Organizational Management Structure

NetBooster strengthened its organizational management structure to support its ambitious growth plans NETBOOSTER, the independent supplier in the European digital communications market, announces the creation of an “Executive Committee” in response to accelerated growth. NetBooster successfully has strengthened its multi channel and multi-terrain-service-delivery capabilities in 2012, requires the acquisition of a large number of international brand customers comprehensive service and product offerings. As a result, CEO of NetBooster, Raphael have ornamental, CEO of guava, Nils Carlsson and Group CFO, Vincent Added, your management team expanded to form an Executive Committee which unites now also the former metapeople management; Tim Ringel (business development, key customers, sales) and Thomas Abel (corporate finance, M & A). Explaining this decision, CEO Raphael said ornamental: I am thrilled to welcome Tim Ringel and Thomas Armbruster to this newly formed Executive Committee. Since the successful Acquisition of metapeople GmbH in the year 2011 we have worked very closely with both parties, I am confident that they will be a very important addition of the senior management team. Together the management team is working to solve the challenges of the future and maximize the NetBooster structure in the position as the market leader in the European and global digital marketing arena to strengthen.” The creation of this Executive Committee is representative of NetBooster ambitions for 2013 and the commitment to the Organization of an internal management structure supports the quality for the customers. The metapeople management welcomes the decision on the establishment of the new Executive Committee”. The new structure of the metapeople GmbH offers crucial opportunities remain high and successfully to serve its customers.

With the extension of the responsibilities of NetBooster group of Directors Tim Ringel and Thomas Armbruster is also the metapeople management Meike Hall and Julius ever extended to support. NetBooster Group ( NetBooster is an independent interactive communication group, which makes it possible through its comprehensive digital marketing expertise to guarantee its customers the best possible performance for their investment. The Agency invests heavily in R & D and covers the entire chain of online marketing through the European network: search engine optimization and marketing, display, affiliate, online media, design, eCRM and social networks, with an acknowledged know-how about the digital marketing of tomorrow (social networks, video, ad exchange, etc.). For the fiscal year 2011, the NetBooster group reported a consolidated gross profit growth from 21% to 27.7 million. It carries the OSEO seal of approval as “Innovative business” and its shares are eligible for the FCPI (French investment funds). NetBooster shares are traded on the NYSE Alternext Paris.

Unexpectedly Pregnant? What Now?

Life rarely goes according to plan, and often requires assistance Berlin, November 30, 2009 – a young woman becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she often faces a mountain of questions and concerns. But families today into emergency. Sometimes all of a sudden, the economic situation changes such as by plant closure, short-time work or unemployment. Don’t forget you may the many single parents, who are increasingly threatened by poverty. For 16 years, there is a foundation that helps the people of this State as possible quickly and unbureaucratically in Thuringia, Germany. The Thuringian Foundation HandinHand attempting to assist those affected in the individual emergencies and to mitigate the existing problems with the help of Foundation money or to eliminate them as possible. To achieve this goal, the Foundation works with numerous information centres, which are the seeking help as a point of contact available on-site. The Thuringian Foundation HandinHand to a wider public with the turns in a great campaign Aim to get more money for a good cause.

A measure is the offer to send a small amount to the Foundation via SMS. Now go ask the people: send an SMS with HAND on the speed dial of 8 11 90 and support the Thuringian Foundation HandinHand with 3 EURO (plus the normal SMS transport fee.) It go directly 2.83 EUR to the Foundation. This is a service of spendino GmbH). About spendino the spendino GmbH is a service company for the non-profit sector. The young company aims to reduce the fundraising and to increase the volume of donations without additional investment. spendino enables the processing of SMS and online donations and positioned itself as a neutral partner for the non-profit organizations in Germany. Thus, the only provider in Germany, which specializes in the use of mobile technologies for social purposes is spendino. Your contact person: Florian Noll Tel.: 030 / 450 20 522 mobile: 0176 77 55 55 89 email:

