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To do this, consider the demand for similar products, create and develop production, to search for raw materials, to provide energy and transport, to find retailers for the implementation of these products, and more another. In this case, is not a fact that created profitable product to sell and will bring the desired profit. United States of America, and beyond them the rest of the world, decided to simplify the chain, and went on the road – 3d. Soon, created by transnational companies and investment groups, became a pyramid scheme operating under the scheme – 3D. Capitalization growth will no longer support the production of goods and real money supply was not enough for further machinations in the financial markets. And then someone came up with the "brilliant idea".

In the population, have accumulated huge sums of money that can be involved in the financial game. Buying shares in the financial pyramids, and playing the markets "Securities" securities, the vast number of ordinary citizens were involved in questionable deals. They promised big and quick profits, and self-esteem everyman flattered that he was "a major investor." To operate such a financial mechanism requires an increasing money supply, not provide real commodity sector and the services market and the U.S. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc offer similar insights. government included a printing press to cover the growing losses. Inflatable, now all the participants, financial frauds, including "simple housewife", the money bubble was, inevitably, burst. And this process has started. The current situation, it does not a crisis but only the beginning of the end of the world's financial system and the main "battle" ahead.

Museum Guggenheim

The form prevails over the Fund. This is the new slogan that governs the creative intelligence of contemporary societies. Taste by the aesthetic and the spectacular nature of the wrapper has largely supplanted rational use budgets and the ultimate meaning of the architectonic constructions, culinary innovations or the extravagant fashion trends. The 21st century has been renamed as the century of appearances, that already nothing is what it seems. Away from the rational and functional experiences from decades ago who pursued with insistence the optimization of resources and effectiveness led to the end, in times that run the answer of how has replaced the usual questions of the what or the why. What is relevant now is the originality and impact visual creations so they can claim the attention of the man of our day, accustomed to almost everything and reluctant to lose time on speculation too convoluted.

Time has become a scarce commodity that the individual can not waste looking for in the depths of the content. The continent often becomes the main reference of reality. In the quest to find something different has been neglected order which gives things their raison d ‘ etre and for which they were created. Buildings such as the Museum Guggenheim, Bilbao, or Opera, Sydney, both with an architectural beauty beyond all question, manage to distract the attention of the visitor to the works of art, theatrical or operatic carried inside. The magnanimous presence of its structure moved to the background its practical and ultimately function its most beneficial for society offer. Also other spaces of creativity as the gastronomy or fashion shows, the eclipse of the meaning by the signifier. Nouvelle French cuisine or molecular cuisine of Ferran Adria or Homaro Cantu, among others, rewards the good presentation and the sophistication of a dish of tiny, very suggestive for the five senses, but laughable for the stomach, unable to satisfy the appetite with a serving of Orange chicken with chips to chocolate air.

Trade Representative

However, does not necessarily bestow something original with a sense load. For a dear person is important to note. Postcard, a modest gift, a quiet evening talk to each other. Suppose you tell about the difficulties of Hochma about jargon, about the rules of trade, the organizational hierarchy of office romances and squabbles, the supplier and buyer for the established cliches, about illusions, about the checks on the boxes, containers, pallets, a "reinforced concrete" and "SB" on the racks, trucks, owners and directors , on invoices, certificates, returns and shelf-life, matrices, and goodness knows what else! Be sincere in questioning – and you might be interested. After all, trade – people, the complex structure of feelings, attitudes and habits.

If your half is not without a sense of humor, it is quite appropriate harmless jokes and practical jokes. For example, the word "kit" has become synonymous with the counter weights. Give a friend a copy of trehkilogrammovoy weight of wood! And here is a complicated "joke." By staff member (employee) on the trading floor fits nice person: "I represent a major trading company. My supervisor asked to hand you the envelope. Read and understand ". Who will hold out and not immediately will open the envelope "Hello, Victoria! I watched Your work and think that your charm and warmth of communication with customers, experience and professionalism will enable you to achieve significant successes.

I suggest you work in "Superopttorg in chief of the department. In If you agree, call tel. 123-456-768. Director of Superopttorg "Your husband." The main thing at this point to be close, and congratulations to peck out loud:) Complex in the workplace to congratulate the employees of wholesale trade: they are all the time separation. But nothing prevents the use of indirect methods. For example, your friend – Trade Representative, and you know the best brand of its product range, know the stores, with whom he works. So go and buy them this product! At home, say: "It was in the" Southern "store. I was told that it is – a wonderful thing, it provides such a nice guy, great company. I'm proud of you and, of course, I bought this little thing. Happy trading you, darling! "And it is possible to arrange counter-rally sales representative. For example, girls in the shop, which serves Victor, bought stale box of chocolates, supplied by his firm. And the arrival day can have fun. "Victor! Happy Trade! You sell to us, and we'll Give – be treated! At the date does not pay any attention. " And if the President adequate guy is going to be fun. And the next time it will warn you of expiring:) And, finally, the general council. Soak up the complexity and psychological stress of labor on trade. , And congratulates not for the sake, and for the soul!


