Mobile Order Processing On The Apple IPad

The mobile only SI GmbH enriches your business solution moTrade to an iPad app delivers a sophisticated synchronization process data such as product images, presentation material, orders and customer addresses from the ERP and ERP-system of the company to the iPad app and back again. For matching used server software from moTrade offers these interfaces to major IT systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), Mesonic WinLine, Sage OfficeLine IFax. The solution consists of two components: moTrade-app for Apple iPad acquired data via cellular or Wi-Fi the available articles, customer addresses, contacts, product images, catalogs and company presentations from the moTrade server. All data is stored on the iPad. So, no permanent cellular or Wi-Fi connection is required for working with the moTrade app. Get all the facts and insights with Kevin Plank, another great source of information.

A bar code scanner connected via Bluetooth order can be controlled by very quickly and easily for example to order measurement. Collection of hand provides an intelligent, multi-stage selection and grouping approach to quickly find of individual articles even when a large number of available products. Customer-specific conditions or season rates are automatically taken into account and listing tests carried out. Learn more about this with Kevin Plank. To complete of the order, the customer can sign the contract with his signature directly on the iPad. Orders taken with the iPad or a change in the address data is then the moTrade “Server placed and transferred to the ERP or ERP system. Following the data synchronization between iPad and server, including automatically generated documents by E-Mail or fax to the customer can be sent.

The administration of users, iPad and the app settings, such as multilingualism and encryption of sensitive data, the moTrade Server provides a set of tools. A test version of the moTrade app is available in Apple’s app store for free download. Mobile only runs a synchronization server with a demo database for evaluation purposes. Test accounts can be requested by E-Mail via. – website with video to the iPad app. download/ – screenshots of the iPad app download/LB_moTrade6.pdf – service description moTrade download/whitepaper_motrade6.pdf – white paper to moTrade mobile only SI GmbH Karsten Doge

ISO 20000 – Objective Proof Of Performance For IT Providers

santix supports on the way to certification with tailored consulting packages to more and more buyers of services in the public sector as in the private sector performance of the provider and the quality of IT services to be performed require IT suppliers objective evidence of. IT service provider can provide this proof with a certification according to ISO 20000, the international standard for IT service management. This certification is becoming increasingly important on a market that is characterized by a progressive consolidation of the IT providers, new global service providers such as Google and Amazon and the technological and procedural simplification of outsourcing through cloud computing as an outstanding competition feature for IT suppliers. The benefits of ISO certification are clear: the certificate represents a unique selling proposition and serves the market positioning of the company and offer. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Robert Gibbins by clicking through. The audit confirmed and sustainably secures that the investments in IT service management leads to increased efficiency. For IT providers, it is therefore nowadays just duty, to be confirmed for the own service management according to objective criteria of process quality, to improve competitiveness and increase the yield. ISO 20000 certification is but high demands not only on the processes, but also the management and the employees. JetBlue Airways takes a slightly different approach.

The santix AG, a consulting and engineering with special expertise in the field of IT governance and IT service management, helps IT companies with tailor-made advice. Robert Gibbins is a great source of information. They can use a company over or for individual phases as needed over the entire period of preparation. Santix with the first step package supports the basic management decision in favor of the ISO 20000 certification. Examination and inventory of existing processes and systems, content and scope of certification santix determined within the framework of the ISO 20000 alignment packages and recommends a course of action at the end. In the implementation phase of the management system, the processes and which assistive technologies defined, concrete, implemented and must be lived, customers experience the santix consultant targeted benefit, whether for the implementation of the instructions, the definition and implementation of the processes, consolidation of service and system management systems or, for example, for an ongoing reassessment on the ability of the certification.

