Brilliant Service For The Bank:

Building-cleaning services is more than just floors vacuum. You can all save, just not on the customer service \”-so the conversation opens with Mrs Bettina Schottl, head of the construction organization of the Sparkasse Dachau.\” As a qualified architect and security engineer, she knows what is important in building management. Saez it is important to work with a provider within the region, because savings bank, which stands for customer proximity, individuality and regional availability. This idea is implemented consistently, therefore the cooperation with S.I.S. was a fluke in their eyes. S.I.S.. you practiced the thoughts of S.I.S..

working close to customer – regional with permanent staff actively since 1975, so jobs and secures at the locations of economic power. Yet is S.I.S.. diversified: 1,800 employees at 14 locations in Germany and Austria are available for reliable and high-quality service. ISO certifications and constant quality checks ensure stable for the customer Processes and perfect cooperation. A proprietary online system run all processes from order intake to the invoicing and payroll and salary accounting is wrong here. Through this common understanding for performance, customer service and reliability the cooperation with the savings banks expanded quickly himself on a comprehensive overall concept. So is responsible S.I.S.. all cleaning activities within the offices and headquarters of the Sparkasse Dachau.

As in all contracts, a solid point of contact on both sides is guarantor of good cooperation also in the savings bank. On the part of the savings bank, Heike is Brno the S.I.S.. as a point of contact available. S.I.S.. Sabine GPGPU Gottingen all votes from the customer to the S.I.S.. personnel.

Storage Space For Hussein

Easily stored in ‘Self storage’ in Zurich Oerlikon and Zurich Wiedikon soon many Zurich pack their boxes and move into a new apartment. The reins date brings movement into the city on March 31. By the simultaneous changes of residence, many inhabitants have space: it is that the renovation is not completed or that the new apartment is smaller than the old. “With the service of self storage” nobody must worry about a safe and dry placement of furniture, boxes, heirlooms or love winning things, whether short – or long-term: fast and uncomplicated storage can self “compartments of various sizes for any period of time (less than 2 weeks) are hired. In the 1400 bearing compartments of the locations in Oerlikon (Vegastrasse 2, corner hagenholzstrasse 111) and in Wiedikon (Grubenstrasse 28) everything finds its place. s on the subject. Get through cooperation with moving companies and rental car services Self-storage “customers favourable terms.” So different occasions to move so differently, the reasons for the space requirements”explains the Managing Director of Martin Gerhardus.

Young people take in a shared apartment or to take people who have chosen a shared apartment, with her partner offer often use to accommodate such as bulky items like Grandma’s beautiful kitchen cabinet or furniture, that would otherwise be present in duplicate, such as around the sofa. These things are much too good to give away and young people often don’t know what their situation looks in a year”, to Gerhardus continue. Also couples often come to self, who move to a smaller apartment, after the kids are off. Use your compartment at self then in a sense as a shelter out of the House”. All the stuff are stored there, which find no place within your own four walls.

It is just that with other SelfStorage customers Reverse: young is announced and the apartment is simply too small because of the many toys and kids stuff. Here, the rent of a mostly small stacker to self manages more quality of life within your own four walls. From many various reasons Platzsuchende come increasingly to offer self – storage”to: the objects are stored here dry and guarded around the clock by a sophisticated security system. Central area lifts make it easy throughout the loading and unloading of the compartments. With its own key user seven days have a week from 6:00 to 22:00 access to their belongings and goods. Self storage”sees itself as service provider for its customers to make the move and storage as simple as possible. Cooperation with moving companies and rental car services offer attractive special conditions the SelfStorage customers. Packaging material is available in the self-shop available. Of course the store is calculated that the customer only so much Space rent, how he really needs. “As a rule of thumb applies: 10% of the living space”. Example: The entire facility of an 80 square meter apartment is on 8 square meters storage self storage space. Self storage”is now represented with two locations in Switzerland (Zurich), 13 locations in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden) and 8 locations in Austria (Vienna, Graz). Also, 12 more buildings are in planning or under construction. All branches together offer 22,000 storage compartments to SelfStorage customers, in which they can store their stuff daily from 6:00 until 22:00 or pick up again. The compartments are multiple secured with its own compartment lock for each tenant, access to the site by means of PIN code only to SelfStorage customers as well as cameras and night-time security.

