Pumps With Lower Costs

Special coating of Sahasi extends the shelf life of pumps with an innovative coating of particularly stressed pump parts Sahasi fluid technology extends the service life of pumps measurably. This leads not only to cost-efficiency through reduced downtime in production. The higher cost for the coated Sahil pumps face substantially lower life cycle costs a up to three times longer service life. A clear advantage for the economy, which provides for more cost transparency and allows a more precise definition of the total cost of ownership. Fewer repairs, less loss of production everywhere, where pumps as parts of milling or grinding machines transport coolant and chips contained therein, are wheels and body heavily strained. The surfaces of the pump parts are removed through contact with the particles in the coolant. This is when the pump impellers by lessening the pump performance noticeable and can lead to leakage of the fluid in the body.

In cooperation with institutes of the University of Stuttgart Sahasi has carried out different simulations, to develop a solution to the costly wear. “Up to three times longer maturities pay off the secret of coated Sahil pumps: so called ultra-hard material” not only put on the surface of the cast iron pump parts, they penetrate them and change the crystalline structure of the abrasion-prone. This special procedures characterised by particularly high adhesion and has proven its practicality in long-term tests. So Sahil pumps of this kind able to withstand three times longer, for example, grinding sludge in the glass production than conventional models.

Christian Peitz

Usually less than 14 days between the first day of production at the Academy of architecture until the construction of the prefabricated house”, Peitz knows from experience. Besides the fact that you an Ausbauhaus built completely on your own, the financial advantage not to neglect: 14 day equity performance with EPI home builders save 20,000 euros on average. With this special house concept, the EPI GmbH is known as an absolute leader on the market. In the foreground, also a special experience is in addition to the high savings potential through the construction of expansion in power. Full solid wood instead of timber frame construction for the Ausbauhaus for maximum quality the EPI Ausbauhaus is a special construction of prefabricated house full solid wood with unique properties. This construction differs insofar from conventional prefabricated houses, solid wood construction material instead of conventional wood frame construction are used. So, each full solid wood wall of EPI prefabricated house as a whole consists of wood, whereas wood frame buildings act as wooden scaffolding, whose Hohlraume are filled with insulation materials.

Solid solid wood wall used for the EPI Ausbauhaus, however, is a plain wooden building material with the static properties of building a brick wall. So achieved the EPI prefab a high quality combined with a rock-solid stable of value. “Ausbauhaus not afraid power if builders the word power ‘ listen, they are often deterred”, white Christian Peitz, Junior Chef of the EPI GmbH. often associated the construction of a development house in power failures, bad luck and breakdowns in connection. As a result, that builders buy expensive a professional expertise, which must not simply be.” Because experienced trade professional needs to be no one to build an Ausbauhaus provided specialized construction professionals guide the complete production and construction projects from A to Z. And such is the case of EPI GmbH. The owner and his helper directly according to the plan of building professionals to perform the tasks and work hand in hand for the goal: structural Ausbauhaus in 14 days. The total portfolio and other information to the EPI home factory, see the Web on. Contact directly me questions, visuals and for more information: PR editorial Entrego Tobias Muller Kilian road 96 33098 Paderborn, Tel.: 05251 / 284 3225 email: Web:

Town & Country House

Budding builders find answers to their questions about the construction of houses at the nationwide over 600 days of action. Behringen. House tours on celebrations and fairs, energy Sparta gene to children festivals of the calendar of events of the town & country partner for 2013 is already well filled. More than 600 days of action are planned for the coming year nationwide. Learn more at this site: Larry Ellison. Those who are interested in a home, here not only the opportunity to visit one of the over 80 pattern offers himself. In the focus are especially topics related to the construction of the House. So, around 300 town & country partners in Germany answer questions about different types of House, the plot or the technical equipment such as solar systems, as well as water and air – source heat pumps on-site.

But also the issue of financing, as well as the use of KfW funding for the most prospective builders of high importance and don’t miss out on the days of action by town & country house. Finally, the town & country partners help those interested in finding out which House most best to them fit and meets the individual needs and wishes. Security is to many prospective home buyers already meet their dream of homeownership to rent similar conditions without having to make compromises in the quality”trump our House offer, explains Jurgen Dawo, founder of town & country house. Apart from a high variety of House types, individually planned according to the wishes of the client, also the building protection letters contained in the purchase price, a maximum security, allowing builders during and after the construction phase.” Most of the 30 types of House by town & country are available also as KfW eligible Energiesparvarianten. So in addition, builders can benefit from soft loan.

Fire System

Additional functions and applications with Planline the glazing system Planline could be people – and object protection and crash safety additionally equipped with additional functions such as soundproofing, solar and Visual protection,. It has been successful in wood, aluminium and steel frame as well as in the dry construction system in the fire resistance class EI 30 and EI 60 checked. Planline is suitable for use in schools, kindergartens, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers and all other buildings with increased security requirements. Even large glass surfaces can be glazed with Planline system flush. Tested safety the fire protection glass of Glastec are tested and classified according to construction to EN 13501 for fire resistance according to EN 1363-1.