Winter of 2006 world population topped 6, 5 billion people, while less than 20 years ago July 11, 1987 the figure stood at 5 billion the entire second half of the xx century was accompanied by rapid population growth, the so-called "Population explosion". According to most scientists, the earth is overpopulated, and a further increase in population will lead to a global ecological catastrophe. Some experts believe that the increase in the number of population of short-term nature, and in 2010 will decline. It is known that for many centuries world population was small and grew slowly. The most likely his number at the beginning of our era – 230 million, of which 2 / 8, lived in Asia. Over the next thousand years it has risen to 288 million growth was inhibited extremely high mortality and often interrupted by wars, epidemics, famine, which led to a balance between births and mortality.

Growth rate of world population sharply accelerated since the mid xviii century, especially in Europe, which was due to the development of capitalism. Ry rapid population growth in America and Australia was caused by migration flow, mainly from Europe. The rapid acceleration of growth in population occurred in the middle of xx century. If during its first half it increased at 1, 5 times, then over the next 37 years – has doubled. After World War ii everywhere dramatically reduce mortality, which was mainly due to the discovery and widespread use of antibiotics.

Fertility declined quite slowly, and in some places is temporarily increased. This led to "Population explosion". But it is characteristic only for developing countries, in developed countries, however, population growth has decreased, and in some – has stopped. The share of developed countries in the world population is rapidly decreasing: from 33% in 1950 to 23% in 1990 recent years, population growth rates are highest in Africa (about 3% per year) and Latin America (more than 2%). In some European countries (Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, Sweden) is a natural decline in population. Now, more than half humanity lives in Asia. Most populous countries – China and India. This is followed by the United States, Indonesia and Brazil. Russian Federation within its borders in 2009 occupies the number of inhabitants (142 million) in ninth place in the world.


He did not ask permission to come to my house, he came in, bringing me changed my life for themselves redrew my plans, and the strange disease struck my soul. Faith in the future has left me and the ground beneath their feet became shaky. And how many now, I Again and again I say to myself: "Calm down everything will be like a dream. Fear not, there are bad times and good, it's not war, not an epidemic economy and nothing else. "But looking around, I see panic where it could not be on all rules, I heard the uncertainty in the speeches of people whose status in society is supposed to be confident and steadfast in all things. And I was terrified thinking-not only the economy, while the economy is Then I decided to look into his eyes, get the gist of his way to investigate. This is the first thing I saw – the fear, the fear of a ruthless and cynical society, of which we are all sacred and standards which comply.

When it comes to hand to someone a little weaker us. When the animals treated with disdain for the homeless, not wanting to admit the obvious – they are people! When closing the seal of his soul's indifference to the human disaster there. Faster and faster we overclock each other in e of the a giant machine. We are madly proud of her imaginary greatness, though they themselves are afraid to be at its bloody wheels. But alas, the crisis! The second is a lack of faith, yeah yeah disbelief. In a person has all he needs, all our emotions , Desires, feelings are very important, do not we come up with them and not for us to cancel. But there is something much more important, it is extremely necessary for life like water, like air.

This is the foundation of our position in life, support and guidance for motion, without faith we are not sick, we are already dead. But then we strongly bishop, replete and satisfied reject God, further choking bouts of selfishness are losing faith in each other, and then to themselves. Lack of faith in anything-cynicism in our time for fun. Nothing that place of faith is empty, the main thing that a lot of money and the terms of glamor. Well, suddenly becomes ill, take their money in hand and will not give or anyone, because without them, without denyushek not bring be. Only a thief behind them Now come, agile and everywhere in rubles and euros, and in gold, so that there is stocks or real estate – become cheaper. Crisis

Less Time Management

Tick Tock might not be a sound that we hear often, but is certainly a sound that we all listen to our head. Never seem to be long enough in a day to get all the things we have to do. Time management is very important to maximize productivity both at work and at home. Understanding a little bit about ourselves and how we use our time can help. When a time management plan is developed that need, firstly, is the identify of his loss of common time.

Things like spending time talking with friends and relatives during business hours, distracted and surf the Web, instead of obtaining the information you need, check email every 2 minutes and not planning what should be are all symptoms of loss of time and must be eliminated. A time management plan includes a way to help identify them, as well as other habits that may have developed that they eat your day. Another thing that must take into account when making a time management plan is the establishment of priorities, his time planning, reviewing what remains to be done and more importantly take time. Setting priorities is an important step in any time management program. Knowing the difference between what should be done and what can not do, as well as what someone else can do will help you plan your time for maximum efficiency. Make a list and sort it in: is very important, urgent and important, in addition to all the tasks to perform. This will not only help you prioritize and plan, but it will also help you trim the excess of some tasks. Develop a plan to be effective.

Set a time to do each task can help keep you focused on that task until it is complete. If you need to research on any topic in particular, look for what you must find out and avoid surf the net to entertain in other things that can cause loss of time. Stop taking time can be a time management. This is really necessary. A rupture of the routine can actually help you to be more productive and thus clarify his mind for a few minutes during the day. Time management is not really difficult, but requires that we break the habits that may have formed and develop new ones in its place. = Course for the efficient management of time, effective techniques that can be applied in less than seven minutes to achieve more than they never believed possible in less time. Visit for more information. = Original author and source of the article.