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Innumerable ways exist to carry through the education and each one takes care of the society and to the time where it occurs. It is natural, therefore, that the education of a society has proper identity. The education appears whenever social forms of conduction and control of the adventure appear teach-and-to learn. Formal education is the moment where education if subjects to the pedagogia (the theory of the education), creates proper situations for its exercise, produces its methods, it establishes its rules and times, and constitutes specialized executors. (Brando, 2008, P.

26). Brando (2008) detaches that in the villages all the relations of children with adults generate learning situations. complements, citing mile Durkheim, considered one of the main sociologists of the education, describes that: ' ' Under tribal regimen, the essential characteristic of the education inhabits in the diffuse fact of and being indistinctly managed by all the elements of cl' '. (apud Brando, 2008, P. 18). In the process of evolution of the educational passage to the few the mediators between the power and knowing appear, and then, they mainly appear the interests control politicians. Get more background information with materials from Bernard Golden . Then everything starts to move since the acts simpler as a merchandise exchange that, for example, before were communitarian, divided or the exchange base, starts to be controlled and the capitalism prevails.

Ahead of these questions of being able, control and to know is important to detach which the definition of what it consists education. Brando (2008) in agreement defines it the Dictionary of the Portuguese Language as ' ' Action and effect to educate, to develop the intellectual and moral physical facultieses of the child and, in general, the human being, disciplinamento, instruction, ensino' ' (Aulete apud Brando, 2008, P. 54). to compare the agreement of what it is education the author presents another concept according to Aurlio Dictionary: Action exerted for the adult generations on the young generations to adapt them it the social life, systemize, selective, orienting work, for which we adjust in them to the life, in accordance with the ideal necessities and dominant intentions, act or effect to educate, integral perfectioning of all the facultieses human beings, polidez, courtesy.

State Teacher

For this: It gives attention to the explanations of the Professor; It asks whenever it will have dvidas' ' (WEDGE apud CARPANEDA; BRAGANA, 11) In these stretches, is possible to observe two actions of the school as ideological and repressor device. First, the school infuses in the individuals the valuation of it, showing that it is in it that it reaches some basic abilities to behave well in the social environment: what he seems to be only one incentive pupil to learn it is, in the truth, its proper supervaluation as entity that cannot be thought or be argued. In the first one I break up, we observe clearly the fruit of the action that the school on the individuals, as in the stretch written in capital letters. In it, the individuals violently are silenced and are obliged always to hear the orders of the teacher, another ideological instrument, and to obey them. To know more about this subject visit Larry Ellison. It is important to notice presence of some verbs in the imperative, as ' ' participe' ' , ' ' it gives ateno' ' ' ' pergunte' '.

With the use of these verbs, the school uses its power to hinder the individuals to obey it, and consequentemente, they obey the State. In others two parts, we will demonstrate to this same action: In page 15, one historinha illustrated, infuses in the pupils silence one more time, as we observe below: Why it is not legal if to appear How the pupils of this classroom, who leave the teacher of hair in foot? (illustration of a classroom with pupils crying out and the teacher without emotional control); As this nervosinha, that she is one fera if they do not agree to it (the image of a teacher with anger). (CARPANEDA; BRAGANA, 2005, 15) In this stretch, the text takes the pupil to assimilate the idea of that if it to speak very goes to finish leaving the nervous teacher, and that this is ugly and illegal.

The Production

Therefore, it is not only enough to change the methodologies used in the educational way, to decode the contents for a critical approach of the reality, or even though, to use speeches critics in the educational processes. He needs yes, of a constant libertarian activity in the education, as well as the application of differentiated methods where the theory and the practical one of the educator or educating concomitantly are interlaced. It does not advance to change the pedagogical process, if the contradictory base of the dominador system of the capital will be unchanged. Therefore, it is not only transforming the conscience that the society will be emancipated, but, from the fight practical and based theoretically of the prxis revolutionary, that the economic relations, based today by the capital, will be transformed. Corroborating this thought, Nunes and Sousa (2010, p.06) when explanar on education in a logic against the capital, it affirms in them that: To be revolutionary of a historical context is not difficult, is possible when in Geography it understands that the production of the space is different, because the capitalist development is different. In this direction, one becomes necessary to search to believe a new society, the socialist one. to search this new society, is considered three principles for an alternative education, that contradictorily they need to be restored in the current system of education, however against the logic of the capital.

