Berlin Trade

Consumers have the choice: dirty or fair chocolate! Consumers have it in hand, permanently to change working conditions. Fair trade products, the socially responsible cultivation is condition, i.e. a reasonable payment, no slavery, no illegal child labor, and no harmful working methods. The exclusive purchase of chocolate fair trade seals is currently the inzig reliable way to improve the living conditions of peasant families and children. In the fair trade commercial smallholder farmers receive a minimum price of plus higher revenues if the world market price is higher than the minimum price. So far however two percent of all chocolate items in Germany but are not even fair trade products.

Consumers are urged to buy only these chocolate products. About fair trade and sustainable chocolate: as a fair trade a controlled trading referred to, where the prices for the products traded are commonly used on about the respective price. Thus, you should enable a higher and more reliable income as in the traditional commercial producers. In the production of international environmental and social standards – should are respected with regard to child labour – what should be checked also externally. Traditionally, the fair trade deals with agricultural products exported from developing countries to developed countries. While fair trade is now common in cocoa, chocolate fair “so far little offered. In June 2012, the “Forum sustainable cocoa” therefore started in Berlin.

The German Government, cocoa processing industry and trade, certification and development aid organisations and representatives of civil society in the “Forum sustainable cocoa” together find ways to improve the environmental and social situation in the cocoa-growing significantly. The Bonn ForestFinance group, provider of sustainable investment product CacaoInvest”, is a founding member of the initiative. CacaoInvest with triple return – financially, environmentally and socially: CacaoInvest is an eco investment offer of the Bonn ForestFinance investing where in, fair and ecological cultivation of fine cocoa and hardwood trees.