MLM Myths

Myth 4: The network business come the losers, those who have not found myself in other areas of life. Many of my sponsors – successful people. Doctors, businessmen …. In general, times are changing.

And now many of the SM come at the behest of the heart. And not out of despair. Although many CM helped to get out of a very difficult financial situations …. And now about the other myths about MLM 1. It is often said that this is such a wonderful business, that’s all there love each other, never hurt, no competition.

The truth is, that just like in any business. Business is business. Competition, and not always fair (we are working with people. And they are different). This is business, and quite hard. Everyone protects their achievements. And that, in general, it is quite normal. 2. Only an online business can make money. Well, the truth is that MLM is a type of business. In the ordinary business of many opportunities to succeed. True. MLM has a significant advantage as the size of seed capital .. He incomparably smaller than in traditional business. And in no other business, apart from MLM, you no one to share their experiences, will not get on its feet … 3. This business is for everyone. Well, there is no work for everyone! And this business is not Closed for people who do not want to take the initiative, who want to have a certain salary and Human Services.

Planned Purchases And Actions

As you can see all of the planned purchases and actions by themselves sufficient costly. Spontaneous buying something from this list capable of penetrating a serious dent in the budget. Drawing up such a list will help you plan your purchases, collect money and most importantly – to prioritize. Of course, over time, the list can be updated and supplemented. The funds planned for expenditure items for the month, we divide by the week.

So we're much easier to control the dynamics of expense. And if there was overspent in the early days of the week, you have to hold on to the end of the week, and vice versa. That is, we can assume that the reference period we have a week, even though the budget and planned for a month. In our family, at present, the main earner and I am the breadwinner, and I do not feel the slightest discomfort about the use of funds from the family budget with all family members, if only it was justified. At any moment, each of us can take the necessary amount cash, but we remember that it is family money, and everyone feels responsible for the welfare of the family. Thus, it becomes clear that we have adopted a joint type of budget, and all we have built on mutual trust and responsibility. Any individual, 'pocket' zanachek we do not – there is not much in need.

Necessary expenses for each is discussed and planned, the possibility of unplanned spending also accounted for. Although We agreed that in future, with the growth of family income, each of us will have their own means. Such a system of personal zanachek presupposes co-separate type of budget. This approach to management Budget is interesting because on the one hand there is something in common, converging, and on the other hand – there are some financial independence from each other. I believe that this method is very good in the first place – lack of guilt over total waste of money for themselves, and secondly – everyone knows what he can expect a disciplined, well in third – you can, for example, to surprise a loved one some unexpected gift. Separate way of doing the budget somehow does not inspire optimism, not ours it is. He came from the West, where women, by all means, seek to be equal to men. It is nice but not that bad, for example, to pay for a woman in a restaurant? You should not blindly copy someone else's lifestyle. And in the family, the total budget, with planned and coordinated – this is another piece Bringing family members. Incidentally, under the Family Code, the money earned by one of the spouses or both together, are the joint property (Section 3, Chapter 7, Article 34 of the 'Family Code' on December 28, 2004). That is so constructed the financial side of our family life. At the moment we are quite satisfied with this disposition. How would you – it's up to you

Risk Management

The methodology for risk management and credit control phases: identification, measurement, control and monitoring of risk are essential to mitigate the risks: (See “Management and control of business risks by Felix Campoverde) The criterion for the formulation of policies for granting credit conservative or liberal should not depend on whim or discretion of the directors, but many circumstances and situations: credit rating of the types of customers and products, credit profiles of the prospectus, endogenous and exogenous factors (market) of the lender, because they grant a loan entails the need to find a balance between the imperative to invest on the client (business acumen) and on the other hand, the increased financial needs and costs (economic view). Depending on the situation at all times and circumstances, the institution must establish conditions in policies or other credit. For example, interannual periods, depending on the seasonality of the product or depending on the situation of the economic environment. (If we remember.

The topic management and control of business risk analysis of credit remains quantitative and qualitative). Symptoms and signs of the behavior of the loan portfolio is essential for the classification of current and future customers, for that the methodologies and analytical techniques based on historical behavior of credit operations and quotas, to determine the expected loss on the basis of the probability of default, the level of exposure and the severity of loss for calculation of these components must have a database at least three years immediately preceding, containing sufficient information to calculate expected losses ..

The Characteristics

I taste of the characteristics associates to the management – not to control, to oppress people, to leave them without information, being lost time with things of little value and reports. (…) You must leave the way, leaving the people to make the certain things and rewarding them, when conseguem.’ ‘ (2) Many times, the executives do not obtain to delegate functions because supposedly they do not find people who can make definitive work, of the form that considers ideal, without necessity of constant supervision (scarcity of qualified staff). But, frequent, and even though of unconscious form, they do not want to delegate, therefore this represents loss of being able, of importance and of auto-they even esteem (they are not prepared to manage strategically, therefore they had never made it). Many times, also, the proper head does not know enough all process that is under its command. Therefore its function if concentrates in supervision, in verifying if the employees are working, if determined task he was carried through. They finish if overloading of work and losing the precious time to think, to evaluate, to plan and to learn.

only for the learning, either for contact with new technology, interaction with other realities, analysis of ideas and suggestions and the propensity to always study, keeping the humildade, that the leader really finishes knowing the process that she manages. understands better where they are the chances for constant improvement and innovation. It finishes for understanding which important functions need to be stimulated or exactly implanted in its area, therefore it will better understand the relation between costs and benefits. Unhappyly, in our born in the kingdom reality the politics, the power, the status, the indication.


