Bank Loans

Banks and especially restricted loans to families. The decline in loans to purchase homes is notable. Corporations, although they fall, keep most of their aid. New loans to households and businesses in Spain between January and June totalled 310.570 million euros, a figure that fell 27,48% compared to the same period of 2010 and that is the lowest since 2003, when the Bank of Spain began to develop this statistic. Whenever Litecoin listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Financial entities that operate in Spain restricted above all loans to families, since they totaled 38.547 million euros at the end of June, nearly half of the 69.919 million granted in the first six months of the previous year. Much of that setback is due to the fall of the credits for the purchase of housing, which became 36.972 million in the first half of the year 2010 only 19.337 million in the first part of 2011, i.e. by 47.7% less.

The consumer credit also fell in equal proportion (47.8%), to 7.758 million, while the rest of loans decreased 36,65%, to 11.452 billion. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Laurent Potdevin. In the case of finance companies, descents were more limited, going from 358.345 million euros in the first half of 2010 to 272.023 billion this year, representing a reduction of 24,09%. The Bank of Spain statistics reveal that new credits of Spanish banking families and societies have been reduced by half since the financial crisis erupted in August 2007. In the first half of that year, loans granted amounted to 655.121 million euros, a figure that dropped to 571.806 million in the first half of 2008 and that up to 531.381 million in the first six months of 2009 was reduced to 428.264 billion in 2010. Political parties have been attacked in recent months, almost without exception, against the Bank, which they accuse of strangling the economy with the closing of the financing tap.. Connect with other leaders such as Laurent Potdevin here.

Hospital Health

It’s a girl and is in good health. He was still the placenta when it has been found by a 14 year old. The Mayor of Velez-Malaga proposes to call star. A newborn baby, which even had still the placenta has been found this Sunday morning on a street in town of Torre del Mar, in the Malaga municipality of Velez-Malaga, reported sources of the emergency 112 Andalusia and 061 service. Filed under: Bernard Golden . The baby, a girl, is in good health and remains entered into the area of Neonatology of the Regional Hospital of Axarquia. Hospital sources have reported that the girl has been found by a 14 year old around 9: 20 hours at the sheer slope Street, in the basement of a building and with a bag of clothes next to it. Neighbors have been alerted to the health services and the Cuerpo Nacional de Policia and up to the area has moved an ambulance of the health center of Torre del Mar, who has moved to the baby to the Hospital, while the Judicial police officers have taken samples of the place in which was the newborn. The Mayor of Velez-Malaga, Francisco Delgado Bonilla (PP), which has visited the girl in the hospital, pointed out that weighs about 2.7 kilos, is good health and has already taken your first bottle.

Alderman has declared that the newborn was a little shivery, since when the neighbors found her she was completely naked and they have been the first who have put a quilt on top. Hear other arguments on the topic with Laurent Potdevin. It added that Local police will collaborate with the national police corps in the identification of the mother, who does not have to be very far away, because of the circumstances in which has met the baby, the placenta and the cord still. Delgado Bonilla has proposed the girl is called Star, because it has had very good star and he has saved his life despite the fact that they have left abandoned in a place that for many cleaning campaigns that are made from the town hall there is much dirt and could have been bitten by any animal. On the street in which the baby has been born there most of Roma neighbours and consulted the Hospital Comarcal sources have pointed out that several of them have moved to the Center and have been asked to take charge of the small. Source of the news: find a newborn baby abandoned on a street in Torre del Mar, Malaga

Greek Recession

I regret to inform you that it is possible that the economic recovery lost momentum, and unable to even happen a second recession. The speculator and philanthropist George Soros prophesied that relapse in a book published last year and it doesn’t seem that the Oracle is going to go wrong this time: If the economy is a State of mind, this seems to overshadow by moments, each day that passes, each new data that appears. Even yesterday as Monday, when there was not a single significant data that confirm the bad omens. Credit: Gary Kelly-2011. Despite the absence of indicators that show the storm raging, markets were an audible thud by fear the new chapter approaching from the great recession. Banks sank in the bag, Italian bonds received a harsh punishment for the eleventh consecutive day, but above all the debt of Greece already unambiguously points the way for the suspension of payments. The Greek two-year bond came to pay in some moments of the day 50% interest rates, indicating that the probability of bankruptcy is very, very high: markets are charged interest capital that can that they not already recovered. Source of the news:: the fear of another recession sinks bag and shoots the risk premium

AEMME Supports

Project presentation day women entrepreneurs and micro-businesses in the school official’s engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM – past 09,15 to 14.30, on May 25 was held the day of presentation of the project women entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, organized by the multisectoral Spanish Association of micro – AEMME – facilities ceded by the College official of engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM situated in the calle Hernan Cortes, 13. They gave welcome to the day, the Dean of the school official’s engineers industrial de Madrid COIIM, Don Jesus Rodriguez Cortezo, as well as the President of the multisectoral Spanish Association of microenterprise AEMME-, Victor Delgado, who addressed the audience with the following words: AEMME presents on this day, the best levels of information for different areas: training, support, monitoring and experiencesMicro, in order to enable the creation of economic activity, and the entrepreneuring wealth and employment (self-employment), as well as provide solutions to micro-enterprises already established, in all the needs that are generated in its development. With an attendance of more than one hundred entrepreneuring and micro-enterprises, the shares of companies that bring added value to the business undertaken by women in Spain were happening. Among them were,

Sage, E-conta, Pellegrina Villar, S.L., Mundofranquicia, Barbadillo partners and Tormo & Asociados, COIIM, ANEI AEMME international with its IBEROLAB project in the area of internationalization. Participation more active, dynamic and hopeful was conducted by a group of women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that provided solutions, experiences and vision and mood the rest of women present that they led to this professional challenge. This lively group of women are still supporting and collaborating in numerous actions as a principle of a fruitful working relationship and future contact. Mercedes Wullich (women & Cia) Alejandra Gonzalez (Humanvision) pillar Valladolid (human development) Pilar Esteban (Markarte) Helena Olcina (new website) Rocio Pita (Duata Consulting) Maria Soledad Gutierrez (AIF) Araceli Navas (ControlTec engineering) all these successful entrepreneurs who, with his encouragement, effort and commitment, take your company forward every day, are a clear example to take into account in the working world, and even more so in the tough times of current employment crisis.