Two Languages

In today's article we will talk about the phenomenon of bilingual, often encountered in multi-ethnic families, namely, a few myths about the language development of bilingual children. Children of multinational families naturally differ from those of children growing up in the standard linguistic environment. Yes, and it does not differ if the pope, for example, a Frenchman and his mother – a Russian, and speak with both of them have? The child adapts to the situation in this or certain extent mastering two languages at once, while his peers – only one. This imposes prints on child development, as a rule, positively impacting on it, although it is not always understand their parents. In many bilingual families, parents prefer that the child has mastered only one language (usually an official language of the country where the family lives).

Second language at the same time or do not develop at all, or remain in a passive reserve, at the level of understanding. These parents fear that a child can get lost in the language, if it is to study them simultaneously in a very early age, and it will negatively affect its development. However, the practical experience of many families that encourage a child's use of both languages, shows that a critical mixing languages is not happening. Of course, sometimes the child borrows the words from one language while speaking to one another. However, it goes on reaching of a certain age – 5 – 6 years, when the entire grammar of both languages can be expanded in the brain of the child "on the shelves." Research also shows that children who "had to" learn to speak two languages, are much more developed cognitive abilities, responsible for the perception of new information, its reproduction and memory. The opposite myth of parents is that you can absolutely not be encouraged and not develop a child's second language, being satisfied by only one, as a second language "learn" by himself.

In fact, the child is interested in the language exactly as large as the language needed to communicate with important people to him. If the father- Frenchman would speak with the child in Russian, French, lost all importance and at best will take a passive ownership, and at worst a child just forget the language. Thus, if the family wants to keep the child active command of two languages, you must continuously maintain the importance of both languages. This will give your child is not only a big advantage in the future before it 'monolingual' peers (in their studies and future career), but develop intellectual abilities, memory, sociability and interest in other cultures. If your child was born in a monolingual family, and you want the school he had already spoken in two languages, develop interest in it yourself! Cartoons and computer games in a foreign language can be a great start, but a joint study of the language to bring you and your child to use in addition to another and the joy of communicating with each other. And now – interesting resource regarding the development of foreign languages: – You want to ever ride in a time machine? Did you know that she had invented (although still in a virtual form)? Come here – look at the history ozhivshuyu U.S. from 1860 to the Present! Language resource and videos – English. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Universal methods improved foreign languages! '- Master the language itself and effectively

Driver Assistance Systems Parking

Parking radars are mandatory position in the arsenal of accessories cars of those owners who care about the safety and comfort in driving. These ultrasonic sensors, installed in the bumper, simplify life for both novice and experienced drivers. Allow us not to leave the interior of the vehicle when parking and maneuvering in tight spaces, letting the distance to nearby obstacles. Radars warn pesky car damage arising as a result of miscalculation eye driver, and in some cases save lives. Therefore, the cost of these useful devices, which at any time serve as your security commensurate with the consequences that may arise. Continued development of the concept of parking radar system began with the driver when parking (parkassistsystem), which are arranged so that the information from sensors comes in standard on-board information system, reducing the risk of undetected critical situation. Until now, such systems were available only to owners of expensive complete cars. But URAL now offers a similar solution – to all motorists, regardless of class car! Parking radar brand URAL integrated into standard audio information system and can be connected to all modern Head Units URAL CDD-Evolution series with the function onboard computer.

Scope of supply includes four ultrasonic sensors and a system unit that extends the platform on-board computer CD/MP3-resivera. Distance to the obstacle displayed SD/MP3-resivera and functions through the head unit can be configured "on the taste" styles alerting signals and their associated distances. Another important factor can adjust the sensitivity ultrasonic sensors. Parking radar is activated automatically when reverse gear, the definition of the nearest obstacle just happens automatically. The main advantages of driver assistance systems for Parking URAL are substantially lower price compared to the separately supplied to the market sets parking sensors, and no need to install additional indicator in the car, descriptiveness which often leaves much to be desired. URAL always shows the exact distance in inches rather than "conventional strips. The sensor can capture an obstacle at a distance up to 2,5 m! Indication and management is carried out with the usual driver for the device – radio, analogous to setting the clock, or search for radio stations.

Parking radar URAL adapted to the trouble-free in the Russian climate conditions are not afraid of high humidity and high pollution of the environment of megacities. If you do not want the sensors are allocated to the general background color car, they can be coated with a thin layer of paint corresponding color. Parking radars are easy to install and operate. High build quality and components manufacturer warranty!

MAXScript ProEditor

Announcement of a new version of 3ds Max – this is a good habit to show SIGGRAPH. This year was no exception. The new version of 3ds Max is not the tenth, as might be expected, and was named Autodesk 3ds Max 2008. The main thing that the developers have paid attention at preparing a new version – improved performance when working with complex scenes. Promise that the operations on objects in the viewport will be producing 60 times faster, and the appointment of the materials – about 10 times faster even when working with thousands of objects. For large scenes of the program added Scene Explorer – a window in which the elements are presented in a hierarchical structure, and there are tools for scene analysis and editing.

Program developers promise that the model will now be much easier, artists rarely have to go to the menu. How exactly will a new approach to modeling has not yet been reported. Also in the program added a set of tools, organized under the title Review, with which you can be online to do a preview of the shadows, setting the architectural materials, the environment. Made some improvements, that relate to mental ray, in particular, provided a means Sky Portal, makes it easy to adjust the lighting of interiors with light coming from the outside. Sky Portal supports lighting effects, which are based on HDRI. Professionals using 3ds Max to create complex projects, access to a built-in MAXScript ProEditor, which will significantly increase the possibility of creating scripts. In addition, improved compatibility with other applications, Autodesk, added a new option Select Similar (highlight similar), and import the data become more precise, and tools for communications between the files were usovershenstvany.

Creativity and Business

Creative thinking, creativity and creativity, as a rule, are very important components in achieving success in e-business. Subscription lists, owned several businesses and is removed from the fabulous profits they were not all prostroeny based on the mailing list. And in order to awaken in you the ability to creatively thinking, I will give you a few ideas ready, you can, upgrading to their own needs, successfully used in the practice of running your own business. Along with the newsletters I've seen very good examples of the formation of Petitions on issues such as'______ day '. For example, 'Joke of the day', 'tip', 'resource day', etc. The possibilities are unlimited. If you have a constantly updated catalog of any information, which has a large dynamism, the scheme of forming the signature sheet will be very suitable. How about 'Diary of your business'? I saw a lot of successful petitions, formed on the basis of the scheme, and myself, honestly, starting it with her.

Start recording everything that happens in your business that may be of interest to readers, and then arrange the given information, and assign dates, presenting to subscribers on a regular basis. Similar approach allows not only to constantly keep subscribers abreast of the latest news and build with them a good and close relations, but also provide an opportunity to develop and build confidence in you to your target audience. Another great example – training courses. Develop a training course to any aspect of the work in the area of your business, split it into several pieces, then in each issue consistently publish part of or other course. After completing the basic course registration, you may start to produce 'advanced' and 'sophisticated' courses, and can develop new and deal with him in the same way. In between the 'lessons learned' can be successfully produce and 'upgrade'. Thus, the only thing that can restrict your activities in this field – it is your imagination. In conclusion of this article, I consider it my duty to give you one useful tip: do not delay work on the back burner, start the implementation of planned today! If you're put off each time the implementation of any ideas for tomorrow, it may fade, you can lose it part, it may no longer be relevant and so you never become its exercise, losing all the benefits of its implementation. But having its own subscription list is an important key to the success of Your e-business.