CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM IS NOT THE ANSWER From time immemorial the inhabitants of the planet, have sought the best model of government. What we found through this path? Every people or nation has handled the matter as best you think, no matter what arbitrary are their weak economic and political systems. Since ancient empire to enslave men. And who gave the example to other nations, were of ancient Greece and Rome fighter. About the year AD 1778 and 1810 slavery was abolished.

Thanks to the efforts of those who decided to fight for a natural law that man possesses. But as is the artificial laws known to man to undergo any kind of condition. These historical dates, from the social logic are simply approximations. Because experience shows that corruption is mandatory in almost all human actions. So slavery had to be continued by way of smuggling.

Left and right buying any present authority and of course bribed. The conditions at some point in history that formed the historical period that was to gain wealth through the exploitation of the land. What some call “feudalism” as expected slaves no longer represented the means of production, much less holding. Now they were peasants. The fruit of his work was in the hands of the powerful and their landlords. The world one more time and money with the industrial revolution. Manufacturing doubly magnified vanity. The large looms, tools working coal rail and steam engines. They opened the doors to trade in a massive and explosive. The farmer went from farmer to become a worker or factory worker. What most impressed the world was the excessive growth of production. What made the line work, the best ally of the powerful. Since then the product has greater value than the workers, their labor force and the respective holding it receives. Who better to explain these phenomena was Karl Marx. Which clarified that since the excessive concentration of wealth in the hands of a few generates what is called “Monopoly” and that the best way to keep it lies in the distribution of wealth.

A minimum wage in our lands, is the best example to illustrate what we are saying. Communism on the other hand began with a series of worthy elements have been processed. But as expected this system of government also degenerated into corruption, ambition, greed and desire for power. And as capitalism made an incalculable number of crimes. Even today these two stupid systems, continue to plague all men on earth. And more to those who do reflects life and that not living in a mechanical way. Child, youth, adult or elder. Poet, mathematician, philosopher, sociologist, physical etc. They are under such schemes, which call themselves in many ways. Which is why I believe with all my being that never land will be governed by righteousness and justice and equity