They are suitable for use in doors, facades, as well as continuous and sprouts partitions especially escape routes and stairwells. The Fire protection glazing is built a wonderfully and especially on schedule”, so the summary of the architects Fink. We like to call you more references in Austria upon request. Would you become a partner of Glastec and increase your value? Feel free to contact us. “More information: shading integriert.de / Planline fire protection glazing in the BFW Kirchseeon – VIDEO: youtu.be/g7Li7SgYT6g other press reports of the company of Glastec: press / brochures request: info-material / about us: Glastec – glass system since 1990 develops and produces GLASTEC Rosenheim – Rosenheim GmbH successful glasses with system” and asserts itself successfully for years with multifunctional glass products for the window facade and partition wall construction.

This one draws both from the knowledge of the glass technology, the insulating glass technology and solar technology. The resulting technical synergies flow in dominant’ products and services. With the development of a comprehensive range of High-tech insulating glasses with daylight and solar shading systems in between the panes GLASTEC Rosenheim carries the ever higher requirements of the legislation to save energy, to the Sun, heat and environmental protection consistent invoice. Glastec is successfully operating in special areas such as day light and climate control, fire, radiation and laser protection. The product line Planline, a flush glazing system of GLASTEC for the high-quality interior design and drywall is unique. The exclusive partitioning system in aluminium, wood and steel frame and new! in the drywall with a special frame system can be combined with additional functions such as fire, radiation, noise and privacy. The Rosenheimer Glastechnik GmbH sees itself as a creative driving force of the modern glass architecture and offers a large variety of programs which includes customer-specific special solutions for this purpose. We take care of us.

Construction Equipment Excavator Farm

Prof. Thomas Bauer gave to confident mini excavators, excavators and other construction equipment of the company Schrobenhausen – Bauer of Bauer AG’s annual general meeting. “We recorded stable orders for several months and can the development in our business much sure beurteilenals ahead of a half or three-quarter year”, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Therefore, the peasant group expects an overall group performance on the level of the previous year and a profit after taxes of 40 million. “If the economy further evolved as in the last two to three months, then we may have survived the worst”, so Bauer. “Our business recovers and in the Middle East and in the United States our business run even slightly better than expected.” He, however, views the economic situation in Greece and other countries of Central Europe with concern. In the long-term orientation of the Group Prof. Bauer sees himself confirmed: “our strategic course is true.

With our three business areas construction, machinery and resources, we are internationally wide set up and positioned perfectly for the challenge of the future. As an example of contains investment and commitment to the headquarters Bauer pointed out the 1989-built anchor Hall in Schrobenhausen conversion to the new workshop. There the technical and commercial offspring of currently 140 students at the site finds future optimal conditions, to prepare activities in various professions. The building is home to a Carpenter and a small office – social tract next to the workshop. “It is our very close to the heart, to give young people a sound training and a professional perspective”, as Prof. Bauer. “As new recruits they help shape the future of our company. Many of today’s executives have us go through a sound training and is constantly evolving.

German Capital

WOLFF crane with three cranes for hotel new Berlin represented for the construction site at the Otto-Braun-Strasse in Berlin bought PORR a WOLFF crane of type 6015.6 clear, a second crane of the same type was already present in the PORR Germany GmbH. The third crane, a 6015.8 clear, was rented from the WOLFF crane fleet. The three Centerless tower cranes were already assembled in November 2010. Two are mounted cranes on an anchor in the building and a third is set up outside of the building. On the construction site cranes used inter alia for transportation of precast concrete elements for ceilings and walls. The work is progressing so well, that the first trolley crane in August can be mined again”, says Bernd Soost, dispatchers from WOLFF CRANES in Berlin. WOLFF cranes save time and costs together with WOLFF crane a glad for the site will be developed prior to start of construction. In addition, we receive all services from a single source a manufacturer, a contact, a crane type.

This is cost – and resource-efficient”, says Frank Conrad, Manager of machines and Technical Department of the PORR in Berlin. Another plus: since the Turmdrehkrane WOLFF have no spires 6015 clear, also the actual hook heights could be minimized. The modular system of WOLFF crane proved particularly beneficial according to Frank Conrad. Through this already existing components like a cross frame, Palmer had acquired earlier, could be easily combined with the newly rented crane, being the smooth interplay of technology 100 percent guaranteed. By voting on the crane type WOLFF, the overall picture on the site agrees 6015 clear.

