Berlin Estrel Convention Center

The first and only service provider er fair in the German capital Berlin. ‘Capital fair’ – powered by broker pool Fund financial Berlin, Berlin, we’re going to Berlin! This motto is for once not to a football summer fairy tale, but the first and only financial services provider er fair in the German capital Berlin. Capital trade fair”- so called our new trade fair in Berlin, which will be held on October 1, 2010, and to which we invite all financial service providers. Around 150 exhibitors and 2,500 visitors are expected at the first capital trade fair in the Berlin Estrel Convention Center. Both representatives from insurance and corporations as well as issuing houses and media companies belong to the first capital trade fair exhibitors district in 2010. You also have the opportunity, at various workshops with topics of interest and top speakers, such as Jorg Laubrinus, Hans D. Schittly, Marcel Schlee and Thorulf to Muller. As a counterpart to the Munich brokers and multiple agents fair, the we annually in the Bavarian Align the city, you can look forward even in the capital city exhibition in Berlin about a personal atmosphere.

In a clear frame can make important contacts, in one day and meet personal financial all Agency managers, regional directors and the team of the Fund. You expect the following lectures rolling from 09 h 17 h: title speaker new customer contacts with social media m. SCHLEE prospecting Hans D. Schittly even more new customers Jorg Laubrinus new dates at a PKV is existing customers of Jorg Laubrinus of each customer customer Thorulf Muller PKV, quo vadis? Thorulf Muller in the grip of the acquisition until concludes with venta C1 FinCon Fund introducing financial Fund financial we are pleased us on coming! Registration see: press contact: Fund financial broker GmbH, Ferial Abu Riesstrasse 25 80992 Munich Tel.: 089 158815-380 fax: 089 1588-350 E-Mail: Web:

HWCV Revolutionized

The HWCV offers solvent investors thousand euros per consultation, if the promised conditions are not achievable. That has never been there in the private sector. The Munich-based technology transfer company HWCV, brings together worldwide the first funds on the market, which pays out yield investors from the beginning, so in advance, and even without that investors must invest their own money. The contractor and owner Hans Weidenbusch explained on the question how this can be possible: this is possible only on the basis of the currently marketed technology, and this Fund is offered only until a certain amount of investment is achieved “.” On the question, the creditworthiness of this offer for what is, the entrepreneur said: As you know, my brother is a member of the Bavarian Landtag, weidenbusch/index.html. It will therefore each activity of the HWCV alone strictly from opposition parties and case of irregularities, an appropriate intervention would be immediately. The new technology also has the HWCV Stiftung Warentest for testing is presented. That would make guaranteed no one, which in its approach is not beyond all doubt.” And more references about Hans Weidenbusch said: we have the most environmentally friendly energy concept of all time and among even the world-famous environmental organization GREENPEACE,, has followed this issue.

That alone speaks for itself. “Not to mention such renowned institutions such as the University of Berkeley, berkeley-universitat-weidenbusch-perpetuum-mobile crack a law of thermodynamics /, and all leading German physical faculties”, index.php? raum_und_zeit_16614. So, so there is an indisputable and undisputed fact. While insurance and other investment companies often only the first lean returns after years of deposits of investors, this occurs for the system described in the HWCV,, with the date of closing. Also, the investor from the start must muster no own capital until the end of the investment term. Investors who are solvent according to customary banking criteria, get writing by us guaranteed one thousand euros for a consultation if we do not offer the facility under the described conditions that investors can.”said a spokesman for the HWCV.

