Human Nature

We have a natural trend to live folloied and we always want to be with people which we like and in we feel they to them well next, over all, of one in special. Therefore although to like you vary people have one that in the complete one effectively I point of alienating in them. She can seem I exaggerate, but when we do not have somebody thus? what in provides this type to them of emotion? something is missed. what it could be then? It is here that the theory of Marx enters. If the natural one is to tedermos to like somebody and this does not occur, is because ha something made a mistake with the bond social. if you to ask to me: what it hinders that the individuals act in accordance with what ha of natural in itself? We believe that the values of one determined society have all influence in our supposed choices.

Currently the media in giving to a concept of americanizada beauty, that is, everything to them what he is beautiful has that to follow the American paradigm, what it leads to regeitarmos our culture? what already has its conception of beauty? takes in them to believe that we love what he is beautiful – and this is the central cause of this anomaly. In this direction, we are induced ' ' amar' ' what it corresponds the cocepo of beauty following the model American-European apologiada for the media and we ignore, most of the time, the natural trend to value the intelligence and the character of the loved person and that, according to Schopenhauer, we desire to transmit our children. But all rule has its exeo. We perceive that it still has few cases where our conception of effective love if. If to take in account the character and intelligence we form our conception? not beauty concept – subjectively. We believe that if we will be capable to surpass these you influence that the capitalist society really provides in them will be capable to love again.

Finally, I wait that the person that I love has this conception of love because am as soon as I love I it. The love is an alienation? Clearly that yes, but not with the perjorativa notion of the term. I need to love somebody – with the conciencia that it is another person I love and it for this person who it is, and not as something that belongs to me? but it makes that me to feel complete. In this direction, the ciumes are an illness that must be diagnosised by the proper carrier, therefore what possibly it leads to the love I lend is the concincia and respect for the subjectivity of the loved one.

Bundesbank Vice President Franz

What does mean that again? Emerges from this last paragraph of background already, how to continue the development of the euro debt market and that does not bode well. Increase the base amount of debt or debt restructuring basis, that already exist, that a guarantee does not mean now times that guaranteed money must not be rented and must be ultimately increases the existing debt burden (base amount) of the States concerned and operated at least with interest. Repayment is currently realistic at all not to think and will be in the next decades not to think. We want to not think at the entrance of a recourse to the guarantees–rather, because it would be the complete financial education throughout Europe. This whole history is no solution of the things and serves only the people and the financial markets calm down. The European banks have to do anything Even skeletons in the closet, which resulted in dubious real estate financing are abound. Bundesbank Vice President Franz-Christoph Zeitler estimated this alone in Germany EUR 100 billion, if that is enough time? All in all faces the Monetary Union a trillion disaster, a bubble, as the banker says, that most certainly will burst, as it will be no longer be financed in the form of savings packages. It’s just honest logic related to real, which does not follow the General dumbing down of people and politics.

Europe in free fall and who is going to save us. They talk also only by the rescue of the euro. Just so, as it involves a twenty euro banknote, in my pocket, which can be exchanged for emergency back in Deutsche mark, Swiss franc, crowns, etc and then it just goes on and the crisis is finished – just so over. No, it’s going to be or not to be, it’s about the biggest financial crisis the world has ever seen.

Amendment Of The Youth Media Protection State Contract (JMStV) Is Dummfug!

Parents at the network e. V., vehemently opposes the planned amendment of the youth media protection state contract (JMStV). Reason: From our point of view is the amendment to a disabled attempting to suggest apparent security in the network by the State. But the fact is that already the first attempt at the so-called anti-child pornography law is miserably. With a huge media effort and transparent polls, the law before the last federal election was whipped and put on hold after the election by the legislative procedure. At the moment all parties argue, whether that stop “is sign an effective protection against child pornography or not. The fact is also that the law so far convincing little.

And now the second attempt: all providers should take their network offers of an age rating and if provided with appropriate protection mechanisms, so that children and young people, for which this content should not be accessible, also cannot make use of these. What should that look like in practice? First, the provider should take their offerings of even an age classification. Gorgeous! And who controls this self-assessment and under what criteria? Times a small example: imagine for a moment, in an elementary school teaching of sexual education would take place child-friendly and gentle. We accept this school would have a blog or a forum and a student writes a short report about these lessons. How many concerned parents would demand storm running and an age restriction against this content? Now at least as many parents who forbid their children participate in this lesson. “So: what is now age” or harmful to minors? Also, all bloggers, private providers and clubs to identify their content.

So far so good. What will become of the many small providers, who prepare content with much effort and domestic work. “That cost very much money, brings the editors except honor” anything. These are now a Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable!

