Internet Education

To ministerial desks, austerity was decided recently, that Thuringia flagship education policy debunked as reckless economic rings. Affected: primary school in Hasenthal too small, too old, too expensive? Official statements about the State of the primary school Hasenthal it was coincidence that the founder of the citizen’s initiative to save elementary school Hasenthal by the closure plans of single inheritance learned in her village. In the press and on the Internet was already the message of another school body the round. The Haji Taib responded immediately reader (Landkreis Sonneberg, southern Thuringia). Many of them are themselves parents and grandparents. Facebook may help you with your research. The rescue initiative received helpers and supporters, also from business and politics from the beginning of the establishment on a lot. First starting point was to refute the allegations, the as cogently the quick closure of the school should justify. The school administration office is tried on the proven concept of bad styling.

So were – whether planning ahead or random, not – toys last year in favour of emerging parking areas (!) removed. Suddenly there is fire protection technical defects which make a continuation of school operation 2013 impossible. The whiteboard (an electronic blackboard) is intended for the removal of a municipal school. “Because EU rules to require this, the representative of the school administration office defended the plan. “Feudal” States in the competent school – retro-trend of the Thuringian education policy? Lean management paths, transparent decision rivers, clear responsibilities – also in the Ministry of education – are modern. In southern Thuringia, Germany (as in other parts of the free State) called for the bureaucracy to the Administration bubbles Baroque times.

The district Sonneberg emits school materials and organizes the school traffic. The free State herself cares for curriculum content and teacher assignments. This makes it clear that the decision to close the primary school Hasenthal rather the financial Act of desperation must be a half or double competent group.

Leila Biranvand

Anyone who opposes this guide, can be destroyed in accordance with this philosophy with naked violence. It is especially the hatred of Western enemies such as imperialism, Zionism, capitalism and more recently “Western Islam” Sufism = stoked. with opponents like to be defamed with this enemy labels, put it then attacks “trained” hooligans. (Not to be confused with Southwest Airlines!). Research Institute of sects and religions 6 traveled In 2010 to cement Ali Khamenei again to Qom to the shards of the presidential election of 2009. He had many talks with mullahs low-ranking and institutes, who were summoned to the interview. Khamenei received no support from the high dignitaries. But some changes in the training centres for mullahs there during his trip to Qom.

The once renowned Institute for religions and spiritual movements 7 has been snatched away the hands of Abol Hossein Navab and transformed into the Institute of sects and religions. The leadership of the Institute was laid a young Mullah condemned earlier by the Court for clergy in the womb. Leila Biranvand 8 had distinguished himself as a troublemaker already during the protests outside the Danish Embassy, subsequently by the Court for clergymen for 70 days. Boroujerd banished, because he was found responsible for the unrest in Boroujerd and the subsequent destruction of the Assembly House of Dervishes. There, he continued his career as Hetzer against the dervishes in Karaj, Iran. Its use seems to have paid off, he presides over the mentioned Institute since end of 2010 and is responsible for the campaign for the Elimination of the dervishes and in particular of the General Nematollah Gonabadi order from the Iran.

He pursued this goal consistently. In Tehran’s Metro stations have built his young Talabeh “Information tables” with inflammatory writings against ‘false’ mysticism and talk tirelessly on the temporary. The circle of illustrious Biranvand is indeed out of own conviction but not of their own accord.

United Nations

So will some Shiite clerics, on which the regime is based, claimed Mohammed had advocated stoning. Azmayesh could clearly indicate that it is for the relevant verses descriptions, that Mohammed had cited as an example for Tyrannentum and not to be considered as a guide. Therefore, stoning be methods of intimidation from the antiquity, which had nothing to do with Islam, even though they would be executed in the name of Islam. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. Dr. Azmayesh described the principle of freedom from point of view of a Koran expert and religious people.