Southern Sweden

Malmo, nostalgic and hip * TT-Line Malmo city trip: Baltic Sea ferry passage from Travemunde and Rostock to Trelleborg and back, bus transfer Trelleborg Malmo, as well as two hotel nights * Malmo, a city with modern Swedish zeitgeist and nostalgic flair * Copenhagen trip by train for 25 euros back and forth Hamburg-Travemunde, March 2011 Sweden cult, is Sweden innovative design and tradition but is Sweden, Sweden is a country of good feeling for children, Families, nature lovers or creative. In Malmo, the third largest city in Sweden, is found in small, what makes Sweden: Romantics like the many picturesque streets and houses that reveal today that Malmo long time belonged to Denmark. Design geeks and fashion-conscious find ample shopping addresses for stylish showpieces, while culture lovers can choose from a variety of museums, contemporary art or classical exhibitions offer. Culinary Almost everywhere, the city offers stopovers. Night owls can enjoy in the bars or scene clubs of the young, hip metropolis of Sweden. Eventful holiday as Malmo has a year-round season, offers this city break TT-line until December 2011.

“The TT-line package, which is available from 150 euros per person, include: the day sailings from Travemunde or Rostock to Trelleborg and back, the transfer of Trelleborg with the bus to Malmo, two nights at the upscale mid-range Hotel Scandic Hotel S: t Jorgen” including breakfast. “For a surcharge of 25 euros per person the first-class Hotel Scandic Kramer hotel” or Hilton Malmo city “are booked (car driving charges also possible). All details about the hotels and ferry services on. To book by phone at 04502-801 81 or by E-mail at:. Very nice hip: Sweden’s new trend city of Malmo offers its visitors in addition to countless shopping options also enjoyable for fashion, design, glass and ceramic highlights of a creative cuisine. In the past decade, the restaurant scene evolved into a culinary world of experience across known beyond its borders from Michelin starred restaurants and ethnic cuisine.

QQS Intellectual

Business environment, market processes, and individual success factors identify marketing controlling and intellectual capital are among the individual characteristics of a company. At first glance, seem both drivers for the market success with each other only have little to do. Despite this first impression, a wealth effect relationships exists between them. It should be attempted to illuminate factors and the reason to go on, which can exert an influence of intangible capital and marketing controlling undertaking. Concepts of intellectual play a central role.

Because if it is true that the management of different so-called”his future yet has factors, so back for more in the marketing field of view, long term and sustainable can affect also knowledge-intensive situations success or failure of a company. CF. Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital, ISBN 9783837071320. This treated are: business environment of intellectual capital. Market processes in the field of vision, identify individual market factors, definition and description of process factors, definition and description of success factors, intellectual capital in the field of vision, definition and description of human capital, definition and description structure capital, definition and description relationship capital, integrate knowledge balance methodology questions to review and establish that fundamental knowledge balance sheet valuation method, sample rating process factors, sample review for success factors, sample assessment for human capital, sample review example evaluation of relationship capital, structural capital extension factors-profile portfolios of QQS, total overview of the fictional example reviews, Sample portfolios for process factors, sample portfolios for success factors, sample portfolios for human capital, sample portfolios for structural capital, sample portfolios for relationship capital and Outlook.

CF. Becker, Jorg: marketing controlling and intellectual capital, ISBN 9783837071320. That is Knowledge balance a central study holistic positioning in an increasingly knowledge-oriented-oriented business world allows. The knowledge assessment is an instrument with which companies can cause a sharpening of its profile (both in width and depth of the representation) in the competition for markets. The intellectual works as a 360-degree radar screen for different purposes of observation and layers, with the particularly soft”factors can be comprehensively identified, differentiated pictured, and systematically evaluated. From the results of the intellectual capital report (for example, a potential portfolio), the management itself can infer informed vote enabled measures and recommendations for action. Jorg Becker

Rosamunde Pilcher

As King Ludwig II of Bavaria. the Memorial of dying capitalism became… without even knowing it. Long live the King! Long live the King? He lived ever long? I mean not the sort reserved Queen Elizabeth, puritanical, modern, smart, kind and almost new age already something like a high Priestess movement, as stoically and left for the European high nobility rather unusual blue – she and Red-flowered “racial” mixing of to feed the public reproaches. How exhibit she devoted to the love and how clear it is their loved ones behind the spiritual needs…