Of this form, she observes yourself that many Brazilian executives who live in the exterior are people who passively do not accept everything what them they are requested, as well as also do not accept the point opposing. Many Brazilians who work outside of the country they had finished if becoming leader for having obtained to place its ideas through consistent arguments e, mainly, for not having had fear to say ' ' no' '. Creativity: the vision is of a Brazilian engineer specialist in analysis of risks of projects that works in U.S.A. for some companies multinationals. Ricardo Vargas perceived that it took some advantages on its American competitors. First that it did not intimidate with auditoriums of other nationalities in English fluente.

Another Brazilian advantage is ' ' paixo' ' demonstrated for the work to be carried through, therefore Brazilian we more are accustomed to deal with crises of what they. In the 2008 end, many customers of Ricardo were terrified with the economic crisis that if presented. This Brazilian capacity to survive, of ' ' if virar' ' to decide the problem is very well seen by the foreign analysts. ' ' Brazilian we most are prepared to face the crises of what any another American or European country, a time that they little they are accustomed elas' ' Ricardo said Vargas. The foreigners are completely magic with our improvisation during crisis moments and, to think about the future, can be an excellent exercise that in the light one to make right.

The Brazilian leader of the future believes itself exactly and has one high one to be able of concentration in its goals. They believe its intuition, its feelings and its inspiration. Its ' ' insights' ' (intuition) they are useful to create new products, services or markets. Its feelings are important to involve emotionally its team and, its inspiration, to carry through the dream in a real world. The Brazilian leaders of the future appreciate the audacity, the passion for the stranger and adore ' ' impossvel' '. For them the act to lead is a gratuity for the proper exercise of the Leadership. They love the results in such a way how much the processes to reach them and dedicate to as much time for the spiritual how much the material. The Brazilian leaders of the future if are proud to grow professionally, but if they are more still proud of its team. They have the head in clouds? dreaming high? ' ' the feet in cho' ' , demonstrating the emotional balance of the Brazilian executives who work in the exterior.

Prospect Foundry Exhibition

In St. Petersburg, finished work of the exhibition "Psychiatry. An Industry of Death. " The exhibition worked 4 weeks in the city center in a building on Prospect Foundry, 57 exhibitors, doctors, lawyers, lawyers, and psychiatrists and psychologists. After the exhibition has been more than 5,000 people who left more than 1,000 thank-you notes and reviews about the exhibition.

Several psychiatrists have come to argue with the exhibition organizers, considering that the exhibition is "lopsided" highlights the negative aspects of psychiatry. However, the challenge is that the psychiatric industry workers, as a rule, do not inform patients about the dangers associated with the treatment of mental health care, they could not. They could not challenge and the strange situation of psychiatric doctors normal practice – the "doctors" who do not seek and do not cure the causes of diseases, and in the best case, jammed with symptoms of psychiatric drugs, leaving one on one patient with undiagnosed causes of their suffering. June 8 opening ceremony of the exhibition, in which ribbon was cut by the Human Rights Council executive secretary of the St. Petersburg Natalia Evdokimova and economist Yuri Dorofeev. The exhibition was held hearings on the role of psychiatry in the history of fascism, about violations of rights under the legal age of orphans in orphanages neuropsychiatric St.

Petersburg, also on non-residential machinations with psychiatry. Among the visitors were people who suffered from mental tyranny, and those who have never to this area do not come across. Here are a few reviews sotavlennyh visitors: "No I did not have help, I tagged as" psychopathy "…

Federal Government

In Brazil, for example, all could contribute and keep the clean streets. In the decade of 70, necessarily in 1972, therefore it has 39 years, he was servant, for Ruy Perotti, the personage ‘ ‘ Sujismundo’ ‘ , that he had much space advertising executive in the radios and TVs with objective to acquire knowledge the population not to play garbage in streets and to adopt in general measured of hygiene. In form of livened up drawing, the personage (disorganized and unhygienic) if placed in constrangedoras or unhealthy situations provoked by its attitudes. Larry Ellison might disagree with that approach. The campaign of the Federal Government (at the time Military dictatorship) had the slogan: ‘ ‘ Developed people is people limpo’ ‘. The personage became popular, but although the behavior defects fell were in the affection of the majority of the population, that seems today until wanting is to imitate it, and not to censure it, for its pssimo habit to play garbage in streets and sidewalk. Except for the miracle of the Internet, personage is extinct of the media, but unhappyly and passed almost 40 decades, what we see in generalized way are following of ‘ ‘ Sujismundo’ ‘. Some act in the been silent one of the night and others, without any modesty, act to the clear ones and play papers, entulhos, twigs, cups and plastic bottles in streets, sidewalk, lands or hillsides of rivers.

