Advantages Of Business Matching

With global sourcing can find suppliers companies business matching – 1on1 is an excellent opportunity of B2B networking business matching. Mostly business matchings there are organised, where event caused many companies and dealers, potential customers, generally found together professionals and experts in a field, so preferably on specialized fairs or congresses. Alternatively organise your own but also, for example, industry associations, chambers of Commerce or other associations and networks of excellence business matching events. The goal of each business matches is always communicating with potential business partners, who have the opportunity on a somewhat neutral terrain to get to know each other without obligation and to discuss their needs and offer. A tight organization by the Organizer, a communication-promoting atmosphere and most careful preparation of the individual participants in the talks is crucial for a successful outcome of the business matching.

Well planned Business matches are interested in advance a list of all participants, from which and desired interlocutor can be chosen. Individual participants either lead their own contact details to contact; the latter occurs or protected contact form within the online offer of the Organizer via a mostly by an access code. Usually, it is most practical when the agreed dates are known the Organizer, so that this can be a total sync and then each individual participants come to a customized schedule. On some business matching events is given the call duration by the Organizer, but of course can be customized by the interlocutors. It is cheap to provide is to prepare for the meetings of the respective partner companies online or by mail with information material to the company, and to write down important questions.

Is the E-Mail address of the interlocutor available, you can send a short introduction mail advance, with some of the topics that you would like to discuss. That gives the caller the opportunity to bring any specific product or service descriptions. Business matching – online in the classic business matching meet to potential business partners of equal areas of interest on the occasion of fairs, congresses or other specific industry appointments in a place designated for this purpose, to interact and to initiate possible business relationship. The advantage of this type of business matching is located in the Voraborganisation through the targeted can be filtered out the own request interview candidates from a catalog of possible interlocutors. This business matching events, or business exchanges, have very effective and success-oriented turned out. On the other hand, they have the disadvantage, to be tied to specific dates and relatively expensive for the Organizer; In addition, popular conversation partner are often early on busy. With the increasing success of the online networking using social media platforms established is therefore now also in Germany the virtual business matching, which clearly can handle all of the above disadvantages. In the end it differs exchanges up to a certain point of the communication process only slightly from traditional business. On the online business matching Platform organizations and institutions can register companies, self-employed, interest for the service free of charge or for a fee (depending on the provider). Then they can create profiles, which categorized grouped together in one online catalogue. All registered members have access to this catalog. Now other members by mail on a form can be contacted; even concrete requests or topics can be formulated. Nature and extent of further contact left then the members. However, there are also online often promotions or special offers on certain topics, for example, analog connected to the major trade fairs.

Svenja Hofert

01.07.2010 new Advisor magazine “knew how! -How to become your own boss”on newsstands now! More and more women discover what the road to independence? woman? on this topic should – know everything compact and clearly summarized. incl. knew how! Service CD for start-ups with practical checklists, styles, business plan, Advisor, billing and the award-winning control program MAXTAX. And so just as quickly: CD insert and off you go. Now the magazine kiosk or on more women discover the road to independence. About one-third of all business start-ups in Germany go to the account of the female half of the population. Compared to their proportion of the total number of employees, air is still evident in this result upwards. The reason: Women are more exposed than men of double taxation of occupational and family still.

Also, the financial question is a stumbling block for the step to independence: women get at banks much more difficult a loan for its founding as their male colleagues. This experience has made also Birgit Ley, as she wanted to make independent 13 years ago with an own Physiothe rapie practice. “As a woman with three small children, it is incredibly difficult to find a Bank for a loan. I got only to hear:?Is not eligible”, even though I had enough collateral with my family background. In conversation with “How!”, consultant and Advisor author Svenja Hofert reveals her tips on this subject: “in the past the Volks – and Raiffeisen banks gave loans than other banks more to women.

Another possibility is the personal loan. The best is to borrow in the private sphere with acquaintances, relatives or friends are.” Women with initiatives such as the nationwide founder Agency (bga) for further assistance in the creation of one’s own existence. So, the relatively new “Small-Business-Mentoring” program specifically helps women who seek the road to independence after a long period of children or unemployment.

Flagship Business Card

A well-designed business card is the poster child for every businessman. Business cards help business, make new contacts, to bring positive and lasting memories, and to draw attention to himself. High quality business cards are a necessary and worthwhile investment. Classical manner have the cards to the credit card-sized and consist of about six lines of text. Also the font used is an important factor for the serious and beautiful appearance of the card, but most importantly, the quality of the cardboard is definitely. Get business cards and stationery with traditional printers that still really attach importance on the quality and achieve impressive results in the pressure.

