Eckes Granini Choose Txt E Solutions To Reinforce The Process Of Sop And Ortems To Improve Productive Capacities

Eckes-Granini, with a sales volume of 827 million euros, leader in the production of juices of fruit in Europe with brands like hohes C, JOKER, REA, GRANINI, has chosen the solution CDMi, Collaborative Demand Management and intelligence from TXT to improve the process of S & OP and ORTEMS to optimize the planning of production and programming. The solutions were implemented in subsidiaries of the group in France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Finland. Facing the typical challenges of the Food and Beverage sector, Eckes-Granini has recognized the importance of integrating plans demand and provisioning to its production capacity to meet the demand of the consumers in an agile way. The S & OP process has been identified as a key element to achieve the economic objectives of the company. After a careful selection process, Granini has chosen a combined solution of two of the best software providers in the consumer goods sector. Granini has chosen Collaborative Demand Management & intelligence (CDMi) from TXT e-solutions to cover the S & OP process: forecast demand, promotions, the replenishment of stores planning, the process of reconciliation and follow-up of financial indicators. To complete the process of S & OP, Eckes-Granini has chosen the module Advanced Manufacturing & Detailed Scheduling of ORTEMS to cover the processes of planning and production scheduling.

Fabien Labeta, Project Manager di Eckes-Granini has commented TXT has offered us an excellent approach, business oriented in terms of planning of demand and provisioning that includes aspects of reconciliation and follow-up of financial indicators in field of S & OP. Numerous references to the TXT-intensive goods sector have been for us proof of your experience in the market. From our point of view, is a great advantage to be able to collaborate with a software provider who has a clear understanding of the strategic implications of the S &OP; in addition, thanks to the flexibility of the solution, are confident that the implementation of the S & OP process is carried out with success in different countries. ORTEMS has provided us with vertical solutions specific to the agro-food, capable of supporting companies in the effective integration of the plans of demand with production planning. The increasing variability of demand from consumers and retailers, forces companies to make their supply chains more agile and customer-oriented.

The strong impact of seasonality of demand forecasting and production planning processes creates new restrictions on productive capacity as well as a constant pressure on the quality. To achieve the balance between productivity and service to the customer, is necessary to use advanced planning solutions. He has added retired. We are delighted by our new collaboration with Eckes-Granini. A leader in its sector with well known brands, Eckes-Granini is also a company with strong vision in the management of the S & OP process. This project is one additional demonstration of our contribution in this sector for which we develop appropriate solutions for both new deployments and S & OP more mature processes, said Gilles Alais, Sales Director of TXT France. We are much pleased that Eckes-Granini has chosen our ORTEMS Agile Manufacturing solution. The choice by a leader of the market appreciates our strategy of providing advanced solutions for planning and programming specific to the sector. Combined with the best solutions for Demand and Supply Planning, help companies to correct problems of the supply chain as the lack of visibility, planning errors, disconnection with the programming and communication errors in general in the company. Original author and source of the article.

Weltspartag.NET Is Giving Away Designer Piggy Banks And Silver Coins

The memories of the world savings day submit and win the world savings day has a high sentimental value for many people. Many back like to think of their own childhood as it was full of expectation and with a bulging piggy bank to the Bank there to pick up the coveted gifts are. Even today, many parents accompany their children to the Bank on that day. The little ones get great gifts as a reward for iron saving. It is precisely to these memories and experiences with the world savings day in the current contest. The participants are asked to leave your best memory in the world savings day as Italia. This can be a reminder from own childhood or to an experience that they did as parents to their own children. Two designer piggy banks and two real silver coins will be raffled among all the comments.

The special thing about it: the piggy banks are painted according to the idea of the winner. It is so unique that there is so a second time in the world. The piggy banks are sponsored by Moneybox the silver coins is the Australian rabbits and the Australian Koala. Both coins weigh half ounce and are provided by Chiemgauer

The Fox and the Hare are very popular with children, therefore we have helped these two coins to the competition”says Gerhard Masching, holder of the precious metal trading. The contest runs until including 30.05.2011. Subsequently, the winner at random from all the comments are pulled and notified. The participation is under… possible. Tom Schmitz

Business Card

How many times have you wondered what to give your work colleague's birthday or to congratulate his business partner with the New Year. One of the best business gifts is visiting cards for their own or others' business cards. You can choose one of these options. The main thing that visiting cards were original, stylish, desirable and necessary way of quality material. If you choose a business card for his business card, you must pay attention at the age of the person for whom you choose it.