Konsalik would invent it not better… And Rosamunde Pilcher is certainly not dared to stage… The many, many romantic marriages, which should show the people Yes almost trendsettend: look here: pomp and money are fleeting, even fame and fortune are not brazen values for which it is worth to fight – but: the love… Sigh… What a farce…

what a mockery… that precisely those Royal houses who have survived time and enjoy a popularity as probably only rarely, have opened the doors and left open… For the people… By this I don’t mean: your Castle is now a Museum and its history a Bertelsmann a buyer and its picture postcard – no! I mean: they have left their doors open for love… and… only that makes them SO endearing… Farce? No, as logically! Recently, I was with my husband at the Chiemsee. There was I no longer long. In fact the last time at a Schulasflug. Immediately, my husband and I, decided it should go to the Herreninsel. We were lucky. On this day, the last ferry and also the last guided tour of the Castle stood there just on the program… What there was us, that made me think… Very thoughtful. That was not the picture of the magnificent King Ludwig II. I wore in my memory, this was for me, anyway, the sad sight of a lonely man battling the delusions of grandeur…

Intellectual Capital Report

Personnel controlling transfers as an integrated planning, information and control system the controlling idea on the HR function at the operational level personnel controlling focuses on objectives, i.e. planning and identification of personnel characteristics, control as a target/actual comparison, variance analysis, development of future concepts including human resources controlling as reporting: only who knows its location, can decide on the right way to the target. So you can, for example, on a fee-effort analysis using metrics systems to statements about the fees paid per paid hour. A cost analytical approach can be what elements of pay costs there are and how they work together examined. The influencing factors models that distinguish between E.g.

quantity, price and structure effects, are indispensable foundations for budgeting. The control in the sense of a Soll-Ist-Vergleichs is a part of phase in the control process. Here is not the formal correctness, but the substantive objectives in the foreground. Following control tasks are important in the compensation area: special payments such as success fees have also actually there, where the performance was according to? Meet functional and job profiles and the ability to map of the current operational situation? Gehaltserhohungs budget be kept? Human resources key performance indicators operational and strategic aspects of personnel controlling within the framework of a comprehensive approach to the knowledge balance sheet describes by Becker, Jorg: personnel controlling means a person’s balance sheet from the factual to the tactical, 2009, ISBN 9783839101773 although indicators in HR are an important planning and decision-making basis, these meet the specific needs of each company generally and the DV range specifically comply with. Are common problems that can occur with the formation of key figures: lack of consistency of key figures: the use of several key figures in a performance measurement system must contain no contradiction. You should only such sizes to each other in Set relationship where a demonstrable link between. Problem of the figures influenced: you should distinguish between directly and indirectly controlled key figures. In the first case, a value can be influenced by one or more action variable, whereas this is not the case with only indirectly controlled key figures.

Secret Capital

Istanbul is the secret capital of Turkey for many tourists. We show you this city by city map and photos. Istanbul: European capital of culture 2010 Istanbul the Turkish megacity on the Bosphurus combines not only Europe and Asia, but also architectural and cultural highlights of the past and present. This itinerary from Combipix to give you a little insight in the vibrant Turkish megacity. Arrival to Istanbul! Istanbul has two airports.

In the European part of the main Ataturk Airport. Sabiha Gokcen airport is located in the Asian part. The latter was built for discharge purposes only, since the Ataturk Airport was completely overloaded since long. Ataturk > Istanbul Centre: Ataturk Airport is well connected to the city centre of Istanbul. Buses and various other transportation easily bring tourists to the city centre. Sabiha Gokcen airport > Istanbul Centre: this airport is unfortunately further outside. Travel agencies and some hotels offer tourists shuttle for outward and return trips in the Value of 45 55 euro.