The good carton should be noble and noticeably heavier or thicker than conventional material for business cards. 240 grams per square meter of a good, heavy linen box should weigh, man clearly a difference to thin, cheap paper feel. To meet even the highest demands on the business card and you can get it good Give conscience out of hand. It is also possible that it rounds off the corners of the cards, the procedure is called also the RADIUS. A rounded corners business card has a large effect with little effort the detail stands out and is positive. But also the surface can especially designed, be to make impression. A glossy, mirror-like surface can be produced with special techniques. So have the cards even more elegant and will receive the exquisite touch of something special for a shiny visibility. A metallic effect in silver or gold makes for the coronation of the card, which cannot easily forget the business partner and you themselves always like to have on hand. Andreas Mettler


Innovex in the upper quarter of the participants and special recruitment Mannheim, June 2009 the Mannheim company Innovex, a leading provider of sales and marketing solutions in the healthcare sector, reached in this year’s contest to the customer-oriented most of service providers in Germany placing it in the top quarter of the field and a special prize. Thus succeeded Innovex, staff orientation, which is acknowledged with the award to one of the best employers of in Germany for years to demonstrate his 100% customer focus. In the nationwide competition, the Mannheim company 24th ranked and could take the special prize of the best personnel service provider in reception at the awards ceremony in Hamburg on May 28, 2009 also. The competition of Germany’s customer-oriented Este of service provider 2009 “was the fourth consecutive year evaluate the possibility, their customer orientation numerous service providers in different industries and business sizes. The largest Service companies in Germany were invited to participate, 94 companies took up the challenge. A management questionnaire answered by the company itself and a dedicated customer satisfaction survey revealed the basis for the rating of the participating companies.

Basis for the analysis is the scientific model of the University of St. Gallen, which defined the seven categories of customer orientation, competence, control, configuration, cooperation, commercialization and communication as an expression and critical to the excellence of a company in this area. For the 50 award-winning best does not service desert Germany”with security. For us this price in combination with our title defended for many years is a best employer of in Germany “an important message. He shows, that we meet our two main stakeholders, customers, and employees in same, convincing way”, Monika Beintner, Managing Director of Innovex is looking forward in Mannheim. “For us it is proven that satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers and vice versa.”

Increased Effectiveness In The Delivery Of Resources By ERecruiting

The recruitment company is gaining strategic importance more suitable candidates, as well as lower costs for use of eRecruiting especially in times of persistent skills shortages. With use of eRecruiting companies improve efficiency in their recruiting. An essential when the employees of a company today are not even the most significant competitive advantage over the competition. In the course of which must be in addition to the employee retention increasingly move the recruitment in the focus of the company. Is it in the nature of things that only the most suitable applicants to develop key employees. In addition to the pressure to succeed in the search for new, potential key employees, HR departments are increasingly faced with the challenge of massively on the one hand to reduce costs in the administrative area and to engage on the other hand more into strategic business processes. The reasons listed out, many companies already rely on eRecruiting.

In General eRecruiting refers the use of innovative technologies to support recruitment. In operational practice, this means that companies advertise their vacancies on the Internet, enter the applications in electronic form, and both before – downstream processes as possible with the help of information technologies are implemented. To reduce the effort with regard to the administrative processes the applications be filled preferably by means of special forms directly on the websites of the companies, which avoids media breaks and at the same time redundant inputs. Compared to the traditional placement of job advertisements in the print media can vacancies appear faster and generally also cheaper on the Web pages of the companies and are available in addition to the around the clock. In addition, there is the possibility of make additional information available to candidates to the respective tender via links or files. In addition to the It is not to underestimate of course also the visibility of a comprehensive eRecruitings internal aspects.

Some Useful Information For Filing Bankruptcy In Oregon

filing bankruptcy in Oregon, Oregon bankruptcy attorney, Oregon bankruptcy exemptions If you are out for filing bankruptcy in Oregon you need to be completely aware of the important resources available at your disposal as well as their contact information. Additionally, you should so know the new bankruptcy rules that apply to your state if you are considering filing chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcies in Oregon. Here is some crucial information pertaining to the same which could guide you in your endeavor. If you are out for filing bankruptcy in Oregon you need to be completely aware of the important resources available at your disposal as well as their contact information. Additionally, you should so know the new bankruptcy rules that apply to your state if you are considering filing chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcies in Oregon. Here is some crucial information pertaining to the same which could guide you in your endeavor.