The 10 Commandments Of Prospecting For Your MLM Business

The 10 commandments of prospecting for your business multilevel commandment # 1: do not pretend that everyone is linked to your organization this is one of the big mistakes that often we make when we are commencing our business, what’s more, even though we have spent time with the same, this business is not for everyone, no te vuelvas addicted to affiliations, you earn with affiliate hundreds of partners with your organization, if you will not be able to be effective in the process of commandment # 2: not plead No supliques, not show despair, this is the first symptom of failure in your MLM business, this gives the idea that the business you are proposing is bad, not good, you must be 100% sure of your business in this way commandment # 3: A does not imply a Yes this is one of the key factors to make of all these people who tell us no, a potential group of VIPs within our Organization, because a time that we managed to understand the because say us no commandment # 4: Learn how to listen to your potential partner must give respect and all the attention that your potential partner deserves, this depends on the success or failure in your presentation of the business and commandment

harpens your sense of curiosity you should sharpen, deepen and refine your sense of curiosity and turn it into a strategy of professional conviction in order to be on the side of your potential partneris for this reason that commandment # 6: can not see the problem, sees the solution why should focus on problems, when in the development of the same conversation, they can be a great strategic ally to have our leaflets on our side?, problems, are not more than Commandment # 7: I know practical and view from the simple to the complex of this factor depends on your future partners to clearly understand your business content, how they developed it, will be definitive for commandment # 8: presents your business with passion people do do they detect immediately when these convinced and prepared for what you are doing and when no, by very good to be your company and your product, and very juicy to be commandment # 9 compensation plan: closes the business before you say yes are you waiting for to close the deal before the end of your presentation?, what mechanism these using to awaken the desire to join your proposal immediately in your potential partner? commandment # 10: Doubles you effectiveness of exploration if we can not duplicate our effectiveness in the process of prospecting, we lost it, we must use all the potential that unfolds in our effective presentation a greeting, Eloy Romero President of did you know that you can generate thousands of dollars from home with your own MLM business?

City Living

How many opportunities does a simple provincial town. This is a developmental perspective, more wages, better social infrastructure, social status and many other benefits. In the city of Human dreams can come true, and can be broken on a brutal reality. Often living in another city is not only a joy to new perspectives, as well as the challenges of life. Around you is unfamiliar people, there is no support part of your relatives, your social status can change significantly when moving. House you're the first guy in the neighborhood in a strange city you're one of thousands of people like you, people seeking a better life. In this article I want to talk about one of the important problems faced by newcomers to a certain extent, namely rent an apartment, living with neighbors. Very often, to gain a foothold in a major city such as the capital – many agree to work for low wages.

The money they receive barely cover the high costs of living, but they gorazdno more than you can earn at home. To cut costs, many workers, young professionals or students rented accommodation together. Often you do not live with those you love and those who are currently in need of free space, just like you. Incompatibility of attitudes and ways of life caused by conflicts and contradictions, which can grow into serious investigation. Clearly, if the house is waiting for you nervous servitude, then the development of creative or career can not be considered.


Developing countries need more than ever our support in difficult times. The economic crisis of 2008/09 meets the world’s poor nations particularly hard that’s why because it is a banking crisis at the same time. So the crisis not destroys the economic advances of recent years, donations are now particularly important. During bad economic times many social and humanitarian organizations depend heavily on monetary and in-kind donations. This especially applies to those organizations that are committed to the people in the “developing countries”. Because while the rich countries of the world is comparatively well able to withstand crisis (and the budgets even invest in some sectors to stimulate the economy again), the poor countries have no comparable resources. A special feature of the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 is that it is also a banking crisis. This fact exacerbates the effects for the developing countries, because those States – already with equipped with low credit – have now even more difficult to borrow money on the international financial markets.

Cornered between the falling economy on the one hand and acute financial distress on the other hand, the small room for manoeuvre of the “third world” Governments are reduced to a minimum. The described situation endangered the quite visible progress that many countries have achieved in the past decades in the fight against hunger, poverty and illiteracy. Many African countries had achieved good results in the recent Vergangenenheit – with international help, but also thanks to its own efforts – now at stake. Therefore, it is very important that the generosity of the German population still does not allow to, even if the personal situation for many citizens of the economic crisis is threatened. All support measures, which help to stabilize the local economies and to help the people of acute in affected are useful during the crisis. Latter include for example donations for children who are often extremely fast and severely affected by increasing poverty. However, many donor agencies about such donations, which are dedicated to any express purpose, because these financial resources can be flexibly inserted forward. Jurgen Reschke

(Heating)Save Energy For Owners And Tenants

Promoting investment in energy-efficient construction and renovation tenants should be evident prior to contract conclusion energy performance certificate. Germany experienced the coldest and snowiest winter for a long time and energy prices rise and rise: over 50 power companies increased their fares at the turn of the year 2009/2010, more providers follow suit in March. Also the gas provider access deeper into the pockets of their customers with an average 5.2 percent price increase. A provider change is worth many long term energy saving is in the short term the only perspective however. For developers, there are still numerous programmes, investments in energy-efficient construction and renovation Fund.