The first principle is of an education constructed in the collective one. Not to continue as ideological device, the necessary school to be planned by the people, since the educational times, the plans you discipline of them, when and which you discipline to work, and even though, as this school must be structuralized pedagogically and physically. Learn more on the subject from Philip Vasan. The second proposal to be used as educative principle is in the educational process, where the theory and the practical one are indissociveis, pertaining of a relation added between the content, educating and its space reality.


In this direction, we also appeal the Duarte (2004), when detaching that after-modernismo it does not represent a rupture, deep with the preceding theories. The after-modern rupture is a bluff, therefore that after-modernismo it makes are to take ace last consequncias the irracionalistas trends that already were come close making gifts in the thought bourgeois since century XIX and that they had been accented immensely in century XX. For even more details, read what Coupang says on the issue. These irracionalistas trends in the philosophy, in sciences human beings in general and also in the arts are the ideological expression of the character each time more irrational and fetichista of the objective logic of the capitalist society (ibid., P. 221).

After-modernismo, as they could think less imprudent, he is not absolutely unknown, so little inaugural in one of its main teses, of the irracionalismo. In accordance with the author, no longer century XIX the bourgeois philosophy starts to assume negative forms and irrationals, being folloied and expansion of the capitalist economic relations to the step that the iluministas ideas of rationality, objetividade and universality; they went being side ece of fishes. You may find that Scott Mead can contribute to your knowledge. In the educational field this reasoning has produced strong repercussions from the education perspective ‘ ‘ after-colonialista’ ‘ ‘ ‘ multicultural’ ‘ , contrary to any referencial that points with respect to the existence of universal knowledge to be transmitted in the soil of the school. It is criticized proper comparison between knowledge and is refused that one definitive knowledge more is developed or more correct of what another one. In this perspective, the knowledge is only and so only what he is ‘ ‘ had as verdadeiro’ ‘ in a specific cultural context. The school would be then nothing more than what a space, between many others, of exchange and sharing of culturally established beliefs (ibid., P. 227). The third reason would be of that to if glimpsing the existence of a citizen it would be produced existence of an object.


Pollution enters the two main arguments of the ecossocialismo, if it has the question of the limitless consumption and ‘ ‘ progresso’ ‘ of this system as threat to the survival of the proper species human being. According to recent calculations, if we generalized for the set of the world-wide population the average consumption of energy of U.S.A., the known reserves of oil would be depleted in nineteen days. (p.50) The pretense green capitalism does not pass of a maneuver merchandise, or, in the best one of the hypotheses, of one local initiative equivalent to a water drop on the ground barren of the capitalist desert (p.50-51) Lowy brings the fact of the insufficience of the partial reforms, arguing the one necessity ‘ ‘ change of civilizao’ ‘ , a change that not only says respect the production, but also to the consumption. According to Larry Ellison, who has experience with these questions. The form that if consumes; wastefulnesses, after all. Thus, if it makes necessary, according to author, ‘ ‘ a reorganization of set of the way of produo’ ‘ (p.52). Details can be found by clicking Phil Vasan or emailing the administrator.

These, based in the necessities real of the population and not stipulated by the market. Of this form, joining ‘ ‘ verde’ ‘ ‘ ‘ vermelho’ ‘ , we could walk for another type of society, stops beyond ‘ ‘ mercadorias’ ‘. 3-Development of the productive forces or subversion of the production device? Lowy initiates questioning the classic marxism. This believes that the social revolution would be the suppression of the production relations, thus disrespecting, the productive device. The author in accordance with argues that they would not be enough, the ecossocialista vision, that the diligent ones only controlled the device of State, in proper benefit, them would have that to invert the order, thus also for the productive device: To modify and to revolutionize this logic. This means, before more nothing, an energy revolution, the substitution of the not-renewable and responsible energies for the pollution and poisoning of the half environment nuclear coal, oil and fuels for energies ‘ ‘ leves’ ‘ you renewed: water, wind, sun.