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Internet. Prerequisite for this is that media literacy be promoted and not cropped at all ages. Man should be an independently thinking and acting individual Yes. Then, he should have the possibility to develop. Stop-sign such actions”are not helpful but contra-productive. And in the case a little to document the justified anger parents network exclude the IP currently 147 groups of Governments, ministries, offices and parties by the website in the next few days and also point to a stop sign, which stop.htmlbereits advance can be seen here. Background parents on the network e. V. parents in the network e. V. was founded in February 2008. Aim of the Association is to empower parents to support the computer and Internet activities of their children or to restrict and to familiarise them with the Internet tools and services. This includes parents, know what dangers on the kids on the Internet can and how they can protect their children. And of course parents can go to itself with Internet and computer. This runs the association with Internet platform, regularly conducts briefings and offering parents classes. Parents on the network is a project of the Cyspro Media Group: parents on the network E.v. contact: Andre Kind and Viola Genz Yorckstrasse 39 04159 Leipzig Tel: 0341 5904166 E-Mail:

Protect Yourself From Theft With An Anti-shoplifting

Simply with electronic or chemical goods guarantee schemes secure good valuable merchandise figures are vital to economic success, reduce not only the profit losses, but hurt the company and the economy as a whole. Each year approximately 4 billion euros are stolen, refers to this 4,000 million euros Germany overall, so about 50 euros stolen goods accounted for every single citizen. Theft is not a trivial offence, customer theft takes the lion’s share with 53 percent, rentals worker theft is considerably high at 22 percent, the remaining 25 per cent accounted for by suppliers or system error. Protection is not there 100 percent. But simple rules help to steadily reduce inventory losses through theft. ‘Opportunity makes a thieves’, this statement should be taken for face value, still there’s nothing there. Prevent just these occasions through appropriate measures, such as the closure of high-priced items, the video surveillance or theft by an electronic anti-shoplifting (RFID) is, is the focus of this article.

To meet detailed safeguards, the individual activities must be analyzed. Often, the fact, how easy it is made the perpetrators to steal or manipulate, is frightening. Simple examples should be introduced to this sensitive issue. Open manipulation open manipulation is the simplest form of theft. Trained personnel, which can stop nearly 90 percent of the attempts of manipulation alone through real action is the focus. A look at the car says more than thousand words and often the phrase is “Oh, that I forgot to put on the band” rather claim because fact applies here eyes on.

Don’t listen to that, what says the customer. There are really 11 Pack coffee, which covered why hang the newspaper in the shopping cart, two shopping bags in the car and what has the customer in the hand? In the following an example from practice: youthful customer maintains contact with an attractive Treasurer, he comes only to her at the Office, takes a longer waiting time in Purchase, to be served by you. Using a hidden ceiling camera, it turned out that embezzled this gaunerische duo cigarettes and food to the value of 200 euro per week. He put the goods properly on the band, but she scanned only every second article down. In the survey by the corporate counsel, she admitted further manipulation. So she took several euros at the daily cash settlement. Finally stand on the question of how that was possible, the amount of cash but firmly, she said that she always alone “count your cash” and count off, that would not be so her. The money will weigh in this company and she had found out that the scale, no difference between 1 euro coins and 2 euro coins made. Knowingly false so weighed to remove the resulting, positive cash difference. The Filialleitung had to also be released as a result of this incident, because this in turn concealed the “inexplicable” safe differences by numbers technical manipulation. The Filialleitung, parent sales manager would have Inconsistencies in the quarterly figures have noticed he cared but not, because the numbers were”always good”, to good compared to the other branches. In this case, a backup of goods in conjunction with attentive staff damage at this level could have prevented.

Renate Kerner

More effort must not make full-fledged cooking. No matter whether it comes to salads, pasta or seafood. “And there you go: healthy cooking in a very short time this efficiency”, emphasizes Birgit wash b self-confident, tremendously reduces the cost and time required for daily fresh food shopping. “And so one of the main arguments promoted by advocates of Fast Food and convenience products against the natural, proven way of food preparation in the field, has been impressively refuted by us: healthy cooking goes but not in the money.” Admittedly, this is the half meal with the purchase only. Because the domestic and preparation of all dishes takes usually somewhat more time and effort consuming as just a ready-made meal in the microwave to heat up. But Birgit wash b and Renate Kerner have gathering their recipes to the attention, that the time remains if at all possible in the context: from the first vegetables Snipping up to the coveted culinary delight must park on average only thirty minutes. For this small temporal overhead you’ll but rewarded according to Renate Kerner nutritious a meal and is full of vitamins and nutrients and offers a taste experience, where canned & co.