Small place – great effect: WOLFF 6015 clear but not only because the model 6015 qualifies for the construction site in Berlin very clear. Thanks to its space-saving Tower system with its maximum diameter of two meters, the Wolf 6015.8 is clear also in crowded environment very well suited. With a load moment of 140 mt and a capacity of 1.5 t at a radius of 60 m, this model is perfect for Housing projects. Berlin Alexanderplatz is growing at the Otto-Braun-Strasse currently has approximately 120 persons on the 4,000-square-foot construction site work. Currently is the first section is driven, running until mid-2012 a Holiday Inn hotel, a resulting Indigo hotel and a hostel. The construction in the Centre of the city of Berlin, also adjacent streets and sidewalks have been redesigned. A second phase of construction is currently in planning. Contacts: WOLFFKRAN International AG Simone Engleitner international marketing b Matt InStr 6 ch-6300 Zug tel + 41 41-766 85 00 fax + 41 41-766 85 99 press contact Alexandra EHM Rumfordstr. 5 D-80469 Munich Tel + 49 89-23 23 90 91 fax + 49 89-23 23 90 99

(Heating)Save Energy For Owners And Tenants

Promoting investment in energy-efficient construction and renovation tenants should be evident prior to contract conclusion energy performance certificate. Germany experienced the coldest and snowiest winter for a long time and energy prices rise and rise: over 50 power companies increased their fares at the turn of the year 2009/2010, more providers follow suit in March. Also the gas provider access deeper into the pockets of their customers with an average 5.2 percent price increase. A provider change is worth many long term energy saving is in the short term the only perspective however. For developers, there are still numerous programmes, investments in energy-efficient construction and renovation Fund.

Renters should insist on measures such as insulation in older buildings. The topic of energy efficiency is on everyone’s lips. Gas and oil prices rise steadily, and thus the heating costs are becoming more and more of the financial burden. Who wants to rebuild, has since January 2009 comply with the provisions of the EnEV (energy conservation) and does not therefore to build fail, energy-efficient and to reduce its costs. Large savings potential is there but also for old buildings: above all a roof renovation saves heating costs.

The refurbishment is supported by the State, municipalities and banks through various programs. The support ranges from soft loans, and loans to grants for certain rehabilitation schemes. As a general rule: who applied for a promotion, should do so before the beginning of construction work. A roof support so-called individual measures such as insulation or the renewal of the window from the KfW-bank with maximum 50,000 euro per residential unit. Another way to save on energy costs and to be promoted, while State-provides the solar system. In the months from April to September, the complete consumption of hot water with solar power can be covered using the Sun. Electricity can be used with a photovoltaic system, however, is not only environmentally friendly and free of charge at the same time, you can make even more money with this variant.

The Hummel House Construction On The Wood-House-energy

Solar energy, store and Home technology combine Frickenhausen, the 9th April 2012 despite the bad news of German solar panel manufacturer is the private electricity from solar energy on the rise. This is due mainly to the increased equity use of solar energy thanks to improved storage technology. Following this trend, the Hummel House at the largest construction fair in Baden-Wurttemberg presents his uniform approach, which connects solar energy, power storage and Smart Home technology. On the HolzHausEnergy, which is from 13 to 15 April at the Stuttgart trade fair takes place, the systems house from Frickenhausen builders, homeowners and modernizers his concepts and new technologies before. The systems, the we on the HolzHausEnergy is present, show more than clear that the private production and use of solar energy for virtually every household is a sensible decision. Rising electricity prices make it increasingly attractive to generate electricity, on-site store and just even to consume”, reports Frank Hummel, Managing Director of Hummel Systemhaus GmbH & co. KG. In combination with intelligent building technology, customers can ensure also that the sustainable electricity with maximum efficiency is used.

Usually a high gain in comfort by liked building control functions in addition.” At the stand of 401 the Hummel House advises the visitors on all three days of the fair, which technologies are currently available on the market and how these with each other effectively can be combined, to achieve maximum economic benefit and a gain in comfort. The systems house from Frickenhausen is in the region of Stuttgart/Esslingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. We are committed to the goal to enable our customers to prepare for the future and thereby to combine many aspects. Therefore we approach our uniform not only Includes generating electricity through solar systems but also the saving of energy and the efficient use of electricity for comfortable living and mobility”, explains Frank Hummel. The HolzHausEnergy presented the visitors with high quality the spectrum about house building, energy-efficient renovation, modern and ecological forms of heating. The building and construction trade fair boosts the local craft and brings together supply and demand in an efficient platform. In cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs Baden-Wurttemberg and the building energy consultants, visitors receive many suggestions and independent advice.

The Hummel House is in the region of Stuttgart, Esslingen and Nurtingen is one of the leading companies in the fields of electrical and building technology, IT and communications technology, and renewable energy technology. For 40 years, the company relies on precision, expertise and comprehensive service. in 1993, Frank Hummel took over the family business. Since then, the company has constantly expands its offering and open to new markets. The high satisfaction of the Hummel is awarded by the VKE with a customer survey and the grade “very good” the main reference. The dedicated team consists of technicians and professionals who are specialized in different service areas. Today, the House looked after with over 20 employees and over 4 million sales, private, public, as well as medium-sized companies in the planning, implementation and maintenance of projects.