Martin Haack

The same desire is based on even the phenomenon that many construction sites at once raised, with the same effect. It is therefore good to run, always in mind when planning that IT systems by, with and for persons to be used and are useless for himself alone taken always. The budget is enough only for the Essentials “: of course.” Only, it is of the essence to get new IT functionalities, or is it better? If the benefits of good systems are discussed and sold, and the positive results achieved by other companies, be taken as a model, often falls a good part of what has enabled these successes under the table. Namely, the investments that advance made in these organizations, to create a climate and a culture whose Foundation was possible changes without major disruptions. What is easy, because it is difficult to quantify these efforts, and to establish a mechanical causation. For the budget planning, much about licenses, the programming effort is then discussed in hours and the necessary adjustments to hardware. And very little about training classes that are not related to the operation of the program, but on the introduction and Involvement of stakeholders.

And likes fails also the planning time and resources for meetings and other activities that are not exchanging facts, but discussion and consensus, that finally the people should work and unable to speak. Southwest Airlines shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. It is therefore good to keep in mind that it needs the investment in people to secure the investment in systems. The experts will be there “: A look at the organizational chart and the descriptions of roles that are created for the planning of a change in a system or a system change can be very enlightening.” Top management acts as a sponsor”and bears the responsibility. The project management is an IT expert, who is the driving force, and coordinates several external systems experts with the support of the internal IT support. In the periphery the managers, supervisors and team leaders show up somewhere then, whose Bereiche are affected by the change of system. In an advisory capacity, with dotted lines of reporting to the project manager. And of course you can their employees also include, where necessary. “So shortened it is visible: people are at the heart of what’s going to happen, the everyday” don’t know the Organization and working with existing systems.

The lower and middle management can be confined to the function, to provide expertise to the IT project team. But who is responsible management now for the change? There’s then the practical concept of total responsibility”for the project, and the project leader has a mission, which is perhaps not aware of him, but certainly should present him quite a problems. Not necessarily even an expert on change management is an IT expert. And even if the disengagement does rest, the project management of the operational area to all involved life difficult to make. There are significant design flaws, when forming and embedding are the change not the de facto leaders and stakeholders, and if no matching resources to cope with these tasks scheduled be. “And needless to erwahnen(?) – an appropriate resource can be created not by that one somewhere in the organization chart the title change manager” adds. It is therefore good to keep in mind that the experts only be set, if there are any for all relevant tasks, and they can start their work on a reasonable basis. In this sense: Good luck! Martin Haack VARICON corporate and management consultancy Stuttgart / Munich contact via XING

Individual Protection Offers More Safety

HVAC/r service Gregor Hyrenbach inform theft and burglary are an experience-inducing shock for most people. In addition to the purely material loss, just a collapse means a substantial impairment of the sense of security. Burglars are getting bolder, and they use in the private and in the public sector. Depending on how easy it is done them, they gain access to the object in a matter of seconds and leave a picture of devastation. Click Robert Gibbins to learn more. Technical services of hyrenbach from Stuttgart are active in the area of key emergency services and open doors and Windows that are snapped to. You know how fast it works and what security measures complicate that. Safety barriers are what many people don’t know: Windows and patio doors are in contrast to the main doors as a preferred entry points. Windows are often tilted position and even patio doors.

This makes it very easy the burglars. Only if it equips itself with extra protection, can be for provide enhanced security. The advantage: If the offender need long time to get access, they are unsafe and cancel the attempt. There are the right ways to bring complementary security solutions for every window and door type. These should be certified and are of a high quality. Which solution you choose, depends on the specific needs for security.

In many cases, it is worth to combine multiple security technologies. Burglars can customized security hurdles keep improve and increase the sense of security. For detailed information about all services technical services of hyrenbach from Stuttgart available at any time. Press contact contact person: Gregor Hyrenbach domotic services Rotebuhlstrasse 44 D-70178 Stuttgart Tel.: 0711-612976 fax.: 0711-6152930 email: Homepage:

Insolvencies Rise: Factoring Is The Solution

The number of bankruptcies has increased dramatically in the last year. The sale of open claims can avert the looming insolvency for many companies. The financial crisis brought a devastating trend. 29 800 companies had to apply for insolvency last year. These are 650 more than in the year 2007. In the last five years, the number of bankruptcies in borders held, but for 2009, the experts predict a surge of bankruptcies. In particular, the service sector is affected and must strongly struggle to survive. Under most conditions Larry Ellison would agree. More than half of all bankruptcies are to find in this industry.

If the forecasts of the experts agree, and the climax is not yet reached, the damage to the economy to 33 billion euros will be. The missing orders have at the most blame for the malaise. But the customer defaults are not to be underestimated. Especially the automotive companies have a bad job situation. The Chamber of Commerce therefore stimulated an economic survey that brought a shocking result. 55.6 percent all industries have therefore falling orders in the country.