Young people are more trendy suit visiting cards of metal, such as jewelry from brass, chrome plated with the original engraved on the lid. These card holders have the Swiss firm Philip Laurence. They have affordable price to 300 USD, and the quality of expensive luxury items. Likewise, metal business card holders can be found at the Scottish firm Dalvey. They are made from high quality steel, coated with gold.

There is a business card with a lid or without lid with a spring mechanism, which easily holds up to 15 standard business cards without damaging their original appearance. For older colleagues better business card holders to choose from stainless steel, covered with Italian leather of high quality. These card holders are from UAH 500. and the Swiss firms have Philip Laurence. Equally popular and business card for foreign cards. They easy to store business cards most constant partners with whom to communicate often. In addition to transparent business card files, they always have a few branches for sobstennyh cards or credit cards. These card holders can be purchased from 350 to 700 UAH. : Write, they have brands Wanlima and Philip Laurence. High quality leather and original design will make your gift very memorable, and always will be worn with them. Separately, we should mention about the business card for women. They differ in the original design, bright colors and texture of the skin. This is may be not only black but also red, pink, burgundy. Any colors will be especially successful if the color of the bag fits the woman or her purse. Such business card holders have Meisslie brands and Philip Laurence Very trendy right now are business card from stingray leather. Among them as many colors that can suit the taste of any woman. Great choice of business cards and company have Meisslie. This is a business card as for their cards and for others. The price they have between 200 and 300 UAH. Make an original gift to a woman, and you earn her favor. Make your choice in favor of the business card as a gift to man, woman gift whether it's your boss, colleague or business partner, and you can not go wrong.

Web Design

Summary The Accessibility, defined as the ease with which people with some degree of disability can access the contents of a website, it is an issue that web designers and programmers to be taken into account in their projects. This will be possible only after the recognition of the right of access to content for people with special skills and knowledge of its limitations and particular ways of accessing the Internet. What is Accessibility? Often (though not as much as we would like) we discover that the infrastructure of big cities changed in the sense of promoting access and mobility for people with some degree of physical disability. Ramps where there were only stairs, wide doors and specially adapted health are just some examples of this new way of integrating our fellows. This healthy phenomenon is also expressed on the Web where designers begin to consider issues in their projects that will make their content accessible to people with disabilities.

Thus arises the concept Accessibility, broadly defined as the ease with which people with disabilities interact with Web sites. An accessible site is one in which the design elements as color, font size and arrangement of elements not difficult to understand the content of the site. Definition of disability The disability can be divided into the following categories: visually impaired or hearing impaired motor or cognitive impairment Deficiencies Each of these categories includes its own set of states. For example, within the visually impaired is included low vision problems, blindness and blindness.

Investment Committee

Huth worked according to the Salomon Brothers in the short term for Investcorps venture capital before he joined Kohlberg, Kravis Roberts & co.. At that time, Huth’s professional success story was not stopped. Today, Huth is European head of Kohlberg of Kravis Roberts, he sits on the Investment Committee and is a member of the Investment Committee. Dr. Michael Frenzel as Acting Chief Executive Officer of TUI Travel PLC and CEO of TUI AG looks back Michael Frenzel on a successful and glorious career. After completing his law studies concluded with the second State examination at the Ruhr University, Frenzel quickly opted for the financial world.

The Westdeutsche Landesbank, first, he ascended to the head of the Department of industrial holdings and finally the total stake area. Later, Frenzel joined the Preussag AG, where he was appointed to the Board. in 1994 it elevated him to Chief Executive Officer. Here he was all over Europe for the conversion of Preussag AG in the leading travel group TUI AG responsible. Due to its large success Frenzel took over the chairmanship of the Board even when the services of the leisure industry as well as the position of the head of Board of Directors at the European tourism group TUI Travel plc (German TUI AG and British first Choice Holidays plc.) Dr. Reto Francioni Reto Francioni is Chairman of Deutsche Borse AG, after he was a member of the Board seven years before. After studying law at the University of Zurich, Francioni began his career at the Swiss Investment Bank UBS, for four years worked in 1981.

Afterwards, he moved to Credit Suisse. Four more years he held the Office of Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at the Organization of Association tripartite bourses affiliated. As Director of Hofman-La Roche over a period of one year he was responsible for controlling and financing in Latin America before he was finally appointed as CEO of Deutsche Borse AG. In this position, Francioni celebrated with the Introduction of the electronic trading system Xetra great triumphs. In the Supreme Executive Committee he earned the already biggest viewing, before he ascended to the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board.