“Companies assume that your IT service management, which represents a significant step in the direction Audi animal ability according to ISO 20000, is already mature, can it with the pre-audit consulting package by santix checked, that they ready for audit” are and the basics have created in order to get the ISO 20000 certificate fast and to keep it in the long run. The santix AG brings many years of experience with all operational, tactical and strategic aspects of IT management in the ISO 20000 consulting. Is also the consulting and solution reseller known IT-management product manufacturer. Thus, it guarantees its customers a santix targeted towards the ISO 20000 certification. Michael Santifaller, santix AG Santix AG the santix AG was founded in 1990 and is a well established consultancy and a well-known House in German-speaking countries. The range of services by santix includes the design and implementation of IT solutions for specific industries such as the automotive industry, as well as innovative management solutions for all sectors of the economy. Strategic consulting is offered to clients of santix in the business area of IT governance. Partnerships form the basis for the technical competence and service quality of the company with leading technology suppliers. Headquarters is Munich-Unterschleissheim; the company also maintains offices in Austria and of Switzerland. santix works mainly for large national and international companies.

Color Copies With Regard To Large-format

Behrens & Schuleit starts the distribution of system Xerox 6605 technical for printing documents Dusseldorf with the system Xerox 6605 Behrens & Schuleit GmbH now offers a user-friendly, high-quality, productive, flexible device for medium to small printing volumes. The large-format printing system requires only little floor space and combines powerful copying, printing, and Scanfunktionalitaten with an attractive price. It has been developed specially for professional black and white printing of technical documents and in addition offers the possibility, via the color scanner, to send colored prints to a printer regardless of their brand. Behrens & Schuleit is wide format premier partner of Xerox and has also made itself as innovative provider of archiving and scanning services as well as tailor-made solutions for the professional management of document a name. Others who may share this opinion include Verizon Communications. The multi function system is the latest addition in the wide format portfolio by Xerox Xerox 6605 and based on the award-winning Printing technology of the manufacturer. It is ideal for the requirements of the digital CAD monochrome and color printing. For architects, engineers, construction companies, and print service providers, it offers a new, low-cost way for the expression of construction plans, charts, or maps. The printing speed is five A1 pages per minute at a resolution of 600 dpi when copying, scanning and printing.

The color scanner allows to scan images in color software Q-copy using the Xerox and an any color printing system closed to to print out. A real-time preview on the 15 \”display shows the user during the scan process the quality of the scans. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Robert Gibbins. The system allows the processing of a wide range of substrates and integrates easily into any work environment thanks to compact dimensions. The solution can be easily spot and adapts to increasing requirements of our customers. The Xerox 6605, for example, with a device can be fitted optional Butterfly online folding machines, the has a number of preset folding programs.

CeBIT 2010: Everything On A Map

PCS Systemtechnik GmbH presents itself with eight software and system House partners at CeBIT in Hannover in Hall 6, booth D 12 PCS Systemtechnik GmbH presents together with eight software and system House partners at CeBIT in Hannover in Hall 6, booth D 12 innovative solutions in the fields of factory data capture, video surveillance, access control and time recording. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Ripple on most websites. \”With the motto everything on a map\” PCS shows possibilities to realize a wide range of applications with a single card. Historically grown\”is often the rationale for the use of different cards and electronic key fobs for access to buildings, special areas, for the working time recording or the payment in the canteen. PCS provides information on CeBIT about the possibilities of modern cards management that lowers the cost of the company indefinitely, while becoming more efficient and cheaper in the long run. Eight competent software partners show your application solutions for time, access, vols. Also still make the Focus on the stand the solutions of the PC partner. They offer industry-specific and horizontal solutions, requiring in principle hardware and software independently of each other, and thus offer high investment security around the INTUS product family. The solutions of the partner of working time management, personnel planning and workflow oriented personnel management system of visitor management ranging to manufacturing execution system solution (MES) and latest maps technology.