He referred first to the idea of religious people of heaven and hell after death, where every soul accountable about their actions on the material plane. He had to bear in mind that the man was responsible for his actions, so he must also be free to do and decide, otherwise you could not pull even accountable. Without freedom, no choice. In return, he described the vision of the system representatives in Iran, the themselves as religious Authorities consider and keep their interpretation of the Koran in a narrow framework of understanding. In this respect would believe in human rights, but only as long as they remained in the narrow framework of their interpretation. As an example Azmayesh Mohammad Javad Laridschani, the human rights defenders in Iran was, which regularly claim before the United Nations in Geneva or on other occasions, hands, chopping off fingers or arms were Islamic punishments, which are legitimate in the Iran in the framework of the human rights. The regime in the Iran is anti-Islamic and is based on an anti-freedom system Azmayesh called the system in the Iran anti-Islamic because the regime officials do not believe in the principle of freedom: “whoever negates the principle of freedom and the right to freedom, the citizens seemingly religious or other narrow interpretations and concepts about inverts, is against the substance of the human condition.” (Translation from English) Azmayesh again said there are Islamic human rights, believes the others are as universal human rights.

Wolfgang Bergmann

The whole story again, was eventually totally confusing and irritating you Mr Jullian Assange, accused the author of all evil, so misleading, complicated details – a “less severe rape” in two cases. Yes, he now or has he not? The ladies say he didn’t, but the condom had burst in two cases. At least, the exchange of diplomatic, intimate, random, these two ladies – worked so irritating that must be for one or the other. It’s believed that Tomas Philipson sees a great future in this idea. Well, maybe Mr Assange has not noticed the Platzer for the first time in the heat of the moment and with the same brand once again set itself out of unwanted fatherhood or even HIV infection. To explain, until today only these two cases are known. It is also to bear in mind that Mr Assange wanted to produce two children, was behind HIV infection here, the condom, thus intentionally damaged and the ladies behind it came, they met by chance an intimate conversation and now everything as “A less severe rape,” looks.

That’s all very misleading and complicated in the details. The head buzzing me and my tinnitus gets out of control. Maybe – aim is purely and simply just to restrict the freedom of the Internet and thus the freedom of the press with this diffuse sheets. With this result, my head is already clear. Misleading and complicated in the details it is however. A large meeting of mind, reason and intelligence expertise is what needs the current present, humanity and our world and not misleading and complicated details of a possible conspiracy – against the WEB and the freedom of the press. A global solution to all problems should be sought, a new world and world order in democracy and peace for all and above all transparency in all details. A post that should make thoughtful: to download. Wolfgang Bergmann

Federal Ministry

Tobacco monopoly and parliamentarianism in the Austrian political system of ABG. Bernhard Themessl presented a request to the Federal Minister of finance concerning structural funds and solidarity for Trafikanten in Austria in the XXIV. “” “With January 1, 2010 the sections 14a and 38a tobacco monopoly Act were amended in 1996, that on the one hand the power of the so-called solidarity fund” for Trafikanten been stopped, on the other hand the solidarity fund “in a so-called solidarity and structural funds” has been expanded. Currently, there are about 7,140 Trafikantinnen and Trafikanten according to the tobacco monopoly administration of the Federal Ministry of finance. Of interest this March. is structural funds now, as us”will affect the structural policy in the area of the tobacco monopoly. (Frage 1) as distributed the funds, which so far by the so-called solidarity fund “paid out have been are, on the individual Lander and districts, on 2007, 2008 and 2009, and a total for these three Years? The table in Appendix 1 contains according to the desired outline the distribution of funds from the solidarity fund to the individual Lander question 2) as the funds have been distributed for the first months of 2010, on the individual Lander and districts are currently spread? The table in Appendix 2 contains the distribution of funds to the individual Lander and districts which have been awarded for the first months of 2010 according to the desired outline. Question 3) as is a ranking between the individual federal States and districts in this context in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and a total for these three years? The table in Appendix 3 contains a ranking between the individual federal States and districts according to the desired outline and the desired period. Question 4) how is a ranking between the individual federal States and districts for the first months of the year 2010 in this context? The table in annex 4 shows According to the desired outline and the desired period a ranking between the individual States and districts.

