Josefin Rosenberg

Josefin sings disco hits with love, humor and extreme party capability. Their songs are quite high in the fever curve of hit candidates for 2010. The handsome Swede currently lives as a single in the cosmopolitan Malmo. Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city, a commercial center and an international city. Not least, one notices that the 270 000 residents of the town in its entirety to speak over 100 languages. The city’s music scene is extremely virulent and creative. Everyone knows everyone and so there are always new formations and much to discover.

Was discovered well Josefin Rosenberg – and they want to know 2010. So she committed now fully to music, which basically was always the most important thing in their lives. Musically, everything sounds good to your ears like actually. Since space is from dance pop to the German Schlager. This tolerance is evident also in its whole essence and, of course, the songs of their debut CD.

Her charming Swedish accent, the full voice and the powerful track with catchy, the necessary clout commercial hit tunes give the album to be successful. For the modern sound, no less than the star producers Thorsten Brotzmann and Ivo Moring (including DJ otzi, Howard Carpendale, Christina Sturmer, no angels) blamed the regulator. And something else speaks for the success of Josefin: the German Schlager scene was famously often conquered by foreign artists. The linguistic deficit was often charming trademark, of a German audience to the other times ecstatic: as Howard Carpendale, Daliah LAVI, Karel Gott, Wencke Mhyre, Gitte Henning, SIV Malmquist u.v.m. Josefin Rosenberg is a singer at the start, which comes with everything previously made also mentioned in Germany stars. She has a spectacular voice, a sweet, loveable accent, great songs and it is all just incredibly sexy. So no matter whether furniture or roaring Elk standing on Crispbread, IKEA, one thing already is certain: the future of the German Schlager comes from Malmo and there is nothing to discuss, that’s easy.

Claude Schall

Clubs appear, but they all, with rare exceptions, resemble one another, if not appearance, then the quality of music and services. Any comparison of the domestic club culture in Europe, unfortunately, will not be in favor of the first. But of course everything is not so gloomy. Not forget that first night clubs in Europe appeared in a few decades earlier than in Russia, so we have to grow up and who attain to the level. And if you attain to the level, then at best. One of the most fashionable places in Paris today – it's Buddha-Bar.

This club has gained its popularity in the mid 90-ies of the 20 century. Buddha Bar was born thanks to a group of DJs headed to the famous Claude Schall, whom many call the father of Parisian bohemia. Exotic interior (a huge Buddha Statue (8 x 5 m), the decorative elements of a Buddhist temple), the aromas of exotic essences, Asian food, ethnic music made it an extremely attractive place for a stellar public. With remarkable regularity Club produces compact discs with unique musical content, with a circulation exceeding 300,000 copies. And the high entrance fee – 50 – indeed justified. One of the most fashionable clubs in London – Fabric. To play here, here lining up even the legendary dj.

One of the highlights of the club – a vibrating floor, on Fridays here break dance, hip-hop, drum and bass, and on Saturdays – tech house and electro. Despite the celebrity establishment, dress code, most loyal: sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, plus a good mood. And all the fun for only 15. Club 11 – this bar and restaurant, and a center for contemporary art, and one of the best dance floors in Amsterdam. Facility is located at the 11 th floor Postal tower. After 20.00 on the walls begin demonstrations of various photo installation. For remote control work the best DJs the world of electronic music. The undoubted benefits of the club includes a magnificent view over Amsterdam and surreal design. New trends in European club culture – environmental clubs. As examples may be called Surya in London and Watt in Rotterdam. These clubs are using innovative methods of production energy – from solar panels and wind turbines to the special sex on the dance floor, a mechanism which allows to generate electricity, while visitors dance. Until these innovations Russian clubs, of course, long time to grow. However, right now, when the market nightclubs close to completion, domestic club movement needs to move to a new level. Modern youth is spoiled and full of fun, which she can provide the nightlife of the capital today. Times require new solutions and quality music. Today, night clubs to win their audiences a unique concept, service quality and originality of the proposed entertainment. Source: Club B1 Maximum

