Universities In Russia

According to Itar Tass, the Minister of Education and Science Andrei offers by 2008 to form a two-tier education system for universities in Russia. According to the traditional scheme of a Russian student becomes a specialist five or six years of study. Now, after four years, students receive a bachelor's degree, and then optionally be able to finish my studies within one or two years to master. However, it is planned that these innovations are not spread to a number of engineering, medical and other professions. 20% of executives surveyed say they are not ready to hire a bachelor's degree. According to experts, "UNITY", explained by the fact that many Employers received their education at a time when such a gradation existed only in the West and in Russia's environment bachelor was the "college drop-out." At the same time, according to the poll, if the applicant has adequate experience work, the level of his education will not have such a serious matter. 80% of employers felt that the two-tier system of education will help to structure and generally improve the quality of training graduates.

"Bachelors have a good baseline and then they can finish my studies" under him. " The system of training programs that exist in many firms, allows the candidate to acquire the necessary for entry into a profession skills, "- commented one of the employers. "The two-stage system will allow anyone in a short time to graduate and start working. Given the shortage of skilled personnel, existing today in the labor market, I believe that such innovations are really necessary ", – commented the director of human resource center" unity "Ludmila Kozlova.