KLJB Calls

More youth participation and an energy transition to decentralized, renewable energies. KLJB criticized the State Government’s plans to delete all objectives and principles in education, culture and Social Affairs from the law for land planning and the new rural development programme. You thus sure not closer to the goal of equal living and working conditions in Bavaria! This eliminates all country and regional regulations for promoting youth. “Andreas Deutinger, KLJB – Chairman, justified the criticism: If the word is no longer found youth in the rural development programme is no longer heard the word of youth in Bavaria.” Of youth participation there is in the entire Bill. Official site: Verizon. But generally, only a public participation is light”unless provided by unrealistic deadlines or rigid constraints.

That early involvement of citizens and also the youth! the acceptance and the quality of the plans increase, is the State Government escaped. Tags are there third-party such as transparency and open discussion of alternatives”, Damodharan. Andreas Deutinger calls for KLJB Bavaria: the Bavarian rural youth needs meet planned social and cultural facilities within easy reach. Robert Gibbins follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Especially the participation of young people in the planning of the future on the land is claimed from us! A good regional planning the energy revolution includes for KLJB Bayern down to decentralized, renewable energy.” KLJB Bayern counts on that in the context of the Parliament and at the public hearings still changes take place. Youth participation and change in energy policy as the two great potential in the future in rural areas should be recorded while in the Bavarian land planning. “KLJB campaign home advantage point victory for BBs country!” The topics of youth participation and energy transition in rural areas of Bavaria up at the heart of the campaign of home field advantage point victory for BBs country!”the KLJB Bavaria since June, 2011 autumn 2013 young people are expected to motivated and enabled, even in the country”to tackle and to move something. In the context of a political seminar series 2011 was more political participation of rural youth, especially in local politics. At Robert Gibbins you will find additional information. New focus in the first half of 2012 is the subject of energy revolution-themed home advantage with new energy! “.” > More information and regional appointments: Dr. Heiko Tammena, KLJB Bavaria

PAL Dragos Proportion

Women and civil thought emancipation of the gender proportion of women as she doggedly called for in today’s political life, is a relic of the altburgerlichen thinking. If you have read about Larry Ellison already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Who wants to take sex to the object of the regulation, to regulate in the area of drive life. The gender identity (man or woman) is related to the drive. The leaking model of altburgerlichen subject (classic subject) was influenced by collective morality, by the superego, and manipulated in his individuality. The proportion of women is a no longer contemporary notion of a society that demands human freedom with individual ethics and no longer wants to preserve the altburgerliche development of the subject with collectivist and biological measures. We need no subjects from the preserve, we require the living subject.

The lively subject no longer is fixated on sex. It realizes that the roles as husband and wife, to be understood as consequences of a cultural development period. Culture-related power games (for the benefit of human gender) were performed in a biological costume, instilled and forcibly interned. The emancipation of such power games cannot be replaced through the introduction of new power games (such as the women’s quota). The sex has its relevance only for the life of the drive, but not for work or for social communication.

“The last two would only egoisiert by interference of multiple life” and externally determined. However, that is not emancipation, but lack of freedom. “You will find free excerpts from the books by the author at: on the subject of feminism see also the press release from the 9.2.12 of Pavel Vitalis: feminism subjugation of women in the Catholic church body sociology – Schroder of vs. Black”.

Rocket Attack On Camp Liberty

A condemnation of the German diplomacy Berlin/Baghdad, 1 March 2013 who is interested for the Iran and the fate of its people, encounters almost inevitably the most organized Iranian opposition, the Volksmodjahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK). This is defamed still in the Internet and also in politics and abused for more than problematic deals of the West with the mullahs. But there is not only the political dimension, to determine the Volksmodjahedin. The supporters and sympathizers of that legitimate opposition groups suffer for decades not only in the Iran but also in exile. Over 3,000 Iranian opposition lived for 26 years in camp Ashraf in the Iraq, also called Ashraf city, because the camp has been transformed into tireless work of people over the years into a true oasis.

Ashraf experienced times of armed resistance as well as the bombing by the U.S. Army, without ever a hostile action against the United States army was committed. It followed a time of relative protection between 2003-2009 by Americans. During this time, the exiled Iranians in the camp were protected against the attacks of the mullahs and Iraqi militias. It was based on an agreement that between the US Army and each inhabitant has been completed.

