OpenFinca Projects

now support and cheap tickets for work in the South! Just as on time as planned is the OpenFinca project from the 1.8 in the next phase. The prerequisite to win 50 fans on the North Starter platform for the project, was met before the actual date. Now independent from Hamburg and throughout Germany are invited to experience a different working. For the founders with many self-employed persons, but also friends and acquaintances have spoken. You have attended events and presented the OpenFinca there. Mid-July there was a Spanish info evening in Eimsbuttel, in which all interested parties could put their questions to the project. It was a presentation video for the North Starter page turned, much emailed and posted. And there were many team meetings, by phone, or over the network, some between the door and fishing.

And: all effort was worth it! We’ve collected so many new experiences! We have been thinking exactly about positive feedback, but also critical thought and are constructive thus gone to. Finally want Yes our fellow travelers a great work alternative in the South under the Sun offered”, so the fresh baked GbRler Marika Muller and Holger Ahrens to do so. Now, the tickets for the business stay on the Finca can be purchased now. The early-bird tickets at a special rate are limited and have the advantage that you the time period for the stay on the ranch exclusively can choose. So here by advantage will be to decide quickly. Also can the OpenFinca project with the purchase of small thank yous”in the form of Postkartengrussen, logo shirts or long performances OF blog are actively supported. However, the preparations are far from complete.

There is to much. And we are still looking for more sponsors. Great one would be working setup of the Finca near Consell something professional, so that the best conditions for the operation. Or even a daily sponsored car would be a fantastic support for our project has become now really concrete! “, so the two free from Hamburg.” We would like to thank for support: Marcus (the happy fencer) and Simone (Simone Friese photo + graphic), Betahaus and, MeinTagwerk, and, Birgit (proofreading punctuation) and Katja (really good)… and all of our fans who have registered on Nordstarter.

Halfyearly Financial Report

KSB group has achieved a group turnover of 1.090,1 million in the first HalbJahr with stable sales KSB. The pump and valve manufacturers achieved in a difficult market environment again approximately (- 0.8%) the level of the months of January to June 2012. As KSB observes in his today published half-yearly financial report, the UMSatz of the German parent company of the Group has evolved in positive: KSB AG invoiced several major contracts between January and June and boosted so their revenue to 415,5 million (+ 4.2%). For the full year KSB assumes unchanged, to exceed the revenues of the previous year, provided that no further deterioration in the economy. Also in the order intake, KSB wants moderate wachsen in the current fiscal year. Still behind the vergleichbaren values of the previous year, the company was back to the middle of the year.

In the first six months received orders amounting to 1.096,4 million (- 5.6%) in the group. Was the reason for the weaker job development restrained investment activity in the project business for the KSB foresees a recovery in the second half of the year. KSB AG received orders that were with 380,1 million to 6.9% lower than the corresponding previous year. Based on this order intake and sales development, KSB scored a consolidated net income before income taxes of 48.8 million in the first six months. This is 3.5 million (- 6.7%), compared to the first half of 2012. especially the sustained price pressure in the project business has had a negative impact. In anticipation of a slight increase business volume, KSB 2013 so that a result nearly expects to reach last year’s level. To the middle of the year the number of employees of the Group amounted to 16.565; This means an increase of 3.4% compared to June 30, 2012.

Italian Federation

Meets Marco Bardi. Italian School spearfishing single or many? There is a school of the Italian Federation and a private school in which a simple and expedited rates. Thus, a person can make a choice: go to school federation or private courses. In any case, the private school works with schools in the Federation. Certificates look different, but equally important.

This card underwater hunter, and the rights that give These certificates are the same. The only difference – identity federation allows you to participate in competitions. This certificate is mandatory for hunting? None. Usually do not take courses in order to obtain identity, but in order to better hunt. There is not much sense in the card. You were trained in a matter of well-known schools – Pelitsari or Kastineyro? Whether you're working now? I did not learn in these schools, because then they simply did not exist, I have to learn everything himself. But when it became Pelitsari school, I realized that it makes very valid points. When I continued my workout, then take into account the technology, which advised the school to perform Pelitsari. Now I ceased to take part

KV Roadshow Cologne

In the second year, the KVK-show in a larger location Munich established itself, 08.06.2012 for the second time the gates of Cologne insurance and investment (KVK fair) opened on 5 June 2012. Extremely satisfied, the organizer of the trade fair, the Fund financial broker GmbH looks back on the event. Over 3,400 visitors answered the call of the broker pools in the Cologne trade fair and gathered 150 exhibitors and 55 lectures and workshops of the innovations of the industry and future trends. Star speaker Walter Riester delighted over 400 audience with a rousing speech and reminded them of their responsibility for the future of society. Moving into the halls of the Cologne fair is to get good financial Cologne insurance and investment fair (KVK-) the Fund.

About 3,400 insurance brokers, bankers, home savings representatives and other financial service providers were informed on 5 June in all important product donors about new trends and developments. Cologne as a venue for a fund Financial fair was an express wish of our brokers. That the exhibition could reach in the second year the success of the premiere, very pleased. Visitors and exhibitors have recorded extremely positive light-flooded rooms, the many training opportunities and the generous areas for talks with exhibitors”, Norbert Porazik, Managing Director of the Fund looks back, financial at the fair. As already on the MMM trade fair in March, the financial broker pool in Cologne has expanded offering further education due to the great demand.