61.7 percent seen less demand from abroad. These pay issued the press recently. Missing orders and further declining payment morale, survive in the market make difficult especially the small and medium-sized enterprises. The payment terms have lengthened dramatically and the liquidity of the companies continues to fall. The insolvency is then not far. Factoring can however offer a way out of this situation and in spite of high open Receivables guarantee a good liquidity. These financial services is used by many companies. Especially medium-sized companies from the industry, the services sector and the wholesale finance thus increasing their sales. A failure to pay when customers or financial bottlenecks can be bridged with factoring better and above all fast. The factoring company’s services can be customized to the needs of the company. Many are therefore a major Scope of services. Including falls in particular financing, protection against bad debt and accounts receivable management. Bankruptcy can therefore be averted and the company, with all its jobs, will continue to the notes are.

Private Pension Provision

Thoughts 60 years who has heard to an acute problem of private pensions and investment worst crisis in the last twelve months not nearly every day of it, ourselves around the world into the worst financial and economic crisis for many decades? Several times a week run on television talk shows on the subject. Only the burst Immoblienblase in the United States, consequently the financial crisis and in the wake of the economic crisis, which still has long has peaked does not. And again the experts yesterday emerge there, who register now back to Word and surprised do, because it is clear so long that had to burst the bubble in financial markets. In the points, they’re even right. You could at least know it since 2006.

The good old Norbert Blum, does private (old age) pension plan emergency and all progress on all channels inexperience as eh and per. Remember how vehemently he at the time argued that the pension is safe\”. Is true! First of all his own. And the general pension of Is also secure claimant the reason after. Only nobody ever tells us how much. In 20 or 30 years of almost 1,500 euros a month live who wants to and can in particular? As long as there is then even the euro.

Because it is by no means certain. Anyway. Who not in time himself privately provides above, i.e. right after the teaching or training that begins the will find it increasingly difficulty, to fill up the so-called gap. Average costs 15,000 euros a hesitation by only five years at the private care extra personal effort. Who will have to pay 15,000 euros more who so instead of 25 years with 30 years begins to prepare himself for his age, at the end, to achieve the same goal, such as with 25 years. Na wonderful start I then so is equal to me, so no more time to lose.

Online Letter Portals Compared

Mail to print offers a variety of especially the Postmaster Magazine describes the online letter portals in detail in its current issue 3/2009 and certified mail to print a particularly versatile. With a portfolio of IT based services, the Ratinger company has developed intelligent solutions for the needs of freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations and thus the letter printing and shipping more efficiently made. Three products are responsible for the market success of the mail to print: the Briefonlineportal, short BoP \”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings etc.\” The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. Southwest Airlines describes an additional similar source. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on. From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable, as if you had carried him to the mailbox\”, emphasizes Managing Director Rolf-Dieter van Alst. The product ranges of the standard letter up to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer’s request is black and white or colored, one of double-sided printed or put on also a remittance. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter. \”\” No material shopping, no form Commons, no post office (at least in smaller companies), no on-site printing Center, no deadlines for the transfer of the post: there are many good reasons to use our portal \”, says Rolf-Dieter van Alst usage of employees for higher-quality activities improved productivity by focusing on the daily business and the certainly play an important role when you use in addition to reducing costs.\” And there is no contract, no registration fees, no minimum or maximum levels also. No matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order. Billing within an enterprise can BoP software\”even for different individuals or departments or offices, cost centers set up be persuaded also that have Security concepts.

Deutsche Post

No matter what kind is also shipped by letters: the criteria of confidentiality and security is always in the foreground. All data sent to the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data. Facebooks opinions are not widely known. A SSL data line with 128-bit encryption is the security standard, which is also used for the transmission of data among banks to the application. As an additional service, mail to print the download of free business templates offers the client: the personal contact and business data in header and footer can be included in letter templates, offer, order template, invoice template and warning templates. As well the corresponding company logo. On request, mail to print takes over even the creation of individual electronic business templates for a small handling fee.

Customized solutions for large mailers under the product name BDS (letter distribution solutions) form another core segment in the mail to print range. BDS involves large Volumes, especially to letters generated from data stream. Requirement for the services to be provided is only the customization of customized data stream to the mail to print requests. Through the use of the APM (alternate Porto module), the connection to all alternative mail services is ensured in Germany and of course also to the Deutsche Post AG. Mail to print the data prepared, that there is the option of a supplier strategy for the customer. The customer determines, by whom his letter printed and by whom the consignments delivered to. The entire process of printing, shipping, and delivery is coordinated by mail to print and controlled. By enriching the address data with so-called track information is the ability to track the letter in the delivery process and upon a undeliverable to re dress reasons the sender electronically. The product developed by mail to print SoP (service-online-portal) is unique in the industry. SoP is an online information system for the control and monitoring of the entire Performance process chain from planning to delivery of the printing services.

