Evening Secretary

Showroom Manager (proudly sounds!), waiter, operator in a call-center Flexible schedule may not straining to combine with their studies, but uninteresting and completely useless for the brain and future career. Even you do not learn to cook, being a waiter, only to pull a lot of plates in one hand: (4. guard, valet ;)))), courier, promoter, raskleyschik Intelligence ads of these studies, even as some do not want to discuss … well only if it is not the position of superintendent of the museum))) 5. babysitter (do you like children?) Children.

Noisy, quiet, demure and restless – different. But there need advice, few people still entrust their child to man in the street … And are preferred, rather, students, pedagogical institutes. 6. Evening Secretary, Typewriting little more intellectually, but totally uninteresting. But the printing speed is increased significantly.

7. massovik-joker work, tied to specific dates, of course, acting talents are welcome. But the holidays do not work in every like! List could continue, but the trend is so clear. In general, these options do not require special work head, but takes a long time .. Just what we needed to be thought of helping students or schools applicants, students, undergraduate students and even adults (eg, to learn foreign languages) – tutoring. I do not want to say that this is work for everyone. Think about whether each student has sufficient information to be able to systematize it, and wisely to convey to the student? It is the job for those who know the subject, who knows how to patiently explain the same thing several times. But at the same time, it’s nice when after labor should progress student! Someone want to check homework, someone needs to help understand the subject, to explain the difficult moments, as is often the cause of school failure lies in the very lack of understanding. As for abitury, then it is no secret that almost always necessary, if not learning, then at least the systematization of school knowledge in preparation for entrance exams. Cope with this quite a student of the university, which intends to enter a student. But even if you do not confident in their abilities, you will still be able to help the student middle school or junior in mathematics, physics, or Russian. The arithmetic is simple: the algebra 7th grade, 400-hour 500r, for engaging in a half hour 600-700r, 2 classes per week, ie three hours at a convenient time for you – 1200-1400 per week, 4 weeks per month 5-6 tr 12 hours per month. And the complexity of the work in this case – is to check homework assignments and analysis of simple problems and paragraphs from a textbook! Often tutors are looking for people who need knowledge of foreign languages, such as business negotiations. Here you may find that need to be taught “from scratch”, including grammar, and someone just to help remember the language. All, again, depends on your abilities. In this case, your earnings will be higher, and the tangible benefits – the languages themselves think;) In summary, I note that the work of a coach is probably the only opportunity to choose the time and number of work in exchange for money.

Smart Home Opportunities Management System

The fact that such a system is 'smart home' is written and said a lot, and many have even not clear, but at least a general idea of its capabilities. All we heard about 'climate control', and the system of 'multi', and various security systems. But here is how well it works, how to manage the 'smart' home, few know. The various possibilities of control system 'Smart Home' and will be discussed further. The general scheme of the system is as follows: central microcontroller (or computer) receives signals from command devices, then sends these signals to the executive modules and systems in the house. Executive modules and systems are the team to an electrical outlet, the infrared or radio and turns on or off the appropriate devices: lighting, security system, air conditioning, heating, water supply, etc., switches and keypads most simple management tool Smart Home is a 'smart' switch. One click the Settings button you can not just turn on or off, but also change the brightness of the lighting. This could be a whole keypad where each button corresponds to which a device, or a combination thereof.

These switches allow you to set different modes, such as 'sleep' in the bedroom – the light goes off smoothly, blinds closed, slightly lowered the temperature on the air conditioner, set the alarm clock. Consoles Remote Control remote control can operate not only TV and home theater. With it easy to activate any function of the "smart home": set different lighting scenarios, open and close the door, put the house on the protection, etc. Desktop computers, laptop or Pocket PC Any computer can be easily integrated with 'smart' home. It can act as a server system. This makes it possible visualized management, and data collection for statistical purposes. And if the networked desktop computer in a pocket, the latter can be used as a wireless, interactive control panel. Programs for control "smart" home can be installed on your office computer at the office or on a laptop that will be companion for every trip, and no matter where you were on a business trip or vacation, you can always monitor your home.