Atlant-M. Beneficial In July

"Atlant-M" presents an overview of the July stock car dealerships operating in the network in Ukraine. In July advantageous to buy a car in the Skoda "Atlant-M Alekseevka" (Kharkiv) and get four service for free. Skoda cars are available from 0% per annum in UAH. Skoda Fabia New on the previous generation of the discounts from $ 500. Volkswagen cars at a discount of 10% can be purchased from dealers VW Atlant-M" in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk. On the VW Caddy in the same showrooms set Spezza that start from 18 390 $. The network of "Atlant-M" is possible to order the new VW Touareg, delivery time – from 2 months. Save on financing your purchases can be "Atlant-M Lepse" (Kiev): when buying a VW in the loan or lease is valid unique discount of 12.5% on 10 models vehicles.

In the "Atlant-M Dnieper embankment" (Kiev), buying a car VW and filling out an annual insurance policy from Hull partner SK "Nastya", customers are guaranteed to receive the gift of full payment of first service. Nissan cars in "Atlant-M na Gagarina" (Kharkov) can be bought on credit at 0% APR. In July, shares of beneficial use when servicing vehicles. Thus, the "Dnepr Atlant-M (VW, Dnepropetrovsk) under certain works can be obtained for free extra services. "Atlant-M Alekseevka '(Skoda, Kharkov) provides free diagnosis and check the air conditioner running gear, as well as lottery tickets to Prague for two with customers served a the amount of UAH 5,000 or more.

Discounts on repairs engine, chassis and vehicle maintenance can be obtained from the "Atlant-M Lepse (VW, Kiev). For cars older than 2 years of discounts on 20% in parts 10% for cars over 4 years – to work 30% to 15% of the parts. "Atlant-M na Gagarina '(Nissan, Kharkov) diagnoses running the car for 60 USD, which includes checking the operation of shock absorbers, brakes and state of the elements suspension. Here you can buy a package 'Comfortable Summer' for 210grn: checking, filling and handling of air conditioning, water-repellent coating composition of the body on the basis of wax.

Law Goods

Logistics is used with the era of Napoleon, its principles are written in the ancient chronicles. Oracle contains valuable tech resources. Office of the movement to preserve the production), the corresponding operations with the documents – the task of modern logistics. Minimization various costs, optimize production processes and related services – the most important objectives of logistics. Widely distributed company, specialized in logistics firm with significant material flow are logistics service. These firms are now often equipped with all necessary equipment, and work is performed by competent logisticians.

Firms will be required competence levels, ranging from documentation and ending with the delivery of goods to their destination. Now in practice all the more firmly established notion of logistics as a single system. Common goals defined by the logistic approach, combined the required number of employees into a team. People often – in different ways see the word 'logistics', some association is formed only with storage of goods. It provides for more efficient implementation of all moments associated with the movement of goods in the warehouse. Logistics covers only all the processes occurring in the storeroom. In some cases it is better to rent a storage room in a special company. Need to reflect that it is better to lease storage space or spending more on transportation and loading.

Effectively organize the storage of goods and reduce spending on it, helps warehouse logistics. But improve and to other production processes, and therefore still apply and transport logistics. Transport logistics is widely used by transport companies in Krasnodar and elsewhere in Russia for transportation to oranizatsiizhd Russia, road transport, etc. Foundation of the concept of logistics is to minimize the routes of movement of goods, the logistics form the transport, storage, information, inventory and purchasing. Since ancient times in Russia employees engaged in logistics, the nuances of movement, storage of agricultural tax, acquire the entire power. A very long time to develop military logistics, has received a powerful impetus to development due to the direction of considerable amounts of military personnel. With issues of movement of financial resources, information flows have traditionally occupied by the information logistics today. Registration of customs documents – one more thing related to sending goods abroad. The current fine-developed logistics system effectively solves the above problem comprehensively, as a whole.

New Japanese Manufacturer

Automotive news – it's always something interesting and always new. At the moment we are aware of this wonderful event: the company "Toyota Motor" has officially declared about the appearance of the day in Russia new hatchback Auris. The company notes that the car is made in England. Suggested retail price starts from 659 rubles. It depends on the configuration. Buyer offers 4 types of this set – "Comfort Plus" "Comfort", "Elegant" and "Prestige". The car body has nine flowers, four of them are offered for the first time – red, silver, blue and purple metallic. As reported by many of the world HGV, car width – 1760 mm, its length is 4245 mm, Height – 1515 mm.