Emir Kusturica

– There shall be no Do your Polish supporters, especially those that are more or less know the story, questions about the name of your group? – Polish journalists have too often we are asked about this, and we always explain that in our case Haidamaks – is sign of revolt against social injustice on a global scale. According to Ukrainian-Polish relations, our peoples have a long history of coexistence in which each vied for her. Now the relations stabilized and the Poles are very positively disposed towards the Ukrainian. – Do you regularly communicate with Emir Kusturica – went to visit him, played with his band at Balkanfest. – I talk with Nelly, singer of No Smoking Orchestra, and with the Emir, too sign, but I try once again not to bother.

He is very busy, not that tired, just did a lot, but for all you have to pay a price. With Nellie, we met in Kiev, he took our wheels, and then said that the whole winter listening to them in the car. Subsequently invited ‘Gaidamakov’ in Kustendorf. – The famous wooden town in the mountains? – Yes, where Amir lives with his family. And in Kustendorf not sell any whiskey, no Coke, no phantom – what they drink in a capitalist world, there is prohibited. ‘Energize a native Chernobyl’ – In general, the Poles album has a song ‘Until Ternopil. I know that most of the tracks ‘Gaidamakov’ – your words, and this, too? – No, this is a traditional folk song. Her heard on any wedding in the Ternopil region our accordionist Ivan Laziness and brought us a record in the recorder. – Last year you took video of Chernobyl. It is true that you are born there? – True. My family moved to Kiev before disaster, but I went there every summer. Now I happen more often. – Not scared? – Why be afraid? High radiation directly next to the block in Pripyat Whenever I come back, there is a certain euphoria associated with the fact that this indeed, my homeland. I feel there is more organic – no radio, no process noise. Yes, and there are almost no people. For one day at Chernobyl can rest and recharge for two to three months in advance. –

You were there at the time of the accident? – No, I was served in the army in Russia. By the way, before the appeal was thinking that I would become an artist, because since childhood I liked it. And the Army found that the whole part I’m one draw, and almost 24 hours a day, I had to cry issue, then something else. And when I got home, I realized that drawing was over forever (laughs – aut.) After you picked up a guitar and started singing. – You have a classical education – safely learn to opera singer, you have made in a rock band. Academic knowledge help? – Of course, as in a conservatory put voice is important. – You’ve been on tour, but as far as I know, son. What do you want to teach? – That he was first cultured man. Ukraine lacks such – really well-educated, cultural, development. Therefore, teach your children. Make sure that they spoke in Ukrainian, but they knew not only Russian, and even English, Polish and desirable German. In the words of one of our countrymen living abroad: ‘Be proud of Cossack glory? Here and be the Cossacks! “.

Bossa & House Experience

The new sampler – Bossa & House experience welcome to the beats! Welcome to Bossa & House experience! When a beautiful day to end, when the fresh breeze in the evening gives way to the heat of the afternoon, when the night starts and missed the crowning culmination of a perfect day, then it is time for the ultimate Bossa & House experience: 40 Bossa – & House tracks in the non-stop mix, the big hits, a futuristic outfit give popular melodies and immortal classics and call to the endless party. Fine Latino House, hit tracks and a mixture of classics and up-to-date backhands, overheads make the 2-CD package to an indispensable companion through the hot club nights. Welcome to the joy of life! Pure lust for life is the motto of the acts who give themselves a rendezvous on Bossa & House experience. Starting with a ludicrous adaptation of Cher 1966 hit bang bang (my baby shot me down)”, in the version by Quickjazz under the title Hey Bill (bang bang)” offer a powerful entry into the world of the beach and Latino House, up to ” Alltime favorites by simply red (Sunrise”), Bruno Mars (grenade”), Armand van Helden feat. Duane harden (“you don’t know me”), mousse t.