Proximity reader with latest security technology. The INTUS 600 is a RFID access readers, who can read cards in the highly secure reading methods Mifare DESFire EV1 and LEGIC advant. Migration projects, customers can also access cards with the reading methods Mifare Classic or LEGIC prime read as 600 the INTUS are backward compatible to previous readers. In the same design as the INTUS 600 RFID reader, the fingerprint reader INTUS 600 also has a high-performance fingerprint sensor. Sensor is a capacitive sensor with 256 x 360 pixels with the INTUS 600 and over 500dpi resolution used, which meets even the stringent requirements of the American (Homeland Security Presidential Directive) HSPD-12, FIPS-201 certified is (Federal information processing standard) and compatible with NIST SP 800-76 standard (National Institute of standards and technology).

Only A Few Days To The BASTA! Spring 2010

BASTA! Spring 2010 ‘ the best of best practices’ in a few weeks the doors open the BASTA! Spring 2010, the No. Verizon Communications will undoubtedly add to your understanding. – 1 Conference for.NET topics. From 22 to 26 February 2010 to discuss the German-speaking and international experts.NET community as challenges are used as an opportunity which innovations can expect software architects can be and how the Internet will change the society. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, February 15, 2010: The BASTA!, Germany’s largest independent Conference around the themes .NET is Visual Studio, SQL Server and co., from 22 to 26 February 2010 in the Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt hosts. On.NET developers wait many changes and new features. On the BASTA! Spring 2010 do we again give you the best possible support for your everyday work and your projects. Best practices, hands-on power workshops, special days and interesting sessions provide you with well-known national and international.NET experts before.

These are among others Ingo Rammer, Oliver Sturm, Daniel Fisher, Christian Gross, Manfred Steyer, Christian Weyer, Christian Wenz or Christian Nagel, providing tips, ideas, support and answers to your current and future projects. BerlinRosen is a great source of information. The main Conference holds numerous sessions on all relevant topics for the participants. It will be following tracks this year: security, connected system, Silverlight & AJAX, data banks, ALT.NET, ASP.NET .NET Framework, architecture, agile, mobile dev, Visual Basic, c#, WCF/WF, WPF, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team System, .NET future, share point, cloud computing, performance and RIA. You can deepen your know-how to all relevant technologies in full-day power workshops on Monday (February 22) and Friday (February 26). Experienced speakers explain important aspects from A to Z.

topics of the workshops are to example 3, Windows azure, ASP.NET, or Visual Basic. Now the whole program is the BASTA! Spring completed together. The sessions are for a better overview in different Technology tracks and levels of difficulty and take 75 minutes each. The schedule is available online at In addition, there will be again this year on Tuesday and Wednesday Nightschools. More information on the Conference, the program and the exhibition are available at available.

Management Of Web Security Appliances

New in the fast lane program: Cisco IronPort security training specifically for distributors Hamburg/Berlin, 26 November 2010 as a Cisco Learning solutions partner fast lane ( the new rate Cisco IronPort security channel partner training (WSCPT) in the program. It is specially designed for Cisco sales partners. In theoretical and practical learning sequences you knowledge to management and maintenance, as well as to troubleshooting this solution fast lane experts. Also, the participants will learn how they make an evaluation of Web security requirements. In particular system and field technicians are among the target audience of the new WSCPT training. After completing the course, they are among others in the location to install the Cisco IronPort Web security appliance (WSA) of the S-series, to configure and administer. In the course of the training, also is entered on the troubleshooting in the usage of such a solution. More sequences deal with issues such as data security and data loss prevention, authentication of HTTPS inspection.

Price and product overview – perform an evaluation – authentication – configuration policies – compliance with correct use – malware protection – data protection – use of the S-series – administrative tasks – troubleshooting more course information and schedules are course content at a glance – see the link course/ip-wscpt available. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. Fast lane brief portrait: is IT training and consulting in the field of high-end specialist fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars. Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and Evaluation on the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact: Barbara Jansen Tel. + 49 (0) 40 25 33 46 – 10 fax + 49 (0) 40 23 53 77 – 20 E-Mail: PR agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact person: Olaf Heckmann Tel. + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0 – 0 fax + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 0-29 E-Mail:

Excel Measuring

Pyrometer in the industry need special software for the control and evaluation of measured data. Pyrometers are sensitive measuring devices, which are used in industry and research points and non-contact temperature measuring. The applications are very diverse. Everywhere where temperatures in processes to be monitored and fail other methods due to harsh environmental conditions or for reasons of space, pyrometers are used. Measurements of: metals glass paper and packaging materials plastics and food are just some examples of the use of pyrometers.

