Private Pension Provision

Thoughts 60 years who has heard to an acute problem of private pensions and investment worst crisis in the last twelve months not nearly every day of it, ourselves around the world into the worst financial and economic crisis for many decades? Several times a week run on television talk shows on the subject. Only the burst Immoblienblase in the United States, consequently the financial crisis and in the wake of the economic crisis, which still has long has peaked does not. And again the experts yesterday emerge there, who register now back to Word and surprised do, because it is clear so long that had to burst the bubble in financial markets. In the points, they’re even right. You could at least know it since 2006.

The good old Norbert Blum, does private (old age) pension plan emergency and all progress on all channels inexperience as eh and per. Remember how vehemently he at the time argued that the pension is safe\”. Is true! First of all his own. And the general pension of Is also secure claimant the reason after. Only nobody ever tells us how much. In 20 or 30 years of almost 1,500 euros a month live who wants to and can in particular? As long as there is then even the euro.

Because it is by no means certain. Anyway. Who not in time himself privately provides above, i.e. right after the teaching or training that begins the will find it increasingly difficulty, to fill up the so-called gap. Average costs 15,000 euros a hesitation by only five years at the private care extra personal effort. Who will have to pay 15,000 euros more who so instead of 25 years with 30 years begins to prepare himself for his age, at the end, to achieve the same goal, such as with 25 years. Na wonderful start I then so is equal to me, so no more time to lose.

Online Letter Portals Compared

Mail to print offers a variety of especially the Postmaster Magazine describes the online letter portals in detail in its current issue 3/2009 and certified mail to print a particularly versatile. With a portfolio of IT based services, the Ratinger company has developed intelligent solutions for the needs of freelancers, small and medium-sized enterprises as well as large corporations and thus the letter printing and shipping more efficiently made. Three products are responsible for the market success of the mail to print: the Briefonlineportal, short BoP \”called, is offered for any correspondence: invoices, reminders, small direct mailings etc.\” The highlight of this portal solution: At the check-post many processing steps can be saved. Southwest Airlines describes an additional similar source. No printing, folding, inserting postage and delivery on. From the PC directly into the mail box of the recipient, as reliable, as if you had carried him to the mailbox\”, emphasizes Managing Director Rolf-Dieter van Alst. The product ranges of the standard letter up to the Maxi letter, depending on the customer’s request is black and white or colored, one of double-sided printed or put on also a remittance. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter. \”\” No material shopping, no form Commons, no post office (at least in smaller companies), no on-site printing Center, no deadlines for the transfer of the post: there are many good reasons to use our portal \”, says Rolf-Dieter van Alst usage of employees for higher-quality activities improved productivity by focusing on the daily business and the certainly play an important role when you use in addition to reducing costs.\” And there is no contract, no registration fees, no minimum or maximum levels also. No matter whether 1 letter or 500 letters be sent out: the customer pays only the letters that he sends as printing and shipping order. Billing within an enterprise can BoP software\”even for different individuals or departments or offices, cost centers set up be persuaded also that have Security concepts.

Deutsche Post

No matter what kind is also shipped by letters: the criteria of confidentiality and security is always in the foreground. All data sent to the Briefonlineportal transmitted encrypted through certificate-secured data. Facebooks opinions are not widely known. A SSL data line with 128-bit encryption is the security standard, which is also used for the transmission of data among banks to the application. As an additional service, mail to print the download of free business templates offers the client: the personal contact and business data in header and footer can be included in letter templates, offer, order template, invoice template and warning templates. As well the corresponding company logo. On request, mail to print takes over even the creation of individual electronic business templates for a small handling fee.

Customized solutions for large mailers under the product name BDS (letter distribution solutions) form another core segment in the mail to print range. BDS involves large Volumes, especially to letters generated from data stream. Requirement for the services to be provided is only the customization of customized data stream to the mail to print requests. Through the use of the APM (alternate Porto module), the connection to all alternative mail services is ensured in Germany and of course also to the Deutsche Post AG. Mail to print the data prepared, that there is the option of a supplier strategy for the customer. The customer determines, by whom his letter printed and by whom the consignments delivered to. The entire process of printing, shipping, and delivery is coordinated by mail to print and controlled. By enriching the address data with so-called track information is the ability to track the letter in the delivery process and upon a undeliverable to re dress reasons the sender electronically. The product developed by mail to print SoP (service-online-portal) is unique in the industry. SoP is an online information system for the control and monitoring of the entire Performance process chain from planning to delivery of the printing services.

