Competitive Sustainability

Brand distinctiveness: a combination of weight indices, indicating differentiation / uniqueness and superiority of the brand. Quality Brand: Assessing the brand in general and its variations in overall image quality of the goods or services. Value of the brand: a combination of weight indices, indicating the extent to which brand offers customers something for which they pay, often known as "Value, expressed by price." Brand Personality: The degree to which brand image coincides with what the buyer is or wants to be. The potential of the brand: consumers' willingness to pay more for originality and try this brand new, previously unidentified products or varieties of the previous ones. Competitive Sustainability: the extent to which the consumer remains true to the brand during a hostile or competitive pressure. The dynamics of brand: the extent to which consumers prefer to purchase and use the brand and new versions of its product lines. (Note: P. K.

Clancy and Krieg argued that this factor is not used in calculating the value of brand equity as well as overlaps with a market share. But he used to weigh the importance of each of the other factors. Meet with the following explanation, which they propose to calculate value of brand equity.). To measure the equity of your brand, according to these marketers, you should develop a profile of Internet based, personal, or mail options, which will be from 3 to 5 questions on each factor. You ask respondents your brand on the issues analyzed by comparing it with the brands of your competitors. Clancy and Krieg explains that when you get the results of your survey, capital value of your brand and your brand competitors can be calculated as follows: "Each component and each factor is evaluated based on their contribution to the overall dynamics of the brand and the vector of preference, which allows us to obtain, through a single techniques, an overall assessment of brand equity for each brand analyzed. In other words, each brand can be defined as a single number – the value of brand equity. These values, in theory, ranging from zero to infinity,

Art Faith

Our desire is also often caused by jealousy, which in a capitalist society is presented as a natural feeling. It must be said in general – not just a desire to buy something, but also a desire to take a stand question, more profitable for you to view (often dictated by purely psychological motives or attachment to komu-to/chemu-to). Able to recognize and control their desire to remain independent, including including internally (from 'Passion' and 'corruption' as antonyms of discipline). Finally, the third skill that determines the degree of personal sovereignty is the ability to believe. All the above is known to some extent, each smart person, but many, unfortunately, forget that little form an objective view of the world, and we need more and save it, not giving further 'point' impact on specific attitudes. And here is more than helps the faith, but faith is not unfounded, based on hunches and intuition unreliable, and not the feeling that it would be appropriate to call the hope and belief rational, sensible, seeing. Such a belief is an indication of Independence from someone else, ie from any external and derived from her inner strength. Accordingly, it is based not on authority or the majority opinion, but on their own mental and sensory experience, to own opinions and observations. In the words of Erich Fromm ('The Art of love', 'Man for Himself'), good faith – is the certainty and stability inherent in our beliefs (not to be confused with the inability to changes), and it is based on the power of thought, that is, the individual's ability to think.

Emir Kusturica

– There shall be no Do your Polish supporters, especially those that are more or less know the story, questions about the name of your group? – Polish journalists have too often we are asked about this, and we always explain that in our case Haidamaks – is sign of revolt against social injustice on a global scale. According to Ukrainian-Polish relations, our peoples have a long history of coexistence in which each vied for her. Now the relations stabilized and the Poles are very positively disposed towards the Ukrainian. – Do you regularly communicate with Emir Kusturica – went to visit him, played with his band at Balkanfest. – I talk with Nelly, singer of No Smoking Orchestra, and with the Emir, too sign, but I try once again not to bother.