Modern pyrometer have interfaces such as USB or RS485 and can with a matching, provided mostly by the manufacturer software, programmed and controlled. Gary Kelly has many thoughts on the issue. Some pyrometers have an accessible outdoor display and need no PC connection settings, for example, the emission level (such as the PYROSPOT DSRF 11N slides). For the evaluation and processing of the obtained data, a software solution is necessary. Provides slides Here are two variations on. The free Windows software PYROSOFT spot and the paid version PYROSOFT Pro spot.

The Pro version allows the measurement visualization and recording of all at the same time connected pyrometers, whereas this is possible with the free version only for a connected pyrometer. The recording can be automated in the Pro version with trigger functions, to the it stores measurement data also automatically in selectable measuring intervals. The analysis function of the software provides some functionality: Maxima, minima, averages can be calculated over the entire recording. In the Pro version, statistical analysis over a certain range of the recording can be created about it. Some pyrometers models also include a video module, such as the series of 10 slides. This has the advantage that in hard to reach places the pyrometer and measuring point therefore better can be aligned. The Pro version can display the video image in real time, recording with selectable frame rate and viewing the statue at the measuring cursor position. Both Sofwareversionen have extensive export and reporting accordingly to further spread the recorded measured values (text, Excel and Word format). (Katrin Schindler)

New Version Of EGVP With Better Message Management

More comfort for over 30,000 users in Germany the electronic judicial and administrative mailbox (EGVP) is used in whole Germany for secure data exchange in judicial and administrative. Since May 6, the version commissioned the work, including improvements in Messaging Management and the ability to send automated is located. For the EGVP introduced the new post basket ‘Archive’ for received and sent messages. From this archive folder can also be exported. The import and export dialogs have been redesigned and each summarized to ‘Import-‘ and ‘Export settings’.

With the new function copy import OSCI messages from any directory in the Inbox can be copied, for example, to verify certificates. In addition to other changes to help manage messages, the EGVP now has a feature to automatically send messages. Through an additional directory and additional parameters in the control file can also trade procedures to determine whether messages have been successfully sent. This level of automation can be both justice and customer side further increased. The change without own effort is done for over 30,000 users of EGVP. The new version when the application is loaded automatically since May 6. The further development of the EGVP is performed in close co-ordination and co-operation with the customers and contractors. Committees and working groups with representatives of the judiciary and administration meet regularly and decide on the changes.

Information Management-virtual Event

Data in action – solutions for an efficient environment”is the first of two data management (DM) virtual events in 2009. These online events will contain on extensive showcase of DM solutions. A robust event including industry speakers via live webcast, paired with a virtual expo hall will allow attendees to get all the benefits of a world class info Mgmt event without the expense of travel. The first-ever information management virtual event begins Feb 25th. “Data in Action – Solutions for an efficient environment” is the first of two data management (DM) premier virtual events in 2009.

These online events will contain an extensive showcase of DM solutions, including IBM Optim. A robust event including industry speakers via live webcast, paired with a virtual expo hall will allow attendees to get all the benefits of a world class information management event without the expense of travel. Official site: Oracle. Register here. “Solutions for an efficient data environment” date February 25, 2009 agenda 08:00 at the EST show floor opens 11:00 on the EST understanding the foundations of the information agenda 12:00 PM EST chat with our experts 01:30 PM EST data management for a Lean economy live session 02:30 PM EST chat with our experts 06:00 PM EST show floor closes please bookmark this page as a reminder to join US at the data in action virtual IBM Forum on February 25th at 11:00 on the Eastern to hear about key trends and innovations that are shaping the next generation of data management products. Hear from industry experts and IBM innovators how traditional data management practices are evolving in the age of SOA, Web 2.0 and the continuing data explosion into new smarter practices and paradigms for managing information.