Protect Yourself From Theft With An Anti-shoplifting

Simply with electronic or chemical goods guarantee schemes secure good valuable merchandise figures are vital to economic success, reduce not only the profit losses, but hurt the company and the economy as a whole. Each year approximately 4 billion euros are stolen, refers to this 4,000 million euros Germany overall, so about 50 euros stolen goods accounted for every single citizen. Theft is not a trivial offence, customer theft takes the lion’s share with 53 percent, rentals worker theft is considerably high at 22 percent, the remaining 25 per cent accounted for by suppliers or system error. Protection is not there 100 percent. But simple rules help to steadily reduce inventory losses through theft. ‘Opportunity makes a thieves’, this statement should be taken for face value, still there’s nothing there. Prevent just these occasions through appropriate measures, such as the closure of high-priced items, the video surveillance or theft by an electronic anti-shoplifting (RFID) is, is the focus of this article.

To meet detailed safeguards, the individual activities must be analyzed. Often, the fact, how easy it is made the perpetrators to steal or manipulate, is frightening. Simple examples should be introduced to this sensitive issue. Open manipulation open manipulation is the simplest form of theft. Trained personnel, which can stop nearly 90 percent of the attempts of manipulation alone through real action is the focus. A look at the car says more than thousand words and often the phrase is “Oh, that I forgot to put on the band” rather claim because fact applies here eyes on.

Don’t listen to that, what says the customer. There are really 11 Pack coffee, which covered why hang the newspaper in the shopping cart, two shopping bags in the car and what has the customer in the hand? In the following an example from practice: youthful customer maintains contact with an attractive Treasurer, he comes only to her at the Office, takes a longer waiting time in Purchase, to be served by you. Using a hidden ceiling camera, it turned out that embezzled this gaunerische duo cigarettes and food to the value of 200 euro per week. He put the goods properly on the band, but she scanned only every second article down. In the survey by the corporate counsel, she admitted further manipulation. So she took several euros at the daily cash settlement. Finally stand on the question of how that was possible, the amount of cash but firmly, she said that she always alone “count your cash” and count off, that would not be so her. The money will weigh in this company and she had found out that the scale, no difference between 1 euro coins and 2 euro coins made. Knowingly false so weighed to remove the resulting, positive cash difference. The Filialleitung had to also be released as a result of this incident, because this in turn concealed the “inexplicable” safe differences by numbers technical manipulation. The Filialleitung, parent sales manager would have Inconsistencies in the quarterly figures have noticed he cared but not, because the numbers were”always good”, to good compared to the other branches. In this case, a backup of goods in conjunction with attentive staff damage at this level could have prevented.

History Of Laundry Washing Culture

De Waschkusch from Bonn informed its customers hardly anyone can imagine today more a life without a refrigerator, electric stove or washing machine. But it is often forgotten that the people have died 100 years ago still very well without these luxuries. How have people maintained their laundry, as they had still no AIDS such as washers and dryers? The long tradition of the laundry care, Mrs. Schmitz knows about Bonn laundry de Waschkusch to report. Although SOAP is one of the oldest chemical products in the world, we only since about 200 ad, for the cleaning of dirty laundry use.

But even at the time, it has still mainly resorted to raw materials for the laundry care, because the SOAP production was cumbersome and the finished product sought after and expensive. Wood ash and tallow, due to its alkaline properties, as detergent, were used instead of SOAP. In ancient Rome there were also the variant, to wash the clothes in human urine, this because while the Ammonia decomposition process forms, which is in turn alkaline. The scrubber it collected from the citizens and paid for it. Therefore they say also “Money does not smell”. Washing machines was at that time but not yet long to think.

The laundry was washed in laborious hand work, beaten or mashed and then wrung out. This practice changed up to the triumph of the drum washing machine in the 70s of the last century not essential. The invention of the electric washing machine is now back 110 years. She was far too expensive for home use. Therefore remained the people in spite of this ground-breaking invention only or the laundry tub or, the washboard and the SOAP. Dirty laundry was at that time still about 24 hours in a boiler with hot water boiled and then further processed by hand. As common detergent, the commoners were usually soda. Who could afford it, had the opportunity to employ the first detergent for laundry care since 1880. But these were as well as the first laundry detergent, since the 1950s in the shops to buy are, initially almost prohibitive. The first drum washing machines still quasi led a life of their own, because they had the much-lauded spin cycle while, however moving during the wash cycle the room due to the strong vibration. This invention was initially uncomfortable many housewives, the washing machines later got the portholes in the door. Nowadays no washing machine in the household who must not maintain nevertheless his laundry by hand. Professionals like the team of de Waschkusch in Bonn have focused on reliably and competently maintain textiles of all kinds, leaving it long like new. For information on their services, the Waschkusch team will be happy to provide. Press contact: De Waschkusch Mrs. Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63