Renters should insist on measures such as insulation in older buildings. The topic of energy efficiency is on everyone’s lips. Gas and oil prices rise steadily, and thus the heating costs are becoming more and more of the financial burden. Who wants to rebuild, has since January 2009 comply with the provisions of the EnEV (energy conservation) and does not therefore to build fail, energy-efficient and to reduce its costs. Large savings potential is there but also for old buildings: above all a roof renovation saves heating costs.

The refurbishment is supported by the State, municipalities and banks through various programs. The support ranges from soft loans, and loans to grants for certain rehabilitation schemes. As a general rule: who applied for a promotion, should do so before the beginning of construction work. A roof support so-called individual measures such as insulation or the renewal of the window from the KfW-bank with maximum 50,000 euro per residential unit. Another way to save on energy costs and to be promoted, while State-provides the solar system. In the months from April to September, the complete consumption of hot water with solar power can be covered using the Sun. Electricity can be used with a photovoltaic system, however, is not only environmentally friendly and free of charge at the same time, you can make even more money with this variant.

Money and Profits

The personal is that credit where a person comes before another person or an institution so this give a money and the first person to change have to pay this money within a stipulated time frame and with a certain amount of interests from which the institution or prestante person obtains your nonprofit. Personal credit is a form of obligation very used in the present day, since through this many people get some money that did not in the short term, to fulfil any obligation, as payment of debts, payment of contributions of the House or car, payment of own studies, or studies of children debts by traffic accidents or other calamities, etc. Credit can also be used staff for money short-term to celebrate some urgent business or not so urgent by means of which obtained a profit greater than the amount of money invested, may be to buy real estate, buy any offer to then sell it, to buy cars, buy stocks or currencies. There are many reasons why a personal loan can be ordered, and try to know them all is very difficult. The case is that personal credit is a very comfortable alternative for people looking for funding at any time, and also the personal credit allows you to keep the economy of a country or any specific market in motion, generating the money circulation and activation of the economy. In personal credit the person requesting the credit is personally obligated to pay the debt.

This means that personal credit the person puts as a guarantee of payment of its debt the generality of goods that has. This is a feature that do not speak very well of personal credit, because in the event that the debtor does not have with what to pay, the institution or person to which not been fulfilled can force you to pay with their goods, except those goods that serve for their survival and for the maintenance of the home. That is why to sign a personal loan the best thing is to be sure that you can pay for it, since who undertakes to a personal credit runs the risk of losing part of their heritage, so how much is the credit with respect to the amount of goods that are in their possession. Many people suffer great calamities for failing to pay a personal loan, which not suits neither them nor the institutions responsible for cash it, as they have to incur expenses of litigation, to make shots and, in general, all the actions that must be carried out in order to make the collection of the debt that was backed with personal credit. The hardest thing to obtain personal credit is to get a good endorsement certifying to banks, institutions or people who go so that they feel that guarantee that is going to pay the credit is no. As she has already been said, these institutions they should not coercively collect personal loans, however they must have a fallback if the person does not pay personal credit to which it is bound.

Temperature Air

Sometimes relying on dubious savings by reducing the number of radiators, electric warm floor trying to use to maintain the temperature indoor air. This option is possible, for example, in a small bathroom without windows. However, the miser pays twice! If you have a spacious bathroom with windows to the garden, it is best to establish where the radiator. Otherwise would be permanently interfere too hot or cold floor: electric floor heating is turned off upon reaching the current temperature to a certain threshold. And as the inertia of the system is large and the degree of floor heating is not being tracked, then maintaining the desired temperature of air temperature of the floor will ride against your wishes.

Ventilation (fresh air and not only) is wrong to perceive the ventilation system as a set of air ducts, diffusers and fans, suitable only for it to feed air into the room from outside and pull it out. Outside air should be clean and in different seasons wet or dry, heated or cooled. Some of these problems can be distributed between the ventilation and air conditioning. However, full ventilation system can not do without and hood. Forced ventilation in the room gives the required volume of air per hour. This air should be cleaned filters, and in winter is heated to the desired temperature. As in the case of floor heating, heaters may be water or electric. Cool air in summer can occur in the heat exchanger, part of the system ventilation or air conditioning in each room.