In the new appeared excellent petrol units Dual VVT-i c a good quality volume 1.34 liters. and 1.5 if, developing neither more nor less – 102 and 125 horsepower, and, of course, the engine with a capacity of 133 horsepower. On choice of the buyer is given two transmissions: a 6-speed, manual gearbox, and a 4-speed automatic transmission, which is sold with a complete set of "Comfort Plus". And changed the look of the car – front and rear part of it. Auris has a brand new design rear and front bumper, hood, mirrors, grille.

Just updated the car's interior – has changed the configuration of the center console. The same car got steering wheel with a sporty design, lighting and speedometer tachometer scale is changed to white for a place in Orange. Many of the world automotive news claim that will give customers an exciting Auris driving experience. For Auris created a new platform to ensure drivability and very low noise. In this machine insulation upgraded to peak capacity. Thanks to such great features to the owner is always nice get into the car and do not listen to the sounds of rock jungle, and enjoy selected music itself. Finally, because the time to disclose the information agencies and HGV world, it is possible provide you with the most important feature of the machine, very important for Russia. This is its unique properties: very low noise level, the lowest in its class, it is quite acceptable for people of average cost of security, durability and good reliability, seven airbags, a stylish and durable design.

Sufficient Number

Organize its own storage room is useful when the presence of strong demand and requirements for delivery time. If you are not ready to quickly bring the client product, it is likely that the client does not want to wait and acquire the goods from your competitor, who made the best terms of delivery, or, say, the delivery from the warehouse. But before you decide on the organization of the warehouse is important to see that there is a sizable proportion danger – may happen that you purchase a product that can not be sold. We show a model of education warehouse storage and calculation of reserves for example, a warehouse company that supplies parts for cars. Over 90% of spare parts for foreign cars are sold on request as assortment of various parts of millions of names, and all of them simply could not contain and is not profitable at the moment. Consequently, the warehouse to buy only those parts that are most in demand and often zaprashivaemy. In most cases this is consumables, that is, parts such as bushings and rack stabilizatorov, fuel and air filters, different belts, brake pads.

To know what really should buy the spare parts to the warehouse need to explore in detail the statistics over a long period, say one year. Meanwhile, it is important not to forget seasonal fluctuations. Now we need to estimate the average time of handing over the goods to the warehouse (transfer to the warehouse may go in different directions, will be longer in duration, but lower costs) for the formation and storage of collected before statistics to determine the amount of cargo that can be claimed and sales to customers during this time warehouse delivery. Assume that the warehouse delivery of spare parts in bulk at sea will take time to 1.5 months. During this period of Statistics come true you 40 sets of brake pads for foreign cars Toyota Camry newest model.

This means that you can bring to the warehouse 40 sets of brake pads and a half months to make the purchase again for ukomplektovki stocks. It is also possible to book and more 'consumables' in the warehouse to replenish rarely do (which may be more profitable and more comfortable), another to decrease the risk that the goods are in stock, sell out before the will arrive the next batch (and therefore do not neglect to calculate the allowable delay on the way). However, in this example to keep in mind the likely weakening in demand for our products. So, in case with spare parts it is quite possible that a certain spare part will be enrolled Nenova, and her replacement will be made different variety, better and also cheaper. In any case, it is likely that you will not be easy all sell your old remnants of auto parts, or need to organize tangible incentives to finally sell them. So try to find a middle ground. By raising the originator of the article (we do delivery of spare parts in bulk for about fifteen years) is actually more convenient not to have too much inventory in stock, otherwise there is absolutely obvious chance that some parts will not be able to realize. Because start small. Good luck with your venture!