Swiss Court

The provisional right opening. Coming then to the application if there is not a final judgment. In this case a debt acknowledgement can be claimed by the creditor. Here, each of the debtor by hand signed debt – or settlement agreement or a public certificate of a notary on the requested loan amount can be used. Shall not be granted this right opening the third way to enforce his claim remains the creditors. The ordinary court. If a foreign creditors before a Swiss Court WINS, it can enforce the judgment in the Switzerland (to advance the operation, setting by means of legislative proposal, repeal of the law proposal and order the continuation of the operation by the judge). Business debt of small and medium-sized enterprises This leads to a threat of bankruptcy, in all other cases to the attachment.

Innovative methods bring bringing success demands in the EU for Swiss claim holder with accounts receivable in the EU is it advisable to rely on professional help from debt collection services. Especially if it’s difficult or high-volume demands. The brought 2011 including collection (collection ID) identification procedure in addition to the classic accounts receivable management year optimum insertion of large single assets and portfolios from CHF 100,000 without limit on the Swiss market. Collection ID addressed to Swiss claim holder with accounts receivable in the Switzerland and the EU. Information are provided for all interested parties on the website Principal focus for the leave the unification of creditor and debtor in the essential phase. The method applied to it is the mediation between the parties: a procedure, the best for all involved findings of the key factors Time & money could achieve.

A relevant time win (9-10 weeks compared to an average of 15 months in a judicial proceeding) and an essential cost savings (subject to dispute between 40% and 70% of legal fees and court costs) are the achievements of the mediation procedure. Left over the competence in the analysis, professional in the introduction, powerful service. We provide with our innovative debtor communication concept for a faster payment. Our claim is, that it be paid your bills first. For this we offer professional, efficient and inexpensive debt collection services, which are characterized by the use of all available channels of communication.

Vienna State Opera

The ladies of hedonistic escort Vienna show the visitors their city and offer a top class escort service Vienna. Vienna has a wide cultural range and is considered the world capital of music. The ladies from escort Vienna love to show visitors the most beautiful places of their city the Vienna and stand as an accompaniment for various occasions available. There are some things that simply include a stay in Vienna as a visit to the majestic Vienna State Opera, a concert of the Wiener sangerknaben, or a performance of the Spanish riding school. In the warmer months the visit to a real Viennese Heurigen is recommended, which offers a very special flair. In addition to good wine, you can enjoy there also hearty typical Viennese specialties and then take a trip on the Kahlenberg Hill, from where there is a beautiful view over Vienna. You will find the best Winery in the districts of Nussdorf and Grinzing, where many but tailored to tourists. Know also the ladies from escort Vienna the real year of the city and show this love to the interested visitors.

Vienna is also known for its Cafe culture, among one of the most famous coffee houses the venerable Cafe Central, which offers typical Viennese pastries many coffee specialities and excellent pastries. You can listen there is also a live piano music, while you can enjoy the excellent coffee with a lady from escort service Vienna. However, the Cafe Central is always very well attended and it is not easy to snag a free table. The Vienna night life is nothing to sneeze at, for example, the courtyard of the Museum District, which is home to several bars and restaurants is a popular meeting place. After a good meal and delicious cocktail, you can start then in the night life and visit one of the many clubs. Vienna is always worth a visit and with a charming lady from escort Vienna the stay even more fun! Hedonistic escort

The Latter

The purpose of quality management is a permanent development and improve overall business performance. For this, not only individual unorganized steps are necessary but a cycle of different methods to ensure the quality. They build on each other, mutually and includes different steps. This includes quality planning, quality control, quality control, quality assurance and the quality gain. Contents of quality management systems are definition and requirements on the following factors: standardization and optimization of work processes revision of existing contracts, products and suppliers complying with standards for products and services labelling of products storage and labelling of records employee motivation employee training communication structures equipment and setup of working spaces conduct internal audits (verification of quality management compliance) maintain and increase Customer satisfaction professional solution strategies still is a quality management manual it important the difference between product quality and according to DIN ISO certified quality to detect.

The latter does not directly says, as already mentioned, something about the quality of the product itself from, but on the manufacturing process and the compliance with the stipulated quality requirements. Quality planning is first and foremost to determine as part of quality planning the actual situation in the company. This happens a comprehensive engagement with the product or service. It questions the exact target group, according to the nature and the quality characteristics of the product or the service management and the work processes and resources. Then, based on a concept created and set procedures. Valid standards and also the General feasibility of production projects must always be taken into account. Quality control the results obtained in the planning and specifications are implemented with the quality control and especially monitored. There are work techniques and activities are checked and, if necessary, made corrections, the performance results should be not satisfactory. The quality control is in direct interaction with the quality assurance and quality control.

