(Heating)Save Energy For Owners And Tenants

Promoting investment in energy-efficient construction and renovation tenants should be evident prior to contract conclusion energy performance certificate. Germany experienced the coldest and snowiest winter for a long time and energy prices rise and rise: over 50 power companies increased their fares at the turn of the year 2009/2010, more providers follow suit in March. Also the gas provider access deeper into the pockets of their customers with an average 5.2 percent price increase. A provider change is worth many long term energy saving is in the short term the only perspective however. For developers, there are still numerous programmes, investments in energy-efficient construction and renovation Fund.

Renters should insist on measures such as insulation in older buildings. The topic of energy efficiency is on everyone’s lips. Gas and oil prices rise steadily, and thus the heating costs are becoming more and more of the financial burden. Who wants to rebuild, has since January 2009 comply with the provisions of the EnEV (energy conservation) and does not therefore to build fail, energy-efficient and to reduce its costs. Large savings potential is there but also for old buildings: above all a roof renovation saves heating costs.

The refurbishment is supported by the State, municipalities and banks through various programs. The support ranges from soft loans, and loans to grants for certain rehabilitation schemes. As a general rule: who applied for a promotion, should do so before the beginning of construction work. A roof support so-called individual measures such as insulation or the renewal of the window from the KfW-bank with maximum 50,000 euro per residential unit. Another way to save on energy costs and to be promoted, while State-provides the solar system. In the months from April to September, the complete consumption of hot water with solar power can be covered using the Sun. Electricity can be used with a photovoltaic system, however, is not only environmentally friendly and free of charge at the same time, you can make even more money with this variant.