Bankruptcy resources in Oregon bankruptcy courts in Oregon: filing for a personal or small business bankruptcy in Oregon, it is very much imperative for you to know the location of bankruptcy courts in the state. Typically, in Oregon, you can file for bankruptcy at two locations depending upon where exactly your residence, business premises or assets are located. This is because the court system for bankruptcy filing consists of one district that caters to two state offices as mentioned below. If you are resident of, or if your office of business counties that case is located in the under Baker, Clackamas, Clatsop, Columbia, crook, Deschutes, Gilliam, grant, Harney, Hood River, Jefferson, Malheur, Morrow, Multnomah, Sherman, Tillamook, Umatilla, Union, Wallowa, Wasco, Washington, Wheeler, and Yamhill, you can file bankruptcy in the Portland court as follows. To know more get the services of a professionally qualified Oregon bankruptcy attorney. If you are resident of, or if your office of business is located in the counties that fall under Benton, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath, Lake, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion, and Polk. Bankruptcy Laws in Oregon to qualify for at Oregon chapter 7, a top is has to the “means test” to find out if his income is less than the median income. Alternatively, you could be eligible for filing chapter out a form which is known as “Chapter 7 statement of current monthly income and means test calculation.” However, it is important for you to have a thorough knowledge of Oregon bankruptcy exemptions and receive credit offer from a credit of offer agency as well as debtor education course that is certified by the state government prior to actually filing a bankruptcy petition.

Searching for Oregon bankruptcy attorney: it is always desirable to avail legal help provided by bankruptcy lawyer. In case you are having some difficulty in locating Oregon bankruptcy attorney, you can contact the Oregon State Bar Association at the following address and request them for on attorney referral. As well Alternatively, you can therefore use the active assistance provided by reliable as reputable companies available online. To get more useful information on filing for bankruptcy in Oregon, it is hereby recommended to utilize the professional services offered by reputed online service providers like BankruptcyOnly.

Business Start-up: Grundercoaching & Founding Consulting

On direct way in a successful self-employment business start-up without detours start a business with a certain risk goes hand in hand. Only with own experiences will be many detours to success. Because in many cases the risk is greatly underestimated. A start-up advice or a so-called Grundercoaching is a way to limit the risk of failure. Many entrepreneurs and founders take the options did not.

Why should such a start-up advice or a such Grundercoaching be good? This question is often heard. Finally this question especially among those who have collected no experience consultancies in the course of professional life. A start-up advice or a Grundercoaching can help in many ways. Is your company already under way and could settle on the market more or less well, a foundation consultant can perform, for example, a complete check-up your company. These are all possible Details – from marketing on the controlling, that just glows through financing, organization, and other -. Your advisor or consultant then works out measures to optimize.

Proposals may be, that will help you to save money or improve your marketing. Who applied for the Grundercoaching Germany and can boast of a permit for the founding grant or the initial Fund, the Grundercoaching especially resonates with them: 90% of NET consulting costs will be assumed by the KfW SME Bank. Total consulting fees can be up to 4,000 euros, of which a founder must pay only 400 euros even. To apply for this funding promoters have, from the date of the establishment of only one year. Who must write a business plan and created this to the template with a bank or an investor, can also use the services of a start-up consulting service. Review a business plan can decide the success or failure of a bank. Also Avoiding typical beginner mistakes”is an important aspect in the context of the advice of of establishment of or within the framework of a Grundercoachings. Completely indifferent, whether you market your projects via the Internet want and need help with this marketing, whether it concerns issues of designing your customers or if you need help in setting up Excel spreadsheets for monthly statements: the Grundercoaching or the advice of establishment of will help. In addition, there are also existence founder seminars in many cities. Such existence founder seminar helps the first steps, but an individual and personal accompaniment and assistance cannot replace. Often the existence founder seminar is also funded by an employment agency or the costs are low, because the founder seminar State is subsidized by pages. At last now is still an important Tip: Many consultations and coaching for entrepreneurs are up to five years after the date of the establishment of the State subsidized. Founder should ask their coach or consultant, whether such financial assistance in question comes. This text was provided by coaching-Max, Marko Lasnia, available. If you are interested, contact info(at), or just ‘ purely on

Divination – Look Into The Future

Individual is often very much want to understand much more than he knows. This is a normal homo sapiens need a representative to look into the future is an opportunity not only to improve specific areas of human development, but that and any businesses. Of course, unknown in the same way without any problems is the sphere of business, like every other human activity. Hardly a person will say that personally it something catchy, immediately there is someone who can be required to recommend. Of course, extra.

