MLM Myths

Myth 4: The network business come the losers, those who have not found myself in other areas of life. Many of my sponsors – successful people. Doctors, businessmen …. In general, times are changing.

And now many of the SM come at the behest of the heart. And not out of despair. Although many CM helped to get out of a very difficult financial situations …. And now about the other myths about MLM 1. It is often said that this is such a wonderful business, that’s all there love each other, never hurt, no competition.

The truth is, that just like in any business. Business is business. Competition, and not always fair (we are working with people. And they are different). This is business, and quite hard. Everyone protects their achievements. And that, in general, it is quite normal. 2. Only an online business can make money. Well, the truth is that MLM is a type of business. In the ordinary business of many opportunities to succeed. True. MLM has a significant advantage as the size of seed capital .. He incomparably smaller than in traditional business. And in no other business, apart from MLM, you no one to share their experiences, will not get on its feet … 3. This business is for everyone. Well, there is no work for everyone! And this business is not Closed for people who do not want to take the initiative, who want to have a certain salary and Human Services.

Risk Management

The methodology for risk management and credit control phases: identification, measurement, control and monitoring of risk are essential to mitigate the risks: (See “Management and control of business risks by Felix Campoverde) The criterion for the formulation of policies for granting credit conservative or liberal should not depend on whim or discretion of the directors, but many circumstances and situations: credit rating of the types of customers and products, credit profiles of the prospectus, endogenous and exogenous factors (market) of the lender, because they grant a loan entails the need to find a balance between the imperative to invest on the client (business acumen) and on the other hand, the increased financial needs and costs (economic view). Depending on the situation at all times and circumstances, the institution must establish conditions in policies or other credit. For example, interannual periods, depending on the seasonality of the product or depending on the situation of the economic environment. (If we remember.

The topic management and control of business risk analysis of credit remains quantitative and qualitative). Symptoms and signs of the behavior of the loan portfolio is essential for the classification of current and future customers, for that the methodologies and analytical techniques based on historical behavior of credit operations and quotas, to determine the expected loss on the basis of the probability of default, the level of exposure and the severity of loss for calculation of these components must have a database at least three years immediately preceding, containing sufficient information to calculate expected losses ..

The Characteristics

I taste of the characteristics associates to the management – not to control, to oppress people, to leave them without information, being lost time with things of little value and reports. (…) You must leave the way, leaving the people to make the certain things and rewarding them, when conseguem.’ ‘ (2) Many times, the executives do not obtain to delegate functions because supposedly they do not find people who can make definitive work, of the form that considers ideal, without necessity of constant supervision (scarcity of qualified staff). But, frequent, and even though of unconscious form, they do not want to delegate, therefore this represents loss of being able, of importance and of auto-they even esteem (they are not prepared to manage strategically, therefore they had never made it). Many times, also, the proper head does not know enough all process that is under its command. Therefore its function if concentrates in supervision, in verifying if the employees are working, if determined task he was carried through. They finish if overloading of work and losing the precious time to think, to evaluate, to plan and to learn.

only for the learning, either for contact with new technology, interaction with other realities, analysis of ideas and suggestions and the propensity to always study, keeping the humildade, that the leader really finishes knowing the process that she manages. understands better where they are the chances for constant improvement and innovation. It finishes for understanding which important functions need to be stimulated or exactly implanted in its area, therefore it will better understand the relation between costs and benefits. Unhappyly, in our born in the kingdom reality the politics, the power, the status, the indication.

Prospect Foundry Exhibition

In St. Petersburg, finished work of the exhibition "Psychiatry. An Industry of Death. " The exhibition worked 4 weeks in the city center in a building on Prospect Foundry, 57 exhibitors, doctors, lawyers, lawyers, and psychiatrists and psychologists. After the exhibition has been more than 5,000 people who left more than 1,000 thank-you notes and reviews about the exhibition.

Several psychiatrists have come to argue with the exhibition organizers, considering that the exhibition is "lopsided" highlights the negative aspects of psychiatry. However, the challenge is that the psychiatric industry workers, as a rule, do not inform patients about the dangers associated with the treatment of mental health care, they could not. They could not challenge and the strange situation of psychiatric doctors normal practice – the "doctors" who do not seek and do not cure the causes of diseases, and in the best case, jammed with symptoms of psychiatric drugs, leaving one on one patient with undiagnosed causes of their suffering. June 8 opening ceremony of the exhibition, in which ribbon was cut by the Human Rights Council executive secretary of the St. Petersburg Natalia Evdokimova and economist Yuri Dorofeev. The exhibition was held hearings on the role of psychiatry in the history of fascism, about violations of rights under the legal age of orphans in orphanages neuropsychiatric St.

Petersburg, also on non-residential machinations with psychiatry. Among the visitors were people who suffered from mental tyranny, and those who have never to this area do not come across. Here are a few reviews sotavlennyh visitors: "No I did not have help, I tagged as" psychopathy "…

Russian Federation

Permission to hire foreign workers in 10 days from the date of the decision on his extradition will be sent to the employer by mail or may be issued to a person authorized by the employer. Issued permit can not be transferred to another employer, and employees adopted pursuant to this resolution can not be transferred to work for another employer. Suspension action has been granted to attract and use foreign workers is, if the employer: – has not ensured that a foreign citizen, called to work, permit work – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service of the temporary stay of a foreign worker, unless otherwise stipulated by an international treaty of the Russian Federation – was not notified within 10 working days tax authority at the place of registration of the foreign citizen to work place or place of residence, or obtaining a foreign national a work permit, or signing with a new foreign worker employment contract or a civil contract for works (services), or cancellation of work permits of foreign workers; – not sent in a 3-day period in the migration service information violating foreign worker employment agreement or a civil contract for works (services), as well as for early termination of the contract – was not notified in a 3-day period, the migration service, the territorial agency of the federal executive body in charge of internal affairs and territorial bodies of federal executive body in charge of security, willful abandonment of a foreign worker employment or place of residence. .

Universities In Russia

According to Itar Tass, the Minister of Education and Science Andrei offers by 2008 to form a two-tier education system for universities in Russia. According to the traditional scheme of a Russian student becomes a specialist five or six years of study. Now, after four years, students receive a bachelor's degree, and then optionally be able to finish my studies within one or two years to master. However, it is planned that these innovations are not spread to a number of engineering, medical and other professions. 20% of executives surveyed say they are not ready to hire a bachelor's degree. According to experts, "UNITY", explained by the fact that many Employers received their education at a time when such a gradation existed only in the West and in Russia's environment bachelor was the "college drop-out." At the same time, according to the poll, if the applicant has adequate experience work, the level of his education will not have such a serious matter. 80% of employers felt that the two-tier system of education will help to structure and generally improve the quality of training graduates.

"Bachelors have a good baseline and then they can finish my studies" under him. " The system of training programs that exist in many firms, allows the candidate to acquire the necessary for entry into a profession skills, "- commented one of the employers. "The two-stage system will allow anyone in a short time to graduate and start working. Given the shortage of skilled personnel, existing today in the labor market, I believe that such innovations are really necessary ", – commented the director of human resource center" unity "Ludmila Kozlova.