can never compete.” “The silver bullet for time trouble stricken: basic storage plus four ingredients long fiddled” they had both, until they were satisfied with their ground-breaking concept of four ingredients. The principle reason stock plus a maximum of four new ingredients”both have entered women Neuland, and not without reason: Renate Kerner, social educator and Publisher, know how many single people as well as the passionate Hobbykochin and full-time catering expert Birgit wash b to the sumptuous temptations of food industry where more and more working mothers and fathers as well succumb: Birgit and I know from my own experience, that time for families today a very is scarce. Understandably, many after a strenuous working day rather quickly even slide a frozen pizza in the oven instead of a purchase to be planned and take then the preparation of hand to.” Although she wanted not demonize convenience products.

Compare Online Brokers

How can I find you first found the right online broker the right broker, further procedure is quite simple. You simply fills out the deposit opening documents of the online broker and getting them to the desired provider. The new broker now takes care of the further steps and opens up a new depot and requested a custody transfer if necessary. After a few days get you their user ID, TAN list and the password sent to. Now you must pay only even money to make the first order. First, the hard part is broker to find fit. There are now many providers on the market, providing customers with varying fees and a varying range of services advertise. Often, customers by changing or selecting the right broker can save several hundred euros on order fees depending on trading activity and order volume.

It is very important in the forward clean perform a broker comparison, for every euro the one performing an order too much number,. ultimately reduces your profit! To find the cheapest online broker, there are numerous sites that can help you enormously this time-consuming work on the Internet. There, for example, is one such offer on Here, interested parties can perform a free broker comparison. For this purpose, a so-called Deposit calculator ( available, indicating within the lowest broker you after entering data a few seconds is the visitors.

As a result, you get only the whole order fees for a year. Because the costs while providing the main part for choosing the right broker, but also services plays a role, it makes sense before a custody application to inform. Brokervergleich24.NET is this the right page, because in terms of provider”learn of the facts over 12 broker in Germany. Especially beginners can here-lots of useful information on the subject of Exchange designed and so clear emerging questions out of the way. Markus Heckmann

Shared Heritage

Mediators team offers a free dispute mediation for filming of POHNSDORF (hh). More inheritance disputes end up in court: for everyone but this is often unsatisfactory and usually very expensive. Cheaper, faster and self-determined are the partners in conflict in a mediation on the target. “We now offer the chance to settle their disputes for free at a professional dispute mediation and to get their family ties or even to strengthen” fractious Inheritors, says Herbert Hofmann of the certified mediator (radius IKK) by: mediator online in Pohnsdorf: the only requirement: we want to record the mediation with cameras. ” More than 200 billion euros are inherited in Germany each year, estimated at around EUR 250 000 per inheritance. There is dispute, because when you inherit the siblings stop quickly. Along with his Lubeck colleagues Martin heirs is also something very personal”, says Hofmann, pond mediation in Germany as an effective method of conflict solution want to make known.

That’s why a film about to be like an enlightened generation of heritage”with their family disputes differently than deal with the so far often usual legal disputes can. When you inherit, it is often not just about the money or material goods”Hofmann knows rather break because sometimes unresolved relationship problems.” So could be discussed in a mediation then calmly, what does it mean if, for example, a sibling inherit less than the other. The deceased can not be questioned, and so have to get the offspring with one such legacy. At best it would be Yes, if the family is everyone at a table during lifetime, to settle the estate”, explains Hofmann, which hosted such discussions on request. If this is not done however and heritage dispute threatens a mediation is recommended usually only once, unless all parties want it.

Legal positions can thereby advance a lawyer of the Confidence must be discussed beforehand, so that no one is discriminated against. Written and binding agreement standing at the end of a mediation can be legally tested and if necessary also notarially sealed. When a professional dispute mediation, which follows fixed rules, also standing behind the pure material claims needs of every single heirs can be included in the jointly developed agreement. “Some one has noted in the mediation, also a little less heritage being a double heritage, if the family blessing again gone a”, says Hofmann: this is a totally different approach than at a court hearing. ” Inheritance can be solved with success rates up to 90 percent.

