If the Government lifeline front of Caracas and suspends, for varied reasons, electrical rationing province protest that there are not less and appear an intolerable litany, the leaders, to claim that we are all equal, i.e. If the inside has cuts in Caracas also we should have them or, in the best cases, that nobody should suffer them, forgetting that we have a serious problem multicausado that we must face in one way or another. The province does not arise that he now had to the leadership, which is the time of his voice, but look with apprehension at the capital. The leaders do not think but in demagogic postures. It is thus demonstrated the internal believe distant, without being able to lead, rather than assuming a constant in our history, the coming of the province to exercise power from Caracas. This timely issue reveals a look in a straight line, rather than a lateral gaze that carries very different conclusions.

If the province was suffering cuts, is the province that you touch the response, it would be the conclusion obvious a thought without gringolas. In Caracas is the power, consequently is Caracas which must respond, they think, forgetting so this hypercomplexity power is not the same as before, that exercised power in the chaos where the power is revealed and the example of its exercise would be immediately followed by a shocked population. I have said many times that the best Venezuelan intelligence is in the province, but that intelligence is still not assume prominence. I have previously discussed possible causes, but now it seems that the centralist mentality is not only in the Government but internalized in a province that thinks that only by its number of voters is taken into account, when the true approach is not to be taken into account but impose roads by way of ideas and action.


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Savings Bank

All became clear as soon as I changed Dollars for yen for a trip to Japan. I think I have invented a formula to convert that currency to the ruble, given the current exchange rate. Upon graduation, I found a prestigious but very low-paid work, so I had to constantly find new ways to multiply my capital. In those days, commercial banks are just beginning his scandalous career. Interest payments on deposits dizzy, and the rate of the dollar has grown every day. Would be foolish not to use the opportunity to earn a little money, only to exchange a couple of thousand dollars.

Income was not huge, but pleasant. The next idea about the proper investment of money has been put money in Sberbank (yes, the Savings Bank), the contribution for retirees. At that time it had the highest percentage. At the bank I worked classmate, she helped me to make a deposit for a pensioner, using documents of her mother. Income exceeded all my expectations.

My mom could not understand why I have never had cash. I am confused to explain that to me more profitable to keep the money in the bank, and only many years later, my mother followed my advice and put all their spare cash in the bank. Even as an accountant, she could not understand it every day it loses money, but keeping them at home. A similar thing happened to me when I first arrived in Ireland. Here, as elsewhere, a huge number of banks with very different interest rates for deposit accounts.

National Curricular Lines

63). PRACTICAL OF CURRICULAR FORMATION AS COMPONENT the National Curricular Lines of direction of the Teaching Formation it establishes 800 hours of lessons of Practical of Formation, as component curricular, in this context, the IEPPEP, defends that the lessons must consist at the moment for which if searchs to make something, to produce some thing where the theory looks for to search concepts, meanings and, with this, to manage the field and the direction of the performance. Such element, in the Course of Formation, has the intention to collaborate for the formation of the identity of the searching, reflective and operating professor in the society. Having the practical one of formation to be understood as space that oportunize the efetivao of the knowledge and knowing necessary the professor to problematizar pedagogical practical its, a place of knowledge production, in such a way cannot occur in way any they need to be supervised and based, thus it will only be possible to carry through the joint between practical theory and. (…) the practical one was being each time more, theoretician, that is, distanciada of the reality. Nor if could here more speech in practical as experience, as reproduction of models – that models? Where they were practical the successful ones? What it meant a professor successful? What one expected as purpose of primary education? of Normal education? Which professor was necessary? (PEPPER, 2006, p.44) the Supervised Period of training, therefore, consists in a chance it pupil to exercise the reflection, to relate curricular components and practical and of this to surpass the dichotomy between practical theory and, making possible a notion to it of the future profession. According to Freire (1996, p.24), ‘ ‘ the critical reflection on the practical one if becomes a requirement of the relation practical theory/without which the theory can go turning blblbl and the practical one, ativismo’ ‘.

Portable Refrigerator

As a rule, we take the summer vacation, and move closer to nature, to give someone who – to the seas, but something without which the summer time, we do not do so without a refrigerator. But, unfortunately, we can not always, first, to drag the is everywhere stationary refrigerator, the more you connect it to nature, where there is simply not the power supply. What to do in such situations – just use the car heater portable refrigerator Peltier, who is specially designed for transportation and operates from a cigarette lighter, while cooling from 30 to 50 liters volume. Thus, in a hot day you just will not be disturbed thirst – it is at your disposal rad is always a refreshing drink. Price hiking refrigerator is not high – from 3 to 7 thousand, but they justify it! Convenient carrying handle, compact size, sufficient capacity, and good cooling – basic properties of the refrigerator. Going on a long journey, remember that your car will be coolers nicest fellow travelers. But often we make hiking on nature, without the aid of a car. Too not a problem because there are portable cool boxes! These bags – refrigerators are lightweight enough capacity, and low price, and they work through the ice packs. Using a qualitative portable refrigerators, you ensure the safety of virtually any product damage, so before you travel, you will not need to give up favorite foods. Car refrigerator or under termosumka hand on the road and will relieve you from the need to search for shops in an unfamiliar place, in order to buy food, which will now be available to you next. Summer we have only three months, and holidays and even less, so why should we worry during the rest of the state of food, when it may well make a portable fridge? !