Private operators take tourists for half of the price in the city centre and back. This private shuttle are not unfortunately by each hotel can be booked. To send an email with this question, several hotels worth but to get this service for the half. Public transport unfortunately not so good use the airport. Cheap but cumbersome, you come with the bus stop Levant\”S-Bahn must get there then several times in, until you arrive in E.g. Aksarai, where most of the hotels. Many questions, whether it is possible to Istanbul to a day to explore. You can see much that day, but it would take several days under normal circumstances, to get to know the city well. Nevertheless we demonstrate love to a day program you by the Combipix team, that you a day to main attractions brings. History of Istanbul the establishment of Istanbul goes back to Dorian Greeks, who founded a settlement to about 660 BC on the banks of the Bosphorus.


CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM IS NOT THE ANSWER From time immemorial the inhabitants of the planet, have sought the best model of government. What we found through this path? Every people or nation has handled the matter as best you think, no matter what arbitrary are their weak economic and political systems. Since ancient empire to enslave men. And who gave the example to other nations, were of ancient Greece and Rome fighter. About the year AD 1778 and 1810 slavery was abolished.

Thanks to the efforts of those who decided to fight for a natural law that man possesses. But as is the artificial laws known to man to undergo any kind of condition. These historical dates, from the social logic are simply approximations. Because experience shows that corruption is mandatory in almost all human actions. So slavery had to be continued by way of smuggling.

Left and right buying any present authority and of course bribed. The conditions at some point in history that formed the historical period that was to gain wealth through the exploitation of the land. What some call “feudalism” as expected slaves no longer represented the means of production, much less holding. Now they were peasants. The fruit of his work was in the hands of the powerful and their landlords. The world one more time and money with the industrial revolution. Manufacturing doubly magnified vanity. The large looms, tools working coal rail and steam engines. They opened the doors to trade in a massive and explosive. The farmer went from farmer to become a worker or factory worker. What most impressed the world was the excessive growth of production. What made the line work, the best ally of the powerful. Since then the product has greater value than the workers, their labor force and the respective holding it receives. Who better to explain these phenomena was Karl Marx. Which clarified that since the excessive concentration of wealth in the hands of a few generates what is called “Monopoly” and that the best way to keep it lies in the distribution of wealth.

A minimum wage in our lands, is the best example to illustrate what we are saying. Communism on the other hand began with a series of worthy elements have been processed. But as expected this system of government also degenerated into corruption, ambition, greed and desire for power. And as capitalism made an incalculable number of crimes. Even today these two stupid systems, continue to plague all men on earth. And more to those who do reflects life and that not living in a mechanical way. Child, youth, adult or elder. Poet, mathematician, philosopher, sociologist, physical etc. They are under such schemes, which call themselves in many ways. Which is why I believe with all my being that never land will be governed by righteousness and justice and equity

English Communist Party

Pg: 87. ENGLISH MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA the English marxist historiografia is formed from a group of young entailed historians to the small English Communist Party. Its objective is to build a proposal theoretician-metodolgica alternative the dominant conception of history. The influence of the Annales School in the definition of these characteristics of the English marxist historiografia is significant. The marxist historiografia English search to construct an analysis of the society as a totality in movement, in which the experience human being not if it would find submitted to any form of determinismo. Pg: 88. SOURCES OF the Studious ENGLISH MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA costumam dividiz it in two sources: socioeconmica, would be tied with the structural studies of the development of the capitalism, and the sociocultural one, more would be tied with the studies of the formation and the development of social classrooms. Pg: 89.

The LOW HISTORY OF FOR TOP the English marxist historiografia if opposed the diverse proposals theoretician-metodolgicas that compromised a reading dialectic. They are namely: studies of the structures of the power under the classic model of the elite history; studies of the mentalities; studies of the material culture; studies of the modernization of the modern societies and contemporaries; radical populist studies. Pg: 90-91. INQUIRY OBJECTIVES to Compreender the origins, the development and the expansion of the capitalism; to Interpretar the movements of the society from the analysis of the fight of classrooms; to Conceber a history whose perspective is the history of low stops top; to Contribuir with the construction of the marxist method; to intervene with the culture and the English politics. Pg: 92.