He is very busy, not that tired, just did a lot, but for all you have to pay a price. With Nellie, we met in Kiev, he took our wheels, and then said that the whole winter listening to them in the car. Subsequently invited ‘Gaidamakov’ in Kustendorf. – The famous wooden town in the mountains? – Yes, where Amir lives with his family. And in Kustendorf not sell any whiskey, no Coke, no phantom – what they drink in a capitalist world, there is prohibited. ‘Energize a native Chernobyl’ – In general, the Poles album has a song ‘Until Ternopil. I know that most of the tracks ‘Gaidamakov’ – your words, and this, too? – No, this is a traditional folk song. Her heard on any wedding in the Ternopil region our accordionist Ivan Laziness and brought us a record in the recorder. – Last year you took video of Chernobyl. It is true that you are born there? – True. My family moved to Kiev before disaster, but I went there every summer. Now I happen more often. – Not scared? – Why be afraid? High radiation directly next to the block in Pripyat Whenever I come back, there is a certain euphoria associated with the fact that this indeed, my homeland. I feel there is more organic – no radio, no process noise. Yes, and there are almost no people. For one day at Chernobyl can rest and recharge for two to three months in advance. –

You were there at the time of the accident? – No, I was served in the army in Russia. By the way, before the appeal was thinking that I would become an artist, because since childhood I liked it. And the Army found that the whole part I’m one draw, and almost 24 hours a day, I had to cry issue, then something else. And when I got home, I realized that drawing was over forever (laughs – aut.) After you picked up a guitar and started singing. – You have a classical education – safely learn to opera singer, you have made in a rock band. Academic knowledge help? – Of course, as in a conservatory put voice is important. – You’ve been on tour, but as far as I know, son. What do you want to teach? – That he was first cultured man. Ukraine lacks such – really well-educated, cultural, development. Therefore, teach your children. Make sure that they spoke in Ukrainian, but they knew not only Russian, and even English, Polish and desirable German. In the words of one of our countrymen living abroad: ‘Be proud of Cossack glory? Here and be the Cossacks! “.

Savings Bank

The levels are: AAA, AA A BBB BB than others, but they are very ill Overall: A Bank or Big Box usually has a rating of AA A Bank or medium, a rating of A On March 3, 2008, Fitch has maintained the rating of the City of Barcelona in AA + rating agencies gave these ratings or were given other names, more sophisticated, but in the end, say the same thing: They called: Investment Grade MBS representing mortgage prime, that is those of least risk (be the AAA, AA and A) Mezzanine, the intermediate (I guess maybe the BBB and BB) Equity to poor, high risk, ie the subprime, that in this racket , are the protagonists Investment Banks placed easily the best (investment grade) to conservative investors, and low interest rates. Other fund managers, venture capital companies, etc, more aggressive. sought, at all costs, higher returns, among other reasons because these lords charge the year-end bonus depending on the profitability. Problem: How to sell MBS of bad managers latter without being noticed too that are incurring excessive risks? 6th Comment: The plot thickens and, of course, the Savings Bank of San Quirze continue making statements Expansion happy and content, discussing the proper functioning of the economy and social work they are doing. Some investment banks were able, from a re-rating agencies (a re-rating, a word that does not exist, but it serves to understand) The re-rating is an invention to raise the rating of bad MBS, which consists of: i. .

Jablonex Jewelry

Each girl will feel more confident, decked herself with her such a thing. Now on sale Jewellery shops found in large numbers, different styles and colors, and quality is also different. From inexpensive to expensive Italian Chinese. Previously, jewelry underestimated because of its poor quality, and sought acquire, as a rule, jewelry made of precious metals and stones. Now everything is different. Costume jewelry offer a variety of famous and lesser-known producers using new technologies to produce it.

Thus, jewelry is becoming more durable. She is also good for those who follow fashion and often alter decorations, usually for teenagers who are usually indifferent quality. Jewellery – an excellent choice for parties, cocktail parties, weddings, romantic dinners. It attracts customers in the first of its availability. Although the price ranges vary significantly jewelry. Amaro – French brand, which produces handmade jewelry work of semi-precious stones, made in oriental style. The Czech brand Jablonex occupy a specific niche in the Russian market and commands respect of our compatriots.

At an average price, jewelry has high quality, and it remains unchanged for a long time. There is hardly a girl who had never heard of the company . These crystals are used primarily for inlay. Recently fashionable to decorate their mobile phones. A special place among the ornaments takes pearls, it is natural and artificial. To create an unreal pearls lately a proliferation of various technologies. From its manufacturing of plastics, to artificial cultivation. Cheap natural pearls – is almost as rare as the economy hotel of Moscow. Pearl of the need for almost 10 years before it reaches the diameter of a centimeter. It is marine and river, with a smooth surface and irregular, large and small, shiny and dull. Of these qualities emerging price pearls. What makes it more exciting and the look, the more valuable the pearl. In this case, sea pearls are several times more expensive than a river. Large pearls are very rare, as the cheap hotels in Moscow. Because their cost is very high. In the Russian capital, many jewelry stores. But as a rule, a pearl necklace, even for a thousand dollars is made of artificial grown material. On the black pearl legends speak of its healing and magical properties. A pearl water even call alive. Pearl charms, attracts and cast a spell. He is mystical and very beautiful. Jewelers are very fond of using it to manufacture jewelry. Because it blends well with any precious metals and stones. He occupies a rightful place as a producer and a sophisticated society ladies.

The Organization

This rule has not always led me out of difficult situations, as you begin to intelligently plan and control finances. Give up the idea of spending money from reserves. Instead, earn more money emergencies. (The money is usually faster to make than to get out of the old secret places. Never take money in the debt to pay bills.

It is much safer to simply make money.) Put the money somewhere where to get them quickly is not possible. After all, if they are at hand, there is often climb up and think that necessarily will report later, but then never comes. Financial planning and control of – the work of one man and is often contrary to the requirements of the group. Should always be one person who gives his final word.

Treasurer exists in the organization not to buy their popularity at the expense of funds, and to implement good financial planning. (Volume 3 str.476-477) If you follow these uncomplicated rules, the creditworthiness of the organization will be very high. Especially in a crisis, when Many companies reduced income, and they are already accustomed to negligent attitude to money. Accountants need to rigidly constructed that they understood that their task is not only to “shift notes”, but also correctly manage finances. After all, if good works as an accountant, a manager can easily run the company. Especially now, in times of crisis, the organization must establish strict financial controls, and start saving in reserves. Hubbard gives a stable given that the organization will spend exactly the money she earns, so the manager must always and show the form of spending money that he would defer to the reserves and say, that they have already spent, and only in this case, the organization will start to work and make more money.

Car Tires

Any car owner on the threshold of the hot season in a certain way is preparing his car. Some change winter tires for the summer, someone brings sparkle body, someone enough to wipe the glass and clean the interior. The basic rule of preparing a car for summer – clean, not only outside but inside. Knowledge of the specific summer and winter tires these days, probably no one will be surprised. If you have a car is not '' and studded tires, then it should necessarily be changed, otherwise the dry summer pavement you potreyaete all spikes. State of the brake system is the main thing to pay attention. Any uncharacteristic for them to sound – a direct allusion to that should make a diagnosis.

Now the main thing – the engine of your car. Considerable in temperature in winter lead to the fact that rubber and plastic engine components wear out quickly, because of what is observed leakage of fluids engineering. In the future, do not waste money on expensive repairs, see if the motor drips, and if you find them, then immediately look for the cause. Should wash the motor, but be sure to keep because of year of your car. Experts believe that washing engines of old cars is undesirable because of old wiring and oxidized contacts. More than enough to make dry cleaning, electrical sensors and covers timer. When preparing your car for the summer season be sure to make check nodes suspension. Due to travel over snow and puddles, as well as changes in temperature anthers chassis out of order, and hardpoints, losing grease, fast break.

Rental And Leasing Of Cars In Russia

In recent years, Russia has made great strides car rental services. Improving the conditions under which klientpriobretaet right to rent a car and truck fleet improves. When etomosnovnoy emphasis companies make the purchase of foreign cars in Europe iamerikanskogo production. And this is natural – if quite comparable tsenahmashiny domestic production only lose much by foreigners in longevity, and comfort, and fuel consumption. That is prineznachitelnom upping investments kompaniyapriobretaet machines able to live three to four times longer . Purchase of cars, the company offers its klientamarenduemye cars for lease. And the Russians prefer foreign cars to domestic and leasing in Basically, it is on foreign cars. In many cases, it is very convenient: to rent a brand new car, and a year later gradually pay money for it, and call polyubivshiysyaavtomobil their property. Although there are moments when the lease takes outputting not only "foreigners", but also domestic cars.

The Article

Gained them a certain rating, you can get regular customers, ordering you have the most different kinds of articles. This may be a research article critique, and many others. Someone believes that should only work through a stock exchange, as it provides a guaranteed salary. But others prefer to work independently, as it allows you to earn much higher. From this it follows that there is opportunity to earn several times more, spending less time at the same time. If you find a few regular customers, we can assume that a sufficiently stable income is provided to you. But in order to this was a good idea to make a portfolio, which shows the different types of articles. We must not forget about advertising. Potential customers should be allowed to assess the style of your work. You must demonstrate sample article of your production. Most customers to pursue their claims. Features articles may be different. Someone wants to hand column article had a density of 10 percent, someone wants official writing style, and for the third important factor is the presence of rare, previously unknown data or complete a unique written articles. The best option is to set up his own website where you yourself can tell us about your skills and talents, and demonstrate them. It may be the best samples of your work on different topics. Bold plus will link to your work, who are on other sites. A good example of the article may be a good incentive for the customer to apply for the work to you. But if you have not got your own website, it is not a problem. Part exchanges provide an opportunity copywriters, for a modest fee, to publish an ad with their suggestions on the pages of your site. In the 'nutshell' need to explain to a potential customer, why the work should give it to you, so how exactly do you do it at the proper level with preservation of particular articles, ordered by the employer. About many things to be said and the title of the article. . On the one hand, it must be unique, and the other to provide a simple and a common question, for example: 'How do I turn the laptop? '. Naturally, the article should give him a definite answer. Whatever your manuscript: a critical article, research article, it first must be interesting and easily-readable. Most people already in the first paragraph, lose interest and therefore need to captivate the reader from the first proposals. If an article is written in simple and understandable language, without the use of complex phrases, they may show interest, and not even noticing it, read through it to the end. In this case, if he finds for himself something useful, it will be fine. Using these tips, you can become an author of articles, that readers like and are in demand by customers. And just to add some money to his basic salary. And the amount depends entirely on your hard work and talent.

Working Day

Everything is as it should be. And so begins the working day. Our boss said Secretary that need to call back and then back and then do something else and that's it. A few seconds later secretary starts to ask questions. Chief of them is responsible.

Even after some time the Secretary gives more questions Head is responsible and example shows how to do it. He picks it up, he calls, he agrees He appoints a meeting, goes to her and enters into a contract It's, like, normal. But! Let us consider again the definition of the word "manage": "Supervise, direct the activities of someone of something." Is it really? Sent? – Yes, in principle, has sent but only sent is not someone else's work, namely your own! And even more interesting is to observe, if you understand that the ordinary everyday middle-manager add up exactly from the direction of their actions, and staff with his head, slavishly say they have great respect for him, admire him and are trying to understand that the money issued to them as salary they receive is not in vain. The cursor will move their mouse from deuce hesitated to eight as incorrectly assembled solitaire at a certain time – this is very bad omen After a while our supervisor understands that is not run by employees, and themselves. Well or as a clue or something, that something goes wrong. Coffee is certainly tasty, but its once-a drink that is hammered daily corrections and adjustments, and that someone is still in it cultivates this set of vanity, because no matter what shirt he wore, then it will just be "super" and " so that as much force there Vigilance is dulled, and Shirt is very important at a time.