Thus it does not have sweepers or attacks by teen street gang against the affection who give account of as much dirt. In such a way, many times the Power I publish if it sees as ‘ ‘ Ssifo’ ‘ (of Mythology Greek) that it was condemned perpetual to the useless work to roll enormous rock until the top of the mountain, but all time that arrived at the top, the rock rolled mountain below and the mission came back to the zero. Preoccupying stranger and in the present time is that many that complain of cleanness lack are the ones that contribute so that cleanness efforts are works of ‘ ‘ Ssifo’ ‘ , therefore the same ones after make dirty places minutes they to be clean. It goes to understand?

Auto-Lock Cabling

Cabling autolock is divided into the station and distillation. To auto-lock cable lines also include cable insertion in high-voltage signal line at the intersection of Water obstacles in mountainous areas, in large stations, settlements, etc. The station cable network is a collection of auto-lock cable lines that connect the premises located at assistant station signal relay with centralizers booths or cabinets input and output signals in both directions. In addition, the cable lines are laid from relay to battery cabinets wells, traffic lights, pointer positions and cable racks track circuits. Distillation cable network auto-lock exists on the stretch at the installation site of signal points and, as a rule, consists of a cable, laid on the cable box supports high-power-signal line to relay cabinet and the last to walk-through traffic lights, battery and cable racks well track circuits. Cable network is used to centralize power connection of devices floor devices (lights, switches drives, track circuits, etc.) with instruments installed in the relay booths, and the latter with a signal point in EAF centralization with local dependencies or with devices arranged in interlocking positions.

Cable network centralization hump similar to the electrical cable network centralization. Recently, the yards began extensive introduction of automated dissolution of the compositions on rollercoaster. In this regard, the yards are laid cables connecting the device floor automation equipment automation, mounted on the hump positions. Cable network station lock in stations with mechanical interlocking switches and signals consist of cables connecting the administrative apparatus, installed at the EAF, the executive apparatus, installed in the premises bugler and whipping, as well as cables connecting devices executive with rail pedals, coupling mechanisms, and the rubbing contacts for the semaphores of the wings. It should also be indicate that in cases where the roadway is laid along the cable telecommunications, lived part of the cable, usually used for automation and remote control. Stranded cable is used for communication circuits elektrozhezlovoy systems and semi-directional lock, automatic block signal circuits, circuits, remote control traction substations on electrified routes, and traffic control circuits for centralization and control.

Russian Federation

Permission to hire foreign workers in 10 days from the date of the decision on his extradition will be sent to the employer by mail or may be issued to a person authorized by the employer. Issued permit can not be transferred to another employer, and employees adopted pursuant to this resolution can not be transferred to work for another employer. Suspension action has been granted to attract and use foreign workers is, if the employer: – has not ensured that a foreign citizen, called to work, permit work – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service of the temporary stay of a foreign worker, unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty of the Russian Federation – was not notified within 10 working days tax authority at the place of registration of the foreign citizen to work place or place of residence, or obtaining a foreign national a work permit, or signing with a new foreign worker employment contract or a civil contract for works (services), or cancellation of work permits of foreign workers; – not sent in a 3-day period in the migration service information violating foreign worker employment agreement or a civil contract for works (services), as well as for early termination of the contract – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service, the territorial agency of the federal executive body in charge of internal affairs and territorial bodies of federal executive body in charge of security, willful abandonment of a foreign worker employment or place of residence. .

Universities In Russia

According to Itar Tass, the Minister of Education and Science Andrei offers by 2008 to form a two-tier education system for universities in Russia. According to the traditional scheme of a Russian student becomes a specialist five or six years of study. Now, after four years, students receive a bachelor's degree, and then optionally be able to finish my studies within one or two years to master. However, it is planned that these innovations are not spread to a number of engineering, medical and other professions. 20% of executives surveyed say they are not ready to hire a bachelor's degree. According to experts, "UNITY", explained by the fact that many Employers received their education at a time when such a gradation existed only in the West and in Russia's environment bachelor was the "college drop-out." At the same time, according to the poll, if the applicant has adequate experience work, the level of his education will not have such a serious matter. 80% of employers felt that the two-tier system of education will help to structure and generally improve the quality of training graduates.

"Bachelors have a good baseline and then they can finish my studies" under him. " The system of training programs that exist in many firms, allows the candidate to acquire the necessary for entry into a profession skills, "- commented one of the employers. "The two-stage system will allow anyone in a short time to graduate and start working. Given the shortage of skilled personnel, existing today in the labor market, I believe that such innovations are really necessary ", – commented the director of human resource center" unity "Ludmila Kozlova.