Sanitary Monitoring

The great majority assumed the Full Management of the Basic Attention to the Health and, some hundreds of them, the Full Management of the Municipal System of Health; 13? Creation of the National System of Monitoring Epidemiologist; 14? Creation of the Sanitary Districts Special Aboriginals; 15? Facilitation of the access to health information saw Internet; 16? Absorption, for the three spheres of Government, the functions and services of dead person INAMPS; 17? Growth of 25% for 42% of the participation of the States and Cities in the financing of the SUS in years 90; 18? Resistance to the politics of cuts, contingenciamentos and to the low budgetary executions, through the conquest of suplementaes, of the mobilization for the approvals of the CPMF, the Constitutional Emendation n. and Constitutional the 169 Emendation n 29. Continuous fight for the maintenance of the gotten advances, configured in the mobilizations for the fall of seeming of the General Law of the Union, Dezembro/2000, for the regulation of the application of and the C n 29, and against the future constaints budgetary-financiers who the effective economic policy continues imposing upon the Only System of Health; 18? Resistance to the politics of cuts, contingenciamentos and to the decreases budgetary executions, through the conquest of suplementaes, of the mobilization for the approvals of the CPMF, the Constitutional Emendation n. and Constitutional the 169 Emendation n 29. Continuous fight for the maintenance of the gotten advances, configured in the mobilizations for the fall of seeming of the General Law of the Union, Dezembro/2000, for the regulation of the application of and the C n 29, and against the future constaints budgetary-financiers who the effective economic policy continues imposing upon the Only System of Health; 19 – Beginning of the implementation of the constitutional line of direction of the hierarquizao/regionalizao of the assistance to the health through the advance of the repact of the papers of the three spheres of Government, to the level of the Commissions Intergestores Tripartite, Bipartites and of the Advice of Health around the Operational Norm of the Assistance to the Health? NOAS; 20? Creation and beginning of functioning of the Bank of Prices in the Hospital Area; 21? Creation and beginning of functioning of the National Register of Basic Medicine Prices; 22? Beginning of the application of the generic medicine politics; 23? Beginning of the implantation of Card SUS as instrument of facilitation of the access, of planning, evaluation and control of the universal doctor-sanitary services and development of the National System of Information of Health; 24? Ample recognition and legitimation for the Society, Government and Parties, of the Principles and Lines of direction of the SUS; 25? Incorporation of the Sanitary Monitoring in with priority Agenda of the SUS, as well as the sprouting of the first positive consequences by means of the decentralization for the state and municipal managements, and definition of politics 24 of this sector, on the basis of the results of the National Conference of Sanitary Monitoring.

American Treasure

Although to the Federal Reserve of the United States the decision of not initiating the ascending cycle of rates has come out to him well, the same responded more to political questions than to the own conviction of the members of the EDF about which that one was the correct way. In fact, before the little effectiveness of the monetary policy in reanimating to the American economy and before the increase of the inflationary pressures, most advisable it would have been to send signals to the market by means of an increase in the rates of reference. The worsening of the crisis, helped the EDF since it deepened the economic perhaps deceleration (that is seen more ahead) and limited the inflationary pressures when hitting on the international prices of commodities (especially for EE.UU., of the price of petroleum). Perhaps the electoral subject has been the factor that gave to origin to this mega rescue plan him. This is a hypothesis which I consider probable, at first it did not seem to me a determining factor to carry out this measurement. Although in the note published in site Chilean, Daily Financier on the matter, where one of the paragraphs said: In the surveys, the voters traditionally trust more the democrats in economic subjects, reason why the tears in Wall s$street would have to help to Obama, makes me think about that the electoral reason could at first have played a more important roll that the considered one. To make matters worse, John McCain had believed in the words of the secretary of the American Treasure, of which the government did not have thought to continue helping the financial organizations in problems. He was then that McCain was declared in favor of the decision of the government of George Bush, who implied the fall of Lehman Brothers (NYSE: LEH).

After unexpected change to seem of the American government, McCain had to leave to justify this action again (I imagine that an advice will have requested him to Paulson exceeds how to radically change to seem in a matter of hours), which has left not so well unemployed it. It is clear that the worsening of the situation of crisis of the American financial system, clearly is a factor that benefits to Barack Obama. The democratic candidate, did not let pass this opportunity to criticize to the republican government and its competitor: Is the final verdict of the insolvent economic philosophy of last the eight years McCain senator has supported this philosophy during its 26 years in Washington. It will be necessary to hope the continuity of the events to be able to give an answer to the interrogative manifolds that surround to the announcement by the mega plan by rescue. I incline to think that the necessity to put a brake to him to the continuity of the crisis that increased their gravity frequently, to the time to try to initiate the way of the recovery of the financial system American, has been the determining factor of this decision. Time will tell if the correct decision were this one.

TSJC Gives Two Months

The Court Superior of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has given a maximum term of two months to the Department of Education of the Catalan Autonomous Government so that he modifies the educative system with the purpose of to implant the Castilian like language to carry in the schools, next to the Catalan. Of that form, the high Catalan court determines a limit of 60 days so that the Catalan Government fulfills the sentence that the Supreme Court dictated in December of past year. This protested to the Catalan Autonomous Government that adapted the Castilian like language to carry of the educative system but without determining no term temporary. The advisor of Education, Irene Rigau, has assured that the Catalan Autonomous Government will present/display a resource against the car of the Court. On the other hand, Car to me Chacn, she informs Efe, she has defended the present educative model. Rigau announced at the very end of afternoon that the Catalan Autonomous Government will resort the car " with the maximum respect and the maximum loyalty institucional". Although this opposition will only suspend the execution of the car if the own TSJC decides to it, the advisor trusted that " it will allow to justify that cambio&quot is not necessary any;. " The Constitutionalist allows that the Catalan is the center of gravity of the model whenever the Castilian does not exclude itself, and thus hace" , he interpreted the advisor. Source of the news: : The TSJC gives two months to Catalonia so that the Castilian is to carry