Say, some are not very self-confident person eager to prematurely predict the development of relationships with some individual. Checks if temperament, compatibility of names, find out what kind of star in the longer able to contribute to or hinder the relationship. Of course, not personally, and with the participation of able soothsayers. Those who really can, applying the most different systems, to predict what will be, and suggest the best views of current events. More from ancient pify who predicted the coming of their own dreams, inspired by hallucinogenic funds to current connoisseurs of the prophecies reach the main methods of training. It's no secret that the consciousness of personality may be less than 10% of all his mental structure. Entirely different – the subconscious. And these figures in these times can offer to our attention has psychologists and experts in psychiatry.

Furthermore most likely, part of a conscious, even less, but in practice to know the deepest place of the unconscious person is not has the opportunity. Exactly the same like is carried out and the outside world: the share of this world that we are able to understand the main sense organs and the brain is very small compared to the "everything else".

The Hummel House Construction On The Wood-House-energy

Solar energy, store and Home technology combine Frickenhausen, the 9th April 2012 despite the bad news of German solar panel manufacturer is the private electricity from solar energy on the rise. This is due mainly to the increased equity use of solar energy thanks to improved storage technology. Following this trend, the Hummel House at the largest construction fair in Baden-Wurttemberg presents his uniform approach, which connects solar energy, power storage and Smart Home technology. On the HolzHausEnergy, which is from 13 to 15 April at the Stuttgart trade fair takes place, the systems house from Frickenhausen builders, homeowners and modernizers his concepts and new technologies before. The systems, the we on the HolzHausEnergy is present, show more than clear that the private production and use of solar energy for virtually every household is a sensible decision. Rising electricity prices make it increasingly attractive to generate electricity, on-site store and just even to consume”, reports Frank Hummel, Managing Director of Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG. In combination with intelligent building technology, customers can ensure also that the sustainable electricity with maximum efficiency is used.

Usually a high gain in comfort by liked building control functions in addition.” At the stand of 401 the Hummel House advises the visitors on all three days of the fair, which technologies are currently available on the market and how these with each other effectively can be combined, to achieve maximum economic benefit and a gain in comfort. The systems house from Frickenhausen is in the region of Stuttgart/Esslingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. We are committed to the goal to enable our customers to prepare for the future and thereby to combine many aspects. Therefore we approach our uniform not only Includes generating electricity through solar systems but also the saving of energy and the efficient use of electricity for comfortable living and mobility”, explains Frank Hummel. The HolzHausEnergy presented the visitors with high quality the spectrum about house building, energy-efficient renovation, modern and ecological forms of heating. The building and construction trade fair boosts the local craft and brings together supply and demand in an efficient platform. In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and the building energy consultants, visitors receive many suggestions and independent advice.

The Hummel House is in the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen and Nurtingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. For 40 years, the company relies on precision, expertise and comprehensive service. in 1993, Frank Hummel took over the family business. Since then, the company has constantly expands its offering and open to new markets. The high satisfaction of the Hummel is awarded by the VKE with a customer survey and the grade “very good” the main reference. The dedicated team consists of technicians and professionals who are specialized in different service areas. Today, the House looked after with over 20 employees and over 4 million sales, private, public, as well as medium-sized companies in the planning, implementation and maintenance of projects.

Synology Germany

Resellers and distributors can benefit from direct services to Dusseldorf, Germany 7.August 2013 Synology is pleased to announce that the German branch office in Dusseldorf takes over the sales and thus the cooperation with distributors and resellers from the Switzerland. Thus, the headquarters in Taiwan passes more regions to the German Office. In addition to Austria, Poland, Czech Republic and Turkey, now become the entire roof area of Dusseldorf from is maintained. The German-speaking area is for us the most important worldwide. Therefore we are pleased also to cooperation with Swiss partners directly from our rapidly growing branch in Germany can further build up and the local businesses promote total with immediate support,”says Alex Wang, CEO of Synology Germany. Distributors and resellers benefit from the direct support from Germany in three ways: through the informal, sales and after sales support.

Information supporting business merchants can obtain direct contact for short Communication channels, as well as access to our partner portal with comprehensive information material. Sales support they receive NFR-& test equipment, sales materials, such as brochures and success stories, as well as personal advice on appropriate solutions and comprehensive project support. Relating to after-sale involves above all the quick, German-speaking support with a hotline during office hours. Ensure enhanced support services to assist in the use of our NAS in business-critical areas. In addition, the establishment of training offerings, as well as a partner programme, as it already exists in Germany, also for the Switzerland are planned.