SOVIET MARXIST HISTORIOGRAFIA the Soviet marxist historiografia is not only Soviet. It had historiogrficas sources in other countries where great influence of communist parties in the half intellectuals occurred and where these parties were obedient Moscow. The Soviet marxist historiografia presents some characteristics, amongst them, is distinguished two: history is investigated and analyzed in the pictures of a linear and finalista vision of history; the laborious classrooms give place to the geniuses of the oppressed peoples. Pg: 93-94. PROBLEMS AND PERSPECTIVES OF MARXIST SOURCES HISTORIOGRFICAS Are several the problems that if relate the perspectives of the marxist historiogrficas sources, amongst them are distinguished: global the social relation and regional structure; the relation structure and conjuncture; the relation structure, classroom and personages; the relation base superstructure; the long, average relation between and short duration; the relation classroom, etnia and sort. Pg: 95-99. MARXIST HORIZON HISTORIOGRFICO Theories and said methodologies marxist understand that no reality is steady and perpetual. They understand despite they must be open critical and the autocrtica one and the permanent construction from the philosophical and social base of origin. The historiogrficas sources must meet coherent with these teachings that had folloied the life and workmanship of Marx.

German Capital

WOLFF crane with three cranes for hotel new Berlin represented for the construction site at the Otto-Braun-Strasse in Berlin bought PORR a WOLFF crane of type 6015.6 clear, a second crane of the same type was already present in the PORR Germany GmbH. The third crane, a 6015.8 clear, was rented from the WOLFF crane fleet. The three Centerless tower cranes were already assembled in November 2010. Two are mounted cranes on an anchor in the building and a third is set up outside of the building. On the construction site cranes used inter alia for transportation of precast concrete elements for ceilings and walls. The work is progressing so well, that the first trolley crane in August can be mined again”, says Bernd Soost, dispatchers from WOLFF CRANES in Berlin. WOLFF cranes save time and costs together with WOLFF crane a glad for the site will be developed prior to start of construction. In addition, we receive all services from a single source a manufacturer, a contact, a crane type.

This is cost – and resource-efficient”, says Frank Conrad, Manager of machines and Technical Department of the PORR in Berlin. Another plus: since the Turmdrehkrane WOLFF have no spires 6015 clear, also the actual hook heights could be minimized. The modular system of WOLFF crane proved particularly beneficial according to Frank Conrad. Through this already existing components like a cross frame, Palmer had acquired earlier, could be easily combined with the newly rented crane, being the smooth interplay of technology 100 percent guaranteed. By voting on the crane type WOLFF, the overall picture on the site agrees 6015 clear.

Small place – great effect: WOLFF 6015 clear but not only because the model 6015 qualifies for the construction site in Berlin very clear. Thanks to its space-saving Tower system with its maximum diameter of two meters, the Wolf 6015.8 is clear also in crowded environment very well suited. With a load moment of 140 mt and a capacity of 1.5 t at a radius of 60 m, this model is perfect for Housing projects. Berlin Alexanderplatz is growing at the Otto-Braun-Strasse currently has approximately 120 persons on the 4,000-square-foot construction site work. Currently is the first section is driven, running until mid-2012 a Holiday Inn hotel, a resulting Indigo hotel and a hostel. The construction in the Centre of the city of Berlin, also adjacent streets and sidewalks have been redesigned. A second phase of construction is currently in planning. Contacts: WOLFFKRAN International AG Simone Engleitner international marketing b Matt InStr 6 ch-6300 Zug tel + 41 41-766 85 00 fax + 41 41-766 85 99 press contact Alexandra EHM Rumfordstr. 5 D-80469 Munich Tel + 49 89-23 23 90 91 fax + 49 89-23 23 90 99