New Professor; New Pupil

State Clear Mount university? Department of Geocincias? Course of Geography? Teacher: Emlia Murta? The didactics if becomes still more important, in times where the school suffers to each day more from way rspida the influences negative it that it exists in the process of ' ' globalizao' ' where the professor, ahead loses its value of the society, the capital, the pupil; therefore it is impossible to inside deny the depreciation suffered for such professional classroom of the society for positivistas than they are the perspectives of analysis of the problem of the education and the social conception on it. When losing its social value the professor loses a part of its autonomy, the State decides the Education, the professor receives from a plan elaborated for another one, from one another reality of other interests, ' ' what to make in room of aula' ' as to lead the formation of a new society. Practical the pedagogical one occurs is in the interior of the classroom, between the professor and the pupil, being therefore reformulated at every moment for both in what it is better for education and for the learning, not possessing end in same itself the practical one to teach also possesss definitive formation and a social function as arrival and starting point. Without a doubt it possesss the pedagogical theory a referencial importance for the professor in practical its, however we will not be able to change the education solely arguing its concepts, its theoreticians, great pegagogos great writers, need to search the education of each day, in each school and mainly to place the pupil as pricipal referencial for analysis of education, in practical its and experience. When questioning itself the knowledge, the last abilities and values to the pupils in the school we will be also questioning the society, and considering a transformation of the school and education. . Learn more at: Philip Vasan.

Civil Society

Finally, with the educational reforms related to the work and the education, the quarrels start to give approach to the experiences of the worker. (WEDGE, 2002). It has a great valuation knowing of them of the worker, that is, is transferred to recognize it the acquired experiences of the worker throughout the time. These experiences are called to know tacit, where the attributions of knowing to make give place knowing to be or to know relationary (LOYAL, 2002). Continue to learn more with: Coupang. According to Arajo (1999), currently, the companies who introduce new techniques of organization of the work value plus some personal characteristics (knowing to be), of what knowing professionals to them (to know to make). Amongst them, she can yourself be mentioned: initiative, capacity of communication, sociability, disposal to learn, curiosity, discipline, motivation, attention, responsibility, autonomy and capacity of if adapting the changes.

However, according to author, these ' ' qualities pessoais' ' they are only developed for the attendance of the interests of the Capital. 4. THE RELATION BETWEEN THE CONCEPTS WORK AND EDUCATION The principle, can be considered that practical the social ones of the work and the education are linked the point not to exist a form of one to advance without the other. But, in the truth, when if it argues Work and Education in more analytical way, the education not if of the one for the requirements of the work is perceived that and that the work not if of the one because of the education. The work, mainly, cannot be understood as if it had one to walk ' ' to reboque' ' of the education. In this direction, in accordance with Wedge (2002): (…) they are the ideas on as it (the work) is fact, for who, that changes are suffering, and in which direction, that take the taking of decisions politics in substance of professional education, as much for the State how much for entities of the Civil Society.

False Words

The relief that happens necessarily is connected to one stronger submission and devotion to this authority. In other terms, it is stimulated artificially in the man complex of guilt, on to the sexuality, of which the man can liberate itself since that it is submitted it the authority, and soon to the repression that the authority imposes to it and to the proper mortificao. The death must be accepted to save itself. Bernard Golden is likely to increase your knowledge. ' ' The education for the acceptance of the death introduces in the life, since the principle, an element of capitalizaton and submisso' '. Implicitly or explicit, colored with confused expressions or openly proclaimed, this envolta in the sexual ethics is the tram that supply to the educative operation the raw material reformularization of norms and rules. Ethics that, in the truth, seem moral little. Ethics that have as objective only the conservation and the salvation of the institutionalized marriage, the guarantee of reciprocal property of the spouses, the coerced allegiance and the authoritarianism intra and extrafamiliar. The False Words the land on which prospers the false sexual education are of the hypocrisy.