Protect Yourself From Theft With An Anti-shoplifting

Simply with electronic or chemical goods guarantee schemes secure good valuable merchandise figures are vital to economic success, reduce not only the profit losses, but hurt the company and the economy as a whole. Each year approximately 4 billion euros are stolen, refers to this 4,000 million euros Germany overall, so about 50 euros stolen goods accounted for every single citizen. Theft is not a trivial offence, customer theft takes the lion’s share with 53 percent, rentals worker theft is considerably high at 22 percent, the remaining 25 per cent accounted for by suppliers or system error. Protection is not there 100 percent. But simple rules help to steadily reduce inventory losses through theft. ‘Opportunity makes a thieves’, this statement should be taken for face value, still there’s nothing there. Prevent just these occasions through appropriate measures, such as the closure of high-priced items, the video surveillance or theft by an electronic anti-shoplifting (RFID) is, is the focus of this article.

To meet detailed safeguards, the individual activities must be analyzed. Often, the fact, how easy it is made the perpetrators to steal or manipulate, is frightening. Simple examples should be introduced to this sensitive issue. Open manipulation open manipulation is the simplest form of theft. Trained personnel, which can stop nearly 90 percent of the attempts of manipulation alone through real action is the focus. A look at the car says more than thousand words and often the phrase is “Oh, that I forgot to put on the band” rather claim because fact applies here eyes on.

Don’t listen to that, what says the customer. There are really 11 Pack coffee, which covered why hang the newspaper in the shopping cart, two shopping bags in the car and what has the customer in the hand? In the following an example from practice: youthful customer maintains contact with an attractive Treasurer, he comes only to her at the Office, takes a longer waiting time in Purchase, to be served by you. Using a hidden ceiling camera, it turned out that embezzled this gaunerische duo cigarettes and food to the value of 200 euro per week. He put the goods properly on the band, but she scanned only every second article down. In the survey by the corporate counsel, she admitted further manipulation. So she took several euros at the daily cash settlement. Finally stand on the question of how that was possible, the amount of cash but firmly, she said that she always alone “count your cash” and count off, that would not be so her. The money will weigh in this company and she had found out that the scale, no difference between 1 euro coins and 2 euro coins made. Knowingly false so weighed to remove the resulting, positive cash difference. The Filialleitung had to also be released as a result of this incident, because this in turn concealed the “inexplicable” safe differences by numbers technical manipulation. The Filialleitung, parent sales manager would have Inconsistencies in the quarterly figures have noticed he cared but not, because the numbers were”always good”, to good compared to the other branches. In this case, a backup of goods in conjunction with attentive staff damage at this level could have prevented.

History Of Laundry Washing Culture

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers hardly anyone can imagine today more a life without a refrigerator, electric stove or washing machine. But it is often forgotten that the people have died 100 years ago still very well without these luxuries. How have people maintained their laundry, as they had still no AIDS such as washers and dryers? The long tradition of the laundry care, Mrs. Schmitz knows about Bonn laundry de Waschkusch to report. Although SOAP is one of the oldest chemical products in the world, we only since about 200 ad, for the cleaning of dirty laundry use.

But even at the time, it has still mainly resorted to raw materials for the laundry care, because the SOAP production was cumbersome and the finished product sought after and expensive. Wood ash and tallow, due to its alkaline properties, as detergent, were used instead of SOAP. In ancient Rome there were also the variant, to wash the clothes in human urine, this because while the Ammonia decomposition process forms, which is in turn alkaline. The scrubber it collected from the citizens and paid for it. Therefore they say also “Money does not smell”. Washing machines was at that time but not yet long to think.

The laundry was washed in laborious hand work, beaten or mashed and then wrung out. This practice changed up to the triumph of the drum washing machine in the 70s of the last century not essential. The invention of the electric washing machine is now back 110 years. She was far too expensive for home use. Therefore remained the people in spite of this ground-breaking invention only or the laundry tub or, the washboard and the SOAP. Dirty laundry was at that time still about 24 hours in a boiler with hot water boiled and then further processed by hand. As common detergent, the commoners were usually soda. Who could afford it, had the opportunity to employ the first detergent for laundry care since 1880. But these were as well as the first laundry detergent, since the 1950s in the shops to buy are, initially almost prohibitive. The first drum washing machines still quasi led a life of their own, because they had the much-lauded spin cycle while, however moving during the wash cycle the room due to the strong vibration. This invention was initially uncomfortable many housewives, the washing machines later got the portholes in the door. Nowadays no washing machine in the household who must not maintain nevertheless his laundry by hand. Professionals like the team of de Waschkusch in Bonn have focused on reliably and competently maintain textiles of all kinds, leaving it long like new. For information on their services, the Waschkusch team will be happy to provide. Press contact: De Waschkusch Mrs. Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63