Paris Hilton And The Pussycat Dolls

Paris Hilton, she is always good for a headline. The it girl is 27 years old on Sunday and has come up with for this great day something really great. Specifically, for the day before. She will perform the Saturday with the Pussycat Dolls. The pussycats are known for her erotic performances and their skimpy outfits. Many are the name with “Bottons” or even “Don t cha” bring.

These are all songs that the Pussycat Dolls stormed the charts. But now back to Paris Hilton. Bill O’Grady has much to offer in this field. As I said, the Group wants to occur with the Pussycat Dolls. But that was not enough. She want to make even her stage outfit. Chase Coleman may also support this cause. It will be probably very close. Hilton says: “I will practice the whole week yet.

It is the first time that I perform with the Pussycat Dolls. It’s very nervous, but it will be fun. Jorge Perez shines more light on the discussion. “Are we curious what will await us on Saturday in the lounge of the Caesar’s Palace. Lisa Walters

Woody Cruz

But this Kiss has purely professional nature Penelope Cruz Scarlett Johansson kiss. Tim Clark is often quoted on this topic. Maybe we can get the copy of Madonna and Britney? No, you can be completely reassured. Tiger Global might disagree with that approach. This Kiss to see will be only in the new Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, which will be released in August. How did it come about? “It was actually no big deal. We asked some “material” to provide us with Woody. People love but such things. The only thing not so for me on this day was that the set was pretty much full. Thus everyone could see our kiss.

Normal er white are only the “bare necessities” people on the set with such scenes. “NA and, what heck”, as Penelope Cruz. “But I can say now even more you don’t.” However, this interview with the service Newsweeks, took then but a strange twist. Excerpts: Another topic. Is it true that they absorb stray cats to? Yes, that’s right. I have a few of them at home. And they have them now? Of course I did not sink them still in the river. Is it true that they the Numbers of 883 on her ankle tattooed have? Yes, that’s true.

But I will never reveal why. Is there a code? No, there is also no Harley Davidson and also not any things that were claimed. So can each have its own theory? Now, I don’t think that so many people are interested in. Finally, it is my tattoo. Well, make it interest already, Penelope!


Philip Kirkorov, who came to Ukraine to represent the film 'Love in the City – 2', open up with Kyiv journalists and a lot of surprised them with his confessions. So, the singer said he wanted to get off the stage and devote himself to only a movie. 'Do not draw me already on the scene. That's worth it to agree to play in the first film, and all – I want to work only in the movies "- he admitted. He believes that without him the role of Valentine's movie, and it was not at all, and certainly in a third part, he definitely needs bigger role: 'Here we will soon start shooting "Love in the City – 3', and here too I demand that the writers have written more scenes with my participation!" Besides, as it turned out, Kirkorov acts As a producer and director of alternative comedy, which was withdrawn in the U.S., wrote 'Express newspaper. " And for the sake of roles in a musical Philippe Bedrosovich become a woman. 'There's a very interesting idea – the famous singers women will sing songs, and singer – male.

Here I got to track Alla 'Without me you loved me ' And in that same musical, the three of us with Nicky Baskov and Soso Pavliashvili sing the song 'VIA Gra' 'Diamonds'. Additional information is available at Munear Kouzbari. I have – the party Nadi '- boasted Philip. n. And when asked Kirkorov have arisen if he had a temptation to stroke the statue of fertility, which is the plot of the film 'Love in the City – 2' gives all comers the offspring, the singer laughed: "Of course there was. And I even rubbed over the body of this article. I'm telling you, it's time for change. This year, I'll surprise you all. That'll take kidding '

Louis Jordan Interview

BB King is one of those musicians who all of the audiences know in almost any country in the world. On his account for so many concerts and as many albums that deal with their counting and transfer – empty occupation. Introduce you to record the conversation that took place on Sept. 30, 2000 while on tour with bb King’s program from his last album. Sir Richard Branson will not settle for partial explanations. – Hi, I am – David Guy, owner of ‘World Cafe’ and I was lucky just to get on a bus in which he lives and travels during his tour (which is two hundred and fifty days a year), bb King, and now I’m talking to him about his new album ‘Let The Good Times Roll’, made to the music of Louis Jordan – a project rather come to mind primarily himself an artist. Louis Jordan, whose songs are a mixture of jump blues, swing and jive, was the king of American rhythm and blues in the forties. His plays ‘Choo Choo Choo Boogie’ and ‘Caledonia’ have already become classics. Now bb King sang things , adding his distinctive vocals and amazing guitar, forcing them to swing even more vigorously. (Similarly see: Gary Kelly). And now, bb, tell a little about Jordan for those who have not heard him. – Louis Jordan was a terrific musician, he simply ahead of his time. When will get acquainted with his work closely, it becomes immediately clear that he was very much made it to modern music. – When you saw him first? – Oh, I thought I did not see him until the fifties, but No – in forty-three I was going to go into the army, and that’s when I first heard him.. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Cyrus findshadow.