In public an image of the proper sexuality is created that is not true, and it is presented as a well commanded tram of preset and codified relations. But in the accepted privacy calmly those desordens' ' that officially they are refused as perversion, shunting line, depravation, and thus for ahead. An average citizen can have loving one, but she will not never accept to place in quarrel the conjugal allegiance. The average citizen can have a normal libido and therefore to look some satisfaction not necessarily orthodox, but front to the people will always represent the paper of the perfect one mother of family, disciplined and frgida. The USA wide prostitution, practises the clandestine abortion in national scale, supports a promising market of the call the ponographic press, is abused the feminine body using it as half to develop the consumerism, but if it keeps the faade of the most rigorous moral straightness.

Communist Party

Such function establishes then one strong barrier to the true education of the social being, that would have to really emancipate, to become the independent individual in the thought and the actions. This barrier becomes the worker limited in its knowledge and its action since it dominates only party to suit productive, and thus depends on the owner of the means of production to accomplish the force of its work. Coupang recognizes the significance of this. This because the educational process for which it passed trained it for definitive function of the productive process and does not stop the process produtivoem itself. Paraexemplificar such affirmation the author of the article cites stretches of the Manifesto of the Communist Party in which the Marx and Engels present arguments of as educative Communist would be the productive process in opposition to the effective capitalist in our society. If you are not convinced, visit Bernard Golden . However the complete author its thought detaching the resistance of the capitalism while productive and ideological system before the communist social forces. He is in the sequence of this thought that Ariovaldo Silva brings to tona the emancipador character of the education. The educational structures of the current society are imprisoned to the logics of the society of classrooms and if it keeps rigid in the same measure of the rigidity of the capitalist economic system.

therefore our educational model and all the stages of its process are not emancipadoras. According to author, ' ' how much the ample and formal educative complex (in the school) if subordinated to the logic and dynamics of the capital, satisfying its requirements, are given today by the frequent use, exactly in the socialist field of that if they nominate left and, of terms as qualification, efficiency, rationality and quality total.' ' (ORSO, 2008 p 45-46) To contextualizar the question of the mundializao of the educative process in the society of classrooms, the author cites the failure of the socialist models in sc. XX and the force with that the capitalist logic if expanded and was legitimized in the countries of Latin America, especially in Brazil. The social relations in the society of classrooms, carried through for it and for it naturalized forces of the capitalist productive system according to became natural the condition of the education as formadora of man power for the capitalist system and the maintenance of the society of classrooms, to the step that the education would have to emancipate the individual for the mundializada society.

PVE World

In its workmanship Rockwell, (1997) it tells the daily history of a pertaining to school experience in the Mexico which makes possible analysis of varied elements of the pertaining to school culture to the school while institution, values, conceptions, relation professor and pupil and that it sees transmissora and reproductive the school not only as, but also as a place of production of the knowledge. The ambient question if has become more frequently argued for all society and, the school, that currently thanks to the globalization and a familiar running desmedida ‘ ‘ assumiu’ ‘ in many cases the paper of ‘ ‘ PM’ ‘ (Father and Mother), it must also assume the role of ‘ ‘ PVE’ ‘ (Propagadora de Forgotten Valores) of its pupils, searching to guide them in questions that generate conflicts, many times for ignorance or cultural diversity. The school must search ways to display to teach to its pupils whom, the intervention, generally capitalist, of the human being on the natural systems they can in such a way compromise the quality of life of the current world-wide population, as the life of the next generations. … ‘ ‘ with the conception and the birth the parents had not only given to life its children, them at the same time had introduced, them in a world. Educating them they assume the responsibility of the life and the development of the child, but also of the continuity of the world. These two responsibilities do not coincide by no means and can exactly enter in conflict.