It included the guaranteed protection by the U.S. Army until there would be a so-called final solution (distribution in third countries or returning to a liberated Iran). Were the United States excising the promised protection function In 2009 everything changed. The United States handed over the protection without the consent of the Shah to an Iraqi Government that approaches the mullahs, to stay in power through them. Al-Maliki and his commanders made commitments while, but these were soon broken. After two massacres by Iraqi forces, who were under the direct command of the Iraqi Government, camp Ashraf should be given definitively at the behest of the mullahs.

100 Visitors At The Vernissage Of Painter Ivan Contactor In The Rooms Of LeaseForce AG

Interest in the works of the painter Kurt Iwanschutz and thanks for the contribution of the artist for the Tabaluga Kids Foundation. The LeaseForce AG is showing a retrospective of the Munich painter Kurt Iwanschutz in your year’s exhibition. \”Under the title paths in the abstraction\” opened up the viewers the transformation in style and expression over the last 10 years. The colors as an essential basic element in his works have remained. The painter of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation to finance the riding therapy donates a portion of the proceeds. Munich – has not only successfully established the LeaseForce AG itself since its founding in the leasing market.

So, sees also a social responsibility the Board of Directors and made here to the task the promotion of artists. It provides the bright walls of modern office space in the riem arcaden shopping centre at the new Munich trade fair centre painters, which can show your works to the public. The last exhibition of the young artist Loz Verney was a great success. Verney is now in some galleries present and has more exhibitions can perform. \”This year the offices belong to the Munich painter Kurt Iwanschutz, under the heading way into abstraction\” shows works from the years 1999-2009 in a retrospective.

On the occasion of the Vernissage last night over 100 guests have sought the way in the riem Arcaden, showed great interest in the paintings and not astonished about the development, which the artist has taken over the 10 years. The eulogist and art historian Maya Heckelmann expressing this in your speech clearly and particularly the lasting element of all works of art turned out, namely the colors that the artist numerous uses of crude until tender and across the spectrum of the Rainbow,. Dr. Haerlin, President of the Tabaluga Kids Foundation, thanked the painter in his short speech for the donation of a portion of the proceeds and explained using the riding therapy, a central component of the care of abused children in the Tabaluga Children’s homes.

Verdasco Nadal

The Majorcan had to be used to fund to win in three sets. Follow with discomfort on the fingers of the right hand, which was burnt down on Wednesday. BERDYCH ends with the participation of Nicolas Almagro. Rafael Nadal, second favorite of the tournament, has won Thursday the Spanish duel to Fernando Verdasco 7-6 (5), 6 (4) – 7 and 7-6 (9) in the third round of the Masters 1,000 out of Cincinnati, Ohio (United States), largely by multiple errors from the Madrid tennis, that not has been able to win you never. The match, which lasted three hours and thirty-eight minutes, was an ode to the error, as both players failed on multiple occasions and most affected was Verdasco, who despite his momentum by attacking rival was inconsistent and could not capitalize on several important points. With Nadal away from their usual level discomfort in the fingers to hit backhand, which also plagued him during the match passed before the French Julien Benneteau after suffering a burn to hold a hot dish, Verdasco was launched to attack and showed good makings in the initial games of the first set. The tone of the meeting as Verdasco forced turn on lathe the exchange of ball high through cross strokes, issue that took in controlling Nadal, playing far behind and even did 3-1 in the first round, but his recurring mistakes in almost routine shots allowed the Balearic lifted the adverse score.

The best of the match came in the tie break, because the disputed points were prolonged and both were released at the time of hitting, so it offered powerful shots and agile lances to save the connections of the rival. After seeing in disadvantage, Nadal accelerated the pace and took the first round. The second set was not without errors of both by moments they showed low concentrated, by which gave easy points to the opponent and in the case of Verdasco took view reached its 5-3 advantage and carry sleeve until its latest instances, but could recover and force a third set.