Portable Refrigerator

As a rule, we take the summer vacation, and move closer to nature, to give someone who – to the seas, but something without which the summer time, we do not do so without a refrigerator. But, unfortunately, we can not always, first, to drag the is everywhere stationary refrigerator, the more you connect it to nature, where there is simply not the power supply. What to do in such situations – just use the car heater portable refrigerator Peltier, who is specially designed for transportation and operates from a cigarette lighter, while cooling from 30 to 50 liters volume. Thus, in a hot day you just will not be disturbed thirst – it is at your disposal rad is always a refreshing drink. Price hiking refrigerator is not high – from 3 to 7 thousand, but they justify it! Convenient carrying handle, compact size, sufficient capacity, and good cooling – basic properties of the refrigerator. Going on a long journey, remember that your car will be coolers nicest fellow travelers. But often we make hiking on nature, without the aid of a car. Too not a problem because there are portable cool boxes! These bags – refrigerators are lightweight enough capacity, and low price, and they work through the ice packs. Using a qualitative portable refrigerators, you ensure the safety of virtually any product damage, so before you travel, you will not need to give up favorite foods. Car refrigerator or under termosumka hand on the road and will relieve you from the need to search for shops in an unfamiliar place, in order to buy food, which will now be available to you next. Summer we have only three months, and holidays and even less, so why should we worry during the rest of the state of food, when it may well make a portable fridge? !

European Ford Cars

And the European Ford year is determined by the 11 th position. Y Mercedes'll have to remove the rubber pad on the handlebars, covering the signal there should be branded as the sun and figures indicating the year. Actually, this "sun" are found in cars at many sites. And in the absence of signs with the VIN number year parts can indirectly indicate the age of the car. In addition, virtually All cars per month and year of manufacture listed on the fastening elements of safety belts. Of course, if the owner knows about the discrepancy, he can cut them.

Therefore it is better to remove the back seat – the "roots" back belts date release also indicated. It is possible to learn more and to plant the marking on the glass, however, remember that they can be easily changed. Next – evaluation of technical condition of the machine. Foreign cars have just arrived from abroad, for the uninitiated Buyers often give the impression of her appearance. Indeed, pre-training in Germany, Holland or Belgium, where they often come to us, beyond all praise. All defects that may visually identify the buyer, are eliminated.

Identify them can only expert scrutiny by the service station. Any examination, even with an experienced mechanic, will somehow be subjective, and complete understanding of the wear and tear will not. So, either take the car as it is, and buy or ask the seller to view it in the center. Although rare, but some owners of foreign cars on this consent.

Service Manuals

Finally, the letter E – these oil heavyweights with diesel engines or just heavy-duty diesel engines. Now that we understand the recommendations of the plant is necessary to clarify that flooded at the moment. It's time to choose what kind of oil fill: mineral, semi-synthetic or synthetic. Synthetic oil can maintain its performance at high temperature differences (as well as recommended on turbo), and many of the characteristics of oil can not be implemented based on mineral oil. If winter temperatures are not lower than -20, there is no need to use it seriously.

Semi-synthetic oil – this oil consisting of mineral base and synthetic additives. The proportions may change but they are usually from 30 to 50 percent of the mineral foundation. This product is recommended for engines with high mileage because to find exactly what is recommended by the engine manufacturer does not make Labour, in contrast to the mineral. Now, the mixing of oils. If you change the type of oil, naprmier just want to change the oil or butter ugarelo while riding, but not the same with me and nowhere to buy (last resort). Additives of different oils may adversely affect the operation of the engine when mixed.

Most harmless – they just neutralize each other, and the most deplorable – the characteristics of the oil change so much that they would start to wear out faster motor. Of course Oil should always be in the engine, always carry any of this with a small container of oil for topping up, the same make and model as the engine. If it is not at hand and for sale, you should change the oil in the engine completely. As has been said about the additives in the oil they do not like interaction with the additives of other oils. For this reason, the old oil must be drained, pour flush, potarahtet on it for some time (as indicated in the instructions for washing) and then pour the oil is that you see fit. Washing procedure itself is also not safe for the engine, on the frequently changing the brand or type of oil should not be. This compares with the way bleach damages the structure of tissue and subsequently it is broken. According to this take on the oil manufacturer's recommendation engine and the temperature characteristics of your region. And most importantly, at every oil change oil filter change, or new Oil will immediately become dirty due to the remnants of the previous one, used oil in the filter. And remember – oil is not just swill you want to fill, but also washing, lubrication and antikoroziynaya function. Without oil the engine quickly will become worthless, and the repair effort on the wallet. On the timing of oil changes, see the Service Manuals for your car. Some car manufacturers it is kilomterov 5000, some 10, some even 15.