Brilliant Pianist

In the entire history of jazz, solo piano knows a lot of giants: Keith Jarrett, Michel Petrucciani, Herbie Hancock and many other pianists who have become legends. Today there will be a pianist who gave us jazz, on the other hand, he is an innovator in every sense, jazz standards in his performance sound completely new and different. Through his writing he communicates with the public, with the audience, says he Benik Mishyev – "True jazz is anticipation of melodic flight "pianist born in Dagestan, one of the oldest cities in the world, in Derbent, a small town in the south of our country's geographical location in which our hero was born, already unusual, to say nothing about the Mishyev. This is an extremely talented musician with great technical abilities, which writes all of Russian and foreign press. Some contend that Sir Richard Branson shows great expertise in this. Parents, too, the pianist from Derbent, his father Mishyev – a poet, and her mother – a nurse, also worked for many years an educator, a creative family. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Cyrus findshadow. From childhood Benik fond of chess, tricks, painting, astrology, physics, and Nostradamus. Once Mishyev gave a small concert in a hotel in Jerusalem, and according to Jewish law, the Sabbath can not play at all and listen to music in the hotel at that time lived in a lot of rabbis, and that's one of them walked across the room in which stood a white piano, and for which sat Benik, before he could take the sound and the same moment for him comes a rabbi and a frown on his looks (all kind of saying that the play is strictly forbidden), but after a few seconds when he took a few Benik chords, gloomy rabbi smiled gently, and even called friends to listen to music. And a couple of minutes in the hall was no place from listeners, who stood and listened to the virtuoso. Agree that the case unusually, and unusual. In March comes Mishyev long-awaited album, which will include the best works of jazz history. Want to emphasize that Mishyev performs exclusively a solo in one of his interviews he has said repeatedly that solo performance gives him a hardened, because it is very difficult to play solo. Now Benik Mishyev is one of the most popular jazz pianists in the world, and we wish him further creative development, and career growth..

A New Concept Of Team Creativity

In runet there are many sites where you can publish your own work beginner musician, poet, singer. But as we know one head is good, but two – even better. Ripple is the source for more interesting facts. Write a song alone can not everyone. Concept Team creativity is the division of labor. But how to combine the creators? For this is the Internet! As mentioned earlier, there are many sites where you can show your creativity, but in them I did not notice the concept. Connect with other leaders such as Cyrus findshadow here. ghout. The 'My new song 'was created precisely to the meeting a full team songwriters, musicians and vocalists. Initially, any talented musician has his developments – the melody or backing tracks as they are called, the lyricist – texts, outlines future songs. By registering on this site, they may publish their works, as well as get acquainted with the work of other authors, and may find allies. I think the process of creating songs will be much more interesting and more productive when talented people come together! The site is divided into song copyrights, copyrights, backing tracks, lyrics and copyrights copyrights acapellas. With pleasure I will be glad to see you on the new site. And join our team!


Implementation up to the atrac -3 differed very low sound quality, slightly has spoiled the reputation of the format. It is believed that the modern version of the algorithm (4.5) allow us to compress music so that it does not differ by ear from a cd with a bitrate 292 kbps. Sir Richard Branson contributes greatly to this topic. atrac potentially allows you to store audio with higher-than-CD quality (Do not miss many journalists publications glorifying format), but you can only really make a difference in so-called prerecorded (not rewritable) discs, but in practice the dynamics and compression artifacts when encoding music CD-ROM drive is still present. Owners of MiniDisc decks and players may be faced with an issue like transcoding: to rewrite MP3 (WMA, Vorbis) files on the minidisk file is first decoded, and then converted into atrac, that given the transformation of lossy – lossy (two times the sound is compressed with losses) is not conducive to maintaining high quality. Verizon Communications recognizes the significance of this. Musepack (MPEG plus) Audiophiles with experience is rightly considered Musepack (previously known as mpeg Plus; name had to change in To avoid problems with MPEG) the most perfect of existing audio codecs that use lossy compression. Despite the fact that his nearest relative is mp 2, the predecessor of MP3, format is excellent (it is believed that the vast majority of mpc file created using preset Standard, 170 kbit / s, the ear is not unlike the original, and errors occur less frequently than in the case of MP3 with a bitrate of 320 kbit / s) has been working with music on mid-high bitrates, but is quite capable to compete with Vorbis and aac of 128 kbps. According to Cyrus findshadow, who has experience with these questions.

