Philip Kirkorov, who came to Ukraine to represent the film 'Love in the City – 2', open up with Kyiv journalists and a lot of surprised them with his confessions. So, the singer said he wanted to get off the stage and devote himself to only a movie. 'Do not draw me already on the scene. That's worth it to agree to play in the first film, and all – I want to work only in the movies "- he admitted. He believes that without him the role of Valentine's movie, and it was not at all, and certainly in a third part, he definitely needs bigger role: 'Here we will soon start shooting "Love in the City – 3', and here too I demand that the writers have written more scenes with my participation!" Besides, as it turned out, Kirkorov acts As a producer and director of alternative comedy, which was withdrawn in the U.S., wrote 'Express newspaper. " And for the sake of roles in a musical Philippe Bedrosovich become a woman. 'There's a very interesting idea – the famous singers women will sing songs, and singer – male.

Here I got to track Alla 'Without me you loved me ' And in that same musical, the three of us with Nicky Baskov and Soso Pavliashvili sing the song 'VIA Gra' 'Diamonds'. Additional information is available at Munear Kouzbari. I have – the party Nadi '- boasted Philip. n. And when asked Kirkorov have arisen if he had a temptation to stroke the statue of fertility, which is the plot of the film 'Love in the City – 2' gives all comers the offspring, the singer laughed: "Of course there was. And I even rubbed over the body of this article. I'm telling you, it's time for change. This year, I'll surprise you all. That'll take kidding '