Intellectual Capital Report

The dynamic change of changing environmental conditions forcing to strict rethink of the goals involves: effect relationships between success factors make transparent (how much and how quickly to act process factors), effect relationships between clusters, summary of the probe effect strength and duration, potential for success, as well as the views of appropriate action options, business expectations and room for manoeuvre. In this context, a consistently managed knowledge balance a high strategic asset can mature. Strategic core competencies form the root for the success of the business. For practical everyday use it depends on, not only to describe the existing core competencies, and to analyze, but to consequences for the concrete business from these results. The potential portfolio presented in the book in their operation can be used for decision support. CF. Becker, Jorg: Strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. The environment goes with on the merry-go-round of change.

In this respect, it is also helpful if strategy check with the knowledge balance at the same time this built-in relationship factors between company and environment are included. A strategy-check on the basis of a knowledge balance, particularly the development of filtering or selection functions will be expected to increase of the information glut is not isolated complexity, but instead to decision-relevant information. CF. Becker, Jorg: Strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. Dynamic, otherwise hardly manageable effect relationships are recorded on a demo example strategy check and asked what success factors there is effect relationships? how strong are such effect relationships? How long does it take until a factor exerts its effect on someone else? It is less sure, to search for answers with the mm degree of in financial controlling: not everything that is important must be therefore to measure. With the strategy-check, particularly small and medium-sized knowledge-intensive companies should addressed, which cannot have over their own strategy departments.

Knowledge managers are challenged with pronounced awareness of the problem and the willingness to develop solutions, if the way is there something slower and sometimes over rocky terrain can lead even. Due to their own experience and skills to networked thinking are capable and do not attempt to acquire knowledge databases or more or less viable Internet information. “That consider that knowledge can be not merchandise like other and therefore also on basis of many so-called softer” factors must be assessed. CF. Becker, Jorg: Strategy-check and balance of knowledge, ISBN 9783837073058. knowledge balances must as investments are seen and handled as such, and evaluated. Projects for this purpose applied face even before a detailed cost-benefit analysis with clear abgrenzbarem time horizon like all other investments. Jorg Becker (

The Internet reacted skillfully and was simply renamed the section. “Now the speech is no longer reviews, but the new section called recommends”. How professionally respond to bad reviews reviews are a good tool to attract new guests. Therefore many hoteliers motivate their satisfied guests actively, to leave a feedback on one of the large online portals. But how respond you correctly, if the criticism is not positive? The first step to a negative review should be always checking to determine the reason for this.

It is not uncommon that false expectations reflected in bad reviews. There can be quite an evaluator, who book a design hotel and then criticized the uncomfortable room. You know the reason for a bad rating, then you can react accordingly. It is advisable to investigate whether there exist any similar reviews in other travel forums. Also, the travel agent site can be consulted, whether defects in the House are known.

Earlier complaints can be helpful. In fact only a fraction of the hoteliers reacts to a negative online review. And that, although 80% of users indicate that a hotelier comment “calms them”. The reaction to criticism is a strong indicator of guest orientation and professionalism. The Internet can foster a more informal and shorter writing style as in offline communications. Nevertheless, should be necessarily taken on good style, perfect spelling and grammar, as well as a polite formulation. A hotelier comment is a public business card of the hotel for the many potential clients who read a review and response! Have you checked the negative criticism, proceed as follows: thank the writers for the review and his time. Indicate the writer that you understand him and take his feelings seriously. Apologize honestly, if the above negative aspects correspond to the truth, without thereby defending to argue. Offer a simple, short explanation as to why the criticised aspects exist or existed, if possible. Insure the scribe believable, and thus all readers of the review that all steps have been taken to resolve the problem. To clarify the situation, offer a direct contact between guest and hotel. Close your comment that by using a the constructive / positive aspects of evaluation address, so your comment is positive ends. Dealing with booking portals and online reviews is difficult and requires special attention. German Berlin-based hotel Consulting helps consulting you like to develop an appropriate strategy for the current challenges and to draw up guidelines for dealing with online reviews. Contact: German consulting GbR consulting Mecklenburg str. 87 88 10713 Berlin Tel: 030/99250419 email: Managing Director: Eva-Maria German, Christina German VAT-ID: DE 282115908 German consulting is a Consultancy for the hotel and catering businesses from Berlin and Brandenburg. Experienced industry specialists for the hotel industry and tourism advice in the areas of marketing, process optimization and strategic human resources management.