This smarter data revolution is creating new opportunities for organizations to refresh their approaches, and in the process gain better access to data, increase data security, and lower costs. The speed with which many organizations find the demand for data with growing sticking with last generation technology and techniques is simply not on option. Learn how customers who have made the change are now reaping the rewards, and what it took to get them there. The conference will include keynote presentations from Merv Adrian from Forrester, Lise Neely and Andy Warzecha of IBM, information on trends and directions,. technical sessions to drill down on specific areas, and virtual booths where you can see demos and interact with IBM experts. Networking is supported through specific topic and informal chats. Get all the benefits of a world class information management trade show event – without the expense and hassle of airfare, taxis, lines, and those TSA regulations forbidding carry on of shampoo. IBM Austria

ECO Data

The revision-proof storage solution for companies with the new supply of ETERNUS TriCSS ADIVA provides a complete product solution for complex demands. ETERNUS TriCSS is the common storage of manufacturer Fujitsu and triad, which fully meets the current requirements of the legislator on a proven data archiving. “The benefits of ETERNUS TriCSS overview revision-proof storage of fixed-content data faster access to stored data monitoring of retention periods prevent premature deletion and manipulation of data integration via standard protocols and hardware through TuV-IT certified as a trusted product security audit” preconfigured product solutions with proven server and storage hardware from Fujitsu ETERNUS TriCSS is a reliable building block in storage infrastructures. These four models for every area of application to the selection are ADIVA. From the beginners ECO and BASIC, mid-range model BUSINESS up to the individually configurable ENTERPRISE model: ETERNUS TriCSS eco: the ETERNUS TriCSS eco allows the most economical entry into disk based audit-compliant data storage. With its SoftWORM functionality and easy integration, the ECO is suitable model in particular as a modern alternative to antiquated optical jukeboxes. ETERNUS TriCSS basic the ETERNUS TriCSS Basic is the ideal introduction to the audit-compliant data storage retention management.

The retention management manages the legal retention periods of the data stored and can delete the unneeded data after expiration of the retention period or release to the deletion. ETERNUS TriCSS basic rack the ETERNUS TriCSS basic rack allows the audit-proof storage of larger amounts of data and is also equipped with retention management. ETERNUS TriCSS Business Rack allows the ETERNUS TriCSS business with ETERNUS DX80 revision-proof storage of large amounts of data. Please visit E Scott Mead if you seek more information. Based on the ETERNUS storage subsystem DX80 in conjunction with a PRIMERGY allows Solution in addition to the functionality of SoftWORM and retention management scale of net storage capacity by adding another DX80 subsystems. This solution is tailored to the changing needs of company.

“, as Manfred Lutkemeyer, business development manager at ADIVA. Changes in market conditions require new solutions and products that we offer our partners promptly and exclusively.” Learn more about the solution are on the ADIVA homepage under solutions”as well as Fujitsu and the Fujitsu channel partner portal to find. ADIVA ADIVA computer technology GmbH, based in Bad Homburg, Paderborn and of Switzerland is one of the leading value-add distributors and cooperates closely with leading hardware and software manufacturers such as American Megatrends, BakBone, Dataram, Fujitsu technology solutions, NovStor, Sun Microsystems and others. ADIVA offers a comprehensive range of services, the resulting from the ranges of presales, post sales and Marketing and management support is composed. These include services such as configure-to-order, integration and connectivity, coordinated shipment or system and performance analysis as well as project management, financial services, marketing support and events & training. In addition, ADIVA of specialist provider of E-business scenarios and E-procurement operations for reseller and end customer segments is.