TRANS-soft And ALVARA Agree On Cooperation Relating To CashEDI Connection

TRANS-soft and ALVARA agree on cooperation in the area CashEDI connecting Leipzig transaction soft international (United States) today announced the cooperation with ALVARA cash management group AG. The leading product line of Transoft OptiSuite is so “TM with the information platform ALVARA Interactive Cash Control (ICC) TM networks.” The new policy on the part of the Deutsche Bundesbank and the European Central Bank are in the foreground of cooperation. “‘S are trans-soft products for cash management in the world successfully at major financial institutions in the usage. Through our partnership with ALVARA, we are now able to offer not only substantial savings with our optimization to our European customers, but provide a unique total solution for the European cash circulation in compliance with the national regulations. The combination of CashEDI and our skills in the optimization, contribute substantially to reduce costs. In addition, ALVARA offers versatile functionality to the entire process transparent to make “, said Bo H. Holmgreen, President & CEO of Transoft. Both companies capable of operating costs for their customers are even further to reduce and thus support an even stronger value proposition through better money orders through the networking of OptiSuiteTM and ALVARA ICC information platform.

The holistic optimization is based on advanced algorithms, current interest rates, holidays, special events, the cost of money and valuables, as well as the insurance premiums. The added value our customers win through the use of OptiSuite in combination with CashEDI and the transparency of the ICC platform, is just the beginning of the synergies that can generate our two companies in the future. Using the cost simulation tools decision processes can be sustainably improve.”adds Bernd Hohlfeld, CEO of ALVARA AG. “Trans-soft offices in Leipzig will settle in our ALVARA and we look forward through joint sales activities into new global markets to” expand.” Contact: ALVARA cash management group AG Street 18 04103 Leipzig Tel.: + 49 (0) 341 / 98-990-200 fax: + 49 (0) 341 / 99 25-109 E-Mail: Internet: contact person: Jana Heinrich to ALVARA ALVARA Management Group AG is a service provider in the area of cash management. Competent specialists with extensive experience in the industry founded the company with the aim to provide better security for all market participants through transparency and greater efficiency through independence. Together they use her extensive know how in the coordination and processing of cash transfers to analyze the causes of the existing security gaps and subsequently to develop an efficient and risk-free solution for all involved. Transoft Transoft international, Inc.

is the leading provider of software solutions for the entire supply of cash in the banking sector. The Transoft products OptiCashTM, OptiNetTM and Optivault have been developed by experienced cash management professionals to all aspects of the complex Cash management process to process more efficient and cost-effective. Transoft solutions worldwide be used at banks, ATM operators and value services and generate significant and recurring cost savings. These savings are a direct result of the application of demanding and statistical analysis, as well as daily comparison of all cost elements to determine the best course of action. Transoft a bank to automate the liquidity planning, ordering, tracking and monitoring, and more, to optimize the needs for payment appropriations and administrative costs, to significantly reduce the costs and to improve operational efficiency.

Exciting Experiences Around The World

Whether a flight in a fighter jet, a trip to a space station or free-climbing – are an unforgettable experience for all eternity. The not always easy finding the right gift for a very important person is. To the gifts should of course not be boring, on the other hand the gift must like but also necessarily the recipient. An important person who would like to prepare an unforgettable gift, should maybe think about a day trip in a fighter jet. What sounds like an abstruse and abstract idea of gift, can be implemented very quickly in circumstances in the reality.

The craziest ideas and exciting adventure trips can be book directly online via various providers on the Internet. The range of possibilities is here virtually unlimited. In addition to the mentioned day trip in a fighter jet, can also hobby room drivers on their costs. A trip is only the well-known icing on the cake in a space station in Moscow. Of course, the most beautiful adventures make only two really fun, which is why there are numerous excursions for 2 persons. In addition, it must be not always carry.

Also for the smaller adrenaline junkies, Jet skiing or a puffer fish diving can make an unforgettable experience in the Atlantic. Not always a special occasion must be given. The excursions, which can be found in the Internet range from the smaller price segment up into five-digit amounts. How much money you actually want to invest in an unforgettable experience or a great gift idea, is up to each end. The unusual and exciting gift ideas enchanted by the donee. Meanwhile, it has found unfortunately almost tradition that you either giving away gifts, that ultimately ever be exchanged or gather dust. Also, more and more people rather einfalls-but also safely just give cash. Who would like to prepare an unforgettable pleasure his loved ones anyway, is well served with a choice of exciting adventure or day trip. This birthday gift will be forgotten in any case. Universally are known the customary adrenaline adventure like a jump with the bungee or a wild roller coaster ride on the largest coaster in Germany. That not enough who is fast on the Internet find looking after an experience which you will experience even months later-sleepless nights. Always worth a look – make yourself or your loved one happy and see their acquaintance with a breathtaking spontaneity and refinement. Adventure must be planned of course not always up to the smallest detail. Often a simple backpacking through Australia, the rain forest, or a start undertaking in the third world can provide excitement and a new goal in life. Of course especially if as well as it can also still two share as a gift idea. by Terence Muller