Portable Refrigerator

As a rule, we take the summer vacation, and move closer to nature, to give someone who – to the seas, but something without which the summer time, we do not do so without a refrigerator. But, unfortunately, we can not always, first, to drag the is everywhere stationary refrigerator, the more you connect it to nature, where there is simply not the power supply. What to do in such situations – just use the car heater portable refrigerator Peltier, who is specially designed for transportation and operates from a cigarette lighter, while cooling from 30 to 50 liters volume. Thus, in a hot day you just will not be disturbed thirst – it is at your disposal rad is always a refreshing drink. Price hiking refrigerator is not high – from 3 to 7 thousand, but they justify it! Convenient carrying handle, compact size, sufficient capacity, and good cooling – basic properties of the refrigerator. Going on a long journey, remember that your car will be coolers nicest fellow travelers. But often we make hiking on nature, without the aid of a car. Too not a problem because there are portable cool boxes! These bags – refrigerators are lightweight enough capacity, and low price, and they work through the ice packs. Using a qualitative portable refrigerators, you ensure the safety of virtually any product damage, so before you travel, you will not need to give up favorite foods. Car refrigerator or under termosumka hand on the road and will relieve you from the need to search for shops in an unfamiliar place, in order to buy food, which will now be available to you next. Summer we have only three months, and holidays and even less, so why should we worry during the rest of the state of food, when it may well make a portable fridge? !