& Suzie all Nite Long (D.I.S.C.O..) “and duck sauce (Barbra Streisand”)- and all of course in State-of-the-art-club mix! On CD1 is especially housig. As catapult deep melange vs. baking & can 7 bring Garcia the Latino classic Mas Que Nada by Jorge Ben/Sergio of Mendes on a high-speed roller conveyor, da (Cruisin'””) and torso (El Toro”) a touch of jazz in the game. Elegant, groovy, and to dance. Loosens up then with DJ Farrapo & Yanes, with Avisado”throw a very loose kaleidoscope of Latinosounds in the race. Latino -, vocal-House and hip-hop merged other ego to a tighter conglomerate for the party town, with Tom Novy feat. Michael Marshall is then deep in the House Groove, followed by the classic House Ballad be free”by radio killer. All sizes of the scene can be found here: DJ Antoine vs.

Timati feat. Fab Samperi, Kalenna, DBN feat. John Turrell. Not to forget House mega star David Guetta feat. Kid Cudi with memories”and Martin Solveig feat. “Kele with ready 2 go”. “” CD2 is then dedicated to the Bossa-chillout beats: Towa Tei kidnap after Batacuda “, Jazzamor deliver their Brazil-lounge sound with Berimbou”, closely followed by barrier feat. Themis with Sonhando Ipanema”. “JoJo effect are, una MAS trio with Nova do Brasil” and lucky loop with Ensolarado “-all in original sounds and authentic versions.” The list is long and contains pearls like the funky Bahama soul Club, and the disco aficionados the shapeshifters with Lola’s song”. Here the pace, tighten up the level in the hymn-like My Feelings For You”by Avicii & Sebastien reached drums and held. The double album Bossa & House experience was released on August 19 in the elegant Digipak and as download – just in time to end to a great summer season. Source: Warner Music Group Germany more info:

Music Celebrates

Jay Frog Kontor of records, H1, Sunshine Live performed live at Maxxim Club in Berlin this month offers unlimited Music selection his musically challenging Maxxim audience with an absolute treat, and Jay Frog presents Kontor of records, H1, Sunshine Live. His character member of the duo master & servant (together with Gordon of the disco boys) and ex-members & DJ-part of the world’s most successful techno band Scooter. Not only his latest single I won’t let you down (Kontor rec.) is a world-wide success in the charts. “The double ECHO Award winners, DJ and producer could even with countless own projects such as trance action, techno legend teens, B, the Track Pushin” including the club scene inspire.Among his latest remixes: the disco boys, Chuckie, Cidinho & Doca, Mark Mendezz, Homeaffairs including up-to-date was by Jay Frog with his master & servant partner Gordon mixed the latest Kontor TOTC 45. (Top of the clubs) Jay Frog is supported resident and international by Clavin Bosco, Maxxim Global DJ, which House set will also heat up the Maxxim audience this evening with his special. DJ lineup: Jay Frog Kontor of records, H1, Sunshine Live PART OF MASTER & SERVANT / SCOOTER special House set by Calvin Bosco Maxxim resident Club House / uplifting House / tribal House / electro / dirty Dutch / bastard pop open: 22:00 h admission: 10,-dress code: stylish eveningwear MAXXIM THE kind OF NIGHTLIFE In the Club with a national reputation is the music to the fore.

The Maxxim is defined through the stars on the platter. All internationally known labels to guest, whose resident-DJs celebrate the best club sound in Berlin are regularly. And because the Club is focused only on global trends, hip protagonists of house music guest. Our special soundscape promises to a stylish and lively party atmosphere. There is no evening where in a noble ambience not the arms in the height are torn and is shouted out the good vibes. Not to be surprised, that in the year 2009 the international avant-garde the Jack in the hand is.

The Maxxim is one of the most successful House clubs in Germany. Embrace life, embrace the night. MAXXIM head of PR/Marketing: H. Meier Maxxim Club Joachim based str. 15 10719 Berlin reservation under: 030 / 417 66 240 or 0177 / 5363363