You Want To Vacation? You

A whole holiday bus for you for free! Berlin (23 2011) Freebird travel launches the holiday bus for free 2011 action. “Under the slogan you want holiday you’re holiday” all young people from the age of 14 can alone or with their friends on you do upload your favorite photo and a short text justifies why precisely they must be 2011 in holiday bus until May 15, 2011. A whole holiday bus for you Freebird travel sponsors 2011 a whole holiday bus for holiday-hungry young people during the summer holidays. Together with the bus company driving practice provides a bus including Teamers and Chief tour guide the youth tour operator the youth trip to Siofok Lake Balaton at the disposal. It is one of the most popular and most beautiful party capitals in Eastern Europe.

A perfect blend of beach life and rollicking party await you at Lake Balaton. An appointment 10 days incl. breakfast and party card are a trip – a party in the itinerary included. We go to one of the most popular Party capitals in Eastern Europe”, so E. t. Huth, Chief travel conductor Siofok Freebird travel. Siofok has lot to offer for young people.

“Such as the Balaton sound, where every summer of stars occur as including David Guetta and the party to the Cook bring disco boat cruises, Coca Cola beach of full actions, one of the hippest discos Flort u.v.m round the party from experience”, as E. t. Huth continue. If so be sure you are looking a youth trip in the summer of 2011 with an excellent price / performance ratio and where one suburb comes out as a teenager with his pocket money, which should be persuaded by Lake Balaton. Here the sun shines in all areas…!”smiled E. t. Huth. Join worth 50 voucher for each participant join can everyone over the age of 14 to the age of 23. You must upload only your photo to you do and tell why you have to be in a holiday bus 2011. Deadline is the winner of May 15 2011. decide whether you and whose arrival will Hungary the jury by Freebird travel. “” You want to holiday with our holiday inter action you’re “all young people want we provide an easy way, a youth trip in the summer of 2011 to participate in”, as Michael Kaatsch, marketing manager of Freebird travel holiday. It can’t be simpler”, Michael Kaatsch rejoiced. Join worth, because every participant will receive a voucher worth 50 to all youth travel by Freebird travel 2011. Our youth travel fun it is here: join and can be you at:

8 Mistakes Made During The Construction Savings Can

Home savings is again currently the pitfalls in the construction savings not only for the economic crisis. The need for the Germans after security was always great. Savings to satisfy this need. The if and usually low credit interest rate is guaranteed, the building societies do not speculate with your money and also the loan interest rate, which you might need in many years, is provided at the conclusion of a funds. When the building society savings someone has never lost his money or large parts of it, how that happened but some savers in supposedly safe investments in recent years. Of course, the chance of a high return is omitted.

Home savings is guaranteed no speculative investment but a credit interest rate of up to 4%, a contractor admixture is nothing to sneeze at. However, errors can be made also at the conclusion of a funds, which quickly 1000 and more can cost. What should be taken? First should be determined absolutely whether for a loan or investment savings will be, the first concept is almost certainly wrong. Then should the time frame be put off when it comes to a good balance interest rate, usually the saving time must be adhered by 7 years the method has the savings post the method fits the higher, the higher the fees but often because the credit bonus is coupled, that the allocation has not yet reached (the allocation cannot be achieved, if the minimum balance, usually 40 or 50% of the method is not paid) it looked this only on the showcase condition of extremely low loan interest can be reached but only after many years of saving time or by extremely rapid eradication. It is insensitive, that a contractor must be wiped faster than a bank loan which repayment rates are higher, that the building society loan not can be used due to high monthly load construction savings is not so equal to savings. The individual rates of building societies will not be compared between the best price There are large differences for the own savings target and the worst.

In the Internet, comparisons can be found here. Care must be taken, when the building savings bank or building society representatives provides a transition to a different tariff rarely here also the disadvantages are called. Even more caution is required when a new, better rate there, which is why the old tariff is being canceled to complete the much improved new tariff. Rarely, this option pays off! The distribution of the building society wants to show only new sales and earn commissions! Conclusion: Home savings is right up-to-date, if the above points are observed, a safe interest investment is desired, or to be financed in the foreseeable. To find out the right contractor to get several offers from the individual building societies can, leave this work to a specialized broker or requesting Judith Schmied at Internet offers