The programme included over 55 lectures and workshops with the top speakers in the industry. “High point was the lecture by Walter Riester to secure pension – Riester-promotion as a success story, in Cologne on the theme” said. After his lecture, debate Walter Riester spontaneously for over an hour with the enthusiastic audience his theses and encouraged the agents in their responsibilities for the company: it annoys me boundless that it is brought to the profession of insurance intermediary in such disrepute. You are the ones that talk to people, you worry about retirement and ensuring broad strata of the population, although no demand products. This activity is vital for people to make more savings for old age. For this work I thank you expressly”, Walter Riester gave to his listeners over two hours on the way home. Financial with the invitation of all visitors and exhibitors to the fair party in the old waiting room provided the funds for a successful conclusion of the fair”in the Centre of the Rhine metropolis. More events of the Fund financial: KV Roadshow 2012, throughout Germany, 27 August September 7, 2012, events 3. capital show, Estrel Hotel Berlin, 11 October 2012, the KVK trade fair in Cologne is one of the three House of Fund financial Broker service GmbH. The Munich financial broker pool is the largest independent with over 23,000 affiliated partners Broker pool of in Germany. To provide the best possible service on the spot their brokers, financial year three fairs in Germany – Munich, Cologne and Berlin, and in addition all year round subject-specific road shows organized the Fund. In this way, all partners and interested parties have the possibility to inform themselves without long journey across all relevant news of the industry.

Brazilian Institute

The influence of the home is very strong in all the phases of the life and can easily be noticed in the individual, therefore the behavior of each one is a consequence of this education. If a child, was not well well-taken care of, if the given love it was not sufficient this will be manifest at some moment of its life. We can see what we are speaking in a made research with resident families in the South of London. It is what the Dr. says Julian Melgosa (2009, P. 111): (…) 12 resident families in the South of London had been observed. A series of questionnaires and an interview had been used to inquire the incidence of depressive problems and its effect on the family.

One of the discoveries most surprising was that the children of mothers who had suffered to depression after-childbirth, during the three following months to the birth, to the 11 years of age had four times more probability to cause violence (in house or the school) of what those whose mothers had not suffered to depression after-childbirth. This research can be interpreted of some forms, however what it is clearly it is that since infancy, the human being needs much love, attention, affection and cares, so that in the adolescence and the adult phase they do not have serious problems in relation its emotional life, generating thus upheavals in all the scopes. In the pertaining to school phase the child is in progress of formation of habits and values and the parents yearn for that he demonstrates to this learning of good things comings of the home. is at this initial moment, that would have to learn on disciplines and the respect and that the world does not turn around it. The importance of the participation of the parents in the academic life of its children Many studies have been made around this relation family x school. The family model who has centuries was followed, today was gotten rid in few years.

This new familiar dynamics compels in them to move of strategies, therefore it intervenes directly with the school. Composed families only of mother and children exist, father, stepmother and children, grandfathers and grandsons and so on. This new familiar context without a definite nucleus creates a feeling of unreliability in all the society.


Current facts and figures for the 3rd quarter of 2013 the first half of 2013 famously ends with the last day of June. The first half of 2013 is thus over. Europe is still marked by upheavals. That is one side. On the other hand, efforts to get the financial and economic crisis in the run.

So far not really succeeded. The issues at stake are extremely diverse and varies in the individual euro countries. The efforts of policy, to pursue effective measures to stimulate the economy are different from the content, its extent and its sustainability and then, whether they are sufficient and targeted questions it. This question arises especially in Italy. The new Government is there for a few weeks in Office. Serious action in terms of economic reform have been identified. Hot diets for deputies or Ministers salaries, as well as the financing of political parties are discussed. Things that completely misses the point.

In the eurozone, GDP is between January and March 2013 decreased (see here). This is the sixth quarter in a row and so far unique in the eurozone. The decline is 0.2 percent. What is the second half of the year, which starts in a few days with the third quarter, to expect. Generally it is assumed that the descent of the private sector in the euro area June slowed some in the month. But nothing more. The recession is not over. A clear example of the sustained downturn offers the car industry in Europe for the current situation. And doing well still the German carmakers, because their products are in demand especially in China and the United States. The auto industry is an industry that is closely linked with many other manufacturers and producers. So among other things with the tire manufacturers and these in turn with other branches of industry.

Berlin Trade

Consumers have the choice: dirty or fair chocolate! Consumers have it in hand, permanently to change working conditions. Fair trade products, the socially responsible cultivation is condition, i.e. a reasonable payment, no slavery, no illegal child labor, and no harmful working methods. The exclusive purchase of chocolate fair trade seals is currently the inzig reliable way to improve the living conditions of peasant families and children. In the fair trade commercial smallholder farmers receive a minimum price of plus higher revenues if the world market price is higher than the minimum price. So far however two percent of all chocolate items in Germany but are not even fair trade products.

Consumers are urged to buy only these chocolate products. About fair trade and sustainable chocolate: as a fair trade a controlled trading referred to, where the prices for the products traded are commonly used on about the respective price. Thus, you should enable a higher and more reliable income as in the traditional commercial producers. In the production of international environmental and social standards – should are respected with regard to child labour – what should be checked also externally. Traditionally, the fair trade deals with agricultural products exported from developing countries to developed countries. While fair trade is now common in cocoa, chocolate fair “so far little offered. In June 2012, the “Forum sustainable cocoa” therefore started in Berlin.

The German Government, cocoa processing industry and trade, certification and development aid organisations and representatives of civil society in the “Forum sustainable cocoa” together find ways to improve the environmental and social situation in the cocoa-growing significantly. The Bonn ForestFinance group, provider of sustainable investment product CacaoInvest”, is a founding member of the initiative. CacaoInvest with triple return – financially, environmentally and socially: CacaoInvest is an eco investment offer of the Bonn ForestFinance investing where in, fair and ecological cultivation of fine cocoa and hardwood trees.