and operational experience and contains the necessary guidance, precise and strict observance of which will provide trouble-free and long-term operation of the power unit, save time and money! For repairs, use only original parts jamz. In the future, try to highlight the main points of the maintenance engine jamz.

The Weekend Australian

Robert Zoellick, its president, insists to the European leaders to confront its problems of sovereign debt with greater urgency. " The majority of developed countries has exhausted the margin fiscal" , it assures. The president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, said that the world confronts a new storm different from the one from 2008 and that he is " more peligrosa" by the crisis of debt in eurozona, in one he interviews exclusive right to Australian means published east weekend. " We are at the first moments of a new storm and different, she is not the same that in 2008" , he affirmed Zoellick to the metropolitan newspaper The Weekend Australian. " In last the two weeks, the world has passed of a difficult recovery to several speeds () to a new phase and more peligrosa" , it added. " The majority of developed countries has exhausted the fiscal margin and their monetary policies cannot more be flexibles" , the expert declared.

Zoellick recognized that it does not know a formula to solve the problem, but aimed that " the 2008 lesson is that at the most behind schedule it acts more is necessary to do despus". The holder of the World Bank insisted to the European leaders to confront the problems of the sovereign debt with a felt major emergency because, in its opinion, this one is a subject " much more grave" that the one that has taken to the reduction of the credit qualification of the United States. Another preoccupation of the American is the disturbances in the United Kingdom and expressed their hope of which the austerity policies do not derail that the Government has adopted. Zoellick arrived at the beginning of week at Australia to participate in a series of acts, among them the annual meeting who celebrate the governments of Washington and Canberra. Source of the news: The World Bank: " The crisis of debt in the EU is one more a storm more dangerous than the one of 2008"

Industrial Engineer

I imagine a cleaning service offices, where each employee has his personal and creative method to clean the carpets. Unlike the previous service, in this type of service is not of great value to customer the versatility of staff to make their service a unique and different from others experience. It is sufficient that all apply the same cleaning method, which is the one that best outcome has given to these carpets, and customer will be satisfied. This does not mean that the employee is unable or need to make your personal contribution. But if, as a result of this contribution, it is possible to improve the current method, the natural consequence should be to incorporate that discovery to the standard that everyone then apply. Then, I suggest the following for the analysis of your own service: 1.

Identifies the aspects of your service which are possible to standardize, and where the standardization helps to provide the service with quality consistently. In the case of the excursion that you mentioned, clearly transportation, travel, times of travel and stay in each site, the Organization of the lunch, etc. are more satisfactory if they are well standardised to result in efficient service. 2 Identifies those other aspects where the staff training is needed to give greater value to the customer. Typical is the case where the employee need to provide custom information, such as an advice, answers to technical queries, etc. 3 Sets plans for training for both aspects: Standardization, since each employee must recognize and implement a standard in their day-to-day tasks, and is also very convenient to participate in its definition or improvement; and training to give value in specific aspects of the service, where the employee must move with freedom in relation to the dynamic needs of customers. Sincerely, Mariana Pizzo am a professional passionate about quality in the service, and to assist those who have this challenge within organizations to increase the satisfaction of your customers.

I am an Industrial Engineer She graduated from the Inst. Tecnologico de Buenos Aires. I have passed my career attracted by the quality concept, deploying it in my different functions.