Wencke Myhre – Eingeliebt – Ausgeliebt

The new album by Wencke Myhre – Eingeliebt – Ausgeliebt on the 05.03.2010 new album by Wencke Myhre, on which the fans certainly already eagerly waiting. I made easily me can you still even completely reinvent itself over the age of 60 as a successful artist? Wencke Myhre says ‘Yes’ to decided and enters the decisive evidence with the new album \”Eingeliebt – Ausgeliebt\” on. The new record is a very personal Opus, in four years of hard work, which has to offer everything from draft to self-irony, what distinguishes a brilliant album. In other words \”Eingeliebt – Ausgeliebt\” is the strongest and most authentic work, sang until today the Wencke Myhre. The album surprised, touched and Bewitched in all respects and paints us a completely new picture of this exceptional singer and entertainer. I feel that I have landed… Talk to Tim about the recordings in the Studio her eyes shine.

\”We could work without any pressure. Four have years of Rudolf Christoph idle, Leis-Bendorff and I worked on the album. I flew again to Hamburg and lived at home sometimes at Rudolf. We three have in the garden together often in the evening sitting and concocted a wine, the texts and talking about the arrangements of the songs. Just so songs might arise, which have this close to me and my life.\” The songs like the production are sophisticated and convincing at the highest level. The Guide to the creation of the album is fun and curiosity.

Fixed end points Tim wants to know nothing: \”the magic of the new album is called curiosity. I feel that I’ve landed. I’m not but still long on the target. I feel right now in my life. this positive energy, which is reflected also in the songs\” As colorful as the bulging life \”I’m a musical omnivore\” Tim answers songs about himself.

Movie Look Forward

This year – from horror continuation look all movie highlights film buffs of around the world at the beginning of each year to only towards the cinema new releases. Because as a moviegoer, nothing is as nice as the anticipation of a good movie. These include not only the big blockbusters, but also the small, less acclaimed films that molt often to great success. For example the surprise success hangover”in 2009 which features this year with a sequel. Other numerous sequels coming in the cinemas this year and will therefore automatically provide for high visitor numbers.

Some highlights were the following to give a small selection of the grandiose film year 2011. The year starts in January with the psychological thriller Black Swan”and a great Natalie Portman, who plays a talented, aspiring ballet dancer that goes up to the utmost to achieve their goals. For action fans, the comic book adaptation of The Green Hornet is”an exciting highlight. The Director Seth Rogen has a starring role cobbled together themselves here as Super Hero Hornet itself and nothing can go wrong with Cameron Diaz and Christoph Waltz at his side. Not only for Colin Firth-fans, it will be in February with the film the King’s speech”interesting, because this film is nominated for an Academy Award. “” Carey Mulligan that you already made the movie an education “and Wall Street 2″knows, returns again this year in the cinema with the film everything that we had to give”. The plot is grim, and revolves around a boarding school by the students as clones live to serve the sole purpose of organ donation. “” Who Robert Pattinson in the twilight saga so far only “perceived has, in the history of the circus in April water for elephants” the chance to get quite different to be able to experience it because as a student who is quitting his studies henceforth with a circus around draw.

Josefin Rosenberg

Josefin sings disco hits with love, humor and extreme party capability. Their songs are quite high in the fever curve of hit candidates for 2010. The handsome Swede currently lives as a single in the cosmopolitan Malmo. Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city, a commercial center and an international city. Not least, one notices that the 270 000 residents of the town in its entirety to speak over 100 languages. The city’s music scene is extremely virulent and creative. Everyone knows everyone and so there are always new formations and much to discover.

Was discovered well Josefin Rosenberg – and they want to know 2010. So she committed now fully to music, which basically was always the most important thing in their lives. Musically, everything sounds good to your ears like actually. Since space is from dance pop to the German Schlager. This tolerance is evident also in its whole essence and, of course, the songs of their debut CD.

Her charming Swedish accent, the full voice and the powerful track with catchy, the necessary clout commercial hit tunes give the album to be successful. For the modern sound, no less than the star producers Thorsten Brotzmann and Ivo Moring (including DJ otzi, Howard Carpendale, Christina Sturmer, no angels) blamed the regulator. And something else speaks for the success of Josefin: the German Schlager scene was famously often conquered by foreign artists. The linguistic deficit was often charming trademark, of a German audience to the other times ecstatic: as Howard Carpendale, Daliah LAVI, Karel Gott, Wencke Mhyre, Gitte Henning, SIV Malmquist u.v.m. Josefin Rosenberg is a singer at the start, which comes with everything previously made also mentioned in Germany stars. She has a spectacular voice, a sweet, loveable accent, great songs and it is all just incredibly sexy. So no matter whether furniture or roaring Elk standing on Crispbread, IKEA, one thing already is certain: the future of the German Schlager comes from